Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Post of 2014

And just who allowed Ndamukong Suh to play on Sunday in Dallas? Appeals officer Ted Cottrell, you can send me the cheque for the fine. I will gladly file it under the category of college fund for my son.  Tsk. The Yellow Flag of Shame hits number ninety for the Detroit Lions for being one of the most penalized defensive linemen.

Bowl Matchup for December 31, 2014

  1. Peach Bowl: Ole Miss vs. TCU 
  2. Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. Arizona
  3. Orange Bowl:  Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech. I long to hear Howard Cosell say the name of this particular game.  It was a New Year's tradition.  Continue to rest in peace, sir.
ESPN Capital One Bowl Mania - For December 29, I finished out at 2-1 with the surprise (to me) ending of the Music City Bowl.  Irish faithful never doubted.  I have never been a Notre Dame Irish fan.

New Year's Eve Confidential:  If you must be out and about, be safe and sane.  Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bowl Wrap-up: December 30, 2014

Let me start off by saying that assistants should never initiate contact with opposing players that does not say, "Good play even though we're on opposing sides." A Yellow Flag of Shame for the Texas A&M assistant who did not display class during the Aggies' triumphant showing in the Liberty Bowl. Tsk!

Bowl Tally for December 29, 2014:

  1. Liberty Bowl: Texas A&M vs. West Virginia - correct!
  2. Texas Bowl: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas Longhorns - correct!
  3. Russell Athletic: Oklahoma vs. Clemson - WRONG! What a spanking for the Sooners when you saw the final score.  Wow.

(2-1 on the day, and 15-6 overall; it's a 93.2% accuracy rate according to ESPN's College Bowl Mania)

Bowl Predictions for December 30, 2014:

  1. Music City Bowl: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. LSU Tigers
  2. Belk Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Louisville Cardinals
  3. Foster Farms Bowl: Maryland Terps vs. Stanford Cardinal

Lady Grid out.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Black Monday Indeed

Good morning, glories!  So far, we've seen the NY Jets, San Francisco 49ers, and the Chicago Bears experience coaching and front office changes.  The majority of those were firings with the exception of University of Michigan's newest coach, Jim Harbaugh.  Wow.  I wonder if more movement will take place and who will assume these new roles of leadership.  My best wishes to those who have been let go; I pray they land well.

The regular season has concluded, and now the "second season" of the NFL begins on Saturday after that Steelers-Bengals game.  Congratulations to all division winners, including my son's beloved Panthers.  We'll take a look at the match-ups later, and I will be certain to let you know who I favor to win.

My alma mater plays in the Liberty Bowl against West Virginia University.  I am picking the Aggies to win this one.  Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Regular Game of the Season and a Bowl or Two of Stew

I wish all of you a fantastic Saturday after Christmas.  This entry will require a cup of hot cider or hot cocoa to sip as you peruse.  First of all, a Yellow Flag of Shame finds its way to the lap of Josh Gordon, the recalcitrant Cleveland Browns WR.  If you need a mentor to keep you on the up-and-up, please contact me.  It’s free of charge.  I only want you to stay accountable and have your name in the papers and social media for positive reasons.

Secondly, it’s time to pick some games.
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins – I really hope the ‘Boys aren’t in a “look to the future” type of mentality that would allow Washington a victory at home.  Finish strongly, ‘Boys!
  2. Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens – Now that Jonathan Manziel is on IR, it remains to see how the Browns will bounce back.  I’ve news for them; Terrell Suggs dines on any QB.  He doesn’t care who sacks and packs.  Ravens win even after that baffling display from last week.
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans- the Titans will pay the price of the injured pride of the Colts and their star QB Andrew Luck.  Sorry, guys!
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans – J.J. Watt leads an MVP-worthy performance as the resurgent Texans flatten the Jags.  Sorry, Jaxson De Ville!
  5. San Diego Chargers at Kansas City – Philip Rivers is a dangerous man, hence my moniker of Peck’s Bad Boy for the Alabama native.  Andy Reid is a formidable strategist who will coax a highlight reel-level performance from his team.  Who wins? Push.  I just want to enjoy the show.
  6. NY Jets at Miami Dolphins – Who knew this would be the most likely final stop of the Rex Ryan Farewell Tour? Black Monday looms large for this rather fascinating coach who reportedly had some type of thing for feet.  Go figure.  Fins win unless the Yets chant, “I think I can” like mad and win one for Coach Ryan.
  7. Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings – Jay Cutler baffles me with his up-and-down play; he has a Herculean arm when he uses it.  Too often, the receivers aren’t catching it.  I’m dropping Martellus Bennett on my fantasy team.  He scored zero points last week, but I don’t blame him; it’s just a game, and I get to chose who I think will earn me the most points.  My husband is beating me on ESPN’s Gridiron Challenge.  I think I’ll have to make him a nice dinner since I lost fair and square.  Next year, he’s going down!
  8. Buffalo Bills at New England – how many ways can Bill Belichik dismantle a defense? Start counting from the first snap.  Pats bounce the Bills like big rubber ball.
  9. Philadelphia Eagles at NY Giants – hubby wants both teams to lose, but that’s not possible, so we’ll settle for the Giants winning. We hope.  We sincerely hope since the Iggles are out of the playoffs.  Hear evil laughter.
  10. New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The cannon will sound about two or three times, but the Saints will sound off on the Bucs more.  They’ve been pretty good on the road.
  11. Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons – The formerly known as “dirty birds” will want to pluck up Sir Purr and his friends and dash their hopes on the rocks of despair.  Cam’s in the lineup, so it’s going to be fun to watch.  My son desperately wants his beloved Panthers to triumph and take the NFC South crown with a 7-8-1 record.  Just the idea of a losing team winning the division deserves a Yellow Flag of Shame, so there!
  12. Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is feeling better, and they’re playing in Lambeau.  The Lions proved last week that the cold was not always their enemy.  The temperature’s supposed to be around 25°F tomorrow.  As much as I want my beloved Megatron to embarrass the Packers’ D, it’s not going to happen.  Next year, Calvin!
  13. Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos – let’s hope that C.J. Anderson has a good week, the General tosses several TD passes and zero INTs, and that the Denver D, led by DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller are all moving in a positive direction toward victory.  Yee-haw! Broncos win.
  14. Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers – Colin’s been kind of off his game, and then he shows flashes of brilliance.  Patrick Peterson wants to show some brilliance with a pick 6, even if he causes it to happen and doesn’t run it in himself.  The Cards are dangerous at this time of year, and they win their last road game of the regular season.
  15. St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks – this one might have been interesting if we had the “greatest show on turf” matched up against the present defensive combinations of the Seahawks. I’d probably have to vacuum up at least one bag of popcorn after screeching in excitement about a big play.  Enough dreaming.  Seahawks roll the Rams to Loser Lane again.  Keep your tempers, boys!
  16. Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers – This is the absolute last regular season game of the NFL for 2014.  Sigh. The Bengals upended the General’s apple cart last week, and he had four INTs.  Ugh.  I bet the Steelers burst their bubble at Heinz Field.
Speaking of staying accountable, here is my tally for College Bowl Mania so far. My picks are bolded for your reference.

  1. New Orleans Bowl – Nevada vs. LA-Lafayette, correct!
  2. New Mexico Bowl – Utah State vs. UTEP, correct!
  3. Las Vegas Bowl – Utah vs. Colorado State, WRONG!
  4. Potato Bowl – Western Michigan vs. Air Force, correct!
  5. Camellia Bowl – South Alabama vs. Bowling Green, correct!
  6. Miami Beach Bowl – BYU vs. Memphis, correct!
  7. Boca Raton Bowl – Marshall vs. Northern Illinois, correct!
  8. Poinsettia Bowl – Navy vs. San Diego State, WRONG! Why did I pick against the Midshipmen?
  9. Bahamas Bowl – Central Michigan vs. Western Kentucky, correct! What a wild finish that one was this week. Woo-hoo!
  10. Hawai’i Bowl – Fresno State vs. Rice, correct!
  11. Heart of Dallas Bowl – Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech, correct!
  12. Quick Lane Bowl – Rutgers vs. UNC, correct!
  13. St. Petersburg Bowl – NC State vs. UCF, WRONG!
  14. Military Bowl – Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech, WRONG!
  15. Sun Bowl – Arizona State vs. Duke, correct!
  16. Independence Bowl – Miami vs. South Carolina, correct!
  17. Pinstripe Bowl – Boston College vs. Penn State, in progress at time I went to press.
  18. Holiday Bowl – Nebraska vs. USC, in progress at the time I went to press.
Yes, I'll be playing ESPN's Gridiron Playoff Challenge this year.  Bring it, don't sing it!
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Egg Facial Time - Ugh

I cannot believe that all three of my picks were wrong for the professional games yesterday.  Yellow Flag of Shame to me that looks like an egg facial.  Ugh.  I can’t resist choosing sides again.

  1. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins – Teddy Bridgewater is my rookie QB favorite, but Ryan Tannehill, a former Texas A&M player, dominates the day.  Fins win.
  2. Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans – Joe Flacco leads the Ravens’ scoring and sends the Texans below .500.
  3. Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears – Megatron has a mammoth day against a defense that is a sieve. Lions win.
  4. Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Manziel have a higher QB rating than last week’s 1.0, but the Panthers defense will give him a hard time. Even with a banged-up Cam Newton, the Panthers are favored to win.
  5. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints – Yawn fest for me although the Saints are projected to win; their home record says otherwise.  Who Dat? Oy vey. I’m going to pick the Saints and take a nap.
  6. Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bay Battlefest with the Packers taking out their frustrations from a road loss to the Bills last week.  Sorry, Tampa Bay!  Very few cannon blasts today.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers – KC started out so well and has sputtered a bit; the Steelers want to keep the dream alive and have a knack of making opponents pay at Heinz Field.  Steelers smash ‘em.
  8. New England Patriots at New York Jets – If the Jets’ record were reversed, this might be interesting. As it is, Pretty Boy will get the opportunity to chat up his lovely wife and make dinner plans for their favorite haunt during fourth quarter because Coach Belichick will have to call off the dogs.  Patriots paste the Yets.
  9. Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders – Bills ride in high after their win over the Packers last week.  The Raiders just won’t be able to muster up that third victory.
  10. New York Giants at St. Louis Rams – Eli Manning is a nice guy, and I respect that he has two Super Bowl rings; however, the Rams will be ready for some good old-fashioned smash-mouth football.  Rams roll the G-men.
  11. Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys – We know that the ‘Boys need to win one of the next two games for playoff considerations.  This isn’t that game.  Andrew Luck hooks up with his talented WR corps to burn the Dallas D on a couple of big, jaw-dropping plays that will make the highlight reel.  Sigh.  Colts cudgel the Cowboys. Save your strength for next week!
  12. Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals – with the revolving door at QB in Arizona, they’ve managed to mount an impressive record and still keep on winning.  I think the Seahawks will wreak havoc in this aerial duel.  Defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks soar over the Cardinals, unfortunately.
  13. Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals – Peyton Manning remains on my fantasy team despite his illness and injury last week.  You don’t mess with the General.  The Bengals are riding the high of the recent drubbing of in-state rival Cleveland, but this fixes their little red wagon. Broncos bust up the Bengals.

College Bowl update: 4-1 on picks so far. I was 5-0 here but chose Colorado State on my ESPN account.  Go figure. 

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bowls and a Couple of Pros

Good luck in Austin, Daylon Mack.  Coach Strong has been all about the discipline of the young men on his team, and that is laudable.

The bowl season line up for later today:
  1. New Orleans Bowl with Nevada and Louisiana-Lafayette – I think the Ragin Cajuns will defend their New Oreleasns Bowl streak for the fourth year running.
  2. New Mexico Bowl with Utah State vs. UTEP – It’s been a long time since the Miners have seen the inside of a college bowl, but Utah State Aggies prevail.  Sorry, UTEP.
  3. Las Vegas Bowl with Utah vs. Colorado State – Will the Colorado State Rams break the losing cycle against the Utes’ squad? It’s not likely, but it could happen.
  4. Idaho Potato Bowl with Western Michigan vs. Air Force – The Falcons managed to beat the Boise State Broncos and will burst the Cinderella-esque bubble of the Western Michigan Broncos.  Maybe next year, Western Michigan, maybe next year.
  5. Camellia Bowl with South Alabama vs. Bowling Green – Bowling Green wants to end its losing skid after winning the MAC East, and the South Alabama Jags had a formidable non-conference schedule to sharpen their claws, so to speak.

The NFL games feature a pair of regular season games on a Saturday.  Woo-hoo!  The only downside is that there could be fewer touchdowns to celebrate on NFL RedZone on Sunday. I'll manage.
  1. I truly thought the Titans would win the game the other night.  Oops!
  2. Philadelphia at Washington means agony for me and others in Cowboys Nation because we just know that the Eagles will tear up the Redskins, and we're left holding the bag while facing off against Indy.  Ugh. Doom, despair, and agony. My fingers are crossed for a miracle; however, I am realistic girl.  Iggles win. 
  3. The more entertaining game will have Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers squaring off against the 49ers coached by the "will he or won't he" candidate of the moment.  Distractions can make squads sloppy. Most folks are picking the Bolts. I'm not most folks. Kaepernick gets it together on the offensive side of the ball, and the 49ers prevail.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lady Gridiron Sports Rant: Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis

Lady Gridiron Sports Rant: Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis: The Midshipmen beat the Black Knights for thirteen years in a row; it was fun to watch the last quarter of the game with Daddy as we saw th...

Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis

The Midshipmen beat the Black Knights for thirteen years in a row; it was fun to watch the last quarter of the game with Daddy as we saw the last touchdown, fumble recovery, and field goal. To see these stalwart young men who are preparing to defend my freedom shed tears as some of them sang their song for the last time as seniors was touching.  May God protect their paths as they go into active duty one day soon.

Congratulations to Oregon Ducks' quarterback Marcus Mariota, the new Heisman Trophy winner by a landslide.  

Now, it’s time for the professional assessment.
  1. The Arizona Cardinals avoided shutout by winning the field goal bowl against St. Louis.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers will pluck the Falcons down Georgia way.
  3. Miami gets manhandled by the Patriots. Need I say more?  I love Ryan Tannehill, but it’s just not in the cards.
  4. In yet another rematch of NFC West teams, we wonder if Colin Kaepernick’s offensive woes will cease in the Hawks’ Nest.  That’s a funny one!  Tell me another joke. 
  5. Kansas City plays lights out with Oakland and keeps the Raiders with a deuce in the W column.
  6. The Jacksonville Jaguars will wonder why the trip was necessary to Baltimore.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater, who is one of my favorite rookies, comes to the Motor City only to watch Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson light up the scoreboard.  Lions win.
  8. The NY Yets will sputter and fail back west in Tennessee.
  9. Carolina Panthers (sans Cam Newton) hosts Tampa Bay. Fans wonder: will the winning streak continue? Not if the Buccaneers have anything to say about it. Bucs win.
  10. Indy’s offense led by Andrew Luck will toy with Houston but beat J.J. Watt and the Texans in the end.
  11. Cleveland, led by Jonathan Manziel as QB, hosts Cincinnati. The Dawg Pound will howl with agony as the Bengals D torments the young man from my alma mater.
  12. Green Bay likes to beat teams at home or on the road; the Bills won’t stand a chance later today.
  13. The General vs. Peck’s Bad Boy: Denver will score touchdowns against AFC West foes with the return of Julius Thomas as an offensive weapon.  Sorry, Chargers, Broncos win to keep their playoff picture focused.
  14. Washington in NY against the Giants. Meh. The Giants will beat their division rivals, but the more interesting game is played in the evening in Philadelphia.
  15. Dallas is perfect on the road so far, and it’s December. Cowboys surprise their fans and edge the Eagles by two points.
  16. New Orleans visits the Windy City and blows the Bears away, much to the chagrin of Jay Cutler who has been somewhat inconsistent in the scoring category after inking that multi-million dollar deal. Yergh.  Saints make a case for the NFC South on Monday night.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Few Words - December 13, 2014

The UNC Tarheels take on the UK Wildcats.  Good luck, Heels. You may need it. I've been a Carolina fan for a while, and I still believe.

The Army vs. Navy game kicks off at 2:00 P.M. CST, and as the daughter of a submariner, I am pulling for the Midshipmen to continue their winning streak that dates back to 2002.  Sorry, Black Knights, aka ground pounders. Tradition continues.

In one week, the college bowl madness begins. I'll fill you in on my choices as time gets closer.  Be ready for tomorrow's NFL matchups and picks for winners, losers, and also-rans.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Lady Returns!

I've spent several Sundays happily watching NFL Redzone and then belatedly realized I hadn't posted a single syllable about the current NFL and NCAA Football seasons.  The drought ends today!
  1. Megatron is still one of my favorite receivers.  I have him on my fantasy team; when he has bad days, I don't post ugly words on Twitter or any other social media.  That's bad manners.
  2. The NFC South. Yellow Flag of Shame for the entire division with those abysmal records. Nothing more needs to be said until next year.  I do pray for Cam Newton to make a complete recovery after the automobile accident on Tuesday.  My son is still a fan.
  3. Peyton Manning may have ended his streak of games with a TD pass at 51, but the General is still tops in my book.  He is such a student of the game and worthy of so many accolades.  He's still one of my QBs on my team.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record. I need to pinch my arm again.  The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record.  They may actually make the playoffs.  I need to pinch my other arm.  Ouch! Back in August, I made some predictions that were less than flattering.  It's nice to be wrong.
  5. C.J. Anderson is an incredible running back!  I think I'll keep him for my team.  
  6. Ryan Succop is a reliable kicker, but I think I'll go with whoever is playing the Jags or Redskins this week.  Limber up, dude!
  7. J.J. Watt is my boy, and he tickles me by catching those TD passes.  I'm not sure how the Texans will fare against the Colts O-line this weekend.
  8. For Thursday Night Football, the St. Louis Rams host the Arizona Cardinals.  I think the Cards will at least keep the Rams from shutting out three straight opponents, and I hope they win.  Go Cards!
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bulldogs Have Their Day

Collegiate Gridiron Wrap-Up

Both Mississippi teams won their games yesterday, and the one against my beloved Aggies was hard to stomach. Bo Wallace had a banner night. Aggies have to travel to play Alabama in Alabama. After the Tide's super-tight victory over the Razorbacks, I hope someone will watch the video on how to hold these guys back and make them suffer a loss at home.  Coach Stoops and his Sooners didn't suffer back-to-back losses in their win over Texas.  Elsewhere, the also number three ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs made mincemeat out of Auburn. I wonder if they'll split the "twins" this week when rankings come out. I think they'll be number two at the lowest and number one if everyone decides to bump Florida State down after their expected win over Syracuse Orange. I don't have a vote, and if I did, even I am not certain how the chips would fall.  On to the pros.

Pros Match-up

  1. The Tennessee Titans will tune up the Jacksonville Jaguars unless that spark of brilliance shines forth for the winless ones.
  2. Baltimore Ravens fly down to Tampa Bay to avoid the cannon fire.  Ravens win.
  3. Denver Broncos led by the General ride in to face the beleaguered New York Jets. I think Manning will reach or beat Favre’s touchdown mark today.
  4. My beloved Megatron’s injuries have hampered my fantasy football team’s performance, but his brethren won’t be kind to the Minnesota Vikings.  Lions roar.
  5. The Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots who are resurging after last week’s victory. Pats dominate.
  6. Cat fight! The Cincy Bengals invited the Carolina Panthers for lunch. I can’t even make a decision on this one, and I want to see a good game, not a blow-out. Push.
  7. The other Ohio team plays the Pittsburgh Steelers and will give them a good run for their money early but fade in the end. Same old same old.
  8. The last early game features the Green Bay Packers savoring some warmer temperatures in Miami against the Dolphins. The Dolphins won’t roll over and play dead, but they just may surprise the Cheeseheads.  Go Fins!
  9. Late game action starts off with San Diego in Oakland in an all-California battle of gridiron. Peck’s Bad Boy Phil Rivers laughs his way to a trouncing of the Raiders.
  10. How do Bears fight Falcons? We’ll see how Jay Cutler and company fare down south in the Peach State. It’s time for a Dirty Bird Miracle, but it won’t happen.
  11. The Washington Redskins visit the Arizona Cardinals to find out how to lose in the desert. As Darth Vader says, “All too easy.”
  12. I didn’t forget my “hometown” team the Dallas Cowboys out in Seattle against the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. I just think it may be too painful to watch them implode after a promising 4-1 start to the season. That crowd noise defies description, and no, it is NOT the true 12th Man the Spirit of Aggieland. Go ‘Boys!
  13. In an NFC East game that has the New York Giants hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love, expect some hard hits and the Eagles to step up to the plate and edge the Giants.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday Night Lights - September 26, 2014 Edition

Friday Night Lights come early for the Frisco Centennial Titans in the form of a Thursday night game against cross-town rivals Frisco High School Raccoons.  Go Titans!  My mother’s alma mater, the Lincoln High School Tigers, will have a non-conference game on Friday night against Lake Worth.  Go Tigers! My high school alma mater Plano East Senior High will be idle this week in order to prepare for a game against McKinney Boyd on Friday, October 3.  My husband’s high school, McAllen Memorial, will travel to La Joya for a game on Friday evening.  Go Mustangs! My father's high school, Manual Arts in Los Angeles, will be playing against Firebaugh.  Go, Toilers!

Lady Grid out.

MLB Post-Season

Things are looking interesting for the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals as they compete to win their division.  Best of luck to both teams over the next five days.  It's too bad they don't play one another during this time.  My Texas Rangers had entirely too many losses. Sigh. Here's hoping we have a good manager next year. Despite Mr. Washington's recent resignation, I must say that he was entertaining and engaging during his tenure. I do wish him well in his next chapter of life.  Lady Grid out.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Weekend of September

Cue Earth, Wind, and Fire. Ba-de-ya! Say do you remember? Ba-de-ya? Dancing in September? Now it's stuck in your mind, too.  You're welcome.

High School Action:

1. Burnet hosts Wylie (Abilene) tonight in Burnet.  I am pulling for Burnet Bulldogs to win over the Wylie Bulldogs.
2. Frisco Centennial hosts Lake Dallas tonight. Let's hope the Titans are able to carve out a victory against a winless Lake Dallas team.
3. Plano East battles Dallas Jesuit in non-conference play. Go, Panthers!
4. Unfortunately, the Lincoln High School (Dallas) Tigers weren't able to put together a win against Hillcrest, but they're hopeful for Samuell High School in one week.  Go, Tigers!

Just as a sidebar for the pros: I am impressed with the front office of the Cincinnati Bengals for prizing family above football.  Class act! Prayers for a complete recovery for DT Devon Still who was cut by the team but re-signed to the practice squad. This allows him to help pay for his daughter's cancer treatment.

In MLB news, Texas Rangers' manager Ron Washington has resigned.  Best wishes, Mr. Washington.  We know you tried to work some more post-season magic, but that team has decided to revert to its earlier pre-Washington and Nolan Ryan as president form and T-A-N-K.  My Papaw will be rolling in his grave again. Ugh.

College picks will be posted tomorrow, I've decided. Lady Grid out.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mama is a Happy, Happy Girl!

The college football weekend made me smile last week, and I am no less joyous about the professionals getting underway in Seattle tonight.  I will put forth my predictions about high school, college, and professional action tomorrow.  This picture says it all.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to "Normal"

Ah, the smell of pigskin wafts through the air, and I am a happy, happy girl.  My husband, son, and I have resumed out annual brag-fest through ESPN's College Pick'Em game.  We'll join up with Pigskin Pick 'Em and talk trash about each other's choices and weekly scores.  The winner gets bragging rights but no free dinner or chores completed. Here is how I picked for the week. Some games are still in progress, so I'll recap tomorrow when all are finalized.

  1. A&M vs. South Carolina - hoped for a win and was rewarded despite not realizing that I actually do have the SEC Network on my cable provider. I discovered it today while joyfully looking at the guide which indicated that multiple games were in session.  That is a relief.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas - Auburn prevailed as hoped
  3. USC vs. Fresno State - Tommy Trojan trounces them but good.
  4. FSU vs. Oklahoma State - Pistol Pete gets thumped by the Seminoles
  5. Wisconsin vs. LSU - The Tigers skin the Badgers.
  6. Clemson vs. the Dawgs - Dawgs win.
  7. Alabama vs. WVU - Tide rolls.
  8. Penn State vs. UCF Knights - Nittany Lions knock out the Knights.
  9. UNT vs. Texas - Longhorns will be happy about beating up on the Mean Green (Eagles).
  10. California vs. Northwestern - I figured the Wildcats would edge the Golden Bears.  Nope!
  11. UCLA vs. Virginia - Bruins win over Cavaliers.
  12. Ohio State vs. Navy Midshipmen - I wanted the sailors to win, but that was a bust. 

The Texas Rangers have the WORST record in the MLB, and although they're still my favorite MLB team, I've had nothing to write about recently.  Sigh. Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lady Took a Break

Just as a friendly warning, this may be stream of consciousness writing since I only snagged about five hours of sleep last night. Don't ask.  Earlier this month, I watched the World Cup with some interest and became a big fan of James Rodriguez.  He's incredible!  Of course, not to be outdone, the sports world then saw LeBron James come back to Cleveland.  More importantly, the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA title back in June, and it seems like an afterthought.  Grr!  Congratulations to the Spurs including Coach Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and the gang.  My son was thrilled.  As you know, he roots for the Spurs in a Mavericks household.  I should ground him for the rest of the summer.  We'll see how things shape up.

The Home Run Derby was fun to watch.  My only regret was that Joey Bautista got cool while Yoenis C├ęspedes was cooking with peanut oil, so to speak.  Todd Frazier's good-natured demeanor made it hard for me to decide as I watched them duel for the crown.  ¡Felicidades, Yoenis! Well, the AL has home-field advantage again this year for the World Series after defeating the National League 5-3.  My grandfather and father used to bet who would win the game.  Papa Bear took the American League, and Daddy took the National League.  I told Daddy that I'd be glad to accept the payment as Papa Bear's descendant. He replied that the check was in the mail.  My mail box will grow cobwebs and whiskers before I see one red cent of that money, you realize.  It's all fun anyway.

The SEC network kicks off on August 14, and I've been bombarded with information about it.  I'll see it for myself when it debuts on my local cable carrier.  My beloved Aggies will take on South Carolina. I look forward to wearing my maroon and white and whooping like mad. Lady Grid out.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Conference Championship Time!

I predicted three of the four teams correctly for the conference championships in the NBA.  Now I have the privilege of contemplating who will win the conference.

Spurs vs. Thunder: The Thunder beat the Spurs every time they played during the regular season.  Tony Parker has a hamstring injury that is plaguing him right now. I like the Spurs because they're the "grumpy old men," but I like Kevin Durant and his attitude towards his Mama. I predict the Spurs in game seven.

Heat vs. Pacers: The sportswriters have been drooling to see this matchup.  Once the Pacers started slipping in the late season, it wasn't a sure thing. I just don't want a ThreePeat, but the famed Roy Hibbert had better get with it to keep the Pacers from the broom-happy Heat.  Heat in five or six games. Ugh.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, May 5, 2014

NBA Finals, Round Two

The grumpy old men ruled the day on Sunday with the Spurs and Nets victories over the Mavericks and Raptors, respectively.  That bucket-denying block by Paul Pierce was phenomenal to see live. I guess because I'm the oldest sister, I'll sometimes pull for the older competitor to win.That was my philosophy whenever Venus and Serena played one another. I never asked my sisters if they cheered for Serena in those matches.  Hmm.

Second Round Predictions:

  1. Nets vs. Heat - Grumpy Old Men 1.0. I don't want a three-peat, but the Heat are more rested as play begins tomorrow night. Heat in five games.
  2. Spurs vs. Trailblazers - Grumpy Old Men 2.0. Tony, Tim, and Manu have a ball with the west coast kids, but it takes six games. Spurs win.
  3. Clippers vs. Thunder-Griffin and Paul playing against Durant and Westbrook? How fun will this one be? All the way through game seven in a "never-say-die" attitude. Clippers will edge Thunder.
  4. Wizards vs. Pacers-If the Pacers remember how to play the ball and keep the right personnel on the floor, they'll be fine. If not, some hungry young players with the eye of the tiger will be glad to move on to the conference finals. Pacers in seven just to be safe.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Chill Out, Carlos!

Catcher Brian McCann had words for him last September when the Brewers played the Braves. Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole felt the need to verbally express himself yesterday in their game.  The common denominator in this pair of incidents is Brewers CF Carlos Gomez.  He likes to watch the ball fly in a "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" fashion; some of the opponents want to watch their fists fly into his face.  He's been knocked down a couple of times in the dust-ups that have become bench-clearing brawls.  Simmer down, son.  Just hit and catch and show them your stuff without flaunting it in their face.  For your revolting display of temper, you get a Yellow Flag of Shame.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

UCONN All the Way - Ugh.

I wasn't happy to see the end results of the men's and women's basketball championships this week.  Congratulations to the UCONN teams, but I wanted someone else to win.  C'est la vie.  It's baseball watching time anyway.

Diamond Time

  1. Josh Hamilton is out for several weeks.  Sorry, Angels!
  2. The Red Sox beat the Texas Rangers 4-2 today thanks to Big Papi's three run homer.  Ugh.
  3. Cleveland and San Diego split their double header, and the Reds blanked St. Louis.  St. Louis losing is always good news.
  4. I agree with OF Adam Jones that fans belong in the stands during games.  This storming the field or court that is all the rage needs to stop. Now.  Someone will be hurt, and it won't be good for anyone.  

Lady Grid out.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Madness Indeed!

I created several brackets for both the men's and women's basketball tournaments.  In my best-case scenario, I have three of the Elite Eight correct for the men's tournament with Dayton as the one who spoiled things for one of my other brackets. We'll see how the other games turn out; however, I am picking Florida to win this year.

In my top bracket for the women's tournament, I have the Notre Dame Lady Irish winning.  I correctly picked/guessed thirteen of the Sweet Sixteen teams.  Each year finds me tuned in to see some roundball, and this year has been no different.  Last week some of my students stayed after school to watch with me.  I didn't have popcorn for them because it was unexpected.

Miggy landed a ten year deal for $292 million?  Let's hope the Detroit Tigers get their money's worth out of this two-time AL MVP.  Opening Day cannot come too soon for the rabid baseball fans.  Enough of the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues.  The Yankees are starting CC as pitcher on their first game of the official season on April 1.  Let's see how things turn out for him since he's reportedly made some changes.  I am glad that the LA Dodgers had a wee chat with Yasiel Puig.  Take your practice drills seriously, friend.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar (or Snip, Snap, Snout)

The Cowboys' release of DeMarcus Ware means the Denver Broncos' defense is undergoing immediate rebuilding.  The Jets acquired Eric Decker to improve their receiving corps.  The Broncos picked up Aqib Talib from the Patriots for a nice amount of money, and James Harrison was cut by the Bengals. Miles Austin will be cut by the Cowboys. Darrelle Revis is now a Patriot.  The Panthers have released Steve Smith.  Don't remind my son; he's still unhappy about that one. Sproules will be an Eagle and no longer a Saint.  Where will Hakeem Nicks land?  How will Jonathan Martin fit in with the San Francisco 49ers? When will we get a new QB in Big D?   As if that's not enough, the draft begins in eight weeks. My head is reeling.  I hope to keep it together for Selection Sunday as March Madness unfolds.

Speaking of college hoops, Mizzou defeated my Aggies in two overtime periods 91-83.  Ugh.  Kansas upset Oklahoma State in overtime 77-70.  Louisville CRUSHED the life out of Rutgers and allowed them a paltry 31 points in the game. Seton Hall just edged Villanova 64-63.  It's getting hot in here!

The Lady Aggies were beaten in the semis by the Lady Vols.  Rats.  Next year!  Even better, bring on the tourney.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Selection Sunday is Coming!

Just think of it. In ten days, I get to fill out my NCAA basketball brackets for the men's and women's tournaments.  Giddy begins to describe the feeling I have. My one regret is that some of the more serious games take place when I may be working.  I'll keep ESPN's feed on my workstation and let my young charges know of their teams' successes or failures.  Bring on March Madness!!!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


There have been a few interesting items since my last post.

  1. It's good to see the MLB back in action. Both of my grandfathers were addicted to baseball.  My regret is that I didn't discuss the game with them when I had the opportunity. Barry Bonds is returning to the San Francisco Giants as an instructor; apparently, he never officially retired. We'll see how things work out for him.
  2. LeBron James has a broken nose and plans to be careful about his return to the hardwoood.
  3. The Atlanta Hawks rallied to beat the Knicks; pass me some of that sweet iced tea, Maynard.
  4. Kobe is out for another three weeks. Maynard, put me a lemon slice in it, will you?
  5. Texas A&M Men's Basketball beat Tennessee in overtime, 68-65.  
  6. Syracuse was beaten by Duke; Coach Jim Boeheim was beside himself after the charge call late in the game.
  7. Wichita State is 29-0. I think they need to move ahead of Florida in the rankings now.
  8. Kansas routed the Texas Longhorns 85-54.  The Jayhawks were ranked number eight; the Longhorns were ranked nineteen.
  9. Number eleven-ranked Louisville edged number seven-ranked Cincinnati 58-57.
  10. At the time of this posting, the gold-medal game featuring Canada and Sweden had just dropped the puck in Sochi.  Good luck, Sweden.  I think you're going to need it and a miracle.  
Lady Grid out.

Monday, February 17, 2014

More Round Ball

We are getting closer to March Madness one day at a time.  I can hardly wait.  I was happy to see the Lady Aggies take down the Alabama Crimson tide last night.  Whoop!  Come on, Aggies, as we take on the Ole Miss Lady Rebels on Thursday night.  Gig 'em!

The men's team isn't faring as well as I'd like, but they take on the Crimson Tide at Reed Arena in College Station.  Farmers, fight!  In other men's basketball news, the UNC Tarheels–one of my perennial favorites as long as they don't play Texas A&M–beat Florida State tonight after falling behind early in the game.  Whew!

We've got about eight days until the MLB has all of their ducks in a row after the pitchers and catchers showed up last week.  Bring on the Cactus and the Grapefruit Leagues!  Hats off to Ryan Dempster for deciding to spend time with his family instead of chasing another World Series with the Red Sox.  Good luck, sir!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

All-Star Game Tonight!

I look forward to hearing about the results of the NBA All-Star Game, but I don't like those sleeved jerseys they are wearing.  Ick!  A Yellow Flag of Shame to Adidas for creating those turkeys.  I truly believe freedom of movement comes from a tank-style jersey.  Just saying.

Congratulations to the Spurs Mario Belinelli for winning the three-point shot crown.  In the bizarre spectacle of the dunk contest, John Wall and his East team members won.  Hmm. . . there is something to be said for the old days.

Best of luck out there.  I'm pulling for the West All-Stars tonight.  Lady Grid out.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That

Should Jonathan Manziel go to the Texans in the upcoming NFL draft? I know they have a new head coach and that he has been a lot of fun to watch.  I agree with Coach Herm Edwards that he needs more training for the professional level.

Here's hoping that former Viking LB Erin Henderson gets his life together after the two arrests for drunken driving.  Come on, man!  I am glad that the Broncos are keeping Jack Del Rio around; he needs some help on the D-line so that they can catch those elusive backs and quarterbacks like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl of late.  Get the people to get the job done. They may have to take a page of Coach Belichick's book and let go of those whose productivity expectations doesn't quite match up with their end goal in mind: hoisting the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Onward and upward.

A Word or Two About the NBA:

The LA Clippers have a marvelous home record, so I expect some fun tonight in the game against Toronto. Both teams are coming off losses and want to rack up as many wins as possible.  It will be exciting to see Chris Paul return this Sunday as he rehabilitation period comes to an end.  I am going with the Clippers this time.

Unfair Game: OKC visits the Orlando Magic tonight, and I don't think it likely that the Magic will extend their recent winning streak of one after a game against Detroit.  Kevin Durant's shooting and scoring are just too hot to handle.  Thunder rolls, baby.

A belated Yellow Flag of Shame to Yoakim Noah for the use of profanity against the officials in the game the other night.  I would gladly accept a donation from the professionals for any fines they incur.  My son's college fund would benefit; my classroom would benefit.  There is a much better way to express yourself than use four-letter bombs unsuitable for children and gentle ladies.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mid-night Rambling

Och! It's not fun to be wide awake in the middle of the night.  The Super Bowl was an incredible display of defense anticipating the offense.  My beloved General Peyton is now 1-2 in the big game, but he is no less a favorite than before.  Perhaps Coach Carroll has something going; however, it remains to see if any fallout will take place next season.  I cite the Baltimore Ravens as my reference.

In college men's basketball, the world is mostly on its axis and rotating properly.  Duke downed Wake Forest, Florida beat Mizzou, and Memphis routed Rutgers.   The fly in the ointment is Ohio State's win over #17-ranked Iowa last night on the road.  We'll see how the Hawkeyes respond in coming days.

In college women's hoops, it's business as usual.  UCONN crushed SMU, Louisville beat UCF, and ASU trampled cross-state rivals Arizona.  They are gearing up for the March Madness to come in a few weeks.  It's still too soon to predict all of the teams who will be involved, but it's good fun to speculate at the water cooler in the office.

Here's hoping Real Madrid throttles Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey semis later on today.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sunday!

I've been sick recently and managed to push on teaching my young charges and then collapsing into a heap at the day's end.  This weekend has seen me stay close to home except to go grocery shopping and drive my son to his music performance.  I've been impressed by Kevin Durant's scoring and was thrilled that the OKC Thunder downed the Heat last week. I'll be chatty again once I feel I am truly beyond the ravages of the ick.

Well, here we are after all of the media frenzy and Super Bowl hype.  In just five hours, we'll hear the National Anthem and watch the game begin.  People will laugh over the commercials, scream in dismay at dropped balls or questionable calls, and enjoy some great foods.  However you celebrate, make sure you do so in a safe manner.  No reader should be lost due to a bad decision mixing spirits and vehicles.  Despite experts' opinions, I am still rooting for General Peyton to hoist that Vince Lombardi trophy for the second time in his storied career.  I pick the Broncos.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Lady Smiles

My NFL playoff bracket had the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks.  I still won't go to Las Vegas to play the odds, but bragging rights can be fun as long as one isn't obnoxious about it.  Some of my students will see a smile on my face tomorrow, but they won't hear any taunting of any sort.  In the past when Texas A&M was in the SWC and then Big XII and beat Texas, I simply wore a shirt/sweater with the logo and went about my business. I never mentioned the game's result or became overly emotional. I have neither Seattle Seahawks nor Denver Broncos gear and wont' purchase any.  When the Super Bowl kicks off, I will be cheering for General Peyton who came back after multiple surgeries and had an epic season capped off by defeating one of his best rivals out there. I will hear some of the hype and hooplah that comes along with Super Bowl XLVIII; I just won't listen to all of it.


Kevin Durant is a boss after a career-high fifty-four  points scored in a game against the Golden State Warriors and then scoring thirty last night against the Sacramento Kings.  He is definitely one to watch.  My son Ninja Boy will watch the Spurs-Thunder game's results on Wednesday night when the Thunder come to San Antonio to play some hoops.  The Magic were happy to notch up their first win of 2014 after suffering a ten-game losing streak.  Ouch.

You know I'll be tuned in to Around the Horn and PTI this afternoon.  Woody Paige was the only columnist to pick correctly on Around the Horn; I will be curious to see how many points are deducted from the writers who did not pick correctly.  Fear the chalkboard, baby!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day

Today the decisions about who heads to Super Bowl XLVIII are determined. Will the home team prevail in both games? Will the road team fight their way into the championship? I cannot answer those questions with any type of certainty; however, I will tell who I want to win.

NFC: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners–The Seahawks are truly formidable at home with that feisty secondary.  If Russell Wilson has a great day avoiding the clutches of the hands of Bowman and Willis, he should lead them to victory.

AFC:  Denver Broncos  vs. New England Patriots–I understand that even if Belichick dresses poorly, he is a worthy opponent.  Coach Fox has a fabulous quarterback and some defensive players who will need to step up to beat the Patriots who haven't had a really good road record in regular season.


Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If At First You Don't Win, Sue 'Em!

Litigious people are a menace on the face of the Earth.  Alex Rodriguez is one of them.  I understand he wants to play and can talk baseball back and forth like nobody's business; however, there comes a time when you have to admit that you won't win every fight or game.  I am still throwing the Yellow Flag of Shame until it is proven that I must take it back.

Last item for MLB:  Have you seen Clark the new Cubs' mascot? We'll see if he helps the beleaguered ball club succeed in the coming season.

College Hoops:

It is surreal to see the number twenty-three next to Duke in the rankings.  Absolutely surreal.  I must still be asleep.  I like Coach K because he has a marvelous work ethic, and he is just cool.  I am not a Blue Devils' fan by any stretch of the imagination, but if I hear about Coach K in the news, I perk up right away to see what he is saying or doing.

Another item of note in the surreal category is UCONN upending Baylor at home last night.  The ladies' team had boasted a sixty-nine game winning streak at Ferrell Center in Waco.  I know they will get back on track, but wow.

The Lady Aggies (#25 in AP) are 3-0 in conference play.  Whoop!  They play against South Carolina on Thursday at Reed Arena.  While I won't be physically present to cheer for them, I will still want them to win and play their best.  Gig 'em, Aggies!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Wrap-Up: January 12, 2014

NFL Post-Season

We watched the game with Daddy yesterday.  He told Ninja Boy, "Don't bet against Tom Brady!" He was so right.  The Patriots ended Indianapolis' quest for another trip to the Super Bowl; however, Andrew Luck is an exciting player.  He needs more protection from the offensive line so that we don't see him become a walking roll of medical tape.

The New Orleans Saints made things happen and interesting for good while during yesterday's contest.  They unearthed the offense's shortcomings for future contenders to see.  We'll see how things go.  I saw that Marshawn Lynch activated "beast mode" as he stiff-armed a defender trying to keep him from the final touchdown.  Poor guy.  I agree with Terry Blount who says that phrase "they find a way to win" is a theme for the team.


MLB News

Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the entire season.  If he had "quit while he was ahead" and stopped fussing, I think they might have been a bit more lenient, but he kept pushing, squawking, and grabbing headlines. Now there's a loophole allowing him to attend spring training (aka the Grapefruit League) in mid-February.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to you for not letting it go.  I am not a Yankees' fan; I am also wondering how well a forty-year old will perform after being out of the game.  Knowing him, he'll find some judge who will grant an injunction suspending the suspension and allowing him to play.  It's that kind of sneakiness that makes me a member of the "I am Not an Alex Rodriguez" fan club.  When I was growing up and was told "no," it meant "no."  There weren't negotiations and machinations to dance around.  Ah, he gets another one for good measure.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Technical issues with the computer have kept me away from my keyboard, but I've been watching my shows Around the Horn and PTI without fail.  A self-portrait in the throne room is classless and tasteless, J. Winston.  You're on the national championship team and need some schooling about appropriate protocol. A Yellow Flag of Shame to you!

I know of a couple of students who are unhappy about the performance of their beloved Miami Heat in New York.  Two losses in a row on the road for the Heat won't really matter much when the post-season starts. They will be in the thick of things, no doubt.  I want Blake Griffin to continue improving his game, not just the video-worthy dunks.  They beat the Lakers by thirty-six points.  Whoa, Nellie!

You already know who I pick to win on Saturday and Sunday for the NFL divisional playoffs.  Just a quick refresher won't hurt. I am favoring the home teams this week, once again.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 3:35 P.M.:  Saints vs. Seahawks

I think the Saints will ride in after beating the Eagles in Philadelphia, but they won't overcome Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the crowd.  The ONLY 12th Man I acknowledge is from Texas A&M University; accept no substitutes.  His name was E. King Gill; we have a statue commemorating him and his willingness to step on the field as the original 12th man.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 7:15 P.M.:  Colts vs. Patriots

Let's see, Bill Belichick is the head coach for New England; Tom Brady is the quarterback for New England; these guys know how to win even without having marquee receivers.  I like Andrew Luck's style, but the Indy defense makes you have to play catch-up football.  No thanks.  Patriots win.

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 12:05 P.M.:  49ers vs. Panthers

I've been listening to talk all week: Cam or Kap?  Which young QB inspires me as a football fan? Whose defense is going to show up to harass our young game managers?  I think the Panthers have had a nice rest getting ready to send Kap packing. My son Ninja Boy is a Panthers fan who lives in Texas.  Go figure. Being a good Mama, I  picked them on my bracket. My fingers are crossed, and I may be too nervous to watch the game when Kaepernick dons his greasy jersey. I truly believe his soaks his jersey in some type of oil that keeps him out of defenders' grasping hands.  It is maddening!

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 3:40 P.M.:  Chargers vs. Broncos

General Peyton is marshaling the troops to take on Mr. Bolo aka Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers.  The Broncos have to really want it and find ways to stop Mr. Bolo.  Peyton has never beaten these guys in the playoffs, yet.  It's time to take advantage of being at home, boys.  The Chargers are hungry; the Broncos have to cut off the buffet.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The End of BCS

I bid adieu to the BCS in its current form.  I didn't really care for the way rankings were determined, but I look forward to thew new system coming.  All right, the last game has been played, and Florida State beat Auburn with an exciting game.  I was right in the end, folks.


My winning percentage is forty-two and some decimal points.  It would have been better for me to pick against who I thought would win this year.

NBA Wrapped:

  • The Brooklyn Nets won against Atlanta?  Are they trying to win or something?
  • LA Clippers demystified the Magic? Clutch.
  • The T-wolves mopped the floor with Philadelphia? Not unexpected.

Will Andrew Bynum continue to be a "bag of bones," according to Tony Kornheiser as the trade went through for him to Chicago from Cleveland?  It remains to be seen.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bad Luck for the Lady

College Football Wound-Up

Let's see now.  I really have no business in Vegas or Atlantic City or any other gambling venue as mentioned in previous posts gone by.  Whew!  I am of the belief that if it weren't for bad luck on bowl game picks, I'd have no luck at all.  Do you really want my prediction for the BCS Championship tonight?  I am picking Florida State to win; however, I'd be happier with an Auburn win for the good old SEC.


NFL Wild Card Weekend

I wound up with a 2-2 record for the professional bracket and await the coming weekend's gridiron action. Neither the Eagles nor the Bengals did not meet my expectations. The NBA has some good match-ups headed our way, so I'll take a peek at them and see what's happening during the week.  I will post my updated bracket closer to the weekend.

NBA on Monday Night

  1. Minnesota plays the 76ers in Philadelphia? Philly has a four-game winning streak and their record is 12-21.  And my concern in this game is? Push.
  2. Atlanta Hawks venture north to take on the Brooklyn Nets.  I realize the Nets got a little excited last week. This game will be back to form.  Hawks win and stay above .500 for a while longer.
  3. Orlando heads west for a little trip in the City of Angels and the Chris Paul-less Clippers.  The Magic possess an even more abysmal record away than I have for the college bowls.  The Clippers have losses at home in the single digits under five.  Clippers win handily.
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Updates and Upsets

Another bowl prediction bites the dust; however, the SEC wins another one for the conference.  Congratulations, Vanderbilt Commodores.  The GoDaddy Bowl featuring Arkansas State against Ball State. With another coaching change at Arkansas State, I think Ball State will nab this one, but I won't be staying up late tonight to find out the result.


My hat is off to the New Orleans Saints who rallied to beat the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles. Now they fly up to play in Seattle again after the Week 13 debacle.  I still think that Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the Seahawks will take all comers as indicated by my bracket pictured below.  The rest of my predictions stand, though.


I wish Chris Paul a speedy recovery with the separated shoulder injury; he is an exciting player to watch.  I look for the rest of the team to step up and keep the momentum rolling in time for him to return before the post-season play begins in the spring. I took a peek at the NBA standings currently.  The Western Conference's top eight teams all have winning records; the Eastern Conference falls off after the top four.  Toronto is 16-15 right now. I like the Pacers leading the way and hope things continue.

Lady Grid out.

Updated January 5, 2014 prior to today's games.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post-Season: Wild Card Weekend

The college bowls have been wild all right.  You know the drill.  Here is my report card and my pick for today's single, solitary bowl game.  My son NinjaBoy is still grounded because he has now added the word "decimation" to describe my abysmal bowl record.  At this rate, he'll  never leave his room.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:  Oklahoma State University vs. Missouri, WIN - I was hanging on to the edge of my seat as this one wound down. I just needed to see the SEC win after the 'Bama loss Thursday.  Whew!
Discover Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State University, LOSS - Turnovers are killers, especially at the end of close games.  Braxton Miller kept on playing despite a sore side after a nasty hit earlier in the game.  Congratulations, Clemson.


Today's bowl game is the BBVA Compass Bowl featuring Vanderbilt playing against Houston.  I'm taking the Cougars over the Commodores this afternoon.  Go, team.

NFL Wild Card 

On to the professional match-ups scheduled for today.  Wait a minute.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to Jerry Jones for even opening his mouth to suggest that the NFL needs expanded playoffs.  Would the Cowboys lollygag in with this newfangled system? No, they would be excluded, AGAIN. Moving on.

AFC Wild Card Game (3:35 P.M.) - Kansas City goes to Indianapolis for another game against the Colts.  If the Colts are peaking at the right time, then they prevail.  If Andy Reid gets his players to dig deep, then the Chiefs win on the road.  Crazy things happen all of the time.  Indianapolis wins this one because they beat teams with decent records; they beat these guys once before and know how it's done.

NFC Wild Card Game (7:10 P.M.) - The New Orleans Saints have to play Philadelphia Eagles outside in the elements. Traditionally, the Saints (and other warm-weather teams) do not fare well in cold conditions. I'm happy to watch the game from my couch instead of freezing.  Hubby wouldn't go to an outdoor game in the elements unless paid big bucks.  I'll have to speak to his agent about that.  Oh, yeah, I'm his agent. The Iggles win despite our hopes for the Saints to prevail.  Geaux Saints!

Sunday, January 5, 2014
AFC Wild Card Game (12:05 P.M.) - San Diego Chargers travel to play the Cincinnati Bengals.  I want the Bengals to get past this initial weekend of play and move on to showcase their talent.  I agree with Tony Kornheiser that it should be the Steelers and not the Chargers slipping in to the playoffs.  The Bengals need to be ready to beat them again. Send Philip Rivers home for the season!  The Chargers are prowling around with a chip on their shoulder. Bengals win; they've been perfect at home all season.

NFC Wild Card Game (3:40 P.M.) - San Francisco Forty-Niners bundle up to play the Green Bay Packers in less than humane settings.  I am shivering just thinking about it. If the West Coast Wonders think they'll just march in and whip up on these Packer boys, they'll be in for a surprise.  Aaron Rodgers is back and ready to play; he is the "it" factor for the Packers.  Despite their wretched regular season record, the Packers send the Niners packing.  It's too bad for Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman because I love seeing them harass quarterbacks and running backs whenever possible.

I've added my bracket for you to see and read 'em and weep.  Ha ha ha!

Lady Grid out.

This is my prediction for the post-season of the NFL.  I'll update when I make a mistake on predictions as needed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What Happened? (Or I Missed My Pick Again)

Let's just say that the Sugar Bowl was incredible because I could not believe my eyes when the final scoreboard showed.  This year's college bowls really show that the underdog has a bit more fight in him than expected.  Too many times a 6-6 record team has taken down a team with a better record; I cite Syracuse, North Carolina and Oregon State as my proof. Simply incredible.  Be glad I am not a gambling sort.  My son aka NinjaBoy uses the word obliteration to describe my record this post-season.  He's grounded until further notice.While I pick my jaw up off of the ground, I'll let you know who I pick for the two collegiate games scheduled today. I really miss Howard Cosell's pronunciation of the word orange for the bowl game tonight.  Sigh.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Missouri - I am going with Mizzou to redeem the SEC.
Discover Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State University - I think Clemson's Tajh Boyd will have a great night, but I think the Buckeyes will prevail.  Be glad I am not a gambling sort.  


Tomorrow, I unveil my NFL wild card picks.  Hopefully, I will do better with them.  Lady Grid out.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A One Bowl Day

Here's a look at my Bowl Report Card. Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia, LOSS- That Dawg let me down.  The Huskers only scored during two quarters of the game, and the Dawgs scored in the last three quarters but came up short. Woof.
Heart of Dallas Bowl: UNLV vs. North Texas, LOSS - I will not doubt the Mean Green again.
Capitol One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. South Carolina, WIN - Now SEC quarterbacks can sleep well because Jadaveon Clowney will head to the NFL in the draft.
Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU, WIN - This one ended with a closer score than anticipated.
Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan State, WIN - I was questioning my choice after the first quarter ended.
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: UCF vs. Baylor, LOSS - What happened here?  I was stunned because Baylor had been mugged in the first quarter then rallied to make this a bit more even before the half ended.was questioning my choice after the first quarter ended.


Mercifully, there is only one bowl game scheduled for today with the Allstate Sugar Bowl.  I think that the Alabama Crimson Tide will whip up on the Oklahoma Sooners (aka the Wagonriders).  You and I will find out at the same time this evening if I am correct or not. The SEC will be 6-1 in bowl games if I am right.

A big welcome back to Around the Horn and its sister program PTI.  I have missed the banter of the columnists and relish laughing about their observations at 4:00 P.M. CST on ESPN2.  I'll be figuring out my NFL post-season bracket and letting you in on my personal predictions. 

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to You!!

Welcome to the year 2014, one and all.  There are a few college games on today, but we'll tally my fabulous score from yesterday's bowls. I am not doing that well, but it's all in fun anyway.

Advocare Bowl: Arizona vs. Boston College, LOSS
Hyundai Sun Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. UCLA, LOSS
Autozone Liberty Bowl: Rice vs. Mississippi State, LOSS
Chick Fil-A Bowl: Duke vs. Texas A &M Aggies (Whoop!!!) WIN


New Year's Day: January 1, 2014

  1. Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia
  2. Heart of Dallas Bowl: UNLV vs. North Texas
  3. Capitol One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. South Carolina
  4. Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU
  5. Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan State
  6. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: UCF vs. Baylor
Time to listen to U2's "New Year's Day," folks.  Lady Grid out.