Monday, March 30, 2015

What a Finish!

Apparently, Cinderella wears Spartan Green and is from Michigan State. Their overtime victory against Louisville is now one for the record books. I sort of wish I'd had my crystal ball out before making my predictions.  Och, well! Congratulations to Michigan State, Duke University, University of Kentucky, and Wisconsin for making it the Final Four.  Good luck in your games on Saturday.

For the men's tournament, I am seventy-five percent correct on my Final Four pronouncement for my best brackets created.  For the women's tournament, I have the first two correctly picked with South Carolina lined up against Notre Dame.  The results of tonight's games will let me know if my other two picks are spot on. Good luck to Tennessee, Maryland, UCONN, and Dayton. I wonder if it will mirror the men's results with one number seven seed surprising the odds makers but not themselves with their tenacity. It remains to be seen.

Six days remain until true baseball fever takes over the nation. My Rangers were downed by the Dodgers in a 10-5 trouncing yesterday. Just let the season begin so we can see how things will be with the new manager, Jeff Banister. Russell Wilson hit a HR in batting practice, and Derek Holland is feeling healthy. Can Russell please join the team? He's good at this sport, too.

In sobering news, the Seattle Mariners' prospect Victor Sanchez died due to injuries that occurred while boating in his native Venezuela. My condolences to the grieving family and friends of this twenty-year old young man.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Second Chances

The powers that be at ESPN graciously created a second chance tournament bracket this year. How nice to redeem the broken bracket of last week after all of the upsets.  So far, one of my brackets is actually perfect which now spells certain doom for the team I've selected. We'll see. I made three just to see how close I'd be.  Here is the third one I created.

I promise I am shocked, too!

In NBA news, I am sorry that Kevin Durant is to be out for four to six months for his foot, but I want him to be better so that he can play for the OKC Thunder again. Get well soon, KD!

Lady Grid out.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bracket Busters!

What do Baylor, Iowa State, SMU, Oklahoma State, and VCU have in common? They broke my brackets this weekend. At press time, I was awaiting the results of the Providence-Dayton game which is still playing past my bedtime. It wasn't looking good for the Friars.

In the NCAA Women’s Tournament, George Washington, Minnesota, Washington, and Northwestern are my deal breakers for the first day of action. I hope that tomorrow will give some better results. It’s all about bragging rights in my family anyway. Gig’em, Lady Aggies! Whoop!

Yes, other sports besides collegiate basketball are playing their seasons right now.

My Texas Rangers suffered a loss to the LA Dodgers in Cactus League play. Dodgers pitching ace Clayton Kershaw will have to pay a trip to the dentist after getting part of his tooth broken off. Ouch! The Rangers also managed a tie against the Seattle Mariners. Will wonders never cease? The Miami Marlins and the NY Yankees are tied for the lead in the Grapefruit League. Opening Day is a little over two weeks away. National pastime, here we come!

Dallas suffered a home loss against the visiting Grizzlies tonight. They are 24-12 at home.  Zach Randolph was the high scorer for the Grizzlies’ squad.  Dirk Nowitzki and Devis Harris each contributed 16 points for Dallas.   OKC won against the Hawks, and Kevin Durant’s expected return is not known due to his injuries this season. The defending champs beat the Celtics at the AT&T Center, extending their 26-8 home record. 

It's time to turn in for the night. Lady Grid out.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let the Games Begin!

I have made my selections for the men's and women's tournament brackets using ESPN.  I make more than one just in case. Here are my "official" brackets for viewing purposes only.  I tend to fare better with NFL post-season predictions than with NCAA roundball, but it's fun to guess anyway.

The Women's tournament begins second, but I am opting to show ladies first.

Now, here's the men's tournament bracket.

I'm sure the guys at PTI and the folks at Around the Horn will differ on some of their choices once we see their brackets.  Don't laugh too hard at my choices.  It's a roll of the dice, as you know.  Lady Grid out.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crazy Times Ahead

The Texas Rangers' ace Yu Darvish will have Tommy John surgery and miss the season. If they knew that he needed the surgery, why wasn't this planned last September instead of in the middle of spring training? I marvel at surgeries that occur right as a season begins. I cover my eyes and reach for a bag with eye holes. Oh, the shame! Now for some good news.  The Rangers have a 6-4 record for the moment after blanking the SF Giants in Cactus League play. C'mon, Derek Holland! Three more weeks until Opening Day.  Who on Earth decided that the Chicago Cubs, the oft-maligned and ridiculed ChiTown franchise, would host the St. Louis Cardinals on national television? Let the trouncing begin.

If all goes according to Coach Kelly's plans, we should play the song "Strange Magic" as his genius plan unfolds during the regular season.  Otherwise, he will have memes like this one generated with increasingly rude results.

Jaw-dropper moment:  Duke lost to Notre Dame, 74-64.  Can you believe it? Yes, of course, the Blue Devils will be in the NCAA Tournament, but the fact that they started out flatfooted gives naysayers a wee bit of hope. Selection Sunday is here tomorrow, and I will reveal my choices once I sit down and plot my strategy. Unfortunately, I sometimes flip a coin to decide who's going to be Cinderella at the big dance. Each year, one or more lower-seeded teams completely destroy my bracket.  I maintain at least two or three for both the men's and women's tournaments. Soon you'll see who I selected. Very soon. Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trading Frenzy

The dust hasn't settled on all of the trades in the NFL, but by far Jimmy Graham heading to Seattle is definitely big news.  Best wishes and good luck to Patrick Willis, one of my favorite defensive players in the past few years.  I am not a 49ers fan, but I liked Willis' physical play with his "twin" NaVarro Bowman.  He will be missed.

What will happen with DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys? Will he wind up with an eagle insignia on his helmet? Say it isn't so! Keep him here if at all possible, Mr. Jones. Brandon Marshall is now a member of the NY Yets. What a mistake.

It was good to see the Orioles top the Yankees in the Grapefruit League today.  Sorry I called it the Citrus league in a previous post.  Yergh.  Coffee and rest helps typing skills.

We'll see how things pan out in the tournaments played today.  I'm actually going to pull for the Ospreys of University of North Florida.  After watching their freshman band "dancer" in action, it made me smile.  They probably won't make it out of the first round, but it's a nice human interest feature. Lady Grid out.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Shame Shame Shame!

Imagine the shock that ran through my mind as I opened up my ESPN app this afternoon en route to my car after a great week at work with my students. The headlines screamed about Syracuse and the head coach Jim Boeheim and the suspensions and on and on.  I'm tossing the Yellow Flag of Shame at the program and the lack of integrity demonstrated.  

In other news, at the time of my writing, the Golden State Warriors were sounding beating my Dallas Mavericks.  Sigh. Unless a turn around happens in the next ten minutes of regulation play, put the win in the Warriors' column.

I'll chat more about the Citrus and Cactus leagues later.  The Rangers lost to the Giants. Ugh. The site is pretty cool when watching the Game Day feature.  

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still Undefeated

I watched the UK-Georgia game tonight while creating an anchor chart for my students to view about writing tomorrow in class.  The Dawgs couldn't buy a basket to save their lives in the last sixty to ninety seconds of the game.  They'd actually been ahead at one point in the half, and that motivated the young Kentucky squad.  I wonder how they'll fare in the SEC tourney coming up soon.

Oh, and LeBron made the Celtics look silly in the Cavs' 110-79 victory tonight.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I have a couple of questions for thought.
1. Can anyone living beat Ronda Rousey in a UFC match? She took 30 seconds total in her last two fights to annihilate opponents.
2. Will anyone defeat Kentucky before tournament play begins? They soundly defeated Arkansas last night 84-67.
3.  Who even dreamed that BYU would end Gonzaga's home-win streak of forty-one?

Let me know what the answers are when you get a chance.  Lady Grid out.