Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mid-night Rambling

Och! It's not fun to be wide awake in the middle of the night.  The Super Bowl was an incredible display of defense anticipating the offense.  My beloved General Peyton is now 1-2 in the big game, but he is no less a favorite than before.  Perhaps Coach Carroll has something going; however, it remains to see if any fallout will take place next season.  I cite the Baltimore Ravens as my reference.

In college men's basketball, the world is mostly on its axis and rotating properly.  Duke downed Wake Forest, Florida beat Mizzou, and Memphis routed Rutgers.   The fly in the ointment is Ohio State's win over #17-ranked Iowa last night on the road.  We'll see how the Hawkeyes respond in coming days.

In college women's hoops, it's business as usual.  UCONN crushed SMU, Louisville beat UCF, and ASU trampled cross-state rivals Arizona.  They are gearing up for the March Madness to come in a few weeks.  It's still too soon to predict all of the teams who will be involved, but it's good fun to speculate at the water cooler in the office.

Here's hoping Real Madrid throttles Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey semis later on today.

Lady Grid out.

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