Sunday, August 28, 2016

Keep Playing Ball

It's been a tough week for the Lady with the first few days of school followed by taking my son to Texas Tech and leaving him out there. I'm going to miss him dreadfully, but in the meanwhile, I have to keep playing ball. Keep playing ball.

Sunday's Lineup

  1. Baltimore at NY Yankees
  2. Minnesota at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Detroit
  4. Philadelphia at NY Mets
  5. San Diego at Miami
  6. Colorado at Washington
  7. Seattle at ChiSox
  8. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
  9. Tampa Bay at Houston
  10. Oakland at St. Louis
  11. Cleveland at Texas
  12. Atlanta at San Francisco
  13. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers
  14. Cincinnati at Arizona
  15. Kansas City at Boston

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Special

The classroom is finished, and it's time to play ball!

Saturday Games

  1. NY Mets at San Francisco
  2. Texas at Tampa Bay
  3. Houston at Baltimore
  4. St. Louis at Philadelphia
  5. Miami at Pittsburgh
  6. Oakland at ChiSox
  7. Toronto at Cleveland
  8. Boston at Detroit
  9. Washington at Atlanta
  10. LA Dodgers at Cincinnati
  11. Minnesota at Kansas City
  12. ChiCubs at Colorado
  13. Arizona at San Diego
  14. Milwaukee at Seattle
  15. NY Yankees at LA Angels

Congrats to the women's 4 X 100 m team on their gold medal after their second chance run. I'm not sure what will happen to the men's team after their DQ. We shall see.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Better Late than Never?

It's been a busy day at my little red school house getting prepared for the first day of school on Monday. The details are consuming my time, effort, and energy nowadays. Play ball!

Tuesday Games - I will only pick the ones that remain to be played at press time. The Brewers/Cubs games was finished when I sat down to make my selections.

  1. Boston at Baltimore
  2. Toronto at NY Yankees
  3. LA Dodgers at Philadelphia
  4. ChiSox at Cleveland
  5. Kansas City at Detroit
  6. Minnesota at Atlanta
  7. Miami at Cincinnati
  8. San Diego at Tampa Bay
  9. Oakland at Texas
  10. Milwaukee at ChiCubs
  11. St. Louis at Houston

Monday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.700 means a passing grade for the Lady! :)
  1. Red Sox at Indians
  2. Royals at Tigers
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees
  4. Marlins at Reds
  5. Padres at Rays
  6. Athletics at Rangers
  7. Nationals at Rockies
  8. Mets at Diamondbacks
  9. Mariners at Angels
  10. Pirates at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Morning, Glories!

Good morning on the first day of the last week of inservice before school begins one week from today. It is already here. Play ball!

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.533 is a definite improvement.
  1. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  2. Houston at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. San Diego at NY Mets
  5. ChiSox at Miami
  6. Arizona at Boston
  7. Atlanta at Washington
  8. Colorado at Philadelphia
  9. Cincinnati at Milwaukee—a tale of two pities?
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota
  11. Detroit at Texas
  12. Seattle at Oakland
  13. Baltimore at San Francisco
  14. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers
  15. St. Louis at ChiCubs
Monday Games
  1. Red Sox at Indians
  2. Royals at Tigers
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees
  4. Marlins at Reds
  5. Padres at Rays
  6. Athletics at Rangers
  7. Nationals at Rockies
  8. Mets at Diamondbacks
  9. Mariners at Angels
  10. Pirates at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So, It's a 0.400 Batting Average on Saturday. Yep.

NFL Wrap-Up

The last preseason game goes to the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers will win. I have little confidence after my picks from yesterday. Yepperooni.

Saturday Games
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams - Cowboys
  2. Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs 
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Colts
  4. San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans - Chargers 


Sunday Games
  1. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  2. Houston at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. San Diego at NY Mets
  5. ChiSox at Miami
  6. Arizona at Boston
  7. Atlanta at Washington
  8. Colorado at Philadelphia
  9. Cincinnati at Milwaukee—a tale of two pities?
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota
  11. Detroit at Texas
  12. Seattle at Oakland
  13. Baltimore at San Francisco
  14. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers
  15. St. Louis at ChiCubs

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.400. Yergh.
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Astros at Blue Jays
  3. Cardinals at Cubs
  4. Pirates at Dodgers
  5. Braves at Nationals
  6. Rockies at Phillies
  7. Diamondbacks at Red Sox
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Royals at Twins
  11. Padres at Mets
  12. White Sox at Marlins
  13. Tigers at Rangers
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Orioles at Giants
A fitting ending to a golden career for swimming champion Michael Phelps. Enjoy your retirement and time with your family.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Sports Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

NFL Preseason

  1. Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
  2. Miami Dolphins at NY Giants - Giants
  3. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  5. Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
Saturday Games
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (I love the sound of the Rams in LA!) - Cowboys
  2. Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs (Not a Seahawk fan at all)
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Colts
  4. San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans - Chargers 


Saturday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Astros at Blue Jays
  3. Cardinals at Cubs
  4. Pirates at Dodgers
  5. Braves at Nationals
  6. Rockies at Phillies
  7. Diamondbacks at Red Sox
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Royals at Twins
  11. Padres at Mets
  12. White Sox at Marlins
  13. Tigers at Rangers
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Orioles at Giants
Friday Wrap-Up
  1. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
  2. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - the last game of Alex Rodriguez, no nickname for him.
  3. Atlanta vs. Washington
  4. Colorado vs. Philadelphia
  5. Houston vs. Toronto
  6. Arizona vs. Boston
  7. LA Angels vs. Cleveland
  8. San Diego vs. NY Mets
  9. ChiSox vs. Miami
  10. Detroit vs. Texas
  11. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  12. Kansas City vs. Minnesota
  13. Seattle vs. Oakland
  14. Pittsburgh vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Baltimore vs. San Francisco


First of all, Michelle Carter gets congrats for her gold medal in women's shot put last night. She defeated the reigning Olympic champion to do it. Congratulations also to Maya DiRado for her gold medal performance in the 200M backstroke. An unprecedented three-way tie in the men's 100M Butterfly last night. Congratulations to Schooling for the gold, and Phelps, le Clos, and Cseh.

Lady Grid out.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Forgot About Football!

I cannot believe I forgot that the NFL Preseason began last night. Ugh. Tsk! Yellow flag of shame!

Friday Preseason Games
  1. Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
  2. Miami Dolphins at NY Giants - Giants
  3. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  5. Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
I will miss watching Prince Fielder's monster swing when he went yard. My prayer is for recovery and the opportunity to enjoy his beloved sons romping in the backyard, playing catch, and just being family.

Friday Games
  1. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
  2. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - the last game of Alex Rodriguez, no nickname for him.
  3. Atlanta vs. Washington
  4. Colorado vs. Philadelphia
  5. Houston vs. Toronto
  6. Arizona vs. Boston
  7. LA Angels vs. Cleveland
  8. San Diego vs. NY Mets
  9. ChiSox vs. Miami
  10. Detroit vs. Texas
  11. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  12. Kansas City vs. Minnesota
  13. Seattle vs. Oakland
  14. Pittsburgh vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Baltimore vs. San Francisco
Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.454 is not too shabby after my absence most of the week.
  1. Diamondbacks at Mets
  2. Padres at Pirates
  3. Astros at Twins
  4. Rockies at Rangers
  5. Braves at Brewers
  6. Orioles at Athletics
  7. Yankees at Red Sox  - I hope Big Papi is feeling better after fouling a ball off of his foot. Ouch!
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Astros at Twins (game two)
  10. Cardinals at Cubs
  11. White Sox at Royals
Congratulations to Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, Michael Phelps, and Aly Raisman on their medals in their competitions yesterday. Well done!

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The National Pastime and Olympics

I have been in warrior mama mode getting items ready and tasks completed for my son heading off to Texas Tech this fall. We also begin inservice today in my school district. I will write when time permits. Thanks in advance for your understanding, sports fans.  Play ball!

  1. Diamondbacks at Mets
  2. Padres at Pirates
  3. Astros at Twins
  4. Rockies at Rangers
  5. Braves at Brewers
  6. Orioles at Athletics
  7. Yankees at Red Sox  - I hope Big Papi is feeling better after fouling a ball off of his foot. Ouch!
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Astros at Twins (game two)
  10. Cardinals at Cubs
  11. White Sox at Royals

A belated congratulations to the USA Women's Gymnastics team for the team gold medal. The "Final Five" have endeared themselves to the nation and provided a respite from the political arena. They complete for individual medals today. I will have my ESPN app alert me of breaking news to stay current.

The swim team has been pretty amazing, too. Sports fans are hopeful for the medal count to continue with the 200 IM happening later on.

Lady Grid out.

Rest in Peace, John Saunders

The broadcast world lost a gentleman in John Saunders yesterday. My condolences to his grieving family who are struggling to come to terms with his death. Veteran news reporters showed deep emotion when interviewed yesterday. How much more his beloved wife and daughters.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is Saturday All Right or Not? We'll See. . .

Saturday Games
  1. Cleveland at NY Yankees
  2. ChiCubs at Oakland
  3. Boston at LA Dodgers
  4. Minnesota at Tampa Bay
  5. San Francisco at Washington
  6. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  7. Baltimore at ChiSox
  8. NY Mets at Detroit
  9. Texas at Houston
  10. Toronto at Kansas City
  11. Atlanta at St. Louis
  12. Miami at Colorado
  13. Milwaukee at Arizona
  14. Philadelphia at San Diego
  15. LA Angels at Seattle
Friday Wrap-Up
Batting average: An impressive 0.733. Just what the doctor ordered, my friends!
  1. Indians vs. Yankees
  2. Giants vs. Nationals
  3. Reds vs. Pirates
  4. Mets vs. Tigers
  5. Twins vs. Rays
  6. Orioles vs. White Sox
  7. Rangers vs. Astros
  8. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Marlins vs. Rockies
  11. Brewers vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Cubs vs. Athletics
  13. Angels vs. Mariners
  14. Red Sox vs. Dodgers
  15. Phillies vs. Padres
Lady Grid out.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Let the Games Begin!

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics begins tonight. I confess I will probably not be watching too much of it. I am disappointed with the conditions for the citizens living in squalor and the resulting deplorable conditions for the athletes who must compete in the polluted waters of the Guanabara Bay. Tsk.

Friday Games
  1. Indians vs. Yankees
  2. Giants vs. Nationals
  3. Reds vs. Pirates
  4. Mets vs. Tigers
  5. Twins vs. Rays
  6. Orioles vs. White Sox
  7. Rangers vs. Astros
  8. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Marlins vs. Rockies
  11. Brewers vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Cubs vs. Athletics
  13. Angels vs. Mariners
  14. Red Sox vs. Dodgers
  15. Phillies vs. Padres
Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.416 is barely skating by. Yergh.
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Little Bit of Football

Backup QB Kellen Moore broke his leg, so he's not able to replace Romo as QB. I fear for Tony Romo's health on the field. After breaking his clavicle twice last season, I will hold my breath every time he meets the turf on his back. Owner and GM Jerry Jones is smart about marketing the team; however, he needs to make sure they have another QB in the stable just in case. Tsk.

Thursday Games
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle

Wednesday Wrap-Up - Here is hoping that Yoenis C├ęspedes is able to rest that leg and run full speed again one day soon. I am not sure of what to make of Yasiel Puig being bumped down to the minors. Perhaps it is for the best, and speaking of the Dodgers, ace and local Highland Park HS grad Clayton Kershaw should not be seen until August 27. Bad news for the boys in southern California.

Batting Average:0.467 holding steady.
  1. Marlins at Cubs
  2. Brewers at Padres
  3. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  4. Mets at Yankees
  5. Giants at Phillies
  6. Rangers at Baltimore
  7. Twins at Indians
  8. White Sox at Tigers
  9. Pirates at Braves
  10. Cardinals at Reds
  11. Royals at Rays
  12. Blue Jays at Astros
  13. Dodgers at Rockies
  14. Athletics at Angels
  15. Red Sox at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trade Deadline Has Passed, Now What?

Wednesday Games
  1. Marlins at Cubs
  2. Brewers at Padres
  3. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  4. Mets at Yankees
  5. Giants at Phillies
  6. Rangers at Baltimore
  7. Twins at Indians
  8. White Sox at Tigers
  9. Pirates at Braves
  10. Cardinals at Reds
  11. Royals at Rays
  12. Blue Jays at Astros
  13. Dodgers at Rockies
  14. Athletics at Angels
  15. Red Sox at Mariners
Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average of 0.467.
  1. Rangers vs. Orioles
  2. Giants vs. Phillies
  3. Twins vs. Indians
  4. White Sox vs. Tigers
  5. Pirates vs. Braves
  6. Cardinals vs. Reds
  7. Yankees vs. Mets
  8. Royals vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Cubs
  10. Blue Jays vs. Astros
  11. Dodgers vs. Rockies
  12. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Athletics vs. Angels
  14. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  15. Brewers vs. Padres
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Twas' a Marvelous Monday, Maties

Tuesday Games
  1. Rangers vs. Orioles
  2. Giants vs. Phillies
  3. Twins vs. Indians
  4. White Sox vs. Tigers
  5. Pirates vs. Braves
  6. Cardinals vs. Reds
  7. Yankees vs. Mets
  8. Royals vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Cubs
  10. Blue Jays vs. Astros
  11. Dodgers vs. Rockies
  12. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Athletics vs. Angels
  14. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  15. Brewers vs. Padres

Monday Wrap-Up
Batting average was 0.500. Whew! Given the small number of games to choose, I felt fortunate to have so "high" a winning percentage.
  1. NY Yankees at NY Mets
  2. Minnesota at Cleveland
  3. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  4. Miami at ChiCubs
  5. Toronto at Houston
  6. Washington at Arizona
  7. Boston at Seattle
  8. Milwaukee at San Diego
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer

Monday Match-Up
With only eight games scheduled, I hope to do well with my predictions. Cancel that ticket to Vegas.
  1. NY Yankees at NY Mets
  2. Minnesota at Cleveland
  3. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  4. Miami at ChiCubs
  5. Toronto at Houston
  6. Washington at Arizona
  7. Boston at Seattle
  8. Milwaukee at San Diego
Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average of 0.467 for a sleepy Sunday afternoon.
  1. Orioles at Blue Jays
  2. Cardinals at Marlins
  3. Athletics at Indians
  4. Astros at Tigers
  5. Rockies at Mets
  6. Yankees at Rays
  7. Phillies at Braves
  8. Pirates at Brewers
  9. White Sox at Twins
  10. Royals at Rangers
  11. Red Sox at Angels
  12. Nationals at Giants
  13. Diamondbacks at Dodgers
  14. Reds at Padres
  15. Mariners at Cubs
Congratulations to PGA Tournament winner Jimmy Walker!

Lady Grid out.