Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time Ran Out

Time ran out for my beloved Aggies last night in the game against Kansas State. Next year, Aggies! We'll gig 'em next year!

Dallas' Dak Prescott earns my MVP vote for such an exciting year. I am pulling for this young man to take us as far as his O-line and defensive compadres will let us go. Tony Romo has been a good guy in the face of losing his starting position. Jerry Jones needs to keep his mouth closed when the microphones get close enough to bite.

On a programming note, I could not find my Blogger icon when I got ready to write this morning, so I'll have to figure things out to stay in the loop and let you know what I think about various sporting ventures in the future.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Apple Cart Upended

NCAA Football Wrap Up (Say What?)

I dozed off around 8:00 last night with my Aggies leading Ole Miss. Imagine my surprise when my husband burst into our room to inform me the final score of 29-28 was NOT in our favor. ARGH!!!! I was not the only one to suffer; however, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington also suffered losses. Auburn was beaten by Georgia. Will Auburn lick its wounds to give Alabama some type of challenge in the highly anticipated Iron Bowl? I hold out no hope for that to happen but will tune in anyway. On to the pros.

NFL Sunday

  1. Green Bay at Tennessee
  2. Minnesota at Washington
  3. Chicago at Tampa Bay
  4. Kansas City at Carolina
  5. Atlanta at Philadelphia
  6. Los Angeles at NY Jets
  7. Denver at New Orleans
  8. Houston at Jacksonville
  9. Miami at San Diego
  10. Dallas at Pittsburgh
  11. San Francisco at Arizona
  12. Seattle at New England

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Saturday of November

A hearty round of congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, winners of the World Series. They are probably still dancing in the streets somewhere in ChiTown. Enjoy.

High School Football

I am so proud of my Plano East Panthers winning against Plano Senior High last night, 22-20. Once again, we are the city champs! East! East! East! Mama's Lincoln High Tigers were victorious with a 56-14 score against Canton. Daddy's Manual Arts Toilers did not fare so well against Hawkins. Ouch.

NCAA Football

After several weeks on hiatus writing about my college picks, I plan to end the season on a strong note. Some games will not be worth making a prediction; however, others hold the Lady's interest.

  1. TCU at Baylor
  2. Florida at Arkansas
  3. Georgia Tech at UNC
  4. Nebraska at Ohio State
  5. Oklahoma State at Kansas State
  6. Texas at Texas Tech
  7. Navy at Notre Dame
  8. Michigan State at Illinois
  9. Air Force at Army
  10. Georgia at Kentucky
  11. Alabama at LSU 
  12. Texas A&M at Mississippi State

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Aggies are Number Four!

WHOOP!!!! I was thrilled to see the ranking from the College Football Playoff committee that put my beloved Aggies at number four. And another WHOOP!!!

On a different, much lower level, I am with Stephen A. Smith on Trent Williams' suspension for four games. STAY OFF THE WEED (OR WHATEVER SUBSTANCE IT IS)!!!! Your life and brain cells are much more valuable unaltered. A giant Yellow Flag of Shame thrown to this individual. Please, son, get yourself straightened out before you become a byword for young players watching your example. Please.

And to end, Jay Cutler actually won a game? Watch out for those flying pigs overhead. They aren't too selective about where they land.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life, What a Ride!

Too much to cover over the last two weeks. Moving forward into the World Series realm of life. The Cleveland Indians eliminated the Toronto Blue Jays and delighted my vengeful little heart. If my Rangers aren't in it, then the team that swept them should be at home watching the games, too. At press time, the Cubs were leading the Dodgers in the top of the sixth inning. It does not bode well for the LA club.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crunch Time


What is happening in the mind of Odell Beckham, Jr.? He was not as successful as he had hoped in last night's loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He has been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct more than once in this young season. It's time to settle down, young man.


The AL Wild Card game with Baltimore at Toronto happens tonight. Go, Orioles! I personally do not want to deal with José Bautista and some of his team mates until we have to during the regular season of 2017. Beat them soundly tonight, O's!

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

First Day of October 2016

College Game Day - October 1, 2016
I will just be reporting on the gridiron action today and pick up MLB coverage again once the playoff madness ensues. Hut hut!

  1. Tennessee at Georgia - sad day for the Dawg
  2. UNC at Florida State - Tar Heels keep the 'Noles down.
  3. Mizzou at LSU - team has not recovered from Les Miles' dismissal.
  4. Texas at Oklahoma State - Horns go down in Pistol Pete's town.
  5. Texas A&M University at South Carolina - Fried chicken for dinner tonight.
  6. Miami at Georgia Tech - No contest!
  7. Wisconsin at Michigan - At home, Wolverines will maul the Badgers.
  8. Oklahoma at TCU - Horned Frogs have their way.
  9. Utah at Cal - Poor Master Bruin
  10. Memphis at Ole Miss - the slide continues for the Rebels
  11. Western Michigan at Central Michigan - sorry, Chippewa Nation
  12. Louisville at Clemson - that coach Dabo is a mess!
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Weeping HR and a Donnybrook

The Miami Marlins won my heart with their emotional victory after José Fernández's untimely death. The crazy right-handed batting stance done by left-handed Dee Gordon followed by his monster home run. I will never again see a grown man rounding the bases with tears openly flowing down his face. The hats on the mound. All of them wearing his jersey name and number. RIP, Jo-Fez.

Tuesday's Lineup

  1. Red Sox at Yankees
  2. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  3. Cubs at Pirates - I want the Bucs to win this one and get closer to .500.
  4. Orioles at Blue Jays
  5. Indians at Tigers
  6. Phillies at Braves
  7. Mets at Marlins
  8. Twins at Royals
  9. Brewers at Rangers
  10. Rays at White Sox
  11. Mariners at Astros
  12. Reds at Cardinals
  13. Athletics at Angels
  14. Dodgers at Padres
  15. Rockies at Giants

Monday Wrap Up
Batting average: I managed to get 50 percent today. I was glad about the Marlins' victory. It was exciting to see the Yankees and Blue Jays mix it up. Happ should have been warned and tossed in my humble opinion. Yankees were not the only guilty parties last night.
  1. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  2. Cubs at Pirates 
  3. Yankees at Blue Jays - what a donnybrook!
  4. Indians at Tigers 
  5. Mets at Marlins 
  6. Brewers at Rangers
  7. Rays at White Sox
  8. Mariners at Astros
  9. Reds at Cardinals
  10. Athletics at Angels
Lady Grid out.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Bit of Disbelief

Golf is not a sport I watch too often, but even I know of the legendary Arnold Palmer who passed away yesterday at the age of 87. Rest in peace!

NFL Wrap Up
  1. Arizona at Buffalo- I was flabbergasted by this one. Just gobsmacked at the end results. Without NFL Redzone, I had to use my ESPN app to keep up. Head Scratcher!
  2. Oakland at Tennessee- I had a feeling I should not have picked against the silver and black.
  3. Cleveland at Miami
  4. Baltimore at Jacksonville
  5. Detroit at Green Bay
  6. Denver at Cincinnati
  7. Minnesota at Carolina- Are you kidding me? My son was not happy about this result. No way.
  8. Washington at NY Giants
  9. Los Angeles at Tampa Bay- Good for the Rams who are surprising everyone. Seattle paid the price last week. 
  10. San Francisco at Seattle- Good.
  11. NY Jets at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Indianapolis
  13. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia - What on Earth happened to Pittsburgh? Not even a "C" game to be found. Ugh. Head Scratcher.
  14. Chicago at Dallas- Okay, that means we have a 2-1 record in the NFL East. What will Stephen A. Smith have to say about it on FirstTake this morning?
For Monday Night Football on ESPN, I am picking the Saints to earn their first win over the visiting Falcons in a divisional game.


Monday Games
  1. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  2. Cubs at Pirates - win 100 but against my Andrew and Starling. Boo.
  3. Yankees at Blue Jays
  4. Indians at Tigers - only because I want the Rangers to have home field advantage!
  5. Mets at Marlins - For sentimental reasons and José Fernández.
  6. Brewers at Rangers
  7. Rays at White Sox
  8. Mariners at Astros
  9. Reds at Cardinals
  10. Athletics at Angels
Sunday Wrap Up
Batting Average: A nice passing average of 0.712 for a Sunday.
  1. NY Yankees vs. Toronto
  2. ChiSox vs. Cleveland
  3. Kansas City vs. Detroit
  4. Philadelphia vs. NY Mets
  5. Boston vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Arizona vs. Baltimore
  7. Washington vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  9. Seattle vs. Minnesota
  10. LA Angels vs. Houston
  11. Texas vs. Oakland
  12. Colorado vs. LA Dodgers
  13. San Francisco vs. San Diego
  14. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Sunday of September


  1. Arizona at Buffalo
  2. Oakland at Tennessee
  3. Cleveland at Miami
  4. Baltimore at Jacksonville
  5. Detroit at Green Bay
  6. Denver at Cincinnati
  7. Minnesota at Carolina
  8. Washington at NY Giants
  9. Los Angeles at Tampa Bay
  10. San Francisco at Seattle
  11. NY Jets at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Indianapolis
  13. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  14. Chicago at Dallas

NCAA Football Wrapup

A seventy percent success rate of picking correctly at this point is noteworthy, but it is still not Vegas worthy. All bets are off.
  1. Georgia at Ole Miss
  2. Florida State at USF 
  3. Wisconsin at Michigan State
  4. East Carolina at Virginia Tech
  5. Florida at Tennessee
  6. Pitt at UNC
  7. LSU at Auburn
  8. Oklahoma State at Baylor
  9. UNT at Rice
  10. Arkansas at Texas A&M


My condolences go to the Miami Marlins community and the three young men who died in the boat crash that took the life of Marlins ace José Fernández early this morning. The game between the Marlins and Braves has been canceled.

Sunday Games
  1. NY Yankees vs. Toronto
  2. ChiSox vs. Cleveland
  3. Kansas City vs. Detroit
  4. Philadelphia vs. NY Mets
  5. Boston vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Arizona vs. Baltimore
  7. Washington vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  9. Seattle vs. Minnesota
  10. LA Angels vs. Houston
  11. Texas vs. Oakland
  12. Colorado vs. LA Dodgers
  13. San Francisco vs. San Diego
  14. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs

Saturday Games' Wrapup
Batting Average: A not-so-good showing of 0.467 for the day.
  1. Royals at Tigers
  2. Cardinals at Cubs
  3. Rangers at Athletics
  4. Yankees at Blue Jays
  5. Red Sox at Rays
  6. Diamondbacks at Orioles
  7. Nationals at Pirates
  8. White Sox at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Mariners at Twins
  11. Angels at Astros
  12. Phillies at Mets
  13. Braves at Marlins
  14. Giants at Padres
  15. Rockies at Dodgers
Lady Grid out.

Confidential: Congrats, Killer! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wonderful Weekend!

NCAA Football

  1. Georgia at Ole Miss
  2. Florida State at USF - revenge of the 'Noles after being embarrassed on national television last weekend.
  3. Wisconsin at Michigan State
  4. East Carolina at Virginia Tech
  5. Florida at Tennessee
  6. Pitt at UNC
  7. LSU at Auburn
  8. Oklahoma State at Baylor
  9. UNT at Rice
  10. Arkansas at Texas A&M

My son's Texas Tech Red Raiders will play on Thursday evening.


Let me give a shout out and woohoo to my Texas Rangers for clinching the AL West last night. Now we need home field advantage. #NeverGiveUp

Saturday Games

  1. Royals at Tigers
  2. Cardinals at Cubs
  3. Rangers at Athletics
  4. Yankees at Blue Jays - can they both just lose?
  5. Red Sox at Rays
  6. Diamondbacks at Orioles
  7. Nationals at Pirates
  8. White Sox at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Mariners at Twins
  11. Angels at Astros
  12. Phillies at Mets
  13. Braves at Marlins
  14. Giants at Padres
  15. Rockies at Dodgers

Lady Grid out.

P. S. Shout out of congratulations to my youngest sister who gets married today. He's a nice guy, and I approve. Welcome to the family, Batman!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Successful Selections on Sunday


Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting average of 0.571 was pretty good given the smaller sample size.
  1. Oakland at Texas
  2. Toronto at LA Angels
  3. St. Louis at San Francisco
  4. Houston at Seattle
  5. San Diego at Colorado
  6. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  7. NY Yankees at Boston
Monday Games
  1. White Sox at Royals
  2. Red Sox at Orioles
  3. Braves at Mets
  4. Nationals at Marlins
  5. Angels at Rangers
  6. Reds at Cubs
  7. Cardinals at Rockies
  8. Astros at Athletics
  9. Blue Jays at Mariners
  10. Giants at Dodgers
  11. Diamondbacks at Padres
  1. NY Jets at Bills
  2. Bengals at Steelers
  3. Ravens at Browns
  4. Cowboys at Redskins
  5. Titans at Lions
  6. Chiefs at Texans
  7. Dolphins at Patriots
  8. Saints at Giants
  9. 49ers at Panthers
  10. Seahawks at Rams
  11. Buccaneers at Cardinals
  12. Falcons at Raiders
  13. Colts at Broncos
  14. Jaguars at Chargers
  15. Packers at Vikings - In their inaugural home game, I was surprised. 
  16. Eagles at Bears - Jay Cutler will shock me.
Lady Grid out.

Louisville Should Be Number One!

I fell asleep after lunch and realized I did not publish my column on time. Oops! For the MLB games, I will pick the ones that had not started at press time.
  1. Oakland at Texas
  2. Toronto at LA Angels
  3. St. Louis at San Francisco
  4. Houston at Seattle
  5. San Diego at Colorado
  6. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  7. NY Yankees at Boston
Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.375 - stink city!
  1. Pirates at Reds - game one
  2. Yankees at Red Sox
  3. Nationals at Braves
  4. Brewers at Cubs
  5. Tigers at Indians
  6. Pirates at Reds - game two
  7. Rays at Orioles
  8. Marlins at Phillies
  9. Twins at Mets
  10. White Sox at Royals
  11. Athletics at Rangers
  12. Padres at Rockies
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  14. Blue Jays at Angels
  15. Cardinals at Giants
  16. Astros at Mariners


These are the same picks made on Pigskin Pick 'Em, the game I play each year to select my choices for winners in the professional games.
  1. NY Jets at Bills
  2. Bengals at Steelers
  3. Ravens at Browns
  4. Cowboys at Redskins
  5. Titans at Lions
  6. Chiefs at Texans
  7. Dolphins at Patriots
  8. Saints at Giants
  9. 49ers at Panthers
  10. Seahawks at Rams
  11. Buccaneers at Cardinals
  12. Falcons at Raiders
  13. Colts at Broncos
  14. Jaguars at Chargers
  15. Packers at Vikings

College Wrap-Up

AP rankings ought to reflect some changes. I would vote Louisville number one over Alabama simply because they spanked FSU but good while Alabama barely escapes Ole Miss and avoids the three peat. Not impressive to this gridiron girl. Other shockers included Nebraska and the way the Texas-Cal game ended. Wow. Just wow.
  1. Florida State University vs. Louisville
  2. Oregon vs. Nebraska 
  3. Alabama vs. Ole Miss 
  4. Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma State University 
  5. East Carolina vs. South Carolina
  6. Mississippi State vs. LSU
  7. Texas A&M vs. Auburn
  8. Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Tech
  9. Ohio State vs. Oklahoma 
  10. Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
  11. USC vs. Stanford
  12. UCLA vs. BYU 
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another September Saturday!

I now have a darling football themed tray and kitchen towel that I will be using this weekend to watch college and pro ball. Hurray! After creating my title, I have Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September" playing in my head. "Ba dee ya, say do you remember? Ba dee ya, dancing in September?" Now you can play too.

College Action

  1. Florida State University vs. Louisville
  2. Oregon vs. Nebraska - Yawn.
  3. Alabama vs. Ole Miss - three peat?
  4. Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma State University - Pistol Pete has something to prove.
  5. East Carolina vs. South Carolina
  6. Mississippi State vs. LSU
  7. Texas A&M vs. Auburn
  8. Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Tech
  9. Ohio State vs. Oklahoma - The Sooners will not have a good day against the perennial powerhouse that hails from Buckeye Nation.
  10. Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
  11. USC vs. Stanford - I want to be wrongity, wrong, wrong, wrong about this one!
  12. UCLA vs. BYU - Bruins beat the Cougars.

High School Recap

  1. Centennial High suffered a crushing loss, 42-7 on Thursday night. They will again take the field September 30 against Liberty High School. 
  2. The Lincoln Tigers will play their next game on September 23.
  3. Manual Arts Toilers were shut out by the Cleveland Cavaliers, 40-0. This is a high school in California, not the NBA team, I promise!
  4. McAllen Memorial edged Los Fresnos, 32-30.
  5. Plano East was inactive on Friday night but will face Wylie on September 23.


The Cubs have clinched their division. The Rangers' magic number is seven. What will happen next?
  1. Pirates at Reds - game one
  2. Yankees at Red Sox
  3. Nationals at Braves
  4. Brewers at Cubs
  5. Tigers at Indians
  6. Pirates at Reds - game two
  7. Rays at Orioles
  8. Marlins at Phillies
  9. Twins at Mets
  10. White Sox at Royals
  11. Athletics at Rangers
  12. Padres at Rockies
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  14. Blue Jays at Angels
  15. Cardinals at Giants
  16. Astros at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Posting in Time for London, I Suppose.


Thursday Games
The madness that is post-season has begun with teams trying to grab wild-card spots and hold on as tightly as they can. Look for some fantastic play in the next few days. I know MLB does not get yellow flags, but Braves pitcher José Ramirez needs one after nearly hitting Marlins pitcher José Fernandez in the head.
  1. Minnesota at Detroit
  2. Cleveland at ChiSox
  3. Tampa Bay at Baltimore
  4. Pittisburgh at Philadelphia
  5. NY Yankees at Boston
  6. Oakland at Kansas City
  7. Milwaukee at ChiCubs
  8. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  9. Toronto at LA Angels
  10. St. Louis at San Francisco


The NY Jets visit the Buffalo Bills. Yawn. I may or may not tune in using the NFL Mobile App. It's a Bunco night, so I will probably not even check in. Someone has to win this mess. The Yets win and go to .500 on the season. Bills are still winless.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mama's Ready for Some Football!


Hubby and I stood for the national anthem rendered by the saxophone player in Jacksonville and then the trumpet player in Dallas this afternoon. We are proud Americans. Thank you, first responders who rush in where angels fear to tread.
  1. Green Bay at Jacksonville
  2. Buffalo at Baltimore
  3. Chicago at Houston
  4. Cleveland at Philadelphia
  5. Tampa Bay at Atlanta
  6. Minnesota at Tennessee
  7. Cincinnati at NY Jets
  8. Oakland at New Orleans
  9. San Diego at Kansas City
  10. Miami at Seattle
  11. Detroit at Indianapolis
  12. NY Giants at Dallas
  13. New England at Arizona
Monday Night Double Header (Woot!)
  • Pittsburgh at Washington
  • Los Angeles at San Francisco


Sunday Games
Batting Average:0.600 success rate
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  3. Orioles at Tigers
  4. Dodgers at Marlins
  5. Mets at Braves
  6. Phillies at Nationals
  7. Reds at Pirates
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Brewers at Cardinals
  11. Rangers at Angels
  12. Mariners at Athletics
  13. Giants at Diamondbacks
  14. Rockies at Padres
  15. Cubs at Astros
Monday Matchups
  1. LA Dodgers at NY Yankees
  2. NY Mets at Washington
  3. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  4. Tampa Bay at Toronto
  5. Baltimore at Boston
  6. Minnesota at Detroit
  7. Miami at Atlanta
  8. Milwaukee at Cincinnati
  9. Oakland at Kansas City
  10. Cleveland at ChiSox
  11. Texas at Houston
  12. ChiCubs at St. Louis
  13. Colorado at Arizona
  14. Seattle at LA Angels
  15. San Diego at San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Day to Remember

Fifteen years ago, I was a stay at home mama who had arisen at the normal time and eaten breakfast with her husband and son. I had no idea that my entire world would change because of the vicious attacks rained down on my country by evil people I would never understand. I will never understand terrorist attacks. Never. Ever. I may disagree with protesters' positions; however, it's a difference of opinion that should NEVER result in a loss of life. Never Forget 9/11.


Saturday Recap
Batting Average: 0.467
  1. Boston vs. Toronto
  2. ChiCubs vs. Houston
  3. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees
  4. Seattle vs. Oakland
  5. Philadelphia vs. Washington
  6. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  7. Kansas City vs. ChiSox
  8. Baltimore vs. Detroit
  9. Cleveland vs. Twins
  10. NY Mets vs. Atlanta
  11. LA Dodgers vs. Miami
  12. Milwaukee vs. St. Louis
  13. San Francisco vs. Arizona
  14. Colorado vs. San Diego
  15. Texas vs. LA Angels
Sunday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  3. Orioles at Tigers
  4. Dodgers at Marlins
  5. Mets at Braves
  6. Phillies at Nationals
  7. Reds at Pirates
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Brewers at Cardinals
  11. Rangers at Angels
  12. Mariners at Athletics
  13. Giants at Diamondbacks
  14. Rockies at Padres
  15. Cubs at Astros

NCAA Football

  1. SMU vs. Baylor
  2. South Carolina vs. Mississippi State
  3. Iowa State vs. Iowa
  4. UNC vs. Illinois
  5. Washington State vs. Boise State
  6. BYU vs. Utah
  7. Arkansas vs. TCU
  8. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
  9. Texas Tech vs. Arizona State -
  10. Texas A&M plays Prairie View A&M.
  1. Green Bay at Jacksonville
  2. Buffalo at Baltimore
  3. Chicago at Houston
  4. Cleveland at Philadelphia
  5. Tampa Bay at Atlanta
  6. Minnesota at Tennessee
  7. Cincinnati at NY Jets
  8. Oakland at New Orleans
  9. San Diego at Kansas City
  10. Miami at Seattle
  11. Detroit at Indianapolis
  12. NY Giants at Dallas
  13. New England at Arizona
Confidential to those who will not stand for the "Star Spangled Banner." I will keep standing despite some things that have happened to me and/or my family members in the past. This is still the best place to live to express our opinions freely.

Lady Grid out.

Raising the Flag at Ground Zero
by Thomas E. Franklin

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Silly Saturday


College Gridiron
Some of the matchups are too ridiculous to even call with the non-conference schedule some big name teams play. Their absence on my list makes them conspicuous with the exception of one. Tsk!

  1. SMU vs. Baylor
  2. South Carolina vs. Mississippi State
  3. Iowa State vs. Iowa
  4. UNC vs. Illinois
  5. Washington State vs. Boise State
  6. BYU vs. Utah
  7. Arkansas vs. TCU
  8. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
  9. Texas Tech vs. Arizona State - Don't tell my son.
  10. Texas A&M plays Prairie View A&M. Why? Aggies win.

High School Wrap-Up

  1. Frisco Centennial won Thursday night, 38-35.
  2. Lincoln High plays today at 2:00P.M. against Madison. Go, Tigers!
  3. Manual Arts beat Fremont, 45-23. Yay!
  4. McAllen Memorial lost, 35-7. Boo!
  5. Plano East lost, 47-29.  Double Boo!


Friday Games
Batting Average: A respectable 0.600. Yay!
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Phillies at Nationals
  3. Reds at Pirates
  4. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  5. Orioles at Tigers
  6. Dodgers at Marlins - Kershaw!
  7. Mets at Braves
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Cubs at Astros
  11. Brewers at Cardinals
  12. Giants at Diamondbacks
  13. Rangers at Angels
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Rockies at Padres
Saturday Games
  1. Boston vs. Toronto
  2. ChiCubs vs. Houston
  3. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees
  4. Seattle vs. Oakland
  5. Philadelphia vs. Washington
  6. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  7. Kansas City vs. ChiSox
  8. Baltimore vs. Detroit
  9. Cleveland vs. Twins
  10. NY Mets vs. Atlanta
  11. LA Dodgers vs. Miami
  12. Milwaukee vs. St. Louis
  13. San Francisco vs. Arizona
  14. Colorado vs. San Diego
  15. Texas vs. LA Angels
Lady Grid out.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Baseball with a Side of Football

Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.571 was not too bad, considering.
  1. Houston at Cleveland
  2. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  3. Philadelphia at Washington
  4. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  5. Milwaukee at St. Louis
  6. Texas at Seattle
  7. Colorado at San Diego
Friday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Phillies at Nationals
  3. Reds at Pirates
  4. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  5. Orioles at Tigers
  6. Dodgers at Marlins - Kershaw!
  7. Mets at Braves
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Cubs at Astros
  11. Brewers at Cardinals
  12. Giants at Diamondbacks
  13. Rangers at Angels
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Rockies at Padres

NFL: That was HORRIBLE to see Cam get knocked about like that. Yellow Flag of Shame on the officials who did not do a concussion protocol on him right away. Grr!!!

Friday Night Lights
  1. Frisco Centennial High School (son) - Titans played McKinney North High School Bulldogs on Thursday night.
  2. Lincoln High School (mama) - Tigers will face off against the Madison Trojans on Saturday, September 10. 
  3. Manual Arts High School (daddy)- Toilers take on the Fremont Pathfinders in an afternoon game.
  4. McAllen Memorial High School (hubby) - Mustangs vs. San Benito Greyhounds
  5. Plano East Senior High (mine) - Panthers vs. Arlington High Colts
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

At Long Last, the Real Deal!

NFL play returns tonight as Carolina faces Denver in a "rematch" of Super Bowl 50. I don't think it will be the same game as February without the Sheriff. Cam Newton and crew tame the Broncos tonight.

Wild card aspirations are floating in the winds along with some teams' winning and losing streaks. The Pirates snapped an eight-game losing streak, for example. Yay!  Play ball.
  1. Houston at Cleveland
  2. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  3. Philadelphia at Washington
  4. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  5. Milwaukee at St. Louis
  6. Texas at Seattle
  7. Colorado at San Diego

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

College Football is Back!

I am caught up with grading, seat arranging, and tutorial list making for the week. Whew! Now I have to create a fun review game for the students before Tuesday. That will be a pleasure to complete. I had to get the fussy administrative tasks finished so that I could laugh and listen to music while creating a Kahoot! It's time to play ball!


  1. Giants vs. Cubs
  2. Astros vs. Rangers
  3. Cardinals vs. Reds
  4. Blue Jays vs.Rays
  5. Yankees vs. Orioles
  6. Braves vs. Phillies
  7. Brewers vs. Pirates
  8. Marlins vs. Indians
  9. White Sox vs. Twins
  10. Nationals vs. Mets
  11. Tigers vs. Royals
  12. Diamondbacks vs.Rockies
  13. Red Sox vs. Athletics
  14. Angels vs. Mariners
  15. Padres vs. Dodgers

College Football

  1. Oklahoma at Houston
  2. LSU at Wisconsin
  3. Hawai'i at Michigan - why?
  4. UMASS at Florida 
  5. Georgia at UNC
  6. USC at Alabama - I really want the Trojans to win. I really, really do.
  7. SMU at UNT
  8. Clemson at Auburn
  9. Stephen F. Austin at Texas Tech  (My son attends Tech and would not forgive for choosing against his team.)
  10. UCLA at Texas A&M

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Keep Playing Ball

It's been a tough week for the Lady with the first few days of school followed by taking my son to Texas Tech and leaving him out there. I'm going to miss him dreadfully, but in the meanwhile, I have to keep playing ball. Keep playing ball.

Sunday's Lineup

  1. Baltimore at NY Yankees
  2. Minnesota at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Detroit
  4. Philadelphia at NY Mets
  5. San Diego at Miami
  6. Colorado at Washington
  7. Seattle at ChiSox
  8. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
  9. Tampa Bay at Houston
  10. Oakland at St. Louis
  11. Cleveland at Texas
  12. Atlanta at San Francisco
  13. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers
  14. Cincinnati at Arizona
  15. Kansas City at Boston

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Special

The classroom is finished, and it's time to play ball!

Saturday Games

  1. NY Mets at San Francisco
  2. Texas at Tampa Bay
  3. Houston at Baltimore
  4. St. Louis at Philadelphia
  5. Miami at Pittsburgh
  6. Oakland at ChiSox
  7. Toronto at Cleveland
  8. Boston at Detroit
  9. Washington at Atlanta
  10. LA Dodgers at Cincinnati
  11. Minnesota at Kansas City
  12. ChiCubs at Colorado
  13. Arizona at San Diego
  14. Milwaukee at Seattle
  15. NY Yankees at LA Angels

Congrats to the women's 4 X 100 m team on their gold medal after their second chance run. I'm not sure what will happen to the men's team after their DQ. We shall see.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Better Late than Never?

It's been a busy day at my little red school house getting prepared for the first day of school on Monday. The details are consuming my time, effort, and energy nowadays. Play ball!

Tuesday Games - I will only pick the ones that remain to be played at press time. The Brewers/Cubs games was finished when I sat down to make my selections.

  1. Boston at Baltimore
  2. Toronto at NY Yankees
  3. LA Dodgers at Philadelphia
  4. ChiSox at Cleveland
  5. Kansas City at Detroit
  6. Minnesota at Atlanta
  7. Miami at Cincinnati
  8. San Diego at Tampa Bay
  9. Oakland at Texas
  10. Milwaukee at ChiCubs
  11. St. Louis at Houston

Monday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.700 means a passing grade for the Lady! :)
  1. Red Sox at Indians
  2. Royals at Tigers
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees
  4. Marlins at Reds
  5. Padres at Rays
  6. Athletics at Rangers
  7. Nationals at Rockies
  8. Mets at Diamondbacks
  9. Mariners at Angels
  10. Pirates at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Morning, Glories!

Good morning on the first day of the last week of inservice before school begins one week from today. It is already here. Play ball!

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.533 is a definite improvement.
  1. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  2. Houston at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. San Diego at NY Mets
  5. ChiSox at Miami
  6. Arizona at Boston
  7. Atlanta at Washington
  8. Colorado at Philadelphia
  9. Cincinnati at Milwaukee—a tale of two pities?
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota
  11. Detroit at Texas
  12. Seattle at Oakland
  13. Baltimore at San Francisco
  14. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers
  15. St. Louis at ChiCubs
Monday Games
  1. Red Sox at Indians
  2. Royals at Tigers
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees
  4. Marlins at Reds
  5. Padres at Rays
  6. Athletics at Rangers
  7. Nationals at Rockies
  8. Mets at Diamondbacks
  9. Mariners at Angels
  10. Pirates at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So, It's a 0.400 Batting Average on Saturday. Yep.

NFL Wrap-Up

The last preseason game goes to the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers will win. I have little confidence after my picks from yesterday. Yepperooni.

Saturday Games
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams - Cowboys
  2. Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs 
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Colts
  4. San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans - Chargers 


Sunday Games
  1. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  2. Houston at Toronto
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. San Diego at NY Mets
  5. ChiSox at Miami
  6. Arizona at Boston
  7. Atlanta at Washington
  8. Colorado at Philadelphia
  9. Cincinnati at Milwaukee—a tale of two pities?
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota
  11. Detroit at Texas
  12. Seattle at Oakland
  13. Baltimore at San Francisco
  14. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers
  15. St. Louis at ChiCubs

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.400. Yergh.
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Astros at Blue Jays
  3. Cardinals at Cubs
  4. Pirates at Dodgers
  5. Braves at Nationals
  6. Rockies at Phillies
  7. Diamondbacks at Red Sox
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Royals at Twins
  11. Padres at Mets
  12. White Sox at Marlins
  13. Tigers at Rangers
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Orioles at Giants
A fitting ending to a golden career for swimming champion Michael Phelps. Enjoy your retirement and time with your family.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Sports Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

NFL Preseason

  1. Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
  2. Miami Dolphins at NY Giants - Giants
  3. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  5. Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
Saturday Games
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (I love the sound of the Rams in LA!) - Cowboys
  2. Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs (Not a Seahawk fan at all)
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Colts
  4. San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans - Chargers 


Saturday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Astros at Blue Jays
  3. Cardinals at Cubs
  4. Pirates at Dodgers
  5. Braves at Nationals
  6. Rockies at Phillies
  7. Diamondbacks at Red Sox
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Royals at Twins
  11. Padres at Mets
  12. White Sox at Marlins
  13. Tigers at Rangers
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Orioles at Giants
Friday Wrap-Up
  1. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
  2. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - the last game of Alex Rodriguez, no nickname for him.
  3. Atlanta vs. Washington
  4. Colorado vs. Philadelphia
  5. Houston vs. Toronto
  6. Arizona vs. Boston
  7. LA Angels vs. Cleveland
  8. San Diego vs. NY Mets
  9. ChiSox vs. Miami
  10. Detroit vs. Texas
  11. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  12. Kansas City vs. Minnesota
  13. Seattle vs. Oakland
  14. Pittsburgh vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Baltimore vs. San Francisco


First of all, Michelle Carter gets congrats for her gold medal in women's shot put last night. She defeated the reigning Olympic champion to do it. Congratulations also to Maya DiRado for her gold medal performance in the 200M backstroke. An unprecedented three-way tie in the men's 100M Butterfly last night. Congratulations to Schooling for the gold, and Phelps, le Clos, and Cseh.

Lady Grid out.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Forgot About Football!

I cannot believe I forgot that the NFL Preseason began last night. Ugh. Tsk! Yellow flag of shame!

Friday Preseason Games
  1. Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
  2. Miami Dolphins at NY Giants - Giants
  3. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  5. Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
I will miss watching Prince Fielder's monster swing when he went yard. My prayer is for recovery and the opportunity to enjoy his beloved sons romping in the backyard, playing catch, and just being family.

Friday Games
  1. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
  2. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - the last game of Alex Rodriguez, no nickname for him.
  3. Atlanta vs. Washington
  4. Colorado vs. Philadelphia
  5. Houston vs. Toronto
  6. Arizona vs. Boston
  7. LA Angels vs. Cleveland
  8. San Diego vs. NY Mets
  9. ChiSox vs. Miami
  10. Detroit vs. Texas
  11. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  12. Kansas City vs. Minnesota
  13. Seattle vs. Oakland
  14. Pittsburgh vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Baltimore vs. San Francisco
Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.454 is not too shabby after my absence most of the week.
  1. Diamondbacks at Mets
  2. Padres at Pirates
  3. Astros at Twins
  4. Rockies at Rangers
  5. Braves at Brewers
  6. Orioles at Athletics
  7. Yankees at Red Sox  - I hope Big Papi is feeling better after fouling a ball off of his foot. Ouch!
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Astros at Twins (game two)
  10. Cardinals at Cubs
  11. White Sox at Royals
Congratulations to Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, Michael Phelps, and Aly Raisman on their medals in their competitions yesterday. Well done!

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The National Pastime and Olympics

I have been in warrior mama mode getting items ready and tasks completed for my son heading off to Texas Tech this fall. We also begin inservice today in my school district. I will write when time permits. Thanks in advance for your understanding, sports fans.  Play ball!

  1. Diamondbacks at Mets
  2. Padres at Pirates
  3. Astros at Twins
  4. Rockies at Rangers
  5. Braves at Brewers
  6. Orioles at Athletics
  7. Yankees at Red Sox  - I hope Big Papi is feeling better after fouling a ball off of his foot. Ouch!
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Astros at Twins (game two)
  10. Cardinals at Cubs
  11. White Sox at Royals

A belated congratulations to the USA Women's Gymnastics team for the team gold medal. The "Final Five" have endeared themselves to the nation and provided a respite from the political arena. They complete for individual medals today. I will have my ESPN app alert me of breaking news to stay current.

The swim team has been pretty amazing, too. Sports fans are hopeful for the medal count to continue with the 200 IM happening later on.

Lady Grid out.

Rest in Peace, John Saunders

The broadcast world lost a gentleman in John Saunders yesterday. My condolences to his grieving family who are struggling to come to terms with his death. Veteran news reporters showed deep emotion when interviewed yesterday. How much more his beloved wife and daughters.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is Saturday All Right or Not? We'll See. . .

Saturday Games
  1. Cleveland at NY Yankees
  2. ChiCubs at Oakland
  3. Boston at LA Dodgers
  4. Minnesota at Tampa Bay
  5. San Francisco at Washington
  6. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  7. Baltimore at ChiSox
  8. NY Mets at Detroit
  9. Texas at Houston
  10. Toronto at Kansas City
  11. Atlanta at St. Louis
  12. Miami at Colorado
  13. Milwaukee at Arizona
  14. Philadelphia at San Diego
  15. LA Angels at Seattle
Friday Wrap-Up
Batting average: An impressive 0.733. Just what the doctor ordered, my friends!
  1. Indians vs. Yankees
  2. Giants vs. Nationals
  3. Reds vs. Pirates
  4. Mets vs. Tigers
  5. Twins vs. Rays
  6. Orioles vs. White Sox
  7. Rangers vs. Astros
  8. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Marlins vs. Rockies
  11. Brewers vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Cubs vs. Athletics
  13. Angels vs. Mariners
  14. Red Sox vs. Dodgers
  15. Phillies vs. Padres
Lady Grid out.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Let the Games Begin!

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics begins tonight. I confess I will probably not be watching too much of it. I am disappointed with the conditions for the citizens living in squalor and the resulting deplorable conditions for the athletes who must compete in the polluted waters of the Guanabara Bay. Tsk.

Friday Games
  1. Indians vs. Yankees
  2. Giants vs. Nationals
  3. Reds vs. Pirates
  4. Mets vs. Tigers
  5. Twins vs. Rays
  6. Orioles vs. White Sox
  7. Rangers vs. Astros
  8. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Marlins vs. Rockies
  11. Brewers vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Cubs vs. Athletics
  13. Angels vs. Mariners
  14. Red Sox vs. Dodgers
  15. Phillies vs. Padres
Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.416 is barely skating by. Yergh.
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Little Bit of Football

Backup QB Kellen Moore broke his leg, so he's not able to replace Romo as QB. I fear for Tony Romo's health on the field. After breaking his clavicle twice last season, I will hold my breath every time he meets the turf on his back. Owner and GM Jerry Jones is smart about marketing the team; however, he needs to make sure they have another QB in the stable just in case. Tsk.

Thursday Games
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle

Wednesday Wrap-Up - Here is hoping that Yoenis Céspedes is able to rest that leg and run full speed again one day soon. I am not sure of what to make of Yasiel Puig being bumped down to the minors. Perhaps it is for the best, and speaking of the Dodgers, ace and local Highland Park HS grad Clayton Kershaw should not be seen until August 27. Bad news for the boys in southern California.

Batting Average:0.467 holding steady.
  1. Marlins at Cubs
  2. Brewers at Padres
  3. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  4. Mets at Yankees
  5. Giants at Phillies
  6. Rangers at Baltimore
  7. Twins at Indians
  8. White Sox at Tigers
  9. Pirates at Braves
  10. Cardinals at Reds
  11. Royals at Rays
  12. Blue Jays at Astros
  13. Dodgers at Rockies
  14. Athletics at Angels
  15. Red Sox at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trade Deadline Has Passed, Now What?

Wednesday Games
  1. Marlins at Cubs
  2. Brewers at Padres
  3. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  4. Mets at Yankees
  5. Giants at Phillies
  6. Rangers at Baltimore
  7. Twins at Indians
  8. White Sox at Tigers
  9. Pirates at Braves
  10. Cardinals at Reds
  11. Royals at Rays
  12. Blue Jays at Astros
  13. Dodgers at Rockies
  14. Athletics at Angels
  15. Red Sox at Mariners
Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average of 0.467.
  1. Rangers vs. Orioles
  2. Giants vs. Phillies
  3. Twins vs. Indians
  4. White Sox vs. Tigers
  5. Pirates vs. Braves
  6. Cardinals vs. Reds
  7. Yankees vs. Mets
  8. Royals vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Cubs
  10. Blue Jays vs. Astros
  11. Dodgers vs. Rockies
  12. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Athletics vs. Angels
  14. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  15. Brewers vs. Padres
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Twas' a Marvelous Monday, Maties

Tuesday Games
  1. Rangers vs. Orioles
  2. Giants vs. Phillies
  3. Twins vs. Indians
  4. White Sox vs. Tigers
  5. Pirates vs. Braves
  6. Cardinals vs. Reds
  7. Yankees vs. Mets
  8. Royals vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Cubs
  10. Blue Jays vs. Astros
  11. Dodgers vs. Rockies
  12. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Athletics vs. Angels
  14. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  15. Brewers vs. Padres

Monday Wrap-Up
Batting average was 0.500. Whew! Given the small number of games to choose, I felt fortunate to have so "high" a winning percentage.
  1. NY Yankees at NY Mets
  2. Minnesota at Cleveland
  3. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  4. Miami at ChiCubs
  5. Toronto at Houston
  6. Washington at Arizona
  7. Boston at Seattle
  8. Milwaukee at San Diego
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer

Monday Match-Up
With only eight games scheduled, I hope to do well with my predictions. Cancel that ticket to Vegas.
  1. NY Yankees at NY Mets
  2. Minnesota at Cleveland
  3. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  4. Miami at ChiCubs
  5. Toronto at Houston
  6. Washington at Arizona
  7. Boston at Seattle
  8. Milwaukee at San Diego
Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average of 0.467 for a sleepy Sunday afternoon.
  1. Orioles at Blue Jays
  2. Cardinals at Marlins
  3. Athletics at Indians
  4. Astros at Tigers
  5. Rockies at Mets
  6. Yankees at Rays
  7. Phillies at Braves
  8. Pirates at Brewers
  9. White Sox at Twins
  10. Royals at Rangers
  11. Red Sox at Angels
  12. Nationals at Giants
  13. Diamondbacks at Dodgers
  14. Reds at Padres
  15. Mariners at Cubs
Congratulations to PGA Tournament winner Jimmy Walker!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Day of July!

A bit belatedly, I have switched the background to a seasonal theme for the blog. The content I serve will not change, but I will keep in touch with the major sports of the season. It is time to play ball!

Sunday Games
  1. Orioles at Blue Jays
  2. Cardinals at Marlins
  3. Athletics at Indians
  4. Astros at Tigers
  5. Rockies at Mets
  6. Yankees at Rays
  7. Phillies at Braves
  8. Pirates at Brewers
  9. White Sox at Twins
  10. Royals at Rangers
  11. Red Sox at Angels
  12. Nationals at Giants
  13. Diamondbacks at Dodgers
  14. Reds at Padres
  15. Mariners at Cubs
Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.533 is not shabby.
  1. Baltimore at Toronto
  2. Seattle at ChiCubs
  3. Washington at San Francisco
  4. NY Yankees at Tampa Bay
  5. Oakland at Cleveland
  6. Houston at Detroit
  7. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
  8. ChiSox at Minnesota
  9. Philadelphia at Atlanta
  10. Colorado at NY Mets
  11. St. Louis at Miami
  12. Kansas City at Texas
  13. Cincinnati at San Diego
  14. Boston at LA Angels
  15. Arizona at LA Dodgers
The third round of the PGA at Baltusrol has not concluded, and they already have fourth round pairings. I am shaking my head.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Soldiering On.

Saturday Special?
  1. Baltimore at Toronto
  2. Seattle at ChiCubs
  3. Washington at San Francisco
  4. NY Yankees at Tampa Bay
  5. Oakland at Cleveland
  6. Houston at Detroit
  7. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
  8. ChiSox at Minnesota
  9. Philadelphia at Atlanta
  10. Colorado at NY Mets
  11. St. Louis at Miami
  12. Kansas City at Texas
  13. Cincinnati at San Diego
  14. Boston at LA Angels
  15. Arizona at LA Dodgers
Good luck to the golfers engaged in the third round of the PGA tournament. Fore!

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Master Blast Day With Over Sixty Percent Correctly Picked - Time to Celebrate

Sonic Drive-In has half price Master Blasts all day long. The catch is that this is only for small and medium sizes. Try not to cut in line ahead of me. Let's play ball!

Wednesday's Games
  1. Washington at Cleveland
  2. Philadelphia at Miami
  3. San Diego at Toronto
  4. Detroit at Boston
  5. Tampa Bay at LA Dodgers
  6. Cincinnati at San Francisco
  7. Colorado at Baltimore
  8. Seattle at Pittsburgh
  9. St. Louis at NY Mets
  10. ChiSox at ChiCubs
  11. Oakland at Texas
  12. Arizona at Milwaukee
  13. Atlanta at Minnesota
  14. NY Yankees at Houston
  15. LA Angels at Kansas City
Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting average of 0.625. I really like this one.
  1. Cardinals vs. Mets (Game 1 due to postponed game on Monday) - single admission doubleheader
  2. Cubs at White Sox
  3. Rockies at Orioles - did not select one. Oops!
  4. Mariners at Pirates
  5. Padres at Blue Jays
  6. Tigers at Red Sox
  7. Nationals at Indians
  8. Phillies at Marlins
  9. Cardinals at Mets (Game 2 of the single admission doubleheader)
  10. Athletics at Rangers
  11. Diamondbacks at Brewers
  12. Braves at Twins
  13. Yankees at Astros
  14. Angels at Royals
  15. Rays at Dodgers
  16. Reds at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last Tuesday of July to Play Ball

Tuesday Games
  1. Cardinals vs. Mets (Game 1 due to postponed game on Monday) - single admission doubleheader
  2. Cubs at White Sox
  3. Rockies at Orioles
  4. Mariners at Pirates
  5. Padres at Blue Jays
  6. Tigers at Red Sox
  7. Nationals at Indians
  8. Phillies at Marlins
  9. Cardinals at Mets (Game 2 of the single admission doubleheader)
  10. Athletics at Rangers
  11. Diamondbacks at Brewers
  12. Braves at Twins
  13. Yankees at Astros
  14. Angels at Royals
  15. Rays at Dodgers
  16. Reds at Giants
Monday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.300
  1. Detroit vs. Boston
  2. Colorado at Baltimore
  3. San Diego at Toronto
  4. St. Louis at NY Mets - postponed
  5. Philadelphia at Miami
  6. Arizona at Milwaukee
  7. Oakland at Texas
  8. ChiCubs at ChiSox - it's time for the Crosstown Showdown
  9. NY Yankees at Houston
  10. LA Angels at Kansas City
  11. Cincinnati at San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Maddening or Marvelously Magnificent Monday?

We lost a great coach in Dennis Green this week. My condolences to his grieving family and friends as they wade through the unexpected loss of a husband, father, and friend.

Monday Matchup
  1. Detroit vs. Boston
  2. Colorado at Baltimore
  3. San Diego at Toronto
  4. St. Louis at NY Mets
  5. Philadelphia at Miami
  6. Arizona at Milwaukee
  7. Oakland at Texas
  8. ChiCubs at ChiSox - it's time for the Crosstown Showdown
  9. NY Yankees at Houston
  10. LA Angels at Kansas City
  11. Cincinnati at San Francisco
Congratulations to the newest members at Cooperstown: Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mike Piazza. What an incredible honor for these men and their families.

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.467 seems to be the going rate these days. Och well.
  1. Giants vs. Yankees
  2. Mariners vs. Blue Jays
  3. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  4. Mets vs. Marlins
  5. Indians vs. Orioles
  6. Twins vs. Red Sox
  7. Padres vs. Nationals
  8. Phillies vs. Pirates
  9. Tigers vs. White Sox
  10. Cubs vs. Brewers
  11. Angels vs. Astros
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Rays vs. Athletics
  14. Braves vs. Rockies
  15. Dodgers vs. Cardinals
Goofing around at a local sporting goods store. Play ball!
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Subpar Saturday

Sunday Games
  1. Giants vs. Yankees
  2. Mariners vs. Blue Jays
  3. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  4. Mets vs. Marlins
  5. Indians vs. Orioles
  6. Twins vs. Red Sox
  7. Padres vs. Nationals
  8. Phillies vs. Pirates
  9. Tigers vs. White Sox
  10. Cubs vs. Brewers
  11. Angels vs. Astros
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Rays vs. Athletics
  14. Braves vs. Rockies
  15. Dodgers vs. Cardinals

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.467 at press time with the suspended game included as a loss. If it changes, then my average gets better. Tsk! It did not change. Ugh.
  1. Seattle at Toronto
  2. San Francisco at NY Yankees
  3. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
  4. Cleveland at Baltimore
  5. San Diego at Washington
  6. Minnesota at Boston
  7. Detroit at ChiSox - suspended from Saturday.
  8. ChiCubs at Milwaukee
  9. Arizona at Cincinnati
  10. LA Angels at Houston
  11. NY Mets at Miami
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. LA Dodgers at St. Louis - did not select
  14. Atlanta at Colorado
  15. Tampa Bay at Oakland - did not select
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Heat is On!

Saturday Games
  1. Seattle at Toronto
  2. San Francisco at NY Yankees
  3. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
  4. Cleveland at Baltimore
  5. San Diego at Washington
  6. Minnesota at Boston
  7. Detroit at ChiSox
  8. ChiCubs at Milwaukee
  9. Arizona at Cincinnati
  10. LA Angels at Houston
  11. NY Mets at Miami
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. LA Dodgers at St. Louis
  14. Atlanta at Colorado
  15. Tampa Bay at Oakland
Friday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.333, a little rusty overall. I was concerned about things once the scores for the first nine games were noted.
  1. Giants vs. Yankees
  2. Indians vs. Orioles
  3. Padres vs. Nationals
  4. Phillies vs. Pirates
  5. Mariners vs. Blue Jays
  6. Twins vs. Red Sox
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  8. Mets vs. Marlins
  9. Tigers vs. White Sox
  10. Cubs vs. Brewers
  11. Angels vs. Astros
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Dodgers vs. Cardinals
  14. Braves vs. Rockies
  15. Rays vs. Athletics
Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Formerly Long Lost Lady

I took a few days away this week but am going to submit my predictions for tonight's baseball games. Life keeps moving forward one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, and one second at a time. Even when it seems at a standstill, the Earth is still rotating on its axis.

  1. Giants vs. Yankees
  2. Indians vs. Orioles
  3. Padres vs. Nationals
  4. Phillies vs. Pirates
  5. Mariners vs. Blue Jays
  6. Twins vs. Red Sox
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  8. Mets vs. Marlins
  9. Tigers vs. White Sox
  10. Cubs vs. Brewers
  11. Angels vs. Astros
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Dodgers vs. Cardinals
  14. Braves vs. Rockies
  15. Rays vs. Athletics

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Come On, Rangers!

I was disappointed that the Texas Rangers lost to the Chicago Cubs. Again. With Yu Darvish pitching. Ugh.

Sunday Games
  1. Royals at Tigers
  2. Brewers at Reds
  3. Orioles at Rays
  4. Rockies at Braves
  5. Pirates at Nationals
  6. Mets at Phillies
  7. Indians at Twins
  8. Marlins at Cardinals
  9. Rangers at Cubs
  10. White Sox at Angels
  11. Blue Jays at Athletics
  12. Astros at Mariners
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  14. Giants at Padres
  15. Red Sox at Yankees

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.467
  1. Texas at ChiCubs
  2. Boston at NY Yankees
  3. Toronto at Oakland
  4. Houston at Seattle
  5. Baltimore at Tampa Bay
  6. Pittsburgh at Washington
  7. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  8. Kansas City at Detroit
  9. Cleveland at Minnesota
  10. Colorado at Atlanta
  11. Milwaukee at Cincinnati - no selection made
  12. Miami at St. Louis
  13. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  14. San Francisco at San Diego
  15. ChiSox at LA Angels

Either Henrik Stenson or Phil Mickelson will win the British Open. (Muted applause)


Phoenix Mercury added to the woes of the San Antonio Stars. Sigh.

NASCAR side note - here is hoping and praying for a complete recovery for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. who had concussion-like symptoms and will not race today. If he still is not clear, then Jeff Gordon will drive on the 24th.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Tea Time Post

Normally, I have published my selections by now, but a belated burst of spring cleaning energy hit after I spent most of the morning finishing reading a fiction novel. As a result, it's nearly tea time when I greet my faithful readers.


Saturday Games
  1. Texas at ChiCubs
  2. Boston at NY Yankees
  3. Toronto at Oakland
  4. Houston at Seattle
  5. Baltimore at Tampa Bay
  6. Pittsburgh at Washington
  7. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  8. Kansas City at Detroit
  9. Cleveland at Minnesota
  10. Colorado at Atlanta
  11. Milwaukee at Cincinnati
  12. Miami at St. Louis
  13. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  14. San Francisco at San Diego
  15. ChiSox at LA Angels
Friday Wrap-Up
My batting average was 0.600. It's not a bad way to begin the second half of the season.
  1. Rangers at Cubs
  2. Red Sox at Yankees
  3. Pirates at Nationals
  4. Mets at Phillies
  5. Royals at Tigers
  6. Brewers at Reds
  7. Orioles at Rays
  8. Rockies at Braves
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Marlins at Cardinals
  11. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  12. White Sox at Angels
  13. Blue Jays at Athletics
  14. Astros at Mariners
  15. Giants at Padres
  1. LA Sparks at Connecticut Sun
  2. Atlanta Dream at Indiana Fever
  3. NY Liberty at Minnesota Lynx
  4. Dallas Wings at Chicago Sky (Wrong team written yesterday. My apologies)
  5. Washington Mystics at Seattle Storm
Saturday features the San Antonio Stars against the Phoenix Mercury. I want the Stars to win tonight.

Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Second Half Starts Today!

Ah, baseball, how I have missed you!

Friday Games
  1. Rangers at Cubs
  2. Red Sox at Yankees
  3. Pirates at Nationals
  4. Mets at Phillies
  5. Royals at Tigers
  6. Brewers at Reds
  7. Orioles at Rays
  8. Rockies at Braves
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Marlins at Cardinals
  11. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  12. White Sox at Angels
  13. Blue Jays at Athletics
  14. Astros at Mariners
  15. Giants at Padres

  1. LA Sparks at Connecticut Sun
  2. Atlanta Dream at Indiana Fever
  3. NY Liberty at Minnesota Lynx
  4. Dallas Wings at Phoenix Sky
  5. Washington Mystics at Seattle Storm

Fingers crossed for Jordan Spieth to make the cut at the British Open. Lefty is still leading the pack at press time.
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quiet Day

It's a rare quiet day in sports. No loud music blares through a stadium. Much-needed rest is taken and appreciated for those in active season. Back to work tomorrow.

  1. NY Liberty vs. Atlanta Dream
  2. Connecicut Sun vs. Indiana Fever
  3. LA Sparks vs. Chicago Sky
  4. Washington Mystics vs. Phoenix Mercury

The British Open commenced early this morning for avid US fans who tuned in to the Golf Channel. There are thousands of shots to be made before the winner is determined. Best of luck to local boy Jordan Spieth.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The American League Prevails

The boys of summer are enjoying some down time away from the spotlight and the ball park. Congratulations to the American League All-Stars in their win over the National League All-Stars. I wanted Big Papi to crush one out of Petco, but José Fernández had other ideas. Rascal!

Let's hope the break gives the Texas Rangers the impetus needed to use that AL home field advantage in the World Series. #NeverGiveUp

Play resumes on Friday, and I will be ready.

Some matinee games are scheduled for Wednesday.

  1. NY Liberty vs. Atlanta Dream
  2. Connecicut Sun vs. Indiana Fever
  3. LA Sparks vs. Chicago Sky
  4. Washington Mystics vs. Phoenix Mercury

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Short and Sweet

Congratulations to Giancarlo Stanton on winning the 2016 Home Run Derby. He made it look all too easy. I will tune in and check on the All Star Game tonight. I have favorites on both sides and want to see a real ball game. Go MLB!

Lady Grid out.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday, Monday. So Good to Me.

The Home Run Derby will be on tonight on ESPN at 7:00 P.M. CDT. I'll be tuned in, sports fans. It was fun to see Todd Frazier win last year as a Cincinnati Reds hometown boy for his former team. I do not know if he will repeat. Tune in.

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.533 - meh
  1. Detroit vs. Toronto
  2. Washington vs. NY Mets
  3. NY Yankees vs. Cleveland
  4. Cincinnati vs. Miami
  5. LA Angels vs. Baltimore
  6. Tampa Bay vs. Boston
  7. ChiCubs vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Atlanta vs. ChiSox
  9. St. Louis vs. Milwaukee
  10. Oakland vs. Houston
  11. Seattle vs. Kansas City
  12. Minnesota vs. Texas - I want to know how the Twins had our number over this series. Ugh!
  13. San Diego vs. LA Dodgers
  14. Philadelphia vs. Colorado
  15. Arizona vs. San Francisco

Germany vs. France - loss for Les Bleus


Congratulations to the Wimbledon Gentlemen's champion: Andy Murray


I wish Tim Duncan a good retirement from the San Antonio Spurs. He is the original Grumpy Old Man. I will miss seeing him in action on the hardwood. 

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Almost All-Star Time!

The boys of summer need a little down time courtesy of the All-Star break. I look forward to the Home Run Derby tomorrow night.

Sunday Games
  1. Detroit vs. Toronto
  2. Washington vs. NY Mets
  3. NY Yankees vs. Cleveland
  4. Cincinnati vs. Miami
  5. LA Angels vs. Baltimore
  6. Tampa Bay vs. Boston
  7. ChiCubs vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Atlanta vs. ChiSox
  9. St. Louis vs. Milwaukee
  10. Oakland vs. Houston
  11. Seattle vs. Kansas City
  12. Minnesota vs. Texas
  13. San Diego vs. LA Dodgers
  14. Philadelphia vs. Colorado
  15. Arizona vs. San Francisco

Saturday Wrap-Up
The batting average was 0.667.
  1. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  2. Braves vs. White Sox
  3. Cardinals vs. Brewers
  4. Angels vs. Orioles
  5. Rays vs. Red Sox
  6. Diamondbacks vs. Giants
  7. Yankees vs. Indians
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Reds vs. Marlins
  10. Mariners vs. Royals
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers
  12. Nationals vs. Mets
  13. Cubs vs. Pirates
  14. Phillies vs. Rockies
  15. Twins vs. Rangers

Props to Anderson Silva who fought Cormier last night on two days' notice, especiallly after having his gall bladder removed two months ago. He is not an opponent anyone should want to face.


Andy Murray plays Milos Raonic, and I am pulling for the Glasgow native to win this one.

Soccer - European Championship

Germany vs. France

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fantastic Fridays Make Spectacular Saturdays

Saturday Games
  1. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  2. Braves vs. White Sox
  3. Cardinals vs. Brewers
  4. Angels vs. Orioles
  5. Rays vs. Red Sox
  6. Diamondbacks vs. Giants
  7. Yankees vs. Indians
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Reds vs. Marlins
  10. Mariners vs. Royals
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers
  12. Nationals vs. Mets
  13. Cubs vs. Pirates
  14. Phillies vs. Rockies
  15. Twins vs. Rangers
Friday Wrap-Up
Batting average: 0.733 is respectable, quite respectable.
  1. ChiCubs vs. Pittsburgh
  2. LA Angels vs. Baltimore
  3. Detroit vs. Toronto
  4. Tampa Bay vs. Boston
  5. NY Yankees vs. Cleveland
  6. Washington vs. NY Mets
  7. Cincinnati vs. Miami
  8. Minnesota vs. Texas
  9. Atlanta vs. ChiSox
  10. St. Louis vs. Milwaukee
  11. Oakland vs. Houston
  12. Philadelphia vs. Colorado
  13. Seattle vs. Kansas City
  14. San Diego vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Arizona vs. San Francisco

Good luck to Serena Williams in the Wimbledon Final set got 8:00 A.M. CDT.

Congratulations, Serena! (11:29 A.M. CDT - update)

Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sad Day Dawns in Big D

As many of you may know, I write my little blog from the north Texas area, and I am saddened and angered about the overnight shooting of five officers by wanton cowards whose agenda at press time was unknown. I listened to part of the press conference led by Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Please pray for the families who are devastated this morning. Please pray for healing for those who were wounded. Please pray for real unity amidst the chaos.

Friday Games
  1. ChiCubs vs. Pittsburgh
  2. LA Angels vs. Baltimore
  3. Detroit vs. Toronto
  4. Tampa Bay vs. Boston
  5. NY Yankees vs. Cleveland
  6. Washington vs. NY Mets
  7. Cincinnati vs. Miami
  8. Minnesota vs. Texas
  9. Atlanta vs. ChiSox
  10. St. Louis vs. Milwaukee
  11. Oakland vs. Houston
  12. Philadelphia vs. Colorado
  13. Seattle vs. Kansas City
  14. San Diego vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Arizona vs. San Francisco

Thursday Games
Son's batting average was 0.454 for the day. Not too shabby.
  1. Angels vs. Rays
  2. Pirates vs. Cardinals
  3. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  4. Yankees vs. Indians
  5. Nationals vs. Mets
  6. Twins vs. Rangers
  7. Braves vs. Cubs
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Mariners vs. Royals
  10. Phillies vs. Rockies
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers
Soccer - European Championship

France vs. Germany - win

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Day of the Son

Thursday Games - Son of Lady Gridiron picked these today.

  1. Angels vs. Rays
  2. Pirates vs. Cardinals
  3. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  4. Yankees vs. Indians
  5. Nationals vs. Mets
  6. Twins vs. Rangers
  7. Braves vs. Cubs
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Mariners vs. Royals
  10. Phillies vs. Rockies
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers

Wednesday's Results
Batting average is 0.600 for the day. Woo-hoo! Those first few games almost made me lose hope.
  1. Detroit vs. Cleveland
  2. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  3. Oakland vs. Minnesota
  4. Miami vs. NY Mets
  5. Cincinnati vs. ChiCubs
  6. Baltimore vs. LA Dodgers
  7. Milwaukee vs. Washington
  8. Texas vs. Boston
  9. Kansas City vs. Toronto
  10. LA Angels vs. Tampa Bay
  11. NY Yankees vs. ChiSox
  12. Seattle vs. Houston
  13. Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis
  14. San Diego vs. Arizona
  15. Colorado vs. San Francisco
Soccer - European Championship
  • Portugal vs. Wales - win
  • Germany vs. France 


I wish we'd had an all-Williams sisters final in Wimbledon. Perhaps in the doubles they will hoist the trophy together. As it is, we have an Australian Open rematch with Serena vs. Angelique.

Lady Grid out.