Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The End of BCS

I bid adieu to the BCS in its current form.  I didn't really care for the way rankings were determined, but I look forward to thew new system coming.  All right, the last game has been played, and Florida State beat Auburn with an exciting game.  I was right in the end, folks.


My winning percentage is forty-two and some decimal points.  It would have been better for me to pick against who I thought would win this year.

NBA Wrapped:

  • The Brooklyn Nets won against Atlanta?  Are they trying to win or something?
  • LA Clippers demystified the Magic? Clutch.
  • The T-wolves mopped the floor with Philadelphia? Not unexpected.

Will Andrew Bynum continue to be a "bag of bones," according to Tony Kornheiser as the trade went through for him to Chicago from Cleveland?  It remains to be seen.

Lady Grid out.

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