Monday, July 31, 2017

Tied for 30th Place! (AB hits 3K)


I was thrilled to see Adrián Béltre complete his 3000th hit with a double. Woohoo! Happy moments for this little Rangers fan!

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.563
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Angels at Blue Jays
  3. Astros at Tigers
  4. Reds at Marlins
  5. Royals at Red Sox
  6. Braves at Phillies
  7. Rockies at Nationals - game one
  8. Cubs at Brewers
  9. Indians at White Sox
  10. Diamondbacks at Cardinals
  11. Orioles at Rangers 
  12. Twins at Athletics
  13. Mets at Mariners
  14. Pirates at Padres
  15. Rockies at Nationals - game two
  16. Giants at Dodgers
Monday's Lineup
  1. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  2. Cleveland vs. Boston
  3. Detroit vs NY Yankees
  4. Kansas City vs. Baltimore
  5. Washington vs. Miami
  6. Seattle vs. Texas
  7. Toronto vs. ChiSox
  8. Tampa Bay vs. Houston
  9. San Francisco vs. Oakland - Bay Bridge Series commences!
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sitting at 2,999 (Sigh)


I questioned the wisdom of leaving Austin Bibens-Dirkx in for so long last night. This deserves a "Yellow Flag of Shame." I found myself pacing and hoping (in vain!) for a rally after Orioles CF Adam Jones robbed Joey Gallo of a homerun. Sigh. I'll be tuned in to see the Capitán Adrián Béltre reach the 3K mark. And I will scream like a madwoman. Guaranteed.

Saturday's Wrapup
Batting Average: 0.400

  1. Tampa Bavs. NY Yankees 
  2. LA Angels vs. Toronto
  3. San Francisco vs. LA Dodgers
  4. NY Mets vs. Seattle
  5. Houston vs. Detroit
  6. Colorado vs. Washington
  7. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  8. Kansas City vs. Boston
  9. Cleveland vs. ChiSox
  10. ChiCubs vs. Milwaukee
  11. Cincinnati vs. Miami 
  12. Arizona vs. St. Louis
  13. Baltimore vs. Texas 
  14. Pittsburgh vs. San Diego
  15. Minnesota vs. Oakland
Sunday's Lineup
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Angels at Blue Jays
  3. Astros at Tigers
  4. Reds at Marlins
  5. Royals at Red Sox
  6. Braves at Phillies
  7. Rockies at Nationals - game one
  8. Cubs at Brewers
  9. Indians at White Sox
  10. Diamondbacks at Cardinals
  11. Orioles at Rangers - Today is Béltre3K day! I just know it.
  12. Twins at Athletics
  13. Mets at Mariners
  14. Pirates at Padres
  15. Rockies at Nationals - game two
  16. Giants at Dodgers
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fab Friday!


Friday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.714 (tentative with the Rockies/Nationals matchup postponed)
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Rockies at Nationals - postponed
  3. Braves at Phillies
  4. Angels at Blue Jays
  5. Royals at Red Sox
  6. Astros at Tigers
  7. Reds at Marlins
  8. Orioles at Rangers
  9. Indians at White Sox
  10. Cubs at Brewers
  11. Diamondbacks at Cardinals
  12. Twins at Athletics
  13. Mets at Mariners
  14. Giants at Dodgers
  15. Pirates at Padres
Saturday's Lineup
  1. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - I hope The Judge got to the dentist after that unfortunate incident the other night with Gardner's walkoff HR.
  2. LA Angels vs. Toronto
  3. San Francisco vs. LA Dodgers
  4. NY Mets vs. Seattle
  5. Houston vs. Detroit
  6. Colorado vs. Washington
  7. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  8. Kansas City vs. Boston
  9. Cleveland vs. ChiSox
  10. ChiCubs vs. Milwaukee
  11. Cincinnati vs. Miami - Let's see Giancarlo hit HR number 34!
  12. Arizona vs. St. Louis
  13. Baltimore vs. Texas - I want to see Adrián Béltre hit his 3000th tonight!
  14. Pittsburgh vs. San Diego
  15. Minnesota vs. Oakland
Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Under the Weather

I was a bit under the weather yesterday, but now I am feeling better. Here are today's games. Just thirty-seven days until my Texas A&M Aggies start the season against UCLA.

  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Rockies at Nationals
  3. Braves at Phillies
  4. Angels at Blue Jays
  5. Royals at Red Sox
  6. Astros at Tigers
  7. Reds at Marlins
  8. Orioles at Rangers
  9. Indians at White Sox
  10. Cubs at Brewers
  11. Diamondbacks at Cardinals
  12. Twins at Athletics
  13. Mets at Mariners
  14. Giants at Dodgers
  15. Pirates at Padres
Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Not So Short, But Just as Sweet (Yeah, right!) 😉


Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.467
  1. White Sox vs. Cubs
  2. Reds vs. Yankees
  3. Brewers vs. Nationals
  4. Astros vs. Phillies
  5. Athletics vs. Blue Jays
  6. Angels vs. Indians
  7. Royals vs. Tigers
  8. Orioles vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Rangers
  10. Rockies vs. Cardinals
  11. Braves vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  13. Twins vs. Dodgers
  14. Mets vs. Padres
  15. Pirates vs. Giants
Wednesday's Lineup (abbreviated due to the Lady not realizing that afternoon games were scheduled)
  1. Milwaukee at Washington
  2. Houston at Philadelphia
  3. Oakland at Toronto
  4. LA Angels at Cleveland
  5. Kansas City at Detroit
  6. ChiCubs at ChiSox
  7. Miami at Texas
  8. Colorado at St. Louis
  9. Minnesota at LA Dodgers
  10. NY Mets at San Diego

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Stronger Finish Than Beginning


Monday's Wrap-up
Batting Average: 0.461
  1. ChiSox at ChiCubs
  2. Houston at Philadelphia
  3. Oakland at Toronto
  4. Cincinnati at Cleveland
  5. Kansas City at Detroit
  6. Baltimore at Tampa Bay
  7. Colorado at St. Louis
  8. Miami at Texas
  9. Atlanta at Arizona
  10. Boston at Seattle
  11. Minnesota at LA Dodgers
  12. NY Mets at San Diego
  13. Pittsburgh at San Francisco
Tuesday's Lineup
  1. White Sox vs. Cubs
  2. Reds vs. Yankees
  3. Brewers vs. Nationals
  4. Astros vs. Phillies
  5. Athletics vs. Blue Jays
  6. Angels vs. Indians
  7. Royals vs. Tigers
  8. Orioles vs. Rays
  9. Marlins vs. Rangers
  10. Rockies vs. Cardinals
  11. Braves vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Red Sox vs. Mariners
  13. Twins vs. Dodgers
  14. Mets vs. Padres
  15. Pirates vs. Giants

Lady Grid out.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Cheers for Jordan!


Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.400
  1. Rangers vs. Rays
  2. Blue Jays vs. Indians
  3. Marlins vs. Reds 
  4. Athletics vs. Mets
  5. Astros vs. Orioles
  6. Brewers vs. Phillies
  7. Tigers vs. Twins
  8. White Sox vs. Royals
  9. Pirates vs. Rockies
  10. Red Sox vs. Angels
  11. Padres vs. Giants
  12. Yankees vs. Mariners
  13. Braves vs. Dodgers
  14. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  15. Cardinals vs. Cubs
Monday's Lineup
  1. ChiSox at ChiCubs
  2. Houston at Philadelphia
  3. Oakland at Toronto
  4. Cincinnati at Cleveland
  5. Kansas City at Detroit
  6. Baltimore at Tampa Bay
  7. Colorado at St. Louis
  8. Miami at Texas
  9. Atlanta at Arizona
  10. Boston at Seattle
  11. Minnesota at LA Dodgers
  12. NY Mets at San Diego
  13. Pittsburgh at San Francisco
Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on winning the 146th Open Championship!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

So-So Saturday, S'Alright

Good Sunday morning, friends! We made it to the early morning worship service, and as a result, I am able to post my predictions and results in a timely fashion. Make it a sterling Sunday!

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.533
  1. St. Louis at ChiCubs
  2. San Diego at San Francisco
  3. Houston at Baltimore
  4. Milwaukee at Philadelphia
  5. Toronto at Cleveland
  6. Detroit at Minnesota
  7. Miami at Cincinnati
  8. Oakland at NY Mets
  9. Texas at Tampa Bay
  10. ChiSox at Kansas City
  11. Pittsburgh at Colorado
  12. Washington at Arizona
  13. Boston at LA Angels
  14. NY Yankees at Seattle
  15. Atlanta at LA Dodgers
Sunday Lineup
  1. Rangers vs. Rays
  2. Blue Jays vs. Indians
  3. Marlins vs. Reds - get out the brooms!
  4. Athletics vs. Mets
  5. Astros vs. Orioles
  6. Brewers vs. Phillies
  7. Tigers vs. Twins
  8. White Sox vs. Royals
  9. Pirates vs. Rockies
  10. Red Sox vs. Angels
  11. Padres vs. Giants
  12. Yankees vs. Mariners
  13. Braves vs. Dodgers
  14. Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
  15. Cardinals vs. Cubs
You know I am pulling for Jordan Spieth!

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Short 'n Sweet


Friday's Abbreviated Wrap-up
Batting Average:0.667
  1. Pirates at Rockies
  2. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  3. Red Sox at Angels
  4. Yankees at Mariners
  5. Braves at Dodgers
  6. Padres at Giants
Saturday's Lineup
  1. St. Louis at ChiCubs
  2. San Diego at San Francisco
  3. Houston at Baltimore
  4. Milwaukee at Philadelphia
  5. Toronto at Cleveland
  6. Detroit at Minnesota
  7. Miami at Cincinnati
  8. Oakland at NY Mets
  9. Texas at Tampa Bay
  10. ChiSox at Kansas City
  11. Pittsburgh at Colorado
  12. Washington at Arizona
  13. Boston at LA Angels
  14. NY Yankees at Seattle
  15. Atlanta at LA Dodgers
Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Late Day for the Lady


I just got to my workstation this evening after relaxing and doing a little baking for my son who's home for the summer from college. With yesterday's batting average, I should have stayed off the 'net altogether.

Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.222
  1. St. Louis at NY Mets
  2. Arizona at Cincinnati
  3. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh 
  4. Toronto at Boston
  5. Texas at Baltimore 
  6. Detroit at Kansas City
  7. NY Yankees at Seattle
  8. Atlanta at LA Dodgers
  9. San Diego at San Francisco
Friday's Lineup
  1. Pirates at Rockies
  2. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  3. Red Sox at Angels
  4. Yankees at Mariners
  5. Braves at Dodgers
  6. Padres at Giants
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Two-Thirds of a Triumph

Wednesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.667

When I initially began my review of my picks in the afternoon yesterday, I was filled with trepidation. I waited until this morning to discover that it was a wonderful Wednesday except for my Rangers huge loss to the Orioles. #LetsGoRangers
  1. Cubs vs. Braves
  2. Phillies vs. Marlins
  3. Yankees vs. Twins
  4. Mariners vs. Astros
  5. Padres vs. Rockies
  6. Rays vs. Athletics
  7. Indians vs. Giants
  8. Cardinals vs. Mets
  9. Rangers vs. Orioles
  10. Brewers vs. Pirates
  11. Blue Jays vs. Red Sox
  12. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  13. Dodgers vs. White Sox
  14. Tigers vs. Royals
  15. Nationals vs. Angels
Thursday's Lineup
  1. St. Louis at NY Mets
  2. Arizona at Cincinnati
  3. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh - I want to be wrong for father-to-be Andrew McCutchen's sake.
  4. Toronto at Boston
  5. Texas at Baltimore - I'll pick Baltimore so that Texas will win.
  6. Detroit at Kansas City
  7. NY Yankees at Seattle
  8. Atlanta at LA Dodgers
  9. San Diego at San Francisco
Sigh. In Cowboys' related news, the police have suspended their investigation of Ezekiel Elliott. Read it yourself. Police Suspend Investigation - E. Elliott

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Poor Rangers! 😔


Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.467
  1. Texas at Baltimore - my boys got their butts handed to them last night. Sigh. 😔
  2. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh
  3. Toronto at Boston
  4. Arizona at Cincinnati
  5. St. Louis at NY Mets
  6. Philadelphia at Miami
  7. ChiCubs at Atlanta
  8. NY Yankees at Minnesota
  9. LA Dodgers at ChiSox
  10. Seattle at Houston
  11. Detroit at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Colorado
  13. Tampa Bay at Oakland
  14. Washington at LA Angels
  15. Cleveland at San Francisco
Wednesday's Lineup
  1. Cubs vs. Braves
  2. Phillies vs. Marlins
  3. Yankees vs. Twins
  4. Mariners vs. Astros
  5. Padres vs. Rockies
  6. Rays vs. Athletics
  7. Indians vs. Giants
  8. Cardinals vs. Mets
  9. Rangers vs. Orioles
  10. Brewers vs. Pirates
  11. Blue Jays vs. Red Sox
  12. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  13. Dodgers vs. White Sox
  14. Tigers vs. Royals
  15. Nationals vs. Angels
I don't try to keep up with trade possibilities and who will be with what team and all of that. Once the dust settles, then we see how the gamble plays out for various ball clubs. Play ball!

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Like The Judge. Sigh.


Monday's Wrap Up
Batting Average: 0.615
  1. Nationals vs. Reds
  2. Blue Jays vs. Red Sox
  3. Rangers vs. Orioles
  4. Brewers vs. Pirates
  5. Cardinals vs. Mets
  6. Phillies vs. Marlins
  7. Cubs vs. Braves 
  8. Yankees vs. Twins
  9. Mariners vs. Astros
  10. Tigers vs. Royals
  11. Padres vs. Rockies
  12. Rays vs. Athletics
  13. Indians vs. Giants
  1. Texas at Baltimore
  2. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh
  3. Toronto at Boston
  4. Arizona at Cincinnati
  5. St. Louis at NY Mets
  6. Philadelphia at Miami
  7. ChiCubs at Atlanta
  8. NY Yankees at Minnesota
  9. LA Dodgers at ChiSox
  10. Seattle at Houston
  11. Detroit at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Colorado
  13. Tampa Bay at Oakland
  14. Washington at LA Angels
  15. Cleveland at San Francisco
Can I say this and be forgiven? I have come to like Aaron Judge. He has won me over as a person. Don't lose your mind thinking I've become a Yankees fan. That's not happening, but this young man has peaked my interest and earned my respect. 

Lady Grid out.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lots of Baseball After the Break!


Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.563
  1. NY Yankees at Boston - game one
  2. Toronto at Detroit
  3. Washington at Cincinnati
  4. Colorado at NY Mets - I am taking it as a loss since I did not select. Ugh.
  5. LA Dodgers at Miami 
  6. ChiCubs at Baltimore
  7. Arizona at Atlanta
  8. St. Louis at Pittsburgh
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Philadelphia at Milwaukee
  11. Minnesota at Houston
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. Tampa Bay at LA Angels 
  14. Cleveland at Oakland
  15. San Francisco at San Diego
  16. NY Yankees at Boston - game two
Monday's Games
  1. Nationals vs. Reds
  2. Blue Jays vs. Red Sox
  3. Rangers vs. Orioles
  4. Brewers vs. Pirates
  5. Cardinals vs. Mets
  6. Phillies vs. Marlins
  7. Cubs vs. Braves - If the Freeze runs, he wins by a landslide tonight.
  8. Yankees vs. Twins
  9. Mariners vs. Astros
  10. Tigers vs. Royals
  11. Padres vs. Rockies
  12. Rays vs. Athletics
  13. Indians vs. Giants
Yellow Flag of Shame: Running back that was arrested on Sunday. Young man, please take this opportunity to keep your name out of the press unless it is for a good reason!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

SMH or Celebration?


Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.533
  1. Yankees vs. Red Sox
  2. Blue Jays vs. Tigers
  3. Cubs vs. Orioles
  4. Cardinals vs. Pirates
  5. Mariners vs. White Sox
  6. Phillies vs. Brewers
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Braves  - ThaFreeze won last night!!! 👍
  8. Nationals vs. Reds
  9. Twins vs. Astros
  10. Rockies vs. Mets
  11. Dodgers vs. Marlins
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Giants vs. Padres
  14. Indians vs. Athletics
  15. Rays vs. Angels
Sunday's Games
  1. NY Yankees at Boston - game one
  2. Toronto at Detroit
  3. Washington at Cincinnati
  4. Colorado at NY Mets
  5. LA Dodgers at Miami - I am rooting for my underdog Marlins even though I have loved the Dodgers since I was a kid living in LA.
  6. ChiCubs at Baltimore
  7. Arizona at Atlanta
  8. St. Louis at Pittsburgh
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Philadelphia at Milwaukee
  11. Minnesota at Houston
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. Tampa Bay at LA Angels - for my grandmother
  14. Cleveland at Oakland
  15. San Francisco at San Diego
  16. NY Yankees at Boston - game two
Federer hoisted the trophy. Again. That's eight times, Jim.

By the way, a giant quilt sized Yellow Flag of Shame to any phone scammers who defraud their fellow human beings out of hard-earned money. And to any cretins who ring my phone but leave no message. Find another hobby. Please.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Goddess Falls 😞


Alas! My goddess was not able to overcome her opponent in the ladies final. 😞 #StillProudOfVenus


Friday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.400
  1. ChiCubs at Baltimore
  2. St. Louis at Pittsburgh
  3. NY Yankees at Boston
  4. Toronto at Detroit
  5. Washington at Cincinnati
  6. Colorado at NY Mets
  7. LA Dodgers at Miami
  8. Arizona at Atlanta
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Philadelphia at Milwaukee
  11. Minnesota at Houston
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. Cleveland at Oakland
  14. Tampa Bay at LA Angels
  15. San Francisco at San Diego
Saturday Games
  1. Yankees vs. Red Sox
  2. Blue Jays vs. Tigers
  3. Cubs vs. Orioles
  4. Cardinals vs. Pirates
  5. Mariners vs. White Sox
  6. Phillies vs. Brewers
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Braves  - ThaFreeze wins tonight!!! 
  8. Nationals vs. Reds
  9. Twins vs. Astros
  10. Rockies vs. Mets
  11. Dodgers vs. Marlins
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Giants vs. Padres
  14. Indians vs. Athletics
  15. Rays vs. Angels
Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Second Half Starts Today!

Friday Night Baseball

  1. ChiCubs at Baltimore
  2. St. Louis at Pittsburgh
  3. NY Yankees at Boston
  4. Toronto at Detroit
  5. Washington at Cincinnati
  6. Colorado at NY Mets
  7. LA Dodgers at Miami
  8. Arizona at Atlanta
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Philadelphia at Milwaukee
  11. Minnesota at Houston
  12. Texas at Kansas City
  13. Cleveland at Oakland
  14. Tampa Bay at LA Angels
  15. San Francisco at San Diego
It's good to have baseball back again. I've missed it.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MLB Lite

Congratulations to the AL All-Stars on the win last night. I did not tune in but kept up on my ESPN app to see how things were faring. Yes, I was disappointed that my boy Giancarlo did not repeat as the Home Run Derby champion on Monday evening, but my congratulations to Aaron Judge.

I'll only be able to catch Sports Nation on ESPN later today, so that is what I will do. Meanwhile, make it a good day. Be kind.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sixty Percent is Pretty Good, Baby!

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.600
  1. Brewers vs. Yankees
  2. Astros vs. Blue Jays
  3. Orioles vs. Twins
  4. Braves vs. Nationals
  5. Padres vs. Phillies
  6. Mets vs. Cardinals
  7. Red Sox vs. Rays
  8. Tigers vs. Indians
  9. Pirates vs. Cubs
  10. Royals vs. Dodgers
  11. Angels vs. Rangers
  12. White Sox vs. Rockies
  13. Marlins vs. Giants
  14. Athletics vs. Mariners
  15. Reds vs. Diamondbacks
Sunday's Games
  1. Milwaukee at NY Yankees
  2. Houston at Toronto
  3. Pittsburgh at ChiCubs
  4. Boston at Tampa Bay
  5. Atlanta at Washington
  6. San Diego at Philadelphia
  7. Baltimore at Minnesota
  8. NY Mets at St. Louis 
  9. LA Angels at Texas
  10. ChiSox at Colorado
  11. Miami at San Francisco
  12. Oakland at Seattle
  13. Kansas City at LA Dodgers - Kershaw on the mound. Need I say more?
  14. Cincinnati at Arizona
  15. Detroit at Cleveland
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fair Friday


Friday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.333
  1. Pittsburgh at ChiCubs
  2. San Diego at Philadelphia
  3. Milwaukee at NY Yankees
  4. Atlanta at Washington
  5. Houston at Toronto
  6. Detroit at Cleveland
  7. Boston at Tampa Bay
  8. LA Angels at Texas
  9. Baltimore at Minnesota
  10. NY Mets at St. Louis
  11. ChiSox at Colorado
  12. Cininnati at Arizona
  13. Oakland at Seattle
  14. Kansas City at LA Dodgers
  15. Miami at San Francisco
Saturday's Games
  1. Brewers vs. Yankees
  2. Astros vs. Blue Jays
  3. Orioles vs. Twins
  4. Braves vs. Nationals
  5. Padres vs. Phillies
  6. Mets vs. Cardinals
  7. Red Sox vs. Rays
  8. Tigers vs. Indians
  9. Pirates vs. Cubs
  10. Royals vs. Dodgers
  11. Angels vs. Rangers
  12. White Sox vs. Rockies
  13. Marlins vs. Giants
  14. Athletics vs. Mariners
  15. Reds vs. Diamondbacks

Lady Grid out.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Thrilling Thursday!


Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.583
  1. Giants vs. Tigers
  2. Marlins vs. Cardinals
  3. Brewers vs. Cubs
  4. Reds vs. Rockies
  5. Pirates vs. Phillies
  6. Braves vs. Nationals
  7. Astros vs. Blue Jays
  8. Padres vs. Indians
  9. Red Sox vs. Rays
  10. Orioles vs. Twins
  11. Athletics vs. Mariners
  12. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers
Friday's Games
  1. Pittsburgh at ChiCubs
  2. San Diego at Philadelphia
  3. Milwaukee at NY Yankees
  4. Atlanta at Washington
  5. Houston at Toronto
  6. Detroit at Cleveland
  7. Boston at Tampa Bay
  8. LA Angels at Texas
  9. Baltimore at Minnesota
  10. NY Mets at St. Louis
  11. ChiSox at Colorado
  12. Cininnati at Arizona
  13. Oakland at Seattle
  14. Kansas City at LA Dodgers
  15. Miami at San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Taking Care of Business!


Wednesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.571
  1. Toronto at NY Yankees
  2. Tampa Bay at ChiCubs
  3. ChiSox at Oakland - Oops! I have to take this as a loss since I did not pick. Rats.
  4. NY Mets at Washington - postponed
  5. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  6. San Diego at Cleveland
  7. San Francisco at Detroit
  8. Baltimore at Milwaukee
  9. Houston at Atlanta
  10. Boston at Texas
  11. LA Angels at Minnesota
  12. Miami at St. Louis 
  13. Cincinnati at Colorado
  14. Kansas City at Seattle
  15. Arizona at LA Dodgers 
Thursday's Slate of Games
  1. Giants vs. Tigers
  2. Marlins vs. Cardinals
  3. Brewers vs. Cubs
  4. Reds vs. Rockies
  5. Pirates vs. Phillies
  6. Braves vs. Nationals
  7. Astros vs. Blue Jays
  8. Padres vs. Indians
  9. Red Sox vs. Rays
  10. Orioles vs. Twins
  11. Athletics vs. Mariners
  12. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers
Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Morning After All the Fireworks!


Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.400
  1. Mets vs. Nationals
  2. Blue Jays vs. Yankees
  3. Giants vs. Tigers
  4. Angels vs. Twins
  5. Marlins vs. Cardinals
  6. Rays vs. Cubs
  7. Pirates vs. Phillies
  8. White Sox vs. Athletics
  9. Orioles vs. Brewers   😔
  10. Royals vs. Mariners
  11. Padres vs. Indians
  12. Astros vs. Braves
  13. Red Sox vs. Rangers
  14. Reds vs. Rockies
  15. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers
Wednesday's Games
  1. Toronto at NY Yankees - I am *so* not a fan of the blue birdies.
  2. Tampa Bay at ChiCubs
  3. ChiSox at Oakland
  4. NY Mets at Washington
  5. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  6. San Diego at Cleveland
  7. San Francisco at Detroit
  8. Baltimore at Milwaukee
  9. Houston at Atlanta
  10. Boston at Texas
  11. LA Angels at Minnesota
  12. Miami at St. Louis - #GoFish, I want to be wrong. 🤞
  13. Cincinnati at Colorado
  14. Kansas City at Seattle
  15. Arizona at LA Dodgers 

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Birthday Number 241!!! Happy Birthday, USA!!!! ⚾


Monday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.300
  1. Baltimore at Milwaukee
  2. NY Mets at Washington
  3. Toronto at NY Yankees
  4. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  5. Miami at St. Louis
  6. Boston at Texas
  7. LA Angels at Minnesota
  8. Cincinnati at Colorado
  9. ChiSox at Oakland
  10. Kansas City at Seattle
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
  1. Mets vs. Nationals
  2. Blue Jays vs. Yankees
  3. Giants vs. Tigers
  4. Angels vs. Twins
  5. Marlins vs. Cardinals
  6. Rays vs. Cubs
  7. Pirates vs. Phillies
  8. White Sox vs. Athletics
  9. Orioles vs. Brewers
  10. Royals vs. Mariners
  11. Padres vs. Indians
  12. Astros vs. Braves
  13. Red Sox vs. Rangers
  14. Reds vs. Rockies
  15. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers
Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the fireworks displays of the experts, and be safe! ⚾⚾

P. S. ASG Final Vote ends at 4:00 P.M. EDT on Thursday, July 6. #ElectElvis and #VoteJT

Lady Grid out.

Monday, July 3, 2017

"Happy" Monday!

  1. Baltimore at Milwaukee
  2. NY Mets at Washington
  3. Toronto at NY Yankees
  4. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  5. Miami at St. Louis
  6. Boston at Texas
  7. LA Angels at Minnesota
  8. Cincinnati at Colorado
  9. ChiSox at Oakland
  10. Kansas City at Seattle

I was unhappy to see that some of my favorite players did not make it to the All-Star Game as starters. I will still be watching the HR Derby to see if Giancarlo Stanton defends his crown successfully.

Lady Grid out.