Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Wrap-Up: January 12, 2014

NFL Post-Season

We watched the game with Daddy yesterday.  He told Ninja Boy, "Don't bet against Tom Brady!" He was so right.  The Patriots ended Indianapolis' quest for another trip to the Super Bowl; however, Andrew Luck is an exciting player.  He needs more protection from the offensive line so that we don't see him become a walking roll of medical tape.

The New Orleans Saints made things happen and interesting for good while during yesterday's contest.  They unearthed the offense's shortcomings for future contenders to see.  We'll see how things go.  I saw that Marshawn Lynch activated "beast mode" as he stiff-armed a defender trying to keep him from the final touchdown.  Poor guy.  I agree with Terry Blount who says that phrase "they find a way to win" is a theme for the team.


MLB News

Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the entire season.  If he had "quit while he was ahead" and stopped fussing, I think they might have been a bit more lenient, but he kept pushing, squawking, and grabbing headlines. Now there's a loophole allowing him to attend spring training (aka the Grapefruit League) in mid-February.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to you for not letting it go.  I am not a Yankees' fan; I am also wondering how well a forty-year old will perform after being out of the game.  Knowing him, he'll find some judge who will grant an injunction suspending the suspension and allowing him to play.  It's that kind of sneakiness that makes me a member of the "I am Not an Alex Rodriguez" fan club.  When I was growing up and was told "no," it meant "no."  There weren't negotiations and machinations to dance around.  Ah, he gets another one for good measure.

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