Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rangers Get Blanked, and the Dodgers Win a Marathon

Finishing the last day of August with a percentage larger than fifty wasn't too bad. The Rangers were blanked by the Padres. Sigh. The Braves were blanked at home by the Marlins. I am shaking my head in chagrin.

  1. Yankees at Red Sox                Red Sox - Papi got another HR!
  2. Rays at Orioles                        Orioles
  3. Indians at Blue Jays                Blue Jays
  4. Marlins at Braves                    Braves
  5. Phillies at Mets                        Mets
  6. Reds at Cubs                           Cubs
  7. Mariners at Astros                  Astros
  8. Nationals at Cardinals            Cardinals
  9. D-backs at Rockies                 Rockies
  10. Angels at Athletics                 Athletics
  11. Giants at Dodgers                   Dodgers in fourteen innings. I fell asleep.
  12. Rangers at Padres                   Rangers
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
  1. Arizona at Colorado                                       Arizona
  2. Tampa Bay at Baltimore                                 Baltimore (I have a feeling)
  3. Cleveland at Toronto                                      Toronto
  4. NY Yankees at Boston                                   New York Yankees
  5. Miami at Atlanta                                             Atlanta
  6. Philadelphia at NY Mets                                New York Metropolitans
  7. Cincinnati at ChiCubs                                     Chicago Cubs
  8. Detroit at Kansas City                                    Kansas City
  9. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee                                 Pittsburgh
  10. ChiSox at Minnesota                                      Chicago White Sox
  11. Seattle at Houston                                          Houston
  12. Washington at St. Louis                                 St. Louis
  13. Arizona at Colorado (Double Header)           Colorado (split the difference)
  14. LA Angels at Oakland                                    Los Angeles Angels
  15. Texas at San Diego                                         Rangers will not be blanked again!
  16. San Francisco at LA Dodgers                         San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Am I Blue?

Can I just declare that I have a wretched case of the Monday morning blues after missing so many matchups' outcomes? Congratulations to Jake Arrieta on your first career no-hitter. I'm littering the correct choices with yellow highlighing. Yes, that's only thirty-three percent correct because I didn't choose my hometown game for some reason. Yergh.
  1. Detroit at Toronto
  2. Boston at NY Mets
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  5. NY Yankees at Atlanta
  6. Miami at Washington
  7. San Diego at Philadelphia
  8. Colorado at Pittsburgh
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  11. Houston at Minnesota
  12. Baltimore at Texas    - this one will have to be a push since I actually forgot to choose. Sigh.
  13. St. Louis at San Francisco
  14. Oakland at Arizona
  15. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers
Monday, August 31, 2015
  1. Yankees at Red Sox                        Red Sox
  2. Rays at Orioles                                Orioles
  3. Indians at Blue Jays                         Blue Jays
  4. Marlins at Braves                            Braves
  5. Phillies at Mets                                Mets
  6. Reds at Cubs                                   Cubs
  7. Mariners at Astros                           Astros
  8. Nationals at Cardinals                    Cardinals
  9. D-backs at Rockies                          Rockies
  10. Angels at Athletics                          Athletics
  11. Giants at Dodgers                            Dodgers
  12. Rangers at Padres                            Rangers

NFL Note:
It was fun to see the Texans and Saints playing and listen to J.J. Watt talking on the side lines. Mama and I sat there in our church-best dress discussing penalties, tackles, etc. He is a favorite with me just because he is a nice young man.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eight Out of Fifteen Spot On!

I barely made over fifty percent of the predictions correct for Saturday. C'est la vie.

1.     Tigers at Blue Jays                  Blue Jays
2.     Red Sox at Mets                      Mets get revenge.
3.     Cardinals at Giants                 Giants keep happy dance going.
4.     Royals at Rays                        Royals
5.     Marlins at Nationals                Marlins because I keep getting burned by the Nats.
6.     Padres at Phillies                     Phillies
7.     Rockies at Pirates                    Pirates
8.     Mariners at White Sox            White Sox, definitely!
9.     Angels at Indians                    Tribe again.
10. Reds at Brewers                      Reds don’t let me down.
11. Astros at Twins                       Astros do your magic.
12. Yankees at Braves                  Yankees, sigh.
13. Orioles at Rangers                   Orioles snap their losing streak ways at my Rangers’ expense.
14. Athletics at Diamondbacks     D-backs again.
15. Cubs at Dodgers                     Cubs get this one since Kershaw pitched last night.

Sunday, August 30, 2015
  1. Detroit at Toronto
  2. Boston at NY Mets
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  5. NY Yankees at Atlanta
  6. Miami at Washington
  7. San Diego at Philadelphia
  8. Colorado at Pittsburgh
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  11. Houston at Minnesota
  12. Baltimore at Texas
  13. St. Louis at San Francisco
  14. Oakland at Arizona
  15. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers


The Cowboys are 0-3 in preseason, and Dez Bryant has a tweaked hamstring yet managed to jump and chest-bump a teammate after a touchdown in second quarter. Hmm. Here’s hoping Andy Dalton is okay after leaving the Bengals’ game early. Kirk Cousins will start as QB for the Washington Redskins after an independent neurologist said Robert Griffin, III, was not medically cleared to play. Best wishes for a complete recovery from that concussion. Ryan Tannehill looked good against the Falcons in the Dolphins’ victory. Whoop! The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback problem. They did well, and now Coach Rex Ryan has the opportunity to decide which young man will lead his offense for the season. Nice.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

MLB and High School Football

I've got to figure out my percentages for the month of August and report my prediction "batting average." Here is the run-down from Friday's MLB games.
  1. Miami at Washington                        Nope! Burned again!
  2. San Diego at Philadelphia                 Yes!
  3. Colorado at Pittsburgh                      Yes!
  4. Detroit at Toronto                              Yes, what did you expect?
  5. LA Angels at Cleveland                     No, the Tribe managed to win.
  6. Boston at NY Mets                            No, and I was sad.
  7. Kansas City at Tampa Bay                Yes!
  8. NY Yankees at Atlanta                      Yes, that’s what you call a whooping.
  9. Baltimore at Texas                             Yes!
  10. Seattle at ChiSox                                No, Mariners blanked them.
  11. Houston at Minnesota                        No, this one actually shocked me.
  12. Cincinnati at Milwaukee                    No, and wrong again. Another goose egg.
  13. Oakland at Arizona                            Yes, I was beginning to wonder about my choices.
  14. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers                    Yes, and Vin Scully will be back for his 67th year. Woo-hoo!
  15. St. Louis at San Francisco                  No, and I’m glad to be wrong.
Saturday, August 29, 2015 – the last one of the month!
  1. Tigers at Blue Jays                  Blue Jays
  2. Red Sox at Mets                      Mets get revenge.
  3. Cardinals at Giants                 Giants keep happy dance going.
  4. Royals at Rays                        Royals
  5. Marlins at Nationals                Marlins because I keep getting burned by the Nats.
  6. Padres at Phillies                     Phillies
  7. Rockies at Pirates                    Pirates
  8. Mariners at White Sox            White Sox, definitely!
  9. Angels at Indians                    Tribe again.
  10. Reds at Brewers                      Reds don’t let me down.
  11. Astros at Twins                       Astros do your magic.
  12. Yankees at Braves                  Yankees, sigh.
  13. Orioles at Rangers                   Orioles snap their losing streak ways at my Rangers’ expense.
  14. Athletics at Diamondbacks     D-backs again.
  15. Cubs at Dodgers                     Cubs get this one since Kershaw pitched last night.

Football Time
Can you feel a slight change in the air as we begin to cool off from our triple-digit temperatures? It’s time for high school gridiron action! My alma mater Plano East Senior High beat Lake Highlands 36-14. That’s a nice way to start the season. East! East! East! Mama’s Lincoln Tigers need to regroup after being handed a defeat by Ft. Worth Dunbar. Next week, they face Hillcrest. Good luck, Tigers!

Lady Grid out.

MLB Post Script:  As it turns out, if my math is correct, I've predicted correctly for about 57.5 percent of the time. That's not bad for a girl who never played softball and has become quietly addicted to MLB Network over the past few months. Shh, don't tell. LG

Friday, August 28, 2015

Last Friday of August!

It's Friday, kiddies! The playoff picture sometimes appears as clear as mud, but here's today's forecast.
  1. Miami at Washington
  2. San Diego at Philadelphia
  3. Colorado at Pittsburgh
  4. Detroit at Toronto
  5. LA Angels at Cleveland
  6. Boston at NY Mets
  7. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  8. NY Yankees at Atlanta
  9. Baltimore at Texas
  10. Seattle at ChiSox
  11. Houston at Minnesota
  12. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  13. Oakland at Arizona
  14. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers
  15. St. Louis at San Francisco

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Happened to the Yankees?

"Tuesday Afternoon," a rather psychedelic song by Moody Blues is running through my mind for some reason. The flute melody keeps circling in my mind; I put it down to being bone-tired at the beginning of the school year as I get my teacher legs back in gear. Enough yak yak about the classroom. The red means I blew my pick. C'est la guerre!

  1. Astros at Yankees                   Astros with a 15-1 pasting!
  2. Padres at Nationals                 Nationals
  3. Mets at Phillies                       Mets
  4. Angels at Tigers                     Angels add insult to injury after the thumping the Reds put on Detroit yesterday.
  5. Brewers at Indians                  Indians
  6. Rockies at Braves                   Braves
  7. Dodgers at Reds                     Dodgers snap their five game losing streak.
  8. Pirates at Marlins                    Pirates
  9. Twins at Rays                         Rays
  10. Blue Jays at Rangers              Rangers
  11. Red Sox at White Sox            Red Sox
  12. Orioles at Royals                    Royals
  13. Cardinals at D-backs              Cardinals
  14. Athletics at Mariners              Athletics after that sloppy, undisciplined play by Robbie Cano.
  15. Cubs at Giants                        Cubs
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - with more series play continuing.
  1. Houston at NY Yankees
  2. Oakland at Seattle
  3. San Diego at Washington
  4. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  5. LA Angels at Detroit
  6. Milwaukee at Cleveland
  7. Colorado at Atlanta
  8. LA Dodgers at Cincinnati
  9. Pittsburgh at Miami
  10. Minnesota at Tampa Bay
  11. Boston at ChiSox
  12. Toronto at Texas
  13. Baltimore at Kansas City
  14. St. Louis at Arizona
  15. ChiCubs at San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baseball, Bengals, and a Sober Reminder

The first day of school saps my energy. I didn’t have time to make predictions, but some results were pleasing to me, especially the Pirates’ and Mets’ wins. I got a kick out of seeing Pedro Martinez and Harold Reynolds on MLB Network as they discussed what’s troubling the Dodgers. Bring back Joc!

  1. Astros at Yankees                   Astros
  2. Padres at Nationals                 Nationals
  3. Mets at Phillies                       Mets
  4. Angels at Tigers                     Angels add insult to injury after the thumping the Reds put on Detroit yesterday.
  5. Brewers at Indians                  Indians
  6. Rockies at Braves                   Braves
  7. Dodgers at Reds                     Dodgers snap their five game losing streak.
  8. Pirates at Marlins                    Pirates
  9. Twins at Rays                         Rays
  10. Blue Jays at Rangers               Rangers
  11. Red Sox at White Sox             Red Sox
  12. Orioles at Royals                     Royals
  13. Cardinals at D-backs               Cardinals
  14. Athletics at Mariners               Athletics after that sloppy, undisciplined play by Robbie Cano.
  15. Cubs at Giants                         Cubs

The Cincinnati Bengals must evaluate the dearth of offense firepower. What’s happening with Andy Dalton and A.C. Green’s rapport on field? Why did I turn off the game after that last interception? I was too embarrassed to watch.

My condolences to the grieving family and friends of IndyCar race car driver Justin Wilson who succumbed to injuries sustained in Sunday's race. May the LORD comfort his wife and children especially.

Lady Grid out.