Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Crazy Collapses!

I had to resort to phone updates after witnessing the epic collapse of the Houston Astros  during the bottom of the seventh inning. I don't even want to recount what happened. It was terrible as though the boys had forgotten what to do to win a baseball game: pitch well, field well, and hit well. They play again at 4:08 P.M. I'll try to watch when I can or at least follow on my workstation machine if I am not in front of a television.

Over in the NLCS, things are going swimmingly for Dodgers fans like me. Cubs fans exited the game as things kept getting worse and worse and worse. I understand the sentiment. There is no rubbing it in on my little blog. It's heartbreaking.

Lady Grid out.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Championship Time!

My co-worker is ecstatic about the win last night. I knew she recorded the game and kept my mouth shut until she returned home from coaching her volleyball teams. My life was safer that way. 😄

Now we get some action in the league championships! Houston hosts New York, and I'm pulling for the "local" team down south. Go, 'Stros! We'll see if Tanaka can handle Keuchel in a pitching duel. Advantage Astros.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Here We Go Again. . .

I was able to watch the game last night with the Tribe hosting the Bronx Bombers. Now manager Joe Girardi won't sit in quite the hot seat for the near future. Such short-sightedness! I am not a Yankees fan, but I tire of the instant villain status afforded managers when they make what they feel in the moment is the best decision. Do they regret decisions that cost them playoff berths or championships? Yes, of course. Just quit the negative natter.

Tonight the Cubs face the Nationals in the NLDS in Washington, D.C. One of my co-workers is a lifelong Cubs fan who has been so happy this past year. We'll see if her Cubs face my Dodgers in a day or two.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hat Trick!

José Altuve was ON FIRE in the game against the BoSox. Watch out, he is a man with the plan. Congratulations to the Astros on their division game victory. They have work to do tomorrow starting around 1:05 P.M. A hat trick! Three homers? In the same stratosphere as The Babe with post-season homers? Yes, the Lady will toss her hat to celebrate.

The Bronx Bombers got shut out by the Tribe. We'll see how things shape up when Sabathia takes the mound against Kluber.

In the NL world, we have the defending World Series Champions Chicago Cubs at the Washington Nationals. My coworker is a rabid Cubs fan, but I'm going to pull for the Hair Bear and his crew.

My Dodgers take on the red-hot Diamondbacks. Let's hope they cool off those big bats that lit up the Rockies last night. I mean. Wow.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wild Card Wackiness


Don't ask me to figure out the magic numbers for various wild card races. I just cheer for favorites and watch the fun.

  1. Astros at Rangers
  2. Marlins at Rockies
  3. Mariners at Athletics
  4. Giants at Diamondbacks
  5. Orioles at Pirates - two of my favorite outfields on opposite teams, Andrew won last night, so now it's Adam's turn.
  6. Rays at NY Yankees
  7. Nationals at Phillies
  8. Cubs at Cardinals
  9. Braves at Mets
  10. Twins at Indians
  11. Blue Jays at Red Sox
  12. Reds at Brewers
  13. Angels at White Sox
  14. Tigers at Royals
  15. Padres at Dodgers

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mild-Mannered Monday? Meh!

Monday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.289
  1. Twins vs. Yankees
  2. Red Sox vs. Orioles
  3. Dodgers vs. Phillies
  4. Brewers vs. Pirates
  5. Athletics vs. Tigers
  6. Mets vs. Marlins
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Padres
Tuesday's Line-Up
  1. Minnesota vs. NY Yankees
  2. Boston vs. Baltimore
  3. LA Dodgers vs. Philadelphia
  4. Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh
  5. Kansas City vs. Toronto
  6. Oakland vs. Detroit
  7. St. Louis vs. Cincinnati
  8. NY Mets vs. Miami
  9. ChiCubs vs. Tampa Bay
  10. Washington vs. Atlanta
  11. ChiSox vs. Houston
  12. Cleveland vs. LA Angels
  13. Texas vs. Seattle
  14. Arizona vs. San Diego
  15. Colorado vs. San Francisco

Grade: 68.75 percent - I updated my previous post with my picks and had my grade at the time. Meh.

Detroit at NY Giants (MNF)

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

NFL and Some MLB


Week 2
I am showing my picks from my Pigskin Pick 'Em entry on ESPN. Feel free to verify that I am consistent. I am Lady_Gridiron 1. The other entry is shared with my son. That does not count.

Grade: Through Thursday, I was at 100 percent. I will update tomorrow before the Lions-Giants kickoff. Now the overall grade so far is a 75 percent.

  1. Houston at Cincinnati
  2. Cleveland at Baltimore
  3. Buffalo at Carolina
  4. Arizona at Indianapolis
  5. Tennessee at Jacksonville
  6. Philadelphia at Kansas City
  7. New England at New Orleans
  8. Minnesota at Pittsburgh
  9. Chicago at Tampa Bay
  10. Miami at LA Chargers
  11. NY Jets at Oakland
  12. Dallas at Denver
  13. Washington at LA Rams
  14. San Francisco at Seattle
  15. Green Bay at Atlanta  

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average 0.400
  1. Mariners vs. Astros
  2. Dodgers vs. Nationals
  3. Orioles vs. Yankees
  4. Cardinals vs. Cubs
  5. Royals vs. Indians
  6. Pirates vs. Reds
  7. White Sox vs. Tigers
  8. Red Sox vs. Rays
  9. Athletics vs. Phillies
  10. Blue Jays vs. Twins
  11. Mets vs. Braves
  12. Brewers vs. Marlins
  13. Padres vs. Rockies
  14. Diamondbacks vs. Giants
  15. Rangers vs. Angels

High School Football
  1. Plano East vs. Arlington - 😢
  2. San Benito vs. McAllen Memorial  ðŸ˜¢
  3. Lincoln vs. Madison (Saturday) - Mama's high school 😁
  4. Manual Arts vs. North Hollywood 😢

NCAA Football
Grade: 64.3 percent correct. Ugh!
  1. UL-Lafayette at Texas A&M
  2. Oklahoma State at Pitt
  3. Baylor at Duke
  4. Tennessee at Florida
  5. SMU at TCU
  6. Wisconsin at BYU
  7. LSU at Miss. State
  8. Oregon at Wyoming
  9. Kentucky at So. Carolina
  10. Kansas State at Vanderbilt
  11. Arizona State at Texas Tech
  12. Clemson at Louisville
  13. Texas at USC
  14. Ole Miss at Cal
Lady Grid out.