Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Things Are Getting Serious


Thursday's Games

  1. Indians at Twins
  2. Diamondbacks at Astros
  3. Reds at Cubs
  4. Braves at Rockies
  5. Rays at Blue Jays
  6. Cardinals at Pirates
  7. Yankees at Mets
  8. Indians at Twins
  9. White Sox at Rangers
  10. Nationals at Padres
  11. Phillies at Giants

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How Could I Miss Stanton Smash #43?


Monday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.454
  1. Cleveland at Boston
  2. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  3. Tampa Bay at Toronto
  4. San Francisco at Miami - ARGH! I forgot to pick. You know I would have chosen the Fish. Ugh.
  5. Detroit at Texas
  6. Cincinnati at ChiCubs
  7. Atlanta at Colorado
  8. Houston at Arizona
  9. Kansas City at Oakland
  10. Baltimore at Seattle
  11. Philadelphia at San Diego
Tuesday's Lineup

I returned home a little too late to make my pick for the Astros' game against the D-backs. No problem!
  1. Mets vs. Yankees
  2. Angels vs. Nationals
  3. Rays vs. Blue Jays
  4. Cardinals vs. Red Sox
  5. Giants vs. Marlins
  6. Pirates vs. Brewers
  7. Tigers vs. Rangers
  8. Reds vs. Cubs
  9. Indians vs. Twins
  10. Braves vs. Rockies
  11. Royals vs. Athletics
  12. Orioles vs. Mariners
  13. White Sox vs. Dodgers
  14. Phillies vs. Padres
Lady Grid out.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Even Stevens


Sunday Wrapup
Batting Average: 0.500
  1. Giants vs. Nationals - Game one
  2. Pirates vs. Blue Jays
  3. Twins vs. Tigers
  4. Rockies vs. Marlins
  5. Indians vs. Rays
  6. Mets vs. Phillies
  7. Royals vs. White Sox
  8. Reds vs. Brewers
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Astros vs. Rangers
  11. Orioles vs. Athletics
  12. Angels vs. Mariners
  13. Padres vs. Dodgers
  14. Cubs vs. Diamondbacks
  15. Giants vs. Nationals - Game two
  16. Red Sox vs. Yankees
Monday's Lineup
  1. Cleveland at Boston
  2. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  3. Tampa Bay at Toronto
  4. San Francisco at Miami
  5. Detroit at Texas
  6. Cincinnati at ChiCubs
  7. Atlanta at Colorado
  8. Houston at Arizona
  9. Kansas City at Oakland
  10. Baltimore at Seattle
  11. Philadelphia at San Diego
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday Scorcher!


Saturday Wrap-up
Batting Average: 0.714
  1. Pittsburgh at Toronto - no pick since I forgot! Ugh!
  2. Boston at NY Yankees
  3. Minnesota at Detroit
  4. Cleveland at Tampa Bay
  5. San Francisco at Washington
  6. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  7. Kansas City at ChiSox
  8. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  9. Colorado at Miami
  10. Atlanta at St. Louis
  11. Houston at Texas
  12. ChiCubs at Arizona
  13. Baltimore at Oakland
  14. LA Angels at Seattle
  15. San Diego at LA Dodgers
Sunday's Lineup
  1. Giants vs. Nationals - Game one
  2. Pirates vs. Blue Jays
  3. Twins vs. Tigers
  4. Rockies vs. Marlins
  5. Indians vs. Rays
  6. Mets vs. Phillies
  7. Royals vs. White Sox
  8. Reds vs. Brewers
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Astros vs. Rangers
  11. Orioles vs. Athletics
  12. Angels vs. Mariners
  13. Padres vs. Dodgers
  14. Cubs vs. Diamondbacks
  15. Giants vs. Nationals - Game two
  16. Red Sox vs. Yankees
A big fat yellow flag of shame to M. Lynch for remaining seated during the national anthem. That is all.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to Work and E. Elliott Gets Suspended

The past couple of days have meant inservice for me as a teacher. We meet and discuss curriculum updates; the bonds of team members begin knitting while working on a common project. We have four days of building inservice next week, and then we start August 21. Teachers, play ball!


  1. Pittsburgh at Toronto - no pick since I forgot! Ugh!
  2. Boston at NY Yankees
  3. Minnesota at Detroit
  4. Cleveland at Tampa Bay
  5. San Francisco at Washington
  6. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  7. Kansas City at ChiSox
  8. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  9. Colorado at Miami
  10. Atlanta at St. Louis
  11. Houston at Texas
  12. ChiCubs at Arizona
  13. Baltimore at Oakland
  14. LA Angels at Seattle
  15. San Diego at LA Dodgers

Perhaps now E. Elliott will realize that he has to behave a certain way since he is in the public eye. I want him to figure it out now. Six games hurts my Cowboys' offense, yet it has taken an inordinate amount of time for the league to take action. This is a head-scratcher.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sixty Percent Success Rate Sounds Good


Wednesday Wrapup
Batting Average:0.600
  1. Boston at Tampa Bay
  2. Miami at Washington 
  3. NY Yankees at Toronto
  4. Pittsburgh at Detroit
  5. San Diego at Cincinnati
  6. Philadelphia at Atlanta
  7. Houston at ChiSox
  8. Minnesota at Milwaukee
  9. Kansas City at St. Louis
  10. LA Dodgers at Arizona
Thursday's Lineup
  1. Padres at Reds
  2. Pirates at Tigers
  3. Marlins at Nationals
  4. Mets at Phillies
  5. Yankees at Blue Jays
  6. Indians at Rays
  7. Royals at Cardinals
  8. Astros at White Sox
  9. Twins at Brewers
  10. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  11. Orioles at Athletics
  12. Angels at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lucky to Hit Forty Percent on Tuesday - Whew!


Tuesday's Wrapup
Batting Average: 0.400
  1. Marlins vs. Nationals
  2. Tigers vs. Pirates
  3. Yankees vs. Blue Jays
  4. Rangers vs. Mets
  5. Rockies vs. Indians
  6. Padres vs. Reds
  7. Red Sox vs. Rays
  8. Phillies vs. Braves 
  9. Astros vs. White Sox
  10. Brewers vs. Twins
  11. Cardinals vs. Royals
  12. Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Mariners vs. Athletics
  14. Orioles vs. Angels
  15. Cubs vs. Giants
Wednesday's Matchup (Abbreviated)
  1. Boston at Tampa Bay
  2. Miami at Washington - Another #StantonSmash? I hope so!
  3. NY Yankees at Toronto
  4. Pittsburgh at Detroit
  5. San Diego at Cincinnati
  6. Philadelphia at Atlanta
  7. Houston at ChiSox
  8. Minnesota at Milwaukee
  9. Kansas City at St. Louis
  10. LA Dodgers at Arizona
Lady Grid out.