Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mild-Mannered Monday? Meh!

Monday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.289
  1. Twins vs. Yankees
  2. Red Sox vs. Orioles
  3. Dodgers vs. Phillies
  4. Brewers vs. Pirates
  5. Athletics vs. Tigers
  6. Mets vs. Marlins
  7. Diamondbacks vs. Padres
Tuesday's Line-Up
  1. Minnesota vs. NY Yankees
  2. Boston vs. Baltimore
  3. LA Dodgers vs. Philadelphia
  4. Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh
  5. Kansas City vs. Toronto
  6. Oakland vs. Detroit
  7. St. Louis vs. Cincinnati
  8. NY Mets vs. Miami
  9. ChiCubs vs. Tampa Bay
  10. Washington vs. Atlanta
  11. ChiSox vs. Houston
  12. Cleveland vs. LA Angels
  13. Texas vs. Seattle
  14. Arizona vs. San Diego
  15. Colorado vs. San Francisco

Grade: 68.75 percent - I updated my previous post with my picks and had my grade at the time. Meh.

Detroit at NY Giants (MNF)

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

NFL and Some MLB


Week 2
I am showing my picks from my Pigskin Pick 'Em entry on ESPN. Feel free to verify that I am consistent. I am Lady_Gridiron 1. The other entry is shared with my son. That does not count.

Grade: Through Thursday, I was at 100 percent. I will update tomorrow before the Lions-Giants kickoff. Now the overall grade so far is a 75 percent.

  1. Houston at Cincinnati
  2. Cleveland at Baltimore
  3. Buffalo at Carolina
  4. Arizona at Indianapolis
  5. Tennessee at Jacksonville
  6. Philadelphia at Kansas City
  7. New England at New Orleans
  8. Minnesota at Pittsburgh
  9. Chicago at Tampa Bay
  10. Miami at LA Chargers
  11. NY Jets at Oakland
  12. Dallas at Denver
  13. Washington at LA Rams
  14. San Francisco at Seattle
  15. Green Bay at Atlanta  

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average 0.400
  1. Mariners vs. Astros
  2. Dodgers vs. Nationals
  3. Orioles vs. Yankees
  4. Cardinals vs. Cubs
  5. Royals vs. Indians
  6. Pirates vs. Reds
  7. White Sox vs. Tigers
  8. Red Sox vs. Rays
  9. Athletics vs. Phillies
  10. Blue Jays vs. Twins
  11. Mets vs. Braves
  12. Brewers vs. Marlins
  13. Padres vs. Rockies
  14. Diamondbacks vs. Giants
  15. Rangers vs. Angels

High School Football
  1. Plano East vs. Arlington - 😢
  2. San Benito vs. McAllen Memorial  😢
  3. Lincoln vs. Madison (Saturday) - Mama's high school 😁
  4. Manual Arts vs. North Hollywood 😢

NCAA Football
Grade: 64.3 percent correct. Ugh!
  1. UL-Lafayette at Texas A&M
  2. Oklahoma State at Pitt
  3. Baylor at Duke
  4. Tennessee at Florida
  5. SMU at TCU
  6. Wisconsin at BYU
  7. LSU at Miss. State
  8. Oregon at Wyoming
  9. Kentucky at So. Carolina
  10. Kansas State at Vanderbilt
  11. Arizona State at Texas Tech
  12. Clemson at Louisville
  13. Texas at USC
  14. Ole Miss at Cal
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Super Duper Sporting Saturday!


Friday's Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.333
  1. St. Louis at ChiCubs
  2. Baltimore at NY Yankees
  3. LA Dodgers at Washington
  4. Oakland at Philadelphia
  5. Kansas City at Cleveland-the Streak has ended. Now they are ready for the playoffs.
  6. ChiSox at Detroit
  7. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  8. Boston at Tampa Bay
  9. NY Mets at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Minnesota
  11. Seattle at Houston
  12. Milwaukee at Miami
  13. San Diego at Colorado
  14. Texas at LA Angels
  15. Arizona at San Francisco
Saturday's Games
  1. Mariners vs. Astros
  2. Dodgers vs. Nationals
  3. Orioles vs. Yankees
  4. Cardinals vs. Cubs
  5. Royals vs. Indians
  6. Pirates vs. Reds
  7. White Sox vs. Tigers
  8. Red Sox vs. Rays
  9. Athletics vs. Phillies
  10. Blue Jays vs. Twins
  11. Mets vs. Braves
  12. Brewers vs. Marlins
  13. Padres vs. Rockies
  14. Diamondbacks vs. Giants
  15. Rangers vs. Angels

High School Football
  1. Plano East vs. Arlington - 😢
  2. San Benito vs. McAllen Memorial  😢
  3. Lincoln vs. Madison (Saturday) - Mama's high school
  4. Manual Arts vs. North Hollywood 😢

NCAA Football
  1. UL-Lafayette at Texas A&M
  2. Oklahoma State at Pitt
  3. Baylor at Duke
  4. Tennessee at Florida
  5. SMU at TCU
  6. Wisconsin at BYU
  7. LSU at Miss. State
  8. Oregon at Wyoming
  9. Kentucky at So. Carolina
  10. Kansas State at Vanderbilt
  11. Arizona State at Texas Tech
  12. Clemson at Louisville
  13. Texas at USC
  14. Ole Miss at Cal

I want my Canelo to win tonight's match. I don't make predictions about round number or punches landed, but I like my pelirrojo!

Lady Grid out.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Some MLB and High School Football Action

Life continues at a steady breakneck pace for this little school teacher four weeks into her year. I saw former students playing 7th grade football on Tuesday evening. Although my boys ran out of time in the game, they played with heart in their first official game of the season. I will try to see them again this season.

  1. St. Louis at ChiCubs
  2. Baltimore at NY Yankees
  3. LA Dodgers at Washington
  4. Oakland at Philadelphia
  5. Kansas City at Cleveland
  6. ChiSox at Detroit
  7. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  8. Boston at Tampa Bay
  9. NY Mets at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Minnesota
  11. Seattle at Houston
  12. Milwaukee at Miami
  13. San Diego at Colorado
  14. Texas at LA Angels
  15. Arizona at San Francisco

High School Football

  1. Plano East vs. Arlington - Come on, Panthers!
  2. San Benito vs. McAllen Memorial - my husband's high school team
  3. Lincoln vs. Madison (Saturday) - Mama's high school
  4. Manual Arts vs. North Hollywood - Daddy's high school

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enough Sports to Choke On!

Ms. Sloane Stephens won her first U.S. Open yesterday. Congratulations, young lady! I am proud of your determination and hard work to succeed. Enjoy the sweetness of your victory!

Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.272 (This is the most ABYSMAL BA for me this year!)
  1. Philadelphia at Washington
  2. Tampa Bay at Boston
  3. San Francisco at ChiSox
  4. Miami at Atlanta
  5. Cincinnati at NY Mets
  6. Minnesota at Kansas City
  7. Pittsburgh at St. Louis
  8. Houston at Oakland (game two)
  9. San Diego at Arizona
  10. LA Angels at Seattle
  11. Colorado at LA Dodgers
Sunday's Games
  1. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  2. Reds vs. Mets
  3. Rays vs. Red Sox
  4. Marlins vs. Braves
  5. Phillies vs. Nationals
  6. Giants vs.White Sox
  7. Twins vs.Royals
  8. Pirates vs. Cardinals
  9. Brewers vs. Cubs
  10. Yankees vs. Rangers
  11. Astros vs. Athletics
  12. Angels vs. Mariners
  13. Rockies vs. Dodgers
  14. Padres vs. Diamondbacks
  15. Orioles vs. Indians - the streak stops at 17!

NCAA Football Results
Week's Grade: 83.3 percent - an above average grade. Woot!
  1. Pittsburgh vs. Penn State
  2. TCU at Arkansas
  3. Louisville at UNC
  4. San Jose State at Texas
  5. Auburn at Clemson
  6. Oklahoma at Ohio State 
  7. Nicholls at Texas A&M University
  8. Georgia at Notre Dame - I forgot to bold it but will stay true to my College Pick 'Em choice.
  9. Stanford at USC
  10. Utah at BYU
  11. Boise State at Washington State
  12. Houston at Arizona
NFL Sunday

Boy, howdy, I will miss RedZone again this year. Boo! Hiss! Enough whining. I have my ESPN and NFL Mobile apps to keep me posted.
  1. Atlanta vs. Chicago
  2. Philadelphia vs. Washington
  3. NY Jets vs. Buffalo
  4. Baltimore vs. Cincinnati
  5. Oakland vs. Tennessee
  6. Arizona vs. Detroit
  7. Jacksonville vs. Houston
  8. Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland
  9. Indianapolis vs. LA Rams
  10. Carolina vs. San Francisco
  11. Seattle vs. Green Bay
  12. New Orleans vs. Minnesota
  13. LA Chargers (sacrilege!) vs. Denver
  14. NY Giants vs. Dallas - we solve the G-Men's riddle!
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

More MLB in September!

My Rangers suffered defeat from the visiting NY Yankees. Boo. Want to keep your sanity and know what's up with the pennant race, especially the wildcard madness?  Check this site: Pennant Race - Wild Card

Saturday's Remaining Games
  1. Philadelphia at Washington
  2. Tampa Bay at Boston
  3. San Francisco at ChiSox
  4. Miami at Atlanta
  5. Cincinnati at NY Mets
  6. Minnesota at Kansas City
  7. Pittsburgh at St. Louis
  8. Houston at Oakland (game two)
  9. San Diego at Arizona
  10. LA Angels at Seattle
  11. Colorado at LA Dodgers

Lady Grid out.

Second Saturday of September! (College Football Only in This Post)

NCAA Football
  1. Pittsburgh vs. Penn State
  2. TCU at Arkansas
  3. Louisville at UNC
  4. San Jose State at Texas
  5. Auburn at Clemson
  6. Oklahoma at Ohio State 
  7. Nicholls at Texas A&M University
  8. Georgia at Notre Dame
  9. Stanford at USC
  10. Utah at BYU
  11. Boise State at Washington State
  12. Houston at Arizona

Lady Grid out.