Friday, September 5, 2014

First Weekend of September

Cue Earth, Wind, and Fire. Ba-de-ya! Say do you remember? Ba-de-ya? Dancing in September? Now it's stuck in your mind, too.  You're welcome.

High School Action:

1. Burnet hosts Wylie (Abilene) tonight in Burnet.  I am pulling for Burnet Bulldogs to win over the Wylie Bulldogs.
2. Frisco Centennial hosts Lake Dallas tonight. Let's hope the Titans are able to carve out a victory against a winless Lake Dallas team.
3. Plano East battles Dallas Jesuit in non-conference play. Go, Panthers!
4. Unfortunately, the Lincoln High School (Dallas) Tigers weren't able to put together a win against Hillcrest, but they're hopeful for Samuell High School in one week.  Go, Tigers!

Just as a sidebar for the pros: I am impressed with the front office of the Cincinnati Bengals for prizing family above football.  Class act! Prayers for a complete recovery for DT Devon Still who was cut by the team but re-signed to the practice squad. This allows him to help pay for his daughter's cancer treatment.

In MLB news, Texas Rangers' manager Ron Washington has resigned.  Best wishes, Mr. Washington.  We know you tried to work some more post-season magic, but that team has decided to revert to its earlier pre-Washington and Nolan Ryan as president form and T-A-N-K.  My Papaw will be rolling in his grave again. Ugh.

College picks will be posted tomorrow, I've decided. Lady Grid out.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mama is a Happy, Happy Girl!

The college football weekend made me smile last week, and I am no less joyous about the professionals getting underway in Seattle tonight.  I will put forth my predictions about high school, college, and professional action tomorrow.  This picture says it all.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to "Normal"

Ah, the smell of pigskin wafts through the air, and I am a happy, happy girl.  My husband, son, and I have resumed out annual brag-fest through ESPN's College Pick'Em game.  We'll join up with Pigskin Pick 'Em and talk trash about each other's choices and weekly scores.  The winner gets bragging rights but no free dinner or chores completed. Here is how I picked for the week. Some games are still in progress, so I'll recap tomorrow when all are finalized.

  1. A&M vs. South Carolina - hoped for a win and was rewarded despite not realizing that I actually do have the SEC Network on my cable provider. I discovered it today while joyfully looking at the guide which indicated that multiple games were in session.  That is a relief.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas - Auburn prevailed as hoped
  3. USC vs. Fresno State - Tommy Trojan trounces them but good.
  4. FSU vs. Oklahoma State - Pistol Pete gets thumped by the Seminoles
  5. Wisconsin vs. LSU - The Tigers skin the Badgers.
  6. Clemson vs. the Dawgs - Dawgs win.
  7. Alabama vs. WVU - Tide rolls.
  8. Penn State vs. UCF Knights - Nittany Lions knock out the Knights.
  9. UNT vs. Texas - Longhorns will be happy about beating up on the Mean Green (Eagles).
  10. California vs. Northwestern - I figured the Wildcats would edge the Golden Bears.  Nope!
  11. UCLA vs. Virginia - Bruins win over Cavaliers.
  12. Ohio State vs. Navy Midshipmen - I wanted the sailors to win, but that was a bust. 

The Texas Rangers have the WORST record in the MLB, and although they're still my favorite MLB team, I've had nothing to write about recently.  Sigh. Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lady Took a Break

Just as a friendly warning, this may be stream of consciousness writing since I only snagged about five hours of sleep last night. Don't ask.  Earlier this month, I watched the World Cup with some interest and became a big fan of James Rodriguez.  He's incredible!  Of course, not to be outdone, the sports world then saw LeBron James come back to Cleveland.  More importantly, the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA title back in June, and it seems like an afterthought.  Grr!  Congratulations to the Spurs including Coach Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and the gang.  My son was thrilled.  As you know, he roots for the Spurs in a Mavericks household.  I should ground him for the rest of the summer.  We'll see how things shape up.

The Home Run Derby was fun to watch.  My only regret was that Joey Bautista got cool while Yoenis C├ęspedes was cooking with peanut oil, so to speak.  Todd Frazier's good-natured demeanor made it hard for me to decide as I watched them duel for the crown.  ¡Felicidades, Yoenis! Well, the AL has home-field advantage again this year for the World Series after defeating the National League 5-3.  My grandfather and father used to bet who would win the game.  Papa Bear took the American League, and Daddy took the National League.  I told Daddy that I'd be glad to accept the payment as Papa Bear's descendant. He replied that the check was in the mail.  My mail box will grow cobwebs and whiskers before I see one red cent of that money, you realize.  It's all fun anyway.

The SEC network kicks off on August 14, and I've been bombarded with information about it.  I'll see it for myself when it debuts on my local cable carrier.  My beloved Aggies will take on South Carolina. I look forward to wearing my maroon and white and whooping like mad. Lady Grid out.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Conference Championship Time!

I predicted three of the four teams correctly for the conference championships in the NBA.  Now I have the privilege of contemplating who will win the conference.

Spurs vs. Thunder: The Thunder beat the Spurs every time they played during the regular season.  Tony Parker has a hamstring injury that is plaguing him right now. I like the Spurs because they're the "grumpy old men," but I like Kevin Durant and his attitude towards his Mama. I predict the Spurs in game seven.

Heat vs. Pacers: The sportswriters have been drooling to see this matchup.  Once the Pacers started slipping in the late season, it wasn't a sure thing. I just don't want a ThreePeat, but the famed Roy Hibbert had better get with it to keep the Pacers from the broom-happy Heat.  Heat in five or six games. Ugh.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, May 5, 2014

NBA Finals, Round Two

The grumpy old men ruled the day on Sunday with the Spurs and Nets victories over the Mavericks and Raptors, respectively.  That bucket-denying block by Paul Pierce was phenomenal to see live. I guess because I'm the oldest sister, I'll sometimes pull for the older competitor to win.That was my philosophy whenever Venus and Serena played one another. I never asked my sisters if they cheered for Serena in those matches.  Hmm.

Second Round Predictions:

  1. Nets vs. Heat - Grumpy Old Men 1.0. I don't want a three-peat, but the Heat are more rested as play begins tomorrow night. Heat in five games.
  2. Spurs vs. Trailblazers - Grumpy Old Men 2.0. Tony, Tim, and Manu have a ball with the west coast kids, but it takes six games. Spurs win.
  3. Clippers vs. Thunder-Griffin and Paul playing against Durant and Westbrook? How fun will this one be? All the way through game seven in a "never-say-die" attitude. Clippers will edge Thunder.
  4. Wizards vs. Pacers-If the Pacers remember how to play the ball and keep the right personnel on the floor, they'll be fine. If not, some hungry young players with the eye of the tiger will be glad to move on to the conference finals. Pacers in seven just to be safe.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Chill Out, Carlos!

Catcher Brian McCann had words for him last September when the Brewers played the Braves. Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole felt the need to verbally express himself yesterday in their game.  The common denominator in this pair of incidents is Brewers CF Carlos Gomez.  He likes to watch the ball fly in a "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" fashion; some of the opponents want to watch their fists fly into his face.  He's been knocked down a couple of times in the dust-ups that have become bench-clearing brawls.  Simmer down, son.  Just hit and catch and show them your stuff without flaunting it in their face.  For your revolting display of temper, you get a Yellow Flag of Shame.

Lady Grid out.