Sunday, November 13, 2016

Apple Cart Upended

NCAA Football Wrap Up (Say What?)

I dozed off around 8:00 last night with my Aggies leading Ole Miss. Imagine my surprise when my husband burst into our room to inform me the final score of 29-28 was NOT in our favor. ARGH!!!! I was not the only one to suffer; however, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington also suffered losses. Auburn was beaten by Georgia. Will Auburn lick its wounds to give Alabama some type of challenge in the highly anticipated Iron Bowl? I hold out no hope for that to happen but will tune in anyway. On to the pros.

NFL Sunday

  1. Green Bay at Tennessee
  2. Minnesota at Washington
  3. Chicago at Tampa Bay
  4. Kansas City at Carolina
  5. Atlanta at Philadelphia
  6. Los Angeles at NY Jets
  7. Denver at New Orleans
  8. Houston at Jacksonville
  9. Miami at San Diego
  10. Dallas at Pittsburgh
  11. San Francisco at Arizona
  12. Seattle at New England

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Saturday of November

A hearty round of congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, winners of the World Series. They are probably still dancing in the streets somewhere in ChiTown. Enjoy.

High School Football

I am so proud of my Plano East Panthers winning against Plano Senior High last night, 22-20. Once again, we are the city champs! East! East! East! Mama's Lincoln High Tigers were victorious with a 56-14 score against Canton. Daddy's Manual Arts Toilers did not fare so well against Hawkins. Ouch.

NCAA Football

After several weeks on hiatus writing about my college picks, I plan to end the season on a strong note. Some games will not be worth making a prediction; however, others hold the Lady's interest.

  1. TCU at Baylor
  2. Florida at Arkansas
  3. Georgia Tech at UNC
  4. Nebraska at Ohio State
  5. Oklahoma State at Kansas State
  6. Texas at Texas Tech
  7. Navy at Notre Dame
  8. Michigan State at Illinois
  9. Air Force at Army
  10. Georgia at Kentucky
  11. Alabama at LSU 
  12. Texas A&M at Mississippi State

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Aggies are Number Four!

WHOOP!!!! I was thrilled to see the ranking from the College Football Playoff committee that put my beloved Aggies at number four. And another WHOOP!!!

On a different, much lower level, I am with Stephen A. Smith on Trent Williams' suspension for four games. STAY OFF THE WEED (OR WHATEVER SUBSTANCE IT IS)!!!! Your life and brain cells are much more valuable unaltered. A giant Yellow Flag of Shame thrown to this individual. Please, son, get yourself straightened out before you become a byword for young players watching your example. Please.

And to end, Jay Cutler actually won a game? Watch out for those flying pigs overhead. They aren't too selective about where they land.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life, What a Ride!

Too much to cover over the last two weeks. Moving forward into the World Series realm of life. The Cleveland Indians eliminated the Toronto Blue Jays and delighted my vengeful little heart. If my Rangers aren't in it, then the team that swept them should be at home watching the games, too. At press time, the Cubs were leading the Dodgers in the top of the sixth inning. It does not bode well for the LA club.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crunch Time


What is happening in the mind of Odell Beckham, Jr.? He was not as successful as he had hoped in last night's loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He has been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct more than once in this young season. It's time to settle down, young man.


The AL Wild Card game with Baltimore at Toronto happens tonight. Go, Orioles! I personally do not want to deal with José Bautista and some of his team mates until we have to during the regular season of 2017. Beat them soundly tonight, O's!

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

First Day of October 2016

College Game Day - October 1, 2016
I will just be reporting on the gridiron action today and pick up MLB coverage again once the playoff madness ensues. Hut hut!

  1. Tennessee at Georgia - sad day for the Dawg
  2. UNC at Florida State - Tar Heels keep the 'Noles down.
  3. Mizzou at LSU - team has not recovered from Les Miles' dismissal.
  4. Texas at Oklahoma State - Horns go down in Pistol Pete's town.
  5. Texas A&M University at South Carolina - Fried chicken for dinner tonight.
  6. Miami at Georgia Tech - No contest!
  7. Wisconsin at Michigan - At home, Wolverines will maul the Badgers.
  8. Oklahoma at TCU - Horned Frogs have their way.
  9. Utah at Cal - Poor Master Bruin
  10. Memphis at Ole Miss - the slide continues for the Rebels
  11. Western Michigan at Central Michigan - sorry, Chippewa Nation
  12. Louisville at Clemson - that coach Dabo is a mess!
Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Weeping HR and a Donnybrook

The Miami Marlins won my heart with their emotional victory after José Fernández's untimely death. The crazy right-handed batting stance done by left-handed Dee Gordon followed by his monster home run. I will never again see a grown man rounding the bases with tears openly flowing down his face. The hats on the mound. All of them wearing his jersey name and number. RIP, Jo-Fez.

Tuesday's Lineup

  1. Red Sox at Yankees
  2. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  3. Cubs at Pirates - I want the Bucs to win this one and get closer to .500.
  4. Orioles at Blue Jays
  5. Indians at Tigers
  6. Phillies at Braves
  7. Mets at Marlins
  8. Twins at Royals
  9. Brewers at Rangers
  10. Rays at White Sox
  11. Mariners at Astros
  12. Reds at Cardinals
  13. Athletics at Angels
  14. Dodgers at Padres
  15. Rockies at Giants

Monday Wrap Up
Batting average: I managed to get 50 percent today. I was glad about the Marlins' victory. It was exciting to see the Yankees and Blue Jays mix it up. Happ should have been warned and tossed in my humble opinion. Yankees were not the only guilty parties last night.
  1. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  2. Cubs at Pirates 
  3. Yankees at Blue Jays - what a donnybrook!
  4. Indians at Tigers 
  5. Mets at Marlins 
  6. Brewers at Rangers
  7. Rays at White Sox
  8. Mariners at Astros
  9. Reds at Cardinals
  10. Athletics at Angels
Lady Grid out.