Sunday, December 21, 2014

Egg Facial Time - Ugh

I cannot believe that all three of my picks were wrong for the professional games yesterday.  Yellow Flag of Shame to me that looks like an egg facial.  Ugh.  I can’t resist choosing sides again.

  1. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins – Teddy Bridgewater is my rookie QB favorite, but Ryan Tannehill, a former Texas A&M player, dominates the day.  Fins win.
  2. Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans – Joe Flacco leads the Ravens’ scoring and sends the Texans below .500.
  3. Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears – Megatron has a mammoth day against a defense that is a sieve. Lions win.
  4. Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Manziel have a higher QB rating than last week’s 1.0, but the Panthers defense will give him a hard time. Even with a banged-up Cam Newton, the Panthers are favored to win.
  5. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints – Yawn fest for me although the Saints are projected to win; their home record says otherwise.  Who Dat? Oy vey. I’m going to pick the Saints and take a nap.
  6. Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bay Battlefest with the Packers taking out their frustrations from a road loss to the Bills last week.  Sorry, Tampa Bay!  Very few cannon blasts today.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers – KC started out so well and has sputtered a bit; the Steelers want to keep the dream alive and have a knack of making opponents pay at Heinz Field.  Steelers smash ‘em.
  8. New England Patriots at New York Jets – If the Jets’ record were reversed, this might be interesting. As it is, Pretty Boy will get the opportunity to chat up his lovely wife and make dinner plans for their favorite haunt during fourth quarter because Coach Belichick will have to call off the dogs.  Patriots paste the Yets.
  9. Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders – Bills ride in high after their win over the Packers last week.  The Raiders just won’t be able to muster up that third victory.
  10. New York Giants at St. Louis Rams – Eli Manning is a nice guy, and I respect that he has two Super Bowl rings; however, the Rams will be ready for some good old-fashioned smash-mouth football.  Rams roll the G-men.
  11. Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys – We know that the ‘Boys need to win one of the next two games for playoff considerations.  This isn’t that game.  Andrew Luck hooks up with his talented WR corps to burn the Dallas D on a couple of big, jaw-dropping plays that will make the highlight reel.  Sigh.  Colts cudgel the Cowboys. Save your strength for next week!
  12. Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals – with the revolving door at QB in Arizona, they’ve managed to mount an impressive record and still keep on winning.  I think the Seahawks will wreak havoc in this aerial duel.  Defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks soar over the Cardinals, unfortunately.
  13. Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals – Peyton Manning remains on my fantasy team despite his illness and injury last week.  You don’t mess with the General.  The Bengals are riding the high of the recent drubbing of in-state rival Cleveland, but this fixes their little red wagon. Broncos bust up the Bengals.

College Bowl update: 4-1 on picks so far. I was 5-0 here but chose Colorado State on my ESPN account.  Go figure. 

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bowls and a Couple of Pros

Good luck in Austin, Daylon Mack.  Coach Strong has been all about the discipline of the young men on his team, and that is laudable.

The bowl season line up for later today:
  1. New Orleans Bowl with Nevada and Louisiana-Lafayette – I think the Ragin Cajuns will defend their New Oreleasns Bowl streak for the fourth year running.
  2. New Mexico Bowl with Utah State vs. UTEP – It’s been a long time since the Miners have seen the inside of a college bowl, but Utah State Aggies prevail.  Sorry, UTEP.
  3. Las Vegas Bowl with Utah vs. Colorado State – Will the Colorado State Rams break the losing cycle against the Utes’ squad? It’s not likely, but it could happen.
  4. Idaho Potato Bowl with Western Michigan vs. Air Force – The Falcons managed to beat the Boise State Broncos and will burst the Cinderella-esque bubble of the Western Michigan Broncos.  Maybe next year, Western Michigan, maybe next year.
  5. Camellia Bowl with South Alabama vs. Bowling Green – Bowling Green wants to end its losing skid after winning the MAC East, and the South Alabama Jags had a formidable non-conference schedule to sharpen their claws, so to speak.

The NFL games feature a pair of regular season games on a Saturday.  Woo-hoo!  The only downside is that there could be fewer touchdowns to celebrate on NFL RedZone on Sunday. I'll manage.
  1. I truly thought the Titans would win the game the other night.  Oops!
  2. Philadelphia at Washington means agony for me and others in Cowboys Nation because we just know that the Eagles will tear up the Redskins, and we're left holding the bag while facing off against Indy.  Ugh. Doom, despair, and agony. My fingers are crossed for a miracle; however, I am realistic girl.  Iggles win. 
  3. The more entertaining game will have Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers squaring off against the 49ers coached by the "will he or won't he" candidate of the moment.  Distractions can make squads sloppy. Most folks are picking the Bolts. I'm not most folks. Kaepernick gets it together on the offensive side of the ball, and the 49ers prevail.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lady Gridiron Sports Rant: Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis

Lady Gridiron Sports Rant: Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis: The Midshipmen beat the Black Knights for thirteen years in a row; it was fun to watch the last quarter of the game with Daddy as we saw th...

Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis

The Midshipmen beat the Black Knights for thirteen years in a row; it was fun to watch the last quarter of the game with Daddy as we saw the last touchdown, fumble recovery, and field goal. To see these stalwart young men who are preparing to defend my freedom shed tears as some of them sang their song for the last time as seniors was touching.  May God protect their paths as they go into active duty one day soon.

Congratulations to Oregon Ducks' quarterback Marcus Mariota, the new Heisman Trophy winner by a landslide.  

Now, it’s time for the professional assessment.
  1. The Arizona Cardinals avoided shutout by winning the field goal bowl against St. Louis.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers will pluck the Falcons down Georgia way.
  3. Miami gets manhandled by the Patriots. Need I say more?  I love Ryan Tannehill, but it’s just not in the cards.
  4. In yet another rematch of NFC West teams, we wonder if Colin Kaepernick’s offensive woes will cease in the Hawks’ Nest.  That’s a funny one!  Tell me another joke. 
  5. Kansas City plays lights out with Oakland and keeps the Raiders with a deuce in the W column.
  6. The Jacksonville Jaguars will wonder why the trip was necessary to Baltimore.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater, who is one of my favorite rookies, comes to the Motor City only to watch Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson light up the scoreboard.  Lions win.
  8. The NY Yets will sputter and fail back west in Tennessee.
  9. Carolina Panthers (sans Cam Newton) hosts Tampa Bay. Fans wonder: will the winning streak continue? Not if the Buccaneers have anything to say about it. Bucs win.
  10. Indy’s offense led by Andrew Luck will toy with Houston but beat J.J. Watt and the Texans in the end.
  11. Cleveland, led by Jonathan Manziel as QB, hosts Cincinnati. The Dawg Pound will howl with agony as the Bengals D torments the young man from my alma mater.
  12. Green Bay likes to beat teams at home or on the road; the Bills won’t stand a chance later today.
  13. The General vs. Peck’s Bad Boy: Denver will score touchdowns against AFC West foes with the return of Julius Thomas as an offensive weapon.  Sorry, Chargers, Broncos win to keep their playoff picture focused.
  14. Washington in NY against the Giants. Meh. The Giants will beat their division rivals, but the more interesting game is played in the evening in Philadelphia.
  15. Dallas is perfect on the road so far, and it’s December. Cowboys surprise their fans and edge the Eagles by two points.
  16. New Orleans visits the Windy City and blows the Bears away, much to the chagrin of Jay Cutler who has been somewhat inconsistent in the scoring category after inking that multi-million dollar deal. Yergh.  Saints make a case for the NFC South on Monday night.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Few Words - December 13, 2014

The UNC Tarheels take on the UK Wildcats.  Good luck, Heels. You may need it. I've been a Carolina fan for a while, and I still believe.

The Army vs. Navy game kicks off at 2:00 P.M. CST, and as the daughter of a submariner, I am pulling for the Midshipmen to continue their winning streak that dates back to 2002.  Sorry, Black Knights, aka ground pounders. Tradition continues.

In one week, the college bowl madness begins. I'll fill you in on my choices as time gets closer.  Be ready for tomorrow's NFL matchups and picks for winners, losers, and also-rans.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Lady Returns!

I've spent several Sundays happily watching NFL Redzone and then belatedly realized I hadn't posted a single syllable about the current NFL and NCAA Football seasons.  The drought ends today!
  1. Megatron is still one of my favorite receivers.  I have him on my fantasy team; when he has bad days, I don't post ugly words on Twitter or any other social media.  That's bad manners.
  2. The NFC South. Yellow Flag of Shame for the entire division with those abysmal records. Nothing more needs to be said until next year.  I do pray for Cam Newton to make a complete recovery after the automobile accident on Tuesday.  My son is still a fan.
  3. Peyton Manning may have ended his streak of games with a TD pass at 51, but the General is still tops in my book.  He is such a student of the game and worthy of so many accolades.  He's still one of my QBs on my team.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record. I need to pinch my arm again.  The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record.  They may actually make the playoffs.  I need to pinch my other arm.  Ouch! Back in August, I made some predictions that were less than flattering.  It's nice to be wrong.
  5. C.J. Anderson is an incredible running back!  I think I'll keep him for my team.  
  6. Ryan Succop is a reliable kicker, but I think I'll go with whoever is playing the Jags or Redskins this week.  Limber up, dude!
  7. J.J. Watt is my boy, and he tickles me by catching those TD passes.  I'm not sure how the Texans will fare against the Colts O-line this weekend.
  8. For Thursday Night Football, the St. Louis Rams host the Arizona Cardinals.  I think the Cards will at least keep the Rams from shutting out three straight opponents, and I hope they win.  Go Cards!
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bulldogs Have Their Day

Collegiate Gridiron Wrap-Up

Both Mississippi teams won their games yesterday, and the one against my beloved Aggies was hard to stomach. Bo Wallace had a banner night. Aggies have to travel to play Alabama in Alabama. After the Tide's super-tight victory over the Razorbacks, I hope someone will watch the video on how to hold these guys back and make them suffer a loss at home.  Coach Stoops and his Sooners didn't suffer back-to-back losses in their win over Texas.  Elsewhere, the also number three ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs made mincemeat out of Auburn. I wonder if they'll split the "twins" this week when rankings come out. I think they'll be number two at the lowest and number one if everyone decides to bump Florida State down after their expected win over Syracuse Orange. I don't have a vote, and if I did, even I am not certain how the chips would fall.  On to the pros.

Pros Match-up

  1. The Tennessee Titans will tune up the Jacksonville Jaguars unless that spark of brilliance shines forth for the winless ones.
  2. Baltimore Ravens fly down to Tampa Bay to avoid the cannon fire.  Ravens win.
  3. Denver Broncos led by the General ride in to face the beleaguered New York Jets. I think Manning will reach or beat Favre’s touchdown mark today.
  4. My beloved Megatron’s injuries have hampered my fantasy football team’s performance, but his brethren won’t be kind to the Minnesota Vikings.  Lions roar.
  5. The Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots who are resurging after last week’s victory. Pats dominate.
  6. Cat fight! The Cincy Bengals invited the Carolina Panthers for lunch. I can’t even make a decision on this one, and I want to see a good game, not a blow-out. Push.
  7. The other Ohio team plays the Pittsburgh Steelers and will give them a good run for their money early but fade in the end. Same old same old.
  8. The last early game features the Green Bay Packers savoring some warmer temperatures in Miami against the Dolphins. The Dolphins won’t roll over and play dead, but they just may surprise the Cheeseheads.  Go Fins!
  9. Late game action starts off with San Diego in Oakland in an all-California battle of gridiron. Peck’s Bad Boy Phil Rivers laughs his way to a trouncing of the Raiders.
  10. How do Bears fight Falcons? We’ll see how Jay Cutler and company fare down south in the Peach State. It’s time for a Dirty Bird Miracle, but it won’t happen.
  11. The Washington Redskins visit the Arizona Cardinals to find out how to lose in the desert. As Darth Vader says, “All too easy.”
  12. I didn’t forget my “hometown” team the Dallas Cowboys out in Seattle against the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. I just think it may be too painful to watch them implode after a promising 4-1 start to the season. That crowd noise defies description, and no, it is NOT the true 12th Man the Spirit of Aggieland. Go ‘Boys!
  13. In an NFC East game that has the New York Giants hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love, expect some hard hits and the Eagles to step up to the plate and edge the Giants.

Lady Grid out.