Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Mo Bo?

The Huskers lost to Iowa 38-17, and that display by Coach Pelini was something to behold.  Will he return, or will Nebraska cut their losses after six years with him.  Apparently, Coach Pelini is not the easiest person to have as an employee; however, many of his players like him a great deal and would hate to see him leave.  Only four losses a season for all of his seasons.  That's not horrible, but it hasn't been the BCS-quality season the Husker faithful would have wanted. We will wait and see. 

This is the last weekend of regular season college football, and I will be in mourning.  The bright part of this sadness is that the bowls will be coming soon.  Wild predictions will be made; some choices will be spot-on; others will make you scratch your head. It has been a fun season so far.  Let's go for some spoilers today!
  1. Minnesota heads east to visit Michigan State.  Spartans will get the Gophers today.
  2. The Penn State Nittany Lions are in Wisconsin to get a good old-fashioned Badger Beatdown.
  3. Ohio State wants to dominate Michigan in their classic rivalry.  Both teams are primed and ready for the showdown.  Go Blue.
  4. The Texas A&M Aggies go to the "Show Me" state of Missouri.  Let's hope the defense shows up against the number five-ranked Tigers. Gig 'em!
  5. FSU paddles over to the Swamp to see the Florida Gators.  The Gators will give them some good moments but will come up short this time.  How they would LOVE to topple a number two team right before the BCS bowl selection. Sometimes spoilers do serve a purpose.  Seminoles win.
  6. Cross-town rivals UCLA come to the Coliseum to USC.  USC prevails over the hated Bruins.
  7. The Match-up of the Day features Alabama and Auburn in the Iron Bowl.  I will dance with glee if Auburn knocks off the Tide.  AJ McCarron's a nice young man who wears a pair of bands on his arm in honor of his young friend and fan Starla.  I hate to see little girls upset, but I'm in a spoiler mood today.
  8. Duke Blue Devils play cross-state rivals UNC today.  Wait, it's not time for a round ball discussion, is it?  Just kidding.  The Blue Devils want a shot at their first ACC title for football. They will probably get it today.
  9. Georgia at Georgia Tech? The Dawg stomps the Yellow Jacket.
  10. Baylor will obliterate TCU with a sixty-point score today.  What's happened to the Frogs lately since joining the Big XII? Yikes.
  11. Virginia Tech wants to make the Virginia Cavaliers' last game of the season a bad one. They triumph today.
  12. Kansas State trounces Kansas into dust in the wind.
  13. The South Carolina Gamecocks want to rock Clemson's world today. Clemson protects QB Tahj Boyd from Jadaveon Clowney and his crew for a close victory at the end.  There's that tiger!
  14. Notre Dame plays Stanford.  That's too bad for the Fighting Irish.  The Cardinal demolishes them.

Yergh Alert: The Yellow Flag of Shame may be thrown at Coach Tomlinson if he did impede the running of Mr. Jones.  Hmm. . .

Lady Grid out.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013

No thanks to the crazy antics of shoppers across the nation intent on finding the best deal on Black Friday.  I like my sanity and my vehicle's doors intact.  On to sports.  All three of my pro predictions were spot-on yesterday.  That doesn't always happen.  Yes, I think it's possible for a coach to get caught up in the game and not realize where the sideline is located, Mr. Flacco.  Chill out. You may yet earn a Yellow Flag of Shame if you keep on flapping those gums.

NCAA Gridiron Action:

  1. LSU awaits its meal of roasted pork a la Arkansas.  Bon appetit, Mike!
  2. Oregon hosts Oregon State.  Two aquatic animals battling for supremacy.  The Ducks win this year's round, easily.
  3. USF visits UCF on Friday evening; UCF's tire treads will tattoo the skidding Bulls nicely.
  4. Fresno State Bulldogs will sic the SJSU Spartans.  Nice doggie.

NBA Action:  Lots of games tonight, ladies and gents.

  1. Dallas rides into Atlanta for a match-up against the Atlanta Hawks.  The Hawks want to have a winning record and may start playing in desperation mode.  Watch out, Mavs.  Nail-biter for sure. Mavs get edged by the Hawks.
  2. Dread Fest One: Milwaukee Bucks at Charlotte Bobcats. Both of these teams need to win and in a big way.  Bucks? Bobcats? Push.
  3. San Antonio Spurs at Orlando means that my son will be happy about a Spurs road win.
  4. Miami cruises to north to play Toronto. Let's hope the Raptors can cool off the Heat, but it's not in the cards.
  5. Cleveland looks to avenge its recent loss in Boston. Get used to disappointment.
  6. Kobe-less Lakers are in Motor City.  Pistons fans will leave the game happy.  Lakers lose again.
  7. Brooklyn plays Houston today? We have towels for those nasty water spills, Coach Kidd. Just send me that check, and we'll call it good.
  8. New Orleans Pelicans take flight to visit the City of Brotherly Love; the Sixers will pluck them but good.
  9. Golden State takes the court against the OKC Thunder.  This one should be worth watching.  I predict Thunder rolling since they are undefeated at home so far.
  10. Another strong home team, the Indiana Pacers have the Washington Wizards as an opponent.  The Wizards want to get to .500; it won't happen tonight.  Sorry, Mr. Wall.
  11. Regrets, Mr. Anthony? He and the skidding Knicks do battle against his former team, the Denver Nuggets in Colorado.  The fans will be glad to jeer him again.  Nuggets edge Knicks.
  12. Dread Fest Two: Phoenix Suns against the Utah Jazz.  The Suns will even their record to .500, or the Jazz will scare their fans and win at home.  Not likely. Push.
  13. LA Clippers need some more good defensive moves as they hoop it up against their fellow California team, the Sacramento Kings.  Chris Paul and the guys put on a nice show and win without breaking triple digits.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Since I am hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, I didn't have time to sit down and wax philosophical about the roundball action yesterday.  If Coach Kidd really did say, "Hit me" to one of his players to allow for a quick break and substitution, then he gets a Yellow Flag of Shame!  I know the NBA differs from the NFL, NCAA, or high school football.  I throw a Yellow Flag of Shame in any sport at any team, player, coach, etc. who merits the dubious distinction.  Read on.

Pro Hoops Round-up for a Select Few:

  1. Mavs won last night! Woo-hoo!  They edged the visiting Golden State Warriors.
  2. Were we surprised at all by the Heat's win? Nope, but it would have nice to see the Cavs beat LeBron.
  3. The Kobe-less Lakers beat Brooklyn.  No headline is needed. It's hard to keep the eyelids open.  I know; coffee will do the trick!
  4. Washington over the Bucs. Yeppers. In overtime, no less. Yawn.  Where is my coffee?
  5. OKC defeated the visiting Grumpy Old Men (aka San Antonio Spurs).  My son won't be happy about that one.  Son, did you add the sugar and cream to the coffee?
  6. Clippers took down the NY Knicks.  I'll make the coffee myself.  Thank you.
  7. The Hawks were grounded by the Rockets in Houston.  Aah, coffee, the elixir of life!

Pro Ball (NFL):

  1. Detroit continues the tradition of Thanksgiving Day football with the out-of-towners the Green Bay Packers.  Packers OT Sitton chose interesting vocabulary to describe the team and coach on radio.  Yowzah! Let's see Megatron have a mammoth day against the Aaron Rodgers-less.  I hope Matt Flynn brought some extra-strength Tylenol for the trip.  He will need it.
  2. Oakland Raiders come calling in Big D and give the Cowboys a tough time; Cowboys win this time, too.  I thought the Giants would win on Sunday.  I'm still not sure which Dallas team will show up, but we'll see. Oakland leads the head-to-head series on Thanksgiving, but it's time for Dallas to even things up.  Go, 'Boys!
  3. Pittsburgh has the edge against Baltimore in head-to-head match-ups; however, the Ravens don't lose at home all too often in the last few years. I think it's going to be a night of smash-mouth football just like I like it.  Flacco is rocking the facial hair.  He may not be all that keen on the wildcat, but he is entitled to his own opinion.  With a $120 million paycheck, I might have an opinion, too.

The Lady is grateful for her family near and far, friends, and you her readers who have made the effort to stop by and visit like an old friend as we chat about sports a bit. Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday whether you spend it at your home, at a friend's or family member's home, or helping out the less-fortunate among us.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Roundball Rockin'

Collegiate Hoops

There are over forty NCAA games today.  There won't be forty picks made.  After last night's startling results on the hardwood, it makes one rethink the choices to be made.  Nah, time to pick some games.  Still won't catch me in Vegas or Atlantic City, though.

  1. Alabama has a phenomenal football team; however, Coach K and his Blue Devils squad led by Jabari Parker will remind them with a sound whipping tonight in the NIT Semi-Finals.
  2. Arkansas goes up against Gonzaga.  Go, Bulldogs.
  3. Wisconsin faces off against West Virginia in Cancun. Adios, Mountaineers.
  4. Syracuse beat Cal last night and now take on the eighteenth-ranked Baylor Bears.  Orange triumphs again.
  5. The Drexel Dragons square off in the NIT Semis against the Arizona Wildcats.  Arizona will stay undefeated.
  6. Illegal Game of the Day features Eastern Michigan at Kentucky.  That paycheck must be a good one.
  7. Late Game: TCU Horned Frogs play at Alaska Anchorage in the Great Alaska Shootout Tourney at 2:00 A.M. CST.  I'll check the results tomorrow morning over coffee.  Push.


One dozen professional-level games get played today, but only a few rate my interest.  I agree with Charles Barkley about the East being terrible.  He gets paid to watch that madness while I get to pick what will sully my eyes.  Is there no one who can defeat the Miami Heat in the East? No one? Sigh.
  1. LA Lakers at Brooklyn tonight? Brooklyn loses like they did until the Toronto game last night. Huh? How'd they do that?
  2. Joke Reel: Cleveland has the Miami Heat coming to town.  I've seen the ads about the new face of the Cavs against the former face of the Cavs. James and Co. annihilate the Cavs tonight. Yawn.
  3. San Antonio's Grumpy Old Men visit the youngsters in OKC.  This one will be too exciting to call at this point.  My son is pulling for the Spurs as usual, but I find Durant an intriguing player. Push.
  4. Will Lob City return in the game against the visiting NY Knicks? Tony Kornheiser sure hopes not and will hopefully mention something about the game on PTI later today.
  5. After that crazy 360-degree dunk last night, Washington bears watching.  Too bad they're playing the Bucs. Yawn number two.
Last Words: Cheers to the Dallas Stars for the win at home over Anaheim.  Three goals in fifty-three seconds just makes the eyes dizzy and the heart race with delight if the team you want to win does it.  Good job, guys!

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's Thoughts: Something for Almost Everyone

NFL:  Ahmad Brooks has a point about Robert Griffin, III.  It would be best for him to get that knee completely rehabilitated before testing it against some of the fastest LBs in the league.  I think Coach Shanahan needs to rethink the use of number ten for now.  Future mobility is at stake.  Peyton Manning is still a favorite quarterback for this gridiron fan.  There is a certain je ne sais quoi about him.  Many people prefer and idolize Pretty Boy up in New England; that is their prerogative.

Round Ball Action

  1. Toronto hosts the Brooklyn Nets: it won't really matter in one hundred days who won this game. Let's hope Garnett and crew put on a decent show in Canada. Some of the Raptors players are day-to-day on the injury report, so we'll see how that works out for Coach Kidd and crew.
  2. The Lakers visit the Washington Wizards.  This will be highlight reel footage of Laker domination yet again even without the new $48 million dollar man Kobe Bryant.
  3. Orlando comes to Atlanta in a battle of the South. We'll see if the Magic can find some of themselves on defense and put up a win instead of a brick. 
  4. The New Orleans Pelicans prepare to take on the Golden State Warriors. If Stephen Curry is well enough, it will be a bad night in NOLA.
NCAA Women's Basketball:
  1. Get the brooms! Stanford will sweep the floor with the Lady Boilermakers.  It's tradition.
  2. DePaul stops by for a trouncing by the Lady Irish.  Tsk.
  3. Lady Spartans pay a call on Temple; they won't want tea.
  4. South Carolina State goes down to Georgia to try to beat the Lady Dawgs.  Ha. Ha. Ha.
  5. How much money does Massachusetts Lowell get to play Oklahoma State in Stillwater?  It's not enough for the pasting they'll take tonight.

NCAA Men's Basketball:
  1. In the Maui Invitational Tournament, I'm going with the Orange to beat the California Golden Bears tonight.  Go, Syracuse!
  2. Baylor will ground the Dayton Flyers in their match-up.

NHL:The Dallas Stars haven't been doing as well as I would like as far as scoring goals, but here's hoping they can put together a win over the visiting Anaheim Ducks.  Go Stars!

Lady Grid out.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Edge Fest

Don't get excited, alternative music fans.  Your concert comes next spring.  If the final margin of points separating winner from loser is seven or less, it's an edge.  St. Louis dominated the Bears with a score of 42 to 21; that's not an edge.  The Buccaneers edged the Lions. The Chargers edged the Chiefs.  That bears repeating: the Chargers edged the Chiefs.  The Cowboys edged the Giants for the second time this season.  I can't believe the Silver and Blue has beaten every team in their division at least once this year.  Hubby is ecstatic about the NFC East standings with Dallas ahead of Philly. The Titans edged the Raiders out in Oakland.  Pretty Boy and the Patriots edged General Peyton and the Broncos in a late finish in overtime after the Broncos were leading 24-0 at the half.  These were the wins I didn't expect to happen, or at least, I picked the loser of the match-ups thinking, "Heh, heh, I'll get these picks right!" I threw up a brick in my college and pro picks, so we'll see how my previous prediction of a Niners win turns out.  Watch Robert Griffin, III, have a banner night to spite me and avenge his alma mater's lackluster performance in Stillwater. Ouch, the brick hit me in the head.  Ugh.  I'll take two aspirin now please.

Fly-by-night NBA chat
  1. Were we surprised the Lakers beat Sacramento? Nope.
  2. How about the Clippers trouncing the Rose-less Bulls? Nope. I do wish D. Rose a complete recovery from knee surgery later today.  We'll see if he returns to the hardwood this season after waiting it out so long last year.
  3. Surely Phoenix over Orlando in Orlando. Nah, visit Disney World.
  4. OKC whipping up on Utah. Nope.
  5. Maybe the win by Detroit over the Brooklyn Nets? You're kidding, right. Not surprised at all. Give me two more aspirin in four or so hours, and it'll be good.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pros Primer/College Review - November 24, 2013

College Review:
Where did I go wrong? Everywhere critical, apparently!  LSU made mincemeat of my Aggies. Was Manziel distracted by his NFL announcement prior to our post-season bowl appearance?  Let's not have a LeBron James-esque program blocking out prime time television for that, okay?  I won't be watching, and I LOVE my Aggies. I just can't figure out Jonathan Manziel or what makes him tick. Baylor just couldn't get things going their way. No more BCS dreams for them.  The Oregon Ducks really made a poor showing against Arizona. No more BCS dreams for them. The Minnesota Golden Gophers managed one TD, and Arizona State slid by UCLA.  Yikes! 

Professional Match-ups:
  1. The New Orleans Saints can play better than they did in their victory over Atlanta.  They need to practice outside more often.
  2. Tampa Bay heads north to the Motor City and Megatron.  They should just stay home to avoid embarrassment again.
  3. Yawner of the week, one—Pittsburgh visits Cleveland. With the way the seasons of both of these teams going, I feel apathetic about the outcome.  Push.
  4. Carolina hops over to visit the Miami Dolphins who still don't have their act together.  Cam & Co. win.
  5. Joke Reel of the Week:  Jacksonville in Texas to play ball against the Houston Texans.  Security won't have to make sure Mr. Johnson stays on the sidelines this time.  Texans play to the lower common denominator but manage to eke out a victory against the woebegone Jags. Yawn.
  6. The NY Jets make an appearance in Baltimore.  It won't go well for rookie QB Geno Smith against a defense who is trying to forge a new identity in the post-Ray Lewis era.  Ravens win.
  7. Dallas goes to play ball against the resurgent NY Giants.  Yikes. November means things for both teams. Cowboys lose late in the fourth quarter despite leading most of the way.  Eli Manning strikes again.
  8. And the point is? San Diego heads east to visit Kansas City who just lost to Denver and plan to smash whoever is in their path?  Chiefs dominate the Bolts.
  9. Yawner of the week, part deux: Tennessee faces Oakland in Oakland.  The land of the silver and black attack will go home sad? happy? Push.
  10. Indianapolis comes to the desert to play Arizona; they leave tanned and refreshed after temporarily sidelining the Cardinals hopes for a positive post-season. Next week, Cards.  You can peck that Eagle to death.
  11. Chi-Town in Archway City: Bears crush the Rams and have mutton stew for dinner.
  12. Oh yeah, Minnesota Vikings go to Lambeau Field.  Depending on which QB is playing in Green Bay, it's kind of a pushy match-up.  Leaning towards the Vikings but not really concerned.  Yawn number three.
  13. The anticipated match-up of Manning versus Brady 14.0 begins on Sunday night.  I want the Broncos to win, and the Patriots are still miffed about the non-call.  Coach Belichick is creating something nasty for General Peyton's ankle.  Come on , Broncos O-line!
  14. San Francisco comes calling in Washington D.C.  Despite the heroics of sophomore QB Robert Griffin, III, the Niners leave victorious.  This is good news for NFC East buffs.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

College Preview - November 23, 2013

High school playoffs are still big business here in Texas.  Centennial fell to South Oak Cliff and their phenomenal Jordan Stevenson who has already signed for Texas when he graduates in 2015. What a player!  Frisco High defeated Lincoln High School in the playoffs and face Ennis next.  Good luck!

It's college time.

Some of the match-ups make sense.  Others defy logic.  Why have some nearly non-conference level games this late in the season? 
  1. Texas A&M heads to the bayou to face the LSU tigers.  Here's hoping Manziel & co. can make themselves a nice tiger-skin coat or two.  Fingers are crossed for this one.
  2. Baylor heads north to Stillwater to hang out with Pistol Pete.  The bear whips the cowboy and leaves him begging for mercy.
  3. USC visits Colorado and makes mincemeat out the Buffaloes. [Example number one]
  4. Oklahoma will annihilate poor K-State.
  5. Memphis should stay home instead of facing off against Louisville.
  6. Duke is surprising everyone and controlling its own destiny.  Blue Devils beat the Demon Deacons.
  7. Michigan plays rough with Iowa in Iowa. [Example number two]
  8. Why would the Citadel play Clemson? They apparently need the money.  Where's that tiger? Licking his chops.
  9. The Ducks fly south to Arizona and cruise to an easy victory. [Example number three]
  10. Wisconsin thinks it will have an easy time at Minnesota.  Ski-U-Mah!  Gophers surprise them.
  11. Arizona State heads west to see the Bruins at UCLA.  Bruins don't like being poked by the Sun Devils' tridents, so they smash 'em up right.
  12. Indiana dares to visit the Buckeyes from Ohio State University. Tsk. [Example number fou]
  13. SMU treks to South Florida and returns to Big D with an overall record of 5-5 after a win today. Ponies are feeling frisky after downing UCONN last week.
  14. Cal at Stanford? Ha ha ha! Now I am laughing in my coffee.  [Example number five]

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Late Night Ball

In area high school action, the Centennial Titans took on the South Oak Cliff Golden Bears at AT&T Stadium beginning around 9:45 P.M. CST.  At this writing, the score was 35-7 in favor of SOC.  It remains to see how things turn out. This post will be updated once the final seconds expire.  Highland Park beat Kimball High School handily.

Speaking professionally, the Lady picked the Saints to win tonight, and she got that one right.  Either tomorrow or early Saturday will find her predictions for the college match-ups.  More anon.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My, Oh, My!

The sports talking heads will be buzzing about the end of the Panthers-Patriots game. Where to weigh in? Perhaps a Yellow Flag of Shame? I'll tune in once my family awakens.

A Yellow Flag of Shame to the referee who apparently cursed at Redskins' OT Trent Williams.  It was uncalled for if it happened.  Possible Yellow Flag of Shame to Williams.  What happens if he breaks a fingernail during a pass rush?  Will we hear about that? How about a scratch from one of the DEs?

Where the Lady Went Wrong:

  1. The Buccaneers and Falcons' records match after the win on Sunday afternoon.
  2. Who would have guessed that the Bills had so much chutzpah?
  3. The Lions couldn't hold back the Steelers.
  4. The Texans' Andre Johnson walked off the field with one minute of game time left.  Their season has been abysmal at best.
  5. Yergh alert: I picked the Chargers on my Fantasy game but figured the Fins would win.  I should have trusted my instincts late in the week. 

At least the Mavericks won against the Sixers; Mavericks are unbeaten at home. Woo-hoo.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a Finish!

Collegiate Ball

By far the most outstanding play came from the Auburn-Georgia matchup.  The deflected ball arcing to the wide receiver who then ran it in to the end zone defied description.  The Georgia defenders who caused the deflection were sagging balloons on the sideline with their coaches sprawled across the field in agony. Amazing.

The second-best finish goes to the USC Trojans against the Stanford Cardinal who'd owned them the past few years if memory serves me correctly.  A score of 20-17 was the final tally after that field goal that ended the nail-biting-inducing tie.

The Arkansas State Red Wolves, Duke Blue Devils, Maryland Terps, UNC Tarheels, and Central Michigan Chippewas came up with wins I wasn't expecting.  Who knows what week thirteen holds for the college gridiron action?  Time for the pros.

Pro Picks

  1. We know that Indy made Tennessee pay for its previous loss.
  2. NY Jets at Buffalo: After a bye week for Rex Ryan and crew, who knows what will happen? Push.
  3. Baltimore at Chicago: The Ravens fly into the Windy City and hope not to be batted down by some angry Bears. It doesn't seem to favorable for the birdies.
  4. Cleveland in Cincinnati: Similar color schemes but not similar teams. Bengals show the Browns who's the top cat.
  5. Washington at Philadelphia: Hubby wants the Skins to win just to keep the Eagles from nipping at the Cowboys' heels in the NFC East standings.  It pains him to want EITHER team to win. With no 'Boys on this week, NFL Red Zone will still be the place to be.
  6. Detroit at Pittsburgh: The Steelers haven't had much luck during this season, and bad luck continues as Megatron and Stafford romp into town.
  7. Atlanta takes a road trip to Tampa Bay who is thrilled not to be winless.  Atlanta manages to win and begins to bolster their confidence.
  8. Arizona comes to visit the Jags after they won against the Fins.  Yowzah.  Cards crush Jags.
  9. Oakland ventures back east and south a bit to the Houston Texans realm.  Here's hoping Coach Kubiak's return spurs the Texans to new heights and their winning ways.
  10. San Diego makes the brutal cross-country flight to see Miami.  They should just stay at home.  Fins send Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers and crew packing.
  11. San Francisco dares to show up in Who Dat? Land?  Good luck, Niners.  Brees and the Saints make Colin sit on the sidelines taking notes, looking at clipboards, and wondering when he'll get to play again.
  12. The Pack in the Meadowlands against the Giants.  They're playing Dial-A-QB with the injuries; the Giants make Coach Coughlin actually smile.
  13. Let the thumping begin!  Who decided to send Minnesota to face the Seahawks? This will be a slaughter once Marshawn Lynch activates Beast Mode  11.0 for the eleventh week of the regular season.  Sorry, Viking faithful.
  14. The marquee game for Sunday night features General Peyton and the Broncos hosting the last undefeated team--the Kansas City Chiefs.  Von Miller and the Broncos D need to harass Alex Smith.  Broncos's O-line needs to protect that ankle at all costs except penalties and mental mistakes.
  15. Monday Night Football showcases the Panthers and the visiting New England Patriots.  The Panthers think they can, think they can, think they can.  Perhaps they can.
Lady Grid out.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Third Saturday of November

High School Gridiron Action

It's playoff time for high school football with perennial favorites squaring off around the Lone Star State.  Centennial will face South Oak Cliff next Thursday at the rechristened AT&T Stadium.  Cowboys Stadium works better for most, so it's a hard habit to break. Crosstown rival Frisco takes on Lincoln High next week. In 3A action, Burnet advanced in their game and prepare for Kennedale.  Pray for safety and travel mercies as the team, bands, drill teams, fans, etc. travel to neutral sites that can be quite a distance to reach after a day at school in rush hour traffic.

College Roll Call

  1. Auburn will manhandle the Dawgs.  Sit, UGA.
  2. Sparty comes to Nebraska and whips up on the Cornhuskers.
  3. South Carolina hosts the Florida Gators and makes fried gator balls out of them.  I hear they taste like chicken.
  4. More directional Michigan fun with Central at Western.  Push.
  5. The Ohio State University annihilates the Fighting Illini in Illinois.
  6. Michigan dominates Northwestern in a blowout.
  7. Pistol Pete makes a trip south to Austin and beats the 'Horns at their home.  Sorry, Bevo.
  8. Alabama sets the cruise control against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.
  9. Cincinnati dominates the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.
  10. Maryland takes on the Hokies in Hokieland.  Hokies dine on grilled turtle burgers. Do they taste like chicken, too?
  11. Idaho State shouldn't even show up to play BYU. Just saying.  Cougars crush them.
  12. Miami ventures north to Duke and returns home a winner.
  13. UNC goes up against Pitt.  Wretched times are ahead of the Tar Heels.  Pitt wins.
  14. Stanford visits USC and unfortunately wrests a victory from USC at the last second.  This is one that I want to get wrong.  Go, Trojans!
  15. Texas Tech plays Baylor.  Get ready for disappointment, Red Raider Nation.  Bears maul them but good.
  16. Texas State plays Arkansas State at Liberty Bank Stadium. Those feisty Texas State Bobcats leave town with a hard-fought victory.  Red Wolves definitely taste like chicken.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


The Colts caused concerns after spotting the Titans fourteen points in tonight's win.  Victory erases ugly losses.  Fourteen more match-ups await perusal this weekend.  Tune in early Sunday morning.

Andrew McCutchens–a personal favorite–won the NL MVP award with Miguel Cabrera taking home the prize for the AL.  Congratulations, gentlemen!

What is happening with the Brooklyn Nets after their recent string of losses?  Coach Kidd, it's time to marshal the troops into action that translates into more wins in their division.  The season is young; the key players not so much.  The Dallas Mavericks travel to Miami for a game against the Big Three.  Maybe they'll win this one for the fans back home.  Nah.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Check-In: November 13, 2013

Apparently some really great basketball last night took place with the Duke and Kentucky games. Oops! I will have to wait until March to see some of the phenom freshmen on the floor together again.  We'll see how that plays out.  Coach K is spot-on about teams tanking.  Play the game to win.  The current game.

College gridiron action begins on Thursday with Georgia Tech at Clemson.  That tiger will swat the bug flat. In other action, the Marshall Thundering Herd head over to face the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.  Marshall, of course.

Tomorrow night's pro football features Tennessee and Indianapolis.  Colts will erase the bad memories of Sunday with a win; the Titans are reeling from being the Jags' victims.  It should be fun to watch.  Where will Ed Reed land? The New York Jets have shown some interest, but the Dallas Cowboys could always use an experienced defender.  C'est la guerre.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: November 12, 2013

That bargain-basement crystal ball works only when shaken, not stirred.  Tampa Bay and Jacksonville are no longer winless teams.  Miami and Tennessee, respectively, wear lovely egg facials as a result.  This week will probably be business as usual; however, a taste of victory spurs some to achieve even better results.

Time to shake the crystal ball again or play some rochambeau. St. Louis put a beat down on the Colts? The Colts' ineptitude on offense boggles the mind and most likely is an anomaly per Woody Paige.    Cincinnati's crazy reverse running play during overtime earns a Yellow Flag of Shame.  Not to mention a missed field goal kick earlier in the game.  It was not their day to shine, apparently. Two OT losses in a row can rock the confidence in the locker room and on the field.  Next week, Cincy faces fellow Ohio team the Browns.  More anon. 

The Grumpy Old Men (aka the San Antonio Spurs) triumphed in the city of Brotherly Love last night; my son will be smiling over his breakfast bowl.  Celtics and Clippers also won with the Timberwolves not quite searing the deal in LA.  Who can stop the Pacers' undefeated streak?  We'll see if the Bucks have the mojo to hang the first loss on Indiana.  Derrick Rose and Steve Nash have leg (hamstring) problems that need some TLC in order to keep the pace on the boards.

In NCAA women's roundball, the sixteenth-ranked Lady Aggies cruised to a win over UNT, and UCONN showed Stanford why it's ranked number one.  Is it possible that we had a preview for the title game in the NCAA Tournament?  The season's too young to make rash judgments.  The Lady Vols easily handled the UNC team, and Notre Dame sent the Lady Spartans home with a loss.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pro Primer: November 10, 2013

A quick side note about college games on Saturday:  the bargain-basement crystal ball cracked after the unexpected wins and losses all across the nation.  Next week will find another rash of wild collegiate predictions now that LSU couldn't get it done against the Tide.  Other surprises included K-State's triumph in Lubbock, the Hokies thumping the Miami Hurricanes, the Pitt Panthers edging the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Cornhuskers getting past the Michigan Wolverines. Despite the coach's recent firing, Eastern Michigan beat Western Michigan.  Wonders never cease.

Prayers for a thorough recovery for Coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans after his collapse en route to the locker room during half time of the game last week.  Maybe the Texans will win one for the coach.

  1. Seattle Seahawks fly to Atlanta and take care of business as usual.  Seahawks skewer the Falcons.
  2. Detroit drives down to Chicago; Megatron has a phenomenal day in a divisional rivalry game.  Sorry, Bears. Disappointment Daa-bble check!
  3. Philadelphia traipses to Green Bay's Lambeau Field; Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collar bone.  Wondering how this will work out with all of that green on the field. Push.
  4. Jacksonville limps into Tennessee; need anything else be said? They either ooze back south to Florida with yet another loss, or they startle the Titans into being the unwitting first team to lose to them in the 2013-2014 season. Oozing most likely.
  5. St. Louis puts on a brave front in Indianapolis, but the Colts led by Andrew Luck, put a serious beat down on the Rams.
  6. Oakland heads east to play the NY Giants. Survey says--Giants!
  7. Blue Collar Battle: Buffalo in Pittsburgh means smash-mouth football from the shell that remains of the former Steel Curtain.  If they aren't careful, the Bills will muscle them into the loss column again.
  8. Cincinnati comes to Baltimore to play the defending Super Bowl Champions who have suffered through a post-success hangover like nobody's business.  Cincy piles it on.
  9. Carolina jumps across the continent to San Francisco.  Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman really want to meet Cam Newton.  They will get their chance at least one or two times as Colin Kaepernick struts his stuff in a nice little home stand.
  10. Houston issues a challenge to Arizona in their desert meeting.  The New QB for the Texans ought to pay attention to Patrick Peterson. Arian Foster is out; Texans win an emotional victory despite it all.
  11. Denver crosses the Rocky Mountains to sun themselves in San Diego. Broncos trounce the Bolts unless the Bolts have really studied how to rattle General Peyton.  Go, Broncos!
  12. Dallas in NOLA to face the Saints means they face the sea of black and gold, the Who Dat? Patrol, and Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, etc.  
  13. Florida Fight Time: Miami at winless Tampa Bay.  With all of the recent distractions in the locker room, Tampa Bay makes the Fins feel foolish as they escape with their first win of the season.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Play Ball! - November 9, 2013

Plano East went down against Plano West and ended their season at .500.  Ouch-a-rooey!  The next year brings rebuilding, a new group of students, and perhaps some more success on the gridiron field for the black and gold.  The Centennial Titans are undisputed district champs and head to Allen Eagle Stadium to take on Creekview next Thursday. Go, Titans!

Duke and KU won handily with some great help from their star freshmen–Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, respectively.  ESPN had a great article about Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils.  Krzyzewski is a legend and a person worth admiring.  He can coach some basketball and works some magic with his teams.

College Game Predictions

Gaze into the crystal ball, and see more crystals.  Gaze too closely, and find some dust.  Move along.  Some matchups puzzle the Lady. She's still not headed to Vegas to place wagers of any kind and cannot stop smiling about the Sooners' recent loss against the Baylor Machine.  It had to be mentioned again. Baylor must have some type of defense in addition to its offense.  Baylor is still undefeated.  Perhaps FSU will take down Alabama in the BCS Bowl. It is time to put the crystal ball away for the week.

  1. Texas Tech demolishes the visiting Kansas State Wildcats.  KSU seemed to have a decent start to the season in non-conference play, and they held Baylor to under forty points.  Two commanding wins over conference rivals make them strut around campus a bit. The Red Raider Nation awaits them and will remind them who's boss.
  2. Notre Dame trounces the Pittsburgh Panthers.  Who put this schedule together for Pitt?  Illegal Game Number One.
  3. The Virginia Tech Hokies, still reeling from last week's loss to BC, face the sore-from-a-thrashing-last week Miami Hurricanes? Sebastian will have a nice meal of roasted turkey.
  4. BYU comes to Wisconsin and leaves licking their wounds.  Badgers reign supreme in tough fights because they dig in and take all comers.
  5. The Fresno State Bulldogs head off to face the Wyoming Cowboys and their interesting color scheme of brown and yellow.  Yergh.  Bulldogs win.
  6. The Longhorns head east to WVU; the Mountaineers hope to be Antaeus at home and even out their record.  Horns thump the Mountaineers.
  7. Wake Forest has to play Florida State this weekend? Illegal Game Number Two.  Get ready for the annual Thump-A-Thon.  Tsk.
  8. After suffering another loss, Iowa State hopes to redeem itself against TCU Horned Frogs.  The Frogs have the mojo on their side this week.  Sorry, Cyclones, but you will continue the winless tradition in the Big XII.
  9. Penn State wants a piece of the Minnesota Golden Gophers; these are the same Gophers who made Nebraska regret their confidence in an "easy win" not so long ago.  Ski-U-Mah!
  10. The UCLA Bruins make a side trip to Arizona for a duel in the desert against the Arizona Wildcats; Bruins wallop the Wildcats.
  11. Meanwhile, the Arizona State Sun Devils hike it north to see the Utah Utes.  The Utes will add intrigue to the contest; however, the Sun Devils add another "W" to their record.
  12. Nebraska heads northeast to Michigan, the same Michigan team who suffered a mind-numbing defeat at the hands of State last week.  Whoa, Nellie.  This ought to be a good one. Wolverines take the Huskers short-lived joy away.
  13. Western Michigan journeys to Eastern Michigan for a game.   One team will eventually win and get that second win for the season.  Western ekes out a victory against Eastern, perhaps.   Yawn.
  14. LSU Tigers make a road trip to go up against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Lady sports purple today in hopes of supporting the Tigers vicariously in their quest to knock off 'Bama.  Geaux Tigers. The Tide will roll, again.  Sigh.  Maybe Nick Saban should relocate somewhere else if winning proves too tiresome.
  15. Mississippi State plans to test Texas A&M University at A&M's final home game this season at Kyle Field.  Aggies win.  Sorry, MSU!

Lady Grid out.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Warm-Up: November 8, 2013 Edition

Who would have predicted the wild outcomes of Thursday Night College Football with the Oregon Ducks' roasting by Stanford and the Baylor Bears' mauling of the Oklahoma Sooners? No more BCS dreams for you, Ducks, unless a great deal of upsets and hocus pocus occurs to put them anywhere near the running.  That won't happen.

The Vikings beat the Redskins? They certainly did.  NFC East fans of a certain Texas team are rejoicing over their coffee mugs and celebrating the further erosion of a team that played with some real courage and stamina last year.

Plano East takes on Plano West tonight at Kimbrough Stadium.  Here is hoping that another post-game brawl doesn't break out at the Whataburger like last week.  The Centennial Titans host the Heritage Coyotes at Toyota Stadium (formerly FC Dallas Stadium).  It's Friday Night and time for some football in the Lone Star State.

I agree that Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schroder should have been banned at least one game for taking a cheap shot at Sacramento Kings' center DeMarcus Cousins.  Low blows are so unnecessary.  Get through the screen the right way.

Lakers edge the Rockets in Houston.  Hmm.  Clippers couldn't contain Dwyane Wade.  How will the Mavericks fare in Miami in one week? If LeBron James' back is better, and the other two "big three" players are on, then Mavs will probably have a tough time on the road. 

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mixed Bag of Tricks

It's been a busy week at work, and I finally was able to watch PTI and Around the Horn tonight after being too busy to view each of my new favorite programs. C'est la guerre!  Did you hear about the husband who tasered his wife after she lost the bet for the Packers-Bears game?  My husband and I don't take such bets now or any time in the near or distant future.

The Dolphins will eventually figure out what went awry between Incognito and Martin and their working relationship as such.  It's a mess that I cannot address because I don't have the particulars.  What little that has leaked out seems awful, but once again, I don't know each party personally.

Is he or isn't he? Will Nick Saban get itchy feet and move to Austin, Texas, to coach the Longhorns? Don't they already have a coach with Mack Brown? Don't they have a decent record (6-2) in their conference? Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? I don't have the answers either.

Washington (3-5) plays Minnesota (1-7) tomorrow night at Mall of America Field.  I don't know if the Vikings can work some magic before their hometown crowd or not.  Perhaps Robert Griffin, III, will be true to his form of last year and put a hurting on an already beleaguered defense.  Too many injuries cause too many holes.  Redskins win on the road.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

College Wrap-Up/Pro Picks - November 3, 2013

College Ball

First things first: prayers for Tra Carson, the Texas A&M University running back who suffered some type of head and neck trauma in Saturday night's game against UTEP. Kyle Field was noiseless as thousands of eyes focused on the prone form of a young football player. He moved his hands and feet, so this is a good sign, but pray for a complete recovery.

1.  The VT Hokies were upstaged by BC Eagles. Fail.
2.  The Florida State Seminoles made a case for the BCS geniuses.
3.  The Fighting Irish edged the Midshipmen.
4.  Sparty thrashed the visiting Wolverines like nobody's business.
5.  The Air Force Falcons rolled over the Army.
6.  Ohio State blanked the Boilermakers.
7.  UNC surprised the Wolf Pack Nation with a victory on the road.
8.  The Jayhawks made that unnecessary journey.
9.  Texas State wore out the Vandals.
10. Arkansas put up some nice points, but they were too little, too late against the Auburn War Eagle.
11.  Texas Tech suffered a loss at home to Pistol Pete and the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
12.  Poor Tennessee couldn't even get a touchdown against the powerful Missouri Tigers.

Pro Football

Prayers go out to John Fox as he recovers from a cardiac episode.  His assistants will do their best; however, without the main coach, it will be tough for the Broncos.  I am thankful that doctors were able to take care of him quickly.

There are a few games that even I want to turn away from this week.  Some of the pairings almost defy description, but I will throw in my two cents anyway. I am feeling pushy about a few but will make a call when forced.  Miami stunned Cincinnati. In Cincinnati. With a safety no less.  That has only happened twice before according to the sports experts. 
  1. Minnesota Vikings come to Dallas led by Christian Ponder.  The Cowboys need to play above the level of their opponent and not do this "meeting of the minds" business that has them looking mediocre at best and inept at worst.
  2. Kansas City takes its show on the road to Buffalo to pound on the Bills.  KC wins.
  3. Say It Isn't So Game Number One:  The St. Louis Rams host the Tennessee Titans. I don't think I can watch this one.  If the two teams score more than thirty points combined, I will be shocked.
  4. New Orleans heads up north for a little game against the New York Jets.  The Saints whip the Jets. Who dat?
  5. Say It Isn't So Game Number Two:  San Diego squares off against the Washington Redskins in the nation's capital.  This is another one I won't want to see because both teams have behaved in an average fashion despite the 'Skins strong efforts against the Broncos a while back.  Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers versus Robert Griffin, III? Push.
  6. Atlanta plays conference rival Carolina in Carolina. Will the Falcons finally start to show their potential and beat a team on the road? Will Tony G. and Matt R. light up the skies with offensive fireworks? What do you think will happen?
  7. Say It Isn't So Game Number Three:  Tampa Bay flew out west to get grounded and pounded by the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe they'll get some offense going once Pete Carroll puts in his second-string players. This game should be illegal in fifty states.
  8. Philadelphia will give Oakland a run for their money.  The Raider faithful will give them a hissing reception as Oakland ekes out a victory after some crazy turnovers.
  9. Baltimore ventures to Cleveland and the legendary Dawg Pound.  Cleveland has the only NFL sanctioned fan club in the league.  Wow. 
  10. Pittsburgh journeys to  New England.  Will the real Tom Brady show up? Will his receivers catch ball? Will the Steelers pull off an upset against the now struggling Patriots? Patriots win.
  11. Indianapolis Colts make a call on the Houston Texans.  It won't be a friendly chat time amongst old friends.  JJ Watt will have a great day, but he is on defense and cannot carry the offense.  Colts obliterate the Texans.
  12. A Jay Cutler-less Chicago team leaves the Windy City to try to beat the Green Bay Packers who are undefeated at home this year so far.  Get ready to hear "Bang the Drum" as the receiving corps does the Lambeau Leap for the rabid Packer faithful.  If you don't believe me, try to buy season tickets in Green Bay.  Har har har.

If you saw ESPN's Around the Horn on Thursday, October 31, then you know that Israel Gutierrez channeled Justin Bieber a little too well.  Just saying.

Lady Grid out.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nearly the Midnight Hour

The Plano East Panthers suffered another loss this week.  This time it was to McKinney Boyd.  It's time for rebuilding, boys.  The Centennial Titans eked out a victory in a close match with The Colony.  The USC Trojans dominated the Oregon State Beavers, and at the time of this writing, the Spurs were making life interesting for the Lakers out in Los Angeles.  The Mavericks suffered a loss to Houston in Houston.  Tomorrow is another day.  We wait five months for baseball to get started again.