Sunday, December 21, 2014

Egg Facial Time - Ugh

I cannot believe that all three of my picks were wrong for the professional games yesterday.  Yellow Flag of Shame to me that looks like an egg facial.  Ugh.  I can’t resist choosing sides again.

  1. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins – Teddy Bridgewater is my rookie QB favorite, but Ryan Tannehill, a former Texas A&M player, dominates the day.  Fins win.
  2. Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans – Joe Flacco leads the Ravens’ scoring and sends the Texans below .500.
  3. Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears – Megatron has a mammoth day against a defense that is a sieve. Lions win.
  4. Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Manziel have a higher QB rating than last week’s 1.0, but the Panthers defense will give him a hard time. Even with a banged-up Cam Newton, the Panthers are favored to win.
  5. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints – Yawn fest for me although the Saints are projected to win; their home record says otherwise.  Who Dat? Oy vey. I’m going to pick the Saints and take a nap.
  6. Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bay Battlefest with the Packers taking out their frustrations from a road loss to the Bills last week.  Sorry, Tampa Bay!  Very few cannon blasts today.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers – KC started out so well and has sputtered a bit; the Steelers want to keep the dream alive and have a knack of making opponents pay at Heinz Field.  Steelers smash ‘em.
  8. New England Patriots at New York Jets – If the Jets’ record were reversed, this might be interesting. As it is, Pretty Boy will get the opportunity to chat up his lovely wife and make dinner plans for their favorite haunt during fourth quarter because Coach Belichick will have to call off the dogs.  Patriots paste the Yets.
  9. Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders – Bills ride in high after their win over the Packers last week.  The Raiders just won’t be able to muster up that third victory.
  10. New York Giants at St. Louis Rams – Eli Manning is a nice guy, and I respect that he has two Super Bowl rings; however, the Rams will be ready for some good old-fashioned smash-mouth football.  Rams roll the G-men.
  11. Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys – We know that the ‘Boys need to win one of the next two games for playoff considerations.  This isn’t that game.  Andrew Luck hooks up with his talented WR corps to burn the Dallas D on a couple of big, jaw-dropping plays that will make the highlight reel.  Sigh.  Colts cudgel the Cowboys. Save your strength for next week!
  12. Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals – with the revolving door at QB in Arizona, they’ve managed to mount an impressive record and still keep on winning.  I think the Seahawks will wreak havoc in this aerial duel.  Defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks soar over the Cardinals, unfortunately.
  13. Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals – Peyton Manning remains on my fantasy team despite his illness and injury last week.  You don’t mess with the General.  The Bengals are riding the high of the recent drubbing of in-state rival Cleveland, but this fixes their little red wagon. Broncos bust up the Bengals.

College Bowl update: 4-1 on picks so far. I was 5-0 here but chose Colorado State on my ESPN account.  Go figure. 

Lady Grid out.

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