Monday, January 20, 2014

The Lady Smiles

My NFL playoff bracket had the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks.  I still won't go to Las Vegas to play the odds, but bragging rights can be fun as long as one isn't obnoxious about it.  Some of my students will see a smile on my face tomorrow, but they won't hear any taunting of any sort.  In the past when Texas A&M was in the SWC and then Big XII and beat Texas, I simply wore a shirt/sweater with the logo and went about my business. I never mentioned the game's result or became overly emotional. I have neither Seattle Seahawks nor Denver Broncos gear and wont' purchase any.  When the Super Bowl kicks off, I will be cheering for General Peyton who came back after multiple surgeries and had an epic season capped off by defeating one of his best rivals out there. I will hear some of the hype and hooplah that comes along with Super Bowl XLVIII; I just won't listen to all of it.


Kevin Durant is a boss after a career-high fifty-four  points scored in a game against the Golden State Warriors and then scoring thirty last night against the Sacramento Kings.  He is definitely one to watch.  My son Ninja Boy will watch the Spurs-Thunder game's results on Wednesday night when the Thunder come to San Antonio to play some hoops.  The Magic were happy to notch up their first win of 2014 after suffering a ten-game losing streak.  Ouch.

You know I'll be tuned in to Around the Horn and PTI this afternoon.  Woody Paige was the only columnist to pick correctly on Around the Horn; I will be curious to see how many points are deducted from the writers who did not pick correctly.  Fear the chalkboard, baby!

Lady Grid out.

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