Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Lady Returns!

I've spent several Sundays happily watching NFL Redzone and then belatedly realized I hadn't posted a single syllable about the current NFL and NCAA Football seasons.  The drought ends today!
  1. Megatron is still one of my favorite receivers.  I have him on my fantasy team; when he has bad days, I don't post ugly words on Twitter or any other social media.  That's bad manners.
  2. The NFC South. Yellow Flag of Shame for the entire division with those abysmal records. Nothing more needs to be said until next year.  I do pray for Cam Newton to make a complete recovery after the automobile accident on Tuesday.  My son is still a fan.
  3. Peyton Manning may have ended his streak of games with a TD pass at 51, but the General is still tops in my book.  He is such a student of the game and worthy of so many accolades.  He's still one of my QBs on my team.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record. I need to pinch my arm again.  The Dallas Cowboys have a winning record.  They may actually make the playoffs.  I need to pinch my other arm.  Ouch! Back in August, I made some predictions that were less than flattering.  It's nice to be wrong.
  5. C.J. Anderson is an incredible running back!  I think I'll keep him for my team.  
  6. Ryan Succop is a reliable kicker, but I think I'll go with whoever is playing the Jags or Redskins this week.  Limber up, dude!
  7. J.J. Watt is my boy, and he tickles me by catching those TD passes.  I'm not sure how the Texans will fare against the Colts O-line this weekend.
  8. For Thursday Night Football, the St. Louis Rams host the Arizona Cardinals.  I think the Cards will at least keep the Rams from shutting out three straight opponents, and I hope they win.  Go Cards!
Lady Grid out.

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