Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Technical issues with the computer have kept me away from my keyboard, but I've been watching my shows Around the Horn and PTI without fail.  A self-portrait in the throne room is classless and tasteless, J. Winston.  You're on the national championship team and need some schooling about appropriate protocol. A Yellow Flag of Shame to you!

I know of a couple of students who are unhappy about the performance of their beloved Miami Heat in New York.  Two losses in a row on the road for the Heat won't really matter much when the post-season starts. They will be in the thick of things, no doubt.  I want Blake Griffin to continue improving his game, not just the video-worthy dunks.  They beat the Lakers by thirty-six points.  Whoa, Nellie!

You already know who I pick to win on Saturday and Sunday for the NFL divisional playoffs.  Just a quick refresher won't hurt. I am favoring the home teams this week, once again.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 3:35 P.M.:  Saints vs. Seahawks

I think the Saints will ride in after beating the Eagles in Philadelphia, but they won't overcome Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the crowd.  The ONLY 12th Man I acknowledge is from Texas A&M University; accept no substitutes.  His name was E. King Gill; we have a statue commemorating him and his willingness to step on the field as the original 12th man.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 7:15 P.M.:  Colts vs. Patriots

Let's see, Bill Belichick is the head coach for New England; Tom Brady is the quarterback for New England; these guys know how to win even without having marquee receivers.  I like Andrew Luck's style, but the Indy defense makes you have to play catch-up football.  No thanks.  Patriots win.

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 12:05 P.M.:  49ers vs. Panthers

I've been listening to talk all week: Cam or Kap?  Which young QB inspires me as a football fan? Whose defense is going to show up to harass our young game managers?  I think the Panthers have had a nice rest getting ready to send Kap packing. My son Ninja Boy is a Panthers fan who lives in Texas.  Go figure. Being a good Mama, I  picked them on my bracket. My fingers are crossed, and I may be too nervous to watch the game when Kaepernick dons his greasy jersey. I truly believe his soaks his jersey in some type of oil that keeps him out of defenders' grasping hands.  It is maddening!

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 3:40 P.M.:  Chargers vs. Broncos

General Peyton is marshaling the troops to take on Mr. Bolo aka Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers.  The Broncos have to really want it and find ways to stop Mr. Bolo.  Peyton has never beaten these guys in the playoffs, yet.  It's time to take advantage of being at home, boys.  The Chargers are hungry; the Broncos have to cut off the buffet.

Lady Grid out.

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