Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bulldogs Have Their Day

Collegiate Gridiron Wrap-Up

Both Mississippi teams won their games yesterday, and the one against my beloved Aggies was hard to stomach. Bo Wallace had a banner night. Aggies have to travel to play Alabama in Alabama. After the Tide's super-tight victory over the Razorbacks, I hope someone will watch the video on how to hold these guys back and make them suffer a loss at home.  Coach Stoops and his Sooners didn't suffer back-to-back losses in their win over Texas.  Elsewhere, the also number three ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs made mincemeat out of Auburn. I wonder if they'll split the "twins" this week when rankings come out. I think they'll be number two at the lowest and number one if everyone decides to bump Florida State down after their expected win over Syracuse Orange. I don't have a vote, and if I did, even I am not certain how the chips would fall.  On to the pros.

Pros Match-up

  1. The Tennessee Titans will tune up the Jacksonville Jaguars unless that spark of brilliance shines forth for the winless ones.
  2. Baltimore Ravens fly down to Tampa Bay to avoid the cannon fire.  Ravens win.
  3. Denver Broncos led by the General ride in to face the beleaguered New York Jets. I think Manning will reach or beat Favre’s touchdown mark today.
  4. My beloved Megatron’s injuries have hampered my fantasy football team’s performance, but his brethren won’t be kind to the Minnesota Vikings.  Lions roar.
  5. The Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots who are resurging after last week’s victory. Pats dominate.
  6. Cat fight! The Cincy Bengals invited the Carolina Panthers for lunch. I can’t even make a decision on this one, and I want to see a good game, not a blow-out. Push.
  7. The other Ohio team plays the Pittsburgh Steelers and will give them a good run for their money early but fade in the end. Same old same old.
  8. The last early game features the Green Bay Packers savoring some warmer temperatures in Miami against the Dolphins. The Dolphins won’t roll over and play dead, but they just may surprise the Cheeseheads.  Go Fins!
  9. Late game action starts off with San Diego in Oakland in an all-California battle of gridiron. Peck’s Bad Boy Phil Rivers laughs his way to a trouncing of the Raiders.
  10. How do Bears fight Falcons? We’ll see how Jay Cutler and company fare down south in the Peach State. It’s time for a Dirty Bird Miracle, but it won’t happen.
  11. The Washington Redskins visit the Arizona Cardinals to find out how to lose in the desert. As Darth Vader says, “All too easy.”
  12. I didn’t forget my “hometown” team the Dallas Cowboys out in Seattle against the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. I just think it may be too painful to watch them implode after a promising 4-1 start to the season. That crowd noise defies description, and no, it is NOT the true 12th Man the Spirit of Aggieland. Go ‘Boys!
  13. In an NFC East game that has the New York Giants hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love, expect some hard hits and the Eagles to step up to the plate and edge the Giants.

Lady Grid out.

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