Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday Night Lights - September 26, 2014 Edition

Friday Night Lights come early for the Frisco Centennial Titans in the form of a Thursday night game against cross-town rivals Frisco High School Raccoons.  Go Titans!  My mother’s alma mater, the Lincoln High School Tigers, will have a non-conference game on Friday night against Lake Worth.  Go Tigers! My high school alma mater Plano East Senior High will be idle this week in order to prepare for a game against McKinney Boyd on Friday, October 3.  My husband’s high school, McAllen Memorial, will travel to La Joya for a game on Friday evening.  Go Mustangs! My father's high school, Manual Arts in Los Angeles, will be playing against Firebaugh.  Go, Toilers!

Lady Grid out.

MLB Post-Season

Things are looking interesting for the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals as they compete to win their division.  Best of luck to both teams over the next five days.  It's too bad they don't play one another during this time.  My Texas Rangers had entirely too many losses. Sigh. Here's hoping we have a good manager next year. Despite Mr. Washington's recent resignation, I must say that he was entertaining and engaging during his tenure. I do wish him well in his next chapter of life.  Lady Grid out.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Weekend of September

Cue Earth, Wind, and Fire. Ba-de-ya! Say do you remember? Ba-de-ya? Dancing in September? Now it's stuck in your mind, too.  You're welcome.

High School Action:

1. Burnet hosts Wylie (Abilene) tonight in Burnet.  I am pulling for Burnet Bulldogs to win over the Wylie Bulldogs.
2. Frisco Centennial hosts Lake Dallas tonight. Let's hope the Titans are able to carve out a victory against a winless Lake Dallas team.
3. Plano East battles Dallas Jesuit in non-conference play. Go, Panthers!
4. Unfortunately, the Lincoln High School (Dallas) Tigers weren't able to put together a win against Hillcrest, but they're hopeful for Samuell High School in one week.  Go, Tigers!

Just as a sidebar for the pros: I am impressed with the front office of the Cincinnati Bengals for prizing family above football.  Class act! Prayers for a complete recovery for DT Devon Still who was cut by the team but re-signed to the practice squad. This allows him to help pay for his daughter's cancer treatment.

In MLB news, Texas Rangers' manager Ron Washington has resigned.  Best wishes, Mr. Washington.  We know you tried to work some more post-season magic, but that team has decided to revert to its earlier pre-Washington and Nolan Ryan as president form and T-A-N-K.  My Papaw will be rolling in his grave again. Ugh.

College picks will be posted tomorrow, I've decided. Lady Grid out.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mama is a Happy, Happy Girl!

The college football weekend made me smile last week, and I am no less joyous about the professionals getting underway in Seattle tonight.  I will put forth my predictions about high school, college, and professional action tomorrow.  This picture says it all.

Lady Grid out.