Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to "Normal"

Ah, the smell of pigskin wafts through the air, and I am a happy, happy girl.  My husband, son, and I have resumed out annual brag-fest through ESPN's College Pick'Em game.  We'll join up with Pigskin Pick 'Em and talk trash about each other's choices and weekly scores.  The winner gets bragging rights but no free dinner or chores completed. Here is how I picked for the week. Some games are still in progress, so I'll recap tomorrow when all are finalized.

  1. A&M vs. South Carolina - hoped for a win and was rewarded despite not realizing that I actually do have the SEC Network on my cable provider. I discovered it today while joyfully looking at the guide which indicated that multiple games were in session.  That is a relief.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas - Auburn prevailed as hoped
  3. USC vs. Fresno State - Tommy Trojan trounces them but good.
  4. FSU vs. Oklahoma State - Pistol Pete gets thumped by the Seminoles
  5. Wisconsin vs. LSU - The Tigers skin the Badgers.
  6. Clemson vs. the Dawgs - Dawgs win.
  7. Alabama vs. WVU - Tide rolls.
  8. Penn State vs. UCF Knights - Nittany Lions knock out the Knights.
  9. UNT vs. Texas - Longhorns will be happy about beating up on the Mean Green (Eagles).
  10. California vs. Northwestern - I figured the Wildcats would edge the Golden Bears.  Nope!
  11. UCLA vs. Virginia - Bruins win over Cavaliers.
  12. Ohio State vs. Navy Midshipmen - I wanted the sailors to win, but that was a bust. 

The Texas Rangers have the WORST record in the MLB, and although they're still my favorite MLB team, I've had nothing to write about recently.  Sigh. Lady Grid out.

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