Monday, December 29, 2014

Black Monday Indeed

Good morning, glories!  So far, we've seen the NY Jets, San Francisco 49ers, and the Chicago Bears experience coaching and front office changes.  The majority of those were firings with the exception of University of Michigan's newest coach, Jim Harbaugh.  Wow.  I wonder if more movement will take place and who will assume these new roles of leadership.  My best wishes to those who have been let go; I pray they land well.

The regular season has concluded, and now the "second season" of the NFL begins on Saturday after that Steelers-Bengals game.  Congratulations to all division winners, including my son's beloved Panthers.  We'll take a look at the match-ups later, and I will be certain to let you know who I favor to win.

My alma mater plays in the Liberty Bowl against West Virginia University.  I am picking the Aggies to win this one.  Lady Grid out.

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