Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Wee Bit of Baseball

Sunday Games (Not started at press time)

  • Arizona at San Diego
  • Kansas City at Minnesota
  • Texas at Detroit


  • Minnesota at Baltimore
  • Kansas City at NY Yankees
  • Colorado at Philadelphia
  • Cleveland at Cincinnati
  • LA Angels at Tampa Bay
  • Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  • San Francisco at ChiCubs
  • Detroit at Houston
  • ChiSox at Arizona

NBA Conference Finals
Oh, yeah, the Cavs host the Celtics tonight. Just mark the win for them. This is B-O-R-I-N-G.

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back to the Garden?

I rarely post twice in one day, but I could not juxtapose my previous post with this one.


Wednesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.375, tsk!
  1. St. Louis at Miami
  2. Baltimore at Washington
  3. Cleveland at Toronto
  4. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  5. San Diego at Texas
  6. Boston at Milwaukee
  7. Detroit at Arizona
  8. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers - push

Thursday Slate of Games:
  1. Red Sox at Brewers
  2. Royals at Rays
  3. Astros at Yankees
  4. Orioles at Nationals
  5. Mariners at Blue Jays
  6. Padres at Rangers
  7. Twins at White Sox
  8. Dodgers at Rockies
  9. Pirates at Diamondbacks
  10. Tigers at Angels
  11. Reds at Giants


I was right about the Boston Celtics winning in the Garden. We'll see if the Rockets have the same home court advantage or lose in front of their biggest fans tonight.

Spurs at Rockets in the Toyota Center in Houston

Lady Grid out.

Grief for Chris Berman

My condolences to Chris Berman and his children who are now without the stellar presence of his wife of over 33 years, Kathy. As many of you know, Mrs. Berman was killed in an automobile accident on Tuesday. She was a school teacher. Please pray for them as they navigate the unspeakable ocean of grief in future days.

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Better Late Than Never!

Yep, state testing consumed my life for two days, and then I spent a couple of hours bringing my room back to its former decorated glory. The Lady is tired but happy.  I'll just pick the evening games that have not started at press time.


  1. St. Louis at Miami
  2. Baltimore at Washington
  3. Cleveland at Toronto
  4. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  5. San Diego at Texas
  6. Boston at Milwaukee
  7. Detroit at Arizona
  8. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers - I don't want to pick the winner since I grew up loving the Dodgers but have become a Pirates fan due to Andrew McCutchen  and his cronies' dance celebrations. Please, Sterling Marte, stay in shape during your suspension. You are needed.  I love Joc Pederson, Yasmani Grandal, Clayton Kershaw, et al and desperately miss the voice of the Dodgers - Vin Scully!!!!!! Play to a tie, boys. Keep the Lady happy. Play well. Even with Maeda on the hill tonight. He had a bad night a few outings ago. I hope he does well.


Washington at Boston

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Saturday in May


  1. Red Sox at Twins
  2. Blue Jays at Rays
  3. Indians at Royals
  4. White Sox at Orioles
  5. Nationals at Phillies
  6. Brewers at Pirates
  7. Cardinals at Braves
  8. Giants at Reds
  9. Marlins at Mets
  10. Yankees at Cubs
  11. Diamondbacks at Rockies
  12. Dodgers at Padres
  13. Tigers at Athletics
  14. Astros at Angels
  15. Rangers at Mariners


Cleveland is up 3-0. Yawn.
San Antonio is up 2-1. Hmm.

  • Golden State vs. Utah

Head Scratcher

Who charges $495 for a pair of athletic shoes that will wear out just like my $30 pair from Walmart?

Yellow Flag of Shame goes to Lonzo Ball's outspoken father, the Mouth. Just. Be. Quiet.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day - MLB Day!!

MLB - Monday, May 1, 2017

  1. Baltimore at Boston
  2. Toronto at NY Yankees
  3. Cleveland at Detroit
  4. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  5. Tampa Bay at Miami
  6. NY Mets at Atlanta
  7. Philadelphia at ChiCubs
  8. Texas at Houston
  9. ChiSox at Kansas City
  10. Milwaukee at St. Louis
  11. San Francisco at LA Dodgers

Lady Grid out.