Monday, January 20, 2014

The Lady Smiles

My NFL playoff bracket had the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks.  I still won't go to Las Vegas to play the odds, but bragging rights can be fun as long as one isn't obnoxious about it.  Some of my students will see a smile on my face tomorrow, but they won't hear any taunting of any sort.  In the past when Texas A&M was in the SWC and then Big XII and beat Texas, I simply wore a shirt/sweater with the logo and went about my business. I never mentioned the game's result or became overly emotional. I have neither Seattle Seahawks nor Denver Broncos gear and wont' purchase any.  When the Super Bowl kicks off, I will be cheering for General Peyton who came back after multiple surgeries and had an epic season capped off by defeating one of his best rivals out there. I will hear some of the hype and hooplah that comes along with Super Bowl XLVIII; I just won't listen to all of it.


Kevin Durant is a boss after a career-high fifty-four  points scored in a game against the Golden State Warriors and then scoring thirty last night against the Sacramento Kings.  He is definitely one to watch.  My son Ninja Boy will watch the Spurs-Thunder game's results on Wednesday night when the Thunder come to San Antonio to play some hoops.  The Magic were happy to notch up their first win of 2014 after suffering a ten-game losing streak.  Ouch.

You know I'll be tuned in to Around the Horn and PTI this afternoon.  Woody Paige was the only columnist to pick correctly on Around the Horn; I will be curious to see how many points are deducted from the writers who did not pick correctly.  Fear the chalkboard, baby!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day

Today the decisions about who heads to Super Bowl XLVIII are determined. Will the home team prevail in both games? Will the road team fight their way into the championship? I cannot answer those questions with any type of certainty; however, I will tell who I want to win.

NFC: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners–The Seahawks are truly formidable at home with that feisty secondary.  If Russell Wilson has a great day avoiding the clutches of the hands of Bowman and Willis, he should lead them to victory.

AFC:  Denver Broncos  vs. New England Patriots–I understand that even if Belichick dresses poorly, he is a worthy opponent.  Coach Fox has a fabulous quarterback and some defensive players who will need to step up to beat the Patriots who haven't had a really good road record in regular season.


Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If At First You Don't Win, Sue 'Em!

Litigious people are a menace on the face of the Earth.  Alex Rodriguez is one of them.  I understand he wants to play and can talk baseball back and forth like nobody's business; however, there comes a time when you have to admit that you won't win every fight or game.  I am still throwing the Yellow Flag of Shame until it is proven that I must take it back.

Last item for MLB:  Have you seen Clark the new Cubs' mascot? We'll see if he helps the beleaguered ball club succeed in the coming season.

College Hoops:

It is surreal to see the number twenty-three next to Duke in the rankings.  Absolutely surreal.  I must still be asleep.  I like Coach K because he has a marvelous work ethic, and he is just cool.  I am not a Blue Devils' fan by any stretch of the imagination, but if I hear about Coach K in the news, I perk up right away to see what he is saying or doing.

Another item of note in the surreal category is UCONN upending Baylor at home last night.  The ladies' team had boasted a sixty-nine game winning streak at Ferrell Center in Waco.  I know they will get back on track, but wow.

The Lady Aggies (#25 in AP) are 3-0 in conference play.  Whoop!  They play against South Carolina on Thursday at Reed Arena.  While I won't be physically present to cheer for them, I will still want them to win and play their best.  Gig 'em, Aggies!

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Wrap-Up: January 12, 2014

NFL Post-Season

We watched the game with Daddy yesterday.  He told Ninja Boy, "Don't bet against Tom Brady!" He was so right.  The Patriots ended Indianapolis' quest for another trip to the Super Bowl; however, Andrew Luck is an exciting player.  He needs more protection from the offensive line so that we don't see him become a walking roll of medical tape.

The New Orleans Saints made things happen and interesting for good while during yesterday's contest.  They unearthed the offense's shortcomings for future contenders to see.  We'll see how things go.  I saw that Marshawn Lynch activated "beast mode" as he stiff-armed a defender trying to keep him from the final touchdown.  Poor guy.  I agree with Terry Blount who says that phrase "they find a way to win" is a theme for the team.


MLB News

Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the entire season.  If he had "quit while he was ahead" and stopped fussing, I think they might have been a bit more lenient, but he kept pushing, squawking, and grabbing headlines. Now there's a loophole allowing him to attend spring training (aka the Grapefruit League) in mid-February.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to you for not letting it go.  I am not a Yankees' fan; I am also wondering how well a forty-year old will perform after being out of the game.  Knowing him, he'll find some judge who will grant an injunction suspending the suspension and allowing him to play.  It's that kind of sneakiness that makes me a member of the "I am Not an Alex Rodriguez" fan club.  When I was growing up and was told "no," it meant "no."  There weren't negotiations and machinations to dance around.  Ah, he gets another one for good measure.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Technical issues with the computer have kept me away from my keyboard, but I've been watching my shows Around the Horn and PTI without fail.  A self-portrait in the throne room is classless and tasteless, J. Winston.  You're on the national championship team and need some schooling about appropriate protocol. A Yellow Flag of Shame to you!

I know of a couple of students who are unhappy about the performance of their beloved Miami Heat in New York.  Two losses in a row on the road for the Heat won't really matter much when the post-season starts. They will be in the thick of things, no doubt.  I want Blake Griffin to continue improving his game, not just the video-worthy dunks.  They beat the Lakers by thirty-six points.  Whoa, Nellie!

You already know who I pick to win on Saturday and Sunday for the NFL divisional playoffs.  Just a quick refresher won't hurt. I am favoring the home teams this week, once again.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 3:35 P.M.:  Saints vs. Seahawks

I think the Saints will ride in after beating the Eagles in Philadelphia, but they won't overcome Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the crowd.  The ONLY 12th Man I acknowledge is from Texas A&M University; accept no substitutes.  His name was E. King Gill; we have a statue commemorating him and his willingness to step on the field as the original 12th man.

Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 7:15 P.M.:  Colts vs. Patriots

Let's see, Bill Belichick is the head coach for New England; Tom Brady is the quarterback for New England; these guys know how to win even without having marquee receivers.  I like Andrew Luck's style, but the Indy defense makes you have to play catch-up football.  No thanks.  Patriots win.

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 12:05 P.M.:  49ers vs. Panthers

I've been listening to talk all week: Cam or Kap?  Which young QB inspires me as a football fan? Whose defense is going to show up to harass our young game managers?  I think the Panthers have had a nice rest getting ready to send Kap packing. My son Ninja Boy is a Panthers fan who lives in Texas.  Go figure. Being a good Mama, I  picked them on my bracket. My fingers are crossed, and I may be too nervous to watch the game when Kaepernick dons his greasy jersey. I truly believe his soaks his jersey in some type of oil that keeps him out of defenders' grasping hands.  It is maddening!

Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 3:40 P.M.:  Chargers vs. Broncos

General Peyton is marshaling the troops to take on Mr. Bolo aka Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers.  The Broncos have to really want it and find ways to stop Mr. Bolo.  Peyton has never beaten these guys in the playoffs, yet.  It's time to take advantage of being at home, boys.  The Chargers are hungry; the Broncos have to cut off the buffet.

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The End of BCS

I bid adieu to the BCS in its current form.  I didn't really care for the way rankings were determined, but I look forward to thew new system coming.  All right, the last game has been played, and Florida State beat Auburn with an exciting game.  I was right in the end, folks.


My winning percentage is forty-two and some decimal points.  It would have been better for me to pick against who I thought would win this year.

NBA Wrapped:

  • The Brooklyn Nets won against Atlanta?  Are they trying to win or something?
  • LA Clippers demystified the Magic? Clutch.
  • The T-wolves mopped the floor with Philadelphia? Not unexpected.

Will Andrew Bynum continue to be a "bag of bones," according to Tony Kornheiser as the trade went through for him to Chicago from Cleveland?  It remains to be seen.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bad Luck for the Lady

College Football Wound-Up

Let's see now.  I really have no business in Vegas or Atlantic City or any other gambling venue as mentioned in previous posts gone by.  Whew!  I am of the belief that if it weren't for bad luck on bowl game picks, I'd have no luck at all.  Do you really want my prediction for the BCS Championship tonight?  I am picking Florida State to win; however, I'd be happier with an Auburn win for the good old SEC.


NFL Wild Card Weekend

I wound up with a 2-2 record for the professional bracket and await the coming weekend's gridiron action. Neither the Eagles nor the Bengals did not meet my expectations. The NBA has some good match-ups headed our way, so I'll take a peek at them and see what's happening during the week.  I will post my updated bracket closer to the weekend.

NBA on Monday Night

  1. Minnesota plays the 76ers in Philadelphia? Philly has a four-game winning streak and their record is 12-21.  And my concern in this game is? Push.
  2. Atlanta Hawks venture north to take on the Brooklyn Nets.  I realize the Nets got a little excited last week. This game will be back to form.  Hawks win and stay above .500 for a while longer.
  3. Orlando heads west for a little trip in the City of Angels and the Chris Paul-less Clippers.  The Magic possess an even more abysmal record away than I have for the college bowls.  The Clippers have losses at home in the single digits under five.  Clippers win handily.
Lady Grid out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Updates and Upsets

Another bowl prediction bites the dust; however, the SEC wins another one for the conference.  Congratulations, Vanderbilt Commodores.  The GoDaddy Bowl featuring Arkansas State against Ball State. With another coaching change at Arkansas State, I think Ball State will nab this one, but I won't be staying up late tonight to find out the result.


My hat is off to the New Orleans Saints who rallied to beat the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles. Now they fly up to play in Seattle again after the Week 13 debacle.  I still think that Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the Seahawks will take all comers as indicated by my bracket pictured below.  The rest of my predictions stand, though.


I wish Chris Paul a speedy recovery with the separated shoulder injury; he is an exciting player to watch.  I look for the rest of the team to step up and keep the momentum rolling in time for him to return before the post-season play begins in the spring. I took a peek at the NBA standings currently.  The Western Conference's top eight teams all have winning records; the Eastern Conference falls off after the top four.  Toronto is 16-15 right now. I like the Pacers leading the way and hope things continue.

Lady Grid out.

Updated January 5, 2014 prior to today's games.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post-Season: Wild Card Weekend

The college bowls have been wild all right.  You know the drill.  Here is my report card and my pick for today's single, solitary bowl game.  My son NinjaBoy is still grounded because he has now added the word "decimation" to describe my abysmal bowl record.  At this rate, he'll  never leave his room.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:  Oklahoma State University vs. Missouri, WIN - I was hanging on to the edge of my seat as this one wound down. I just needed to see the SEC win after the 'Bama loss Thursday.  Whew!
Discover Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State University, LOSS - Turnovers are killers, especially at the end of close games.  Braxton Miller kept on playing despite a sore side after a nasty hit earlier in the game.  Congratulations, Clemson.


Today's bowl game is the BBVA Compass Bowl featuring Vanderbilt playing against Houston.  I'm taking the Cougars over the Commodores this afternoon.  Go, team.

NFL Wild Card 

On to the professional match-ups scheduled for today.  Wait a minute.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to Jerry Jones for even opening his mouth to suggest that the NFL needs expanded playoffs.  Would the Cowboys lollygag in with this newfangled system? No, they would be excluded, AGAIN. Moving on.

AFC Wild Card Game (3:35 P.M.) - Kansas City goes to Indianapolis for another game against the Colts.  If the Colts are peaking at the right time, then they prevail.  If Andy Reid gets his players to dig deep, then the Chiefs win on the road.  Crazy things happen all of the time.  Indianapolis wins this one because they beat teams with decent records; they beat these guys once before and know how it's done.

NFC Wild Card Game (7:10 P.M.) - The New Orleans Saints have to play Philadelphia Eagles outside in the elements. Traditionally, the Saints (and other warm-weather teams) do not fare well in cold conditions. I'm happy to watch the game from my couch instead of freezing.  Hubby wouldn't go to an outdoor game in the elements unless paid big bucks.  I'll have to speak to his agent about that.  Oh, yeah, I'm his agent. The Iggles win despite our hopes for the Saints to prevail.  Geaux Saints!

Sunday, January 5, 2014
AFC Wild Card Game (12:05 P.M.) - San Diego Chargers travel to play the Cincinnati Bengals.  I want the Bengals to get past this initial weekend of play and move on to showcase their talent.  I agree with Tony Kornheiser that it should be the Steelers and not the Chargers slipping in to the playoffs.  The Bengals need to be ready to beat them again. Send Philip Rivers home for the season!  The Chargers are prowling around with a chip on their shoulder. Bengals win; they've been perfect at home all season.

NFC Wild Card Game (3:40 P.M.) - San Francisco Forty-Niners bundle up to play the Green Bay Packers in less than humane settings.  I am shivering just thinking about it. If the West Coast Wonders think they'll just march in and whip up on these Packer boys, they'll be in for a surprise.  Aaron Rodgers is back and ready to play; he is the "it" factor for the Packers.  Despite their wretched regular season record, the Packers send the Niners packing.  It's too bad for Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman because I love seeing them harass quarterbacks and running backs whenever possible.

I've added my bracket for you to see and read 'em and weep.  Ha ha ha!

Lady Grid out.

This is my prediction for the post-season of the NFL.  I'll update when I make a mistake on predictions as needed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What Happened? (Or I Missed My Pick Again)

Let's just say that the Sugar Bowl was incredible because I could not believe my eyes when the final scoreboard showed.  This year's college bowls really show that the underdog has a bit more fight in him than expected.  Too many times a 6-6 record team has taken down a team with a better record; I cite Syracuse, North Carolina and Oregon State as my proof. Simply incredible.  Be glad I am not a gambling sort.  My son aka NinjaBoy uses the word obliteration to describe my record this post-season.  He's grounded until further notice.While I pick my jaw up off of the ground, I'll let you know who I pick for the two collegiate games scheduled today. I really miss Howard Cosell's pronunciation of the word orange for the bowl game tonight.  Sigh.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Missouri - I am going with Mizzou to redeem the SEC.
Discover Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State University - I think Clemson's Tajh Boyd will have a great night, but I think the Buckeyes will prevail.  Be glad I am not a gambling sort.  


Tomorrow, I unveil my NFL wild card picks.  Hopefully, I will do better with them.  Lady Grid out.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A One Bowl Day

Here's a look at my Bowl Report Card. Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia, LOSS- That Dawg let me down.  The Huskers only scored during two quarters of the game, and the Dawgs scored in the last three quarters but came up short. Woof.
Heart of Dallas Bowl: UNLV vs. North Texas, LOSS - I will not doubt the Mean Green again.
Capitol One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. South Carolina, WIN - Now SEC quarterbacks can sleep well because Jadaveon Clowney will head to the NFL in the draft.
Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU, WIN - This one ended with a closer score than anticipated.
Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan State, WIN - I was questioning my choice after the first quarter ended.
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: UCF vs. Baylor, LOSS - What happened here?  I was stunned because Baylor had been mugged in the first quarter then rallied to make this a bit more even before the half ended.was questioning my choice after the first quarter ended.


Mercifully, there is only one bowl game scheduled for today with the Allstate Sugar Bowl.  I think that the Alabama Crimson Tide will whip up on the Oklahoma Sooners (aka the Wagonriders).  You and I will find out at the same time this evening if I am correct or not. The SEC will be 6-1 in bowl games if I am right.

A big welcome back to Around the Horn and its sister program PTI.  I have missed the banter of the columnists and relish laughing about their observations at 4:00 P.M. CST on ESPN2.  I'll be figuring out my NFL post-season bracket and letting you in on my personal predictions. 

Lady Grid out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to You!!

Welcome to the year 2014, one and all.  There are a few college games on today, but we'll tally my fabulous score from yesterday's bowls. I am not doing that well, but it's all in fun anyway.

Advocare Bowl: Arizona vs. Boston College, LOSS
Hyundai Sun Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. UCLA, LOSS
Autozone Liberty Bowl: Rice vs. Mississippi State, LOSS
Chick Fil-A Bowl: Duke vs. Texas A &M Aggies (Whoop!!!) WIN


New Year's Day: January 1, 2014

  1. Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia
  2. Heart of Dallas Bowl: UNLV vs. North Texas
  3. Capitol One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. South Carolina
  4. Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU
  5. Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan State
  6. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: UCF vs. Baylor
Time to listen to U2's "New Year's Day," folks.  Lady Grid out.