Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post-Season: Wild Card Weekend

The college bowls have been wild all right.  You know the drill.  Here is my report card and my pick for today's single, solitary bowl game.  My son NinjaBoy is still grounded because he has now added the word "decimation" to describe my abysmal bowl record.  At this rate, he'll  never leave his room.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:  Oklahoma State University vs. Missouri, WIN - I was hanging on to the edge of my seat as this one wound down. I just needed to see the SEC win after the 'Bama loss Thursday.  Whew!
Discover Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State University, LOSS - Turnovers are killers, especially at the end of close games.  Braxton Miller kept on playing despite a sore side after a nasty hit earlier in the game.  Congratulations, Clemson.


Today's bowl game is the BBVA Compass Bowl featuring Vanderbilt playing against Houston.  I'm taking the Cougars over the Commodores this afternoon.  Go, team.

NFL Wild Card 

On to the professional match-ups scheduled for today.  Wait a minute.  A Yellow Flag of Shame to Jerry Jones for even opening his mouth to suggest that the NFL needs expanded playoffs.  Would the Cowboys lollygag in with this newfangled system? No, they would be excluded, AGAIN. Moving on.

AFC Wild Card Game (3:35 P.M.) - Kansas City goes to Indianapolis for another game against the Colts.  If the Colts are peaking at the right time, then they prevail.  If Andy Reid gets his players to dig deep, then the Chiefs win on the road.  Crazy things happen all of the time.  Indianapolis wins this one because they beat teams with decent records; they beat these guys once before and know how it's done.

NFC Wild Card Game (7:10 P.M.) - The New Orleans Saints have to play Philadelphia Eagles outside in the elements. Traditionally, the Saints (and other warm-weather teams) do not fare well in cold conditions. I'm happy to watch the game from my couch instead of freezing.  Hubby wouldn't go to an outdoor game in the elements unless paid big bucks.  I'll have to speak to his agent about that.  Oh, yeah, I'm his agent. The Iggles win despite our hopes for the Saints to prevail.  Geaux Saints!

Sunday, January 5, 2014
AFC Wild Card Game (12:05 P.M.) - San Diego Chargers travel to play the Cincinnati Bengals.  I want the Bengals to get past this initial weekend of play and move on to showcase their talent.  I agree with Tony Kornheiser that it should be the Steelers and not the Chargers slipping in to the playoffs.  The Bengals need to be ready to beat them again. Send Philip Rivers home for the season!  The Chargers are prowling around with a chip on their shoulder. Bengals win; they've been perfect at home all season.

NFC Wild Card Game (3:40 P.M.) - San Francisco Forty-Niners bundle up to play the Green Bay Packers in less than humane settings.  I am shivering just thinking about it. If the West Coast Wonders think they'll just march in and whip up on these Packer boys, they'll be in for a surprise.  Aaron Rodgers is back and ready to play; he is the "it" factor for the Packers.  Despite their wretched regular season record, the Packers send the Niners packing.  It's too bad for Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman because I love seeing them harass quarterbacks and running backs whenever possible.

I've added my bracket for you to see and read 'em and weep.  Ha ha ha!

Lady Grid out.

This is my prediction for the post-season of the NFL.  I'll update when I make a mistake on predictions as needed.

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