Tuesday, December 31, 2013

College Bowl Madness! - December 31, 2013

Here is my record of picks for the college post-season bowls.  I am not channeling Jerry Jones.  I am NOT channeling Jerry Jones!  I think I am too close to Jerry Jones.  Yergh.  Anyway, my picks are in bold.  The red lets you know I blew it. I know, I know, why did I pick against my USC Trojans? I am still scratching my head over that one.  The Longhorn band did a nice tribute to Coach Brown in their loss to Oregon.  Bon voyage, Coach Brown! Welcome to the SEC Network, Tim Tebow! I have admired Tim since his days at Florida because of his stand for our LORD Jesus Christ.  Do well, little brother!
  1. New Mexico Bowl - Washington State vs. Colorado State, WIN
  2. Las Vegas Bowl - Fresno State vs. USC, LOSS
  3. Idaho Potato - Buffalo vs. San Diego State, LOSS
  4. New Orleans -T ulane vs. LA-Lafayette, WIN
  5. St. Petersburg - Ohio vs. East Carolina, WIN
  6. Hawaii - Boise State vs. Oregon State, LOSS
  7. Little Caesar's - Pittsburg vs. Bowling Green, LOSS
  8. Poinsettia - Utah State vs. Northern Illinois, LOSS
  9. Military Bowl - Marshall vs. Maryland , WIN
  10. Texas Bowl - Syracuse vs. Minnesota, LOSS
  11. Fight Hunger - Brigham Young vs. Washington, WIN
  12. Pinstripe - Rutgers vs. Notre Dame, WIN
  13. Belk Bowl - Cincinnati vs. North Carolina, LOSS
  14. Russell Athletic - Miami vs. Louisville, WIN
  15. Buffalo Wild Wings - Michigan vs. Kansas State, WIN
  16. Armed Forces Bowl - Middle Tennessee vs. Navy, LOSS
  17. Music City Bowl - Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech, LOSS
  18. Alamo Bowl - Oregon vs. Texas, WIN
  19. Holiday Bowl - Arizona State vs. Texas Tech, LOSS


Today's Bowl Games:
  1. Advocare Bowl - Arizona vs. Boston College
  2. Sun Bowl - Virginia Tech vs. UCLA
  3. Liberty Bowl - Rice vs. Mississippi State
  4. Chik Fil-A - Duke vs. Texas A&M

Lady Grid out.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Picks-A-Plenty! - December 30, 2013

Adieu to Coaches Shanahan and Frazier for Washington and Minnesota, respectively.  How is Lovie Smith's resume looking?

Here is the final tally of how I picked on Pigskin Pick 'Em.  I won my family group and relish the opportunity to do another victory cha-cha in the brackets.  Some weeks resemble the Cowboys' record at the end of the past three seasons. Other weeks, I'm an absolute genius! The cities listed are the incorrect picks I made for that particular week.

Week 1: 12-4, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, NY Giants, and Washington - I am a GENIUS!
Week 2: 9-7,  Carolina, Minnesota, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Pittsburgh
Week 3: 5-10, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Minnesota, Washington, San Diego, NY Giants, Houston, Atlanta, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh (third time running now)
Week 4: 7-8, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NY Giants (three peat), Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta
Week 5: 7-7, New England(!), Seattle, Jacksonville, Miami, NY Giants, Carolina, and Atlanta
Week 6: 11-4, Houston, Minnesota, NY Yets, Indianapolis - I am a GENIUS!
Week 7: 9-6, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, New England (?), Baltimore, and Denver (!)
Week 8: 10-3, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta (what is happening in Georgia?)
Week 9: 7-6, Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Diego, Oakland, Baltimore, and Green Bay
Week 10: 8-6, Washington, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Tennessee, Indianapolis, and San Francisco
Week 11: 10-5, Atlanta, NY Yets, Detroit, Houston (surprised?), and San Diego.
Week 12: 6-7, Chicago, Detroit (come on, Lions!), Kansas City, Houston (again), Oakland, NY Giants, and Denver (stop the press!). Don't worry; I put myself in a corner.
Week 13: 12-4, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, and San Diego.  Feeling smarter again.
Week 14: 11-5, Houston lost to Jacksonville, Detroit (I now have the blues), Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Dallas laying an egg in Chi-Town.
Week 15: 10-5, Denver, New England (I was cheering about losing this one), Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cincinnati (sigh), and the Detroit Lions.
Week 16: 11-4, Kansas City (tsk), Detroit, Seattle, and Green Bay.
Week 17: 14-2, Detroit and Miami blew it for me in my Pigskin Pick 'Em entry.  I'm still a GENIUS!

On the collegiate bowl game College Bowl Mania, I am 8-7 right now.  Yergh.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Last One! (Regular Season Games)

I haven't posted my end of season record for picks.  That will come tomorrow after the last game is played tonight in Big D aka JerryWorld.  The last regular season games are played today, and I have definite opinions about how things will shake out.  Let's take a gander, shall we?

  1. Carolina visits the Dirty Birds.  Let's hope they keep that decent road record.  Panthers win.
  2. Cincinnati hosts the Baltimore Ravens.  Desperation looms large for the Ravens. 
  3. Houston makes the trip to Tennessee to put a miserable end on their miserable season.  Titans trounce the Texans.  You saw it first here.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars join the meaningless beatdown club as they trek to Indianapolis.  Colts declaw Jags and send them home packing.
  5. NY Yets are down south in Miami.  Fins win.
  6. Detroit is without my main man Megatron who needs knee surgery.   Get well soon, Calvin!  Your teammates will let you down as you begin your offseason work.  Vikings win at home.  Listen for that infernal horn they blow. Sheesh.
  7. Let the beatings begin! Washington limps into the Meadowlands to square off against division rivals (yawn) the NY Giants.  I have no idea who would be able to win this game and can't remember who won the last time.  I don't even care about this game since the 'Boys swept 'em both.  Push.
  8. Pittsburgh's back is against the wall as the loss-cause Cleveland Browns crawl into town.  The Browns want to spoil the Steelers' fun and will make them work to win.  Steelers win.
  9. A bit later in the day, Chicago led by Smilin' Jay Cutler (choke) will face Aaron Rodgers for the first time since Rodgers broke his collarbone.  The Bears' defense will remind you of yesteryear as a rusty Rodgers has a decent day and ekes out a win.
  10. Denver journeys west to Oakland just to make sure General Peyton notches up some more touchdowns against the hapless Raiders.  I think he'll hit either fifty-four or fifty-five, depending on how you looked at number fifty against the Texans last week.
  11. Beatdown main event, part one - Buffalo dares to show its face at Gillette against the Patriots who are sore losers at best? Har har har.  Get the bandages, ointment, and aspirin, Mildred.  The Bills are cooked and roasted.
  12. Beatdown main event, part two - Tampa Bay in New Orleans? I can hardly stop laughing.  Brees and his crew will thoroughly throttle the Bucs because they're inside, that's why.  Saints win.
  13. San Francisco is in the desert to pay a call on the Arizona Cardinals.  The Niners are riding high on their win last week at Candlestick Park (see Grantland edition on December 28, 2013 for a more thorough description of the place).  I want the Cards to win.  I think they can. I think they can.  Ah, who am I fooling?  They can't.
  14. Philip Rivers will be grinning aplenty before Andy Reid's KC Chiefs get a hold of him; they'll wipe that smile off of his face as they improve their record. This is even with some of the Chiefs being rested.
  15. Pointless Beatdown, main event, part three - the point of the St. Louis Rams showing up to play Seattle in Seattle? There is no point.
  16. The last game of the regular season will decide the NFC East champion.  Kyle Orton will do his best to lead the Cowboys and may get close to winning it for maybe a few seconds, but Nick Foles is on fire, baby, and no one is putting him out.  Iggles beat my beloved Cowboys.  I will sit in mourning for a bit then ruthlessly cheer their opponent for the playoffs next week.  Okay, you pushed me into it.  Giants beat the Skins.  Say good night, Gracie.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never - December 22, 2013

Since I was tardy in making my predictions for the pro football games today, I'll tell you who I picked for each game and call it even.  I don't want my sweet potato casserole to burn; it's part of the Sunday dinner menu, ladies and gentlemen.  Here we go.

  1. Carolina Panthers even the division race with New Orleans as they fight a hard battle at home.
  2. Cincinnati destroys Minnesota. 
  3. Dallas makes its fans really nervous but manages to beat and sweep Washington.
  4. Denver beats Houston.
  5. Detroit puts the NY Giants out of their misery.
  6. Green Bay Packers do their victory dance over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs throttle the Indianapolis Colts.
  8. Miami over Buffalo.
  9. New England makes Baltimore pay for last week's loss against Miami.
  10. Philadelphia skins the Chicago Bears.
  11. NY Yets outlast the Cleveland Browns.
  12. San Diego eats up Oakland.
  13. Seattle Seahawks pluck the Arizona Cardinals.
  14. St. Louis Rams triumph over Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  15. San Francisco Niners obliterate the Atlanta Falcons in a fond farewell to Candlestick Park.
  16. Tennessee bests the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Friday, December 20, 2013

College Bowl Madness Begins

The first semester is wrapped up at school, and I look forward to two weeks of rest and relaxation with my family.  Now my attention turns to collegiate football post-season action that resumes tomorrow afternoon.  We open up the thirty-five bowls on Saturday afternoon.  Some of the names defy description and beg for an explanation.  I long for the voice of Howard Cosell as he announced "the Ahr-rang Bowl" (Orange Bowl) before it became the FedEx Orange Bowl. Yergh.

  1. The Gildan New Mexico Bowl featuring Colorado State and a .500 team Washington State.  Both teams are rebuilding.  With Mike Leach at the helm of Washington State, the Cougars will mount a formidable attack. They may squeak by with a win this time. 
  2. The Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl has Fresno State squaring off against the USC Trojans.  The Bulldogs have the better record and more stability in the front office.  USC wants to show its new coach that they're worth the work and effort after the departure of Kiffin and the interim coach Ed Orgeron.  Bulldogs triumph. 
  3. The Famous Idaho Bowl has the Buffalo Bulls against the San Diego State Aztecs.  Buffalo isn't the laughingstock it formerly was.  The Aztecs are playing in their fourth consecutive bowl.  Sigh.  Girls, you're both pretty. Buffalo takes this one this year in the final drive of the game to come from behind.
  4. In the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, LA-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns make a little road trip, chere, to take on the Tulane Green Wave who call New Orleans home.  They play in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to a largely hometown crowd. We'll see how Joe Montana's son Nick Montana does and if that shoulder is recovered after he injured it earlier this year.  Separated shoulders are rumored to hurt like the blazes, but I've no intention to speak first-hand, ever.  The teams break even on stats; one team shows strength where the other shows weakness. The Cajuns have had more recent bowl experience and success and win this year's New Orleans Bowl, too.
A quick sidenote or two must be made about the NBA.  Kobe is out for several weeks with a knee injury.  Coach Popovich rested some of his best players and still won against Golden State.  Yowza.  The Toronto Raptors, of all teams, beat the Mavericks tonight 109-108 in overtime.  Yergh. I don't think D-Rose returns to the hardwood this season after he sat out last year trying to recover.  He recently turned twenty-five and wants to be ambulatory in his mid-forties.  Lady Grid out.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pros Preview – December 15, 2013

A Look at the NFL Match-Ups 

  1. Let me say that the Denver-San Diego game shocked me.  I really thought things would turn out better for Manning and crew.  Yergh.
  2. Washington and Atlanta play in a pointless game in Georgia.  Now that Coach Shanahan has benched Robert Griffin, III, we’ll see how Mr. Cousins fares against the Dirty Birds.  Atlanta wins.
  3. Chicago, fresh off their win over the Cowboys, head to Cleveland to square off against the Browns.  It’s B&B time, folks!  Jake Cutler is to start for the first time in weeks; if he manages to shake the rust, then he and the Bears will reign supreme.  If not, then the Browns notch up another W in a hopeless season of disappointment.
  4. The Texans dare to show their faces in Indianapolis.  Andrew will live up to his last name and destroy the Texans who now have Wade Phillips as their interim coach.
  5. Poor Miami hosts the New England Patriots who have a nasty habit of falling behind only to crush your hopes for a win in the end with another Brady comeback. The Pats won’t ever trail the Fins unless something wretched happens. Even with Gronk out, the Pats will win in a big way.
  6. Philadelphia plays Minnesota at the Mall of America Field.  The Vikings had better go shopping for the holidays instead of facing an Eagles team led by the indomitable Nick Foles.
  7. Seattle heads back east to demolish the NY Giants.  No contest whatsoever.  I don’t think being drafted by the Rangers will even distract Russell Wilson.  Marshawn Lynch steamrolls the defenseless G-Men defense.
  8. Battle of the Bay Cities:  San Francisco comes to town to play Tampa Bay.  Tsk.  As Darth Vader once remarked, “All too easy.”  The Niners obliterate the Bucs.
  9. Pointless Game of the Week, part deux: Buffalo at Jacksonville.  The Jags will make the Bills play on their level.  The Bills will win in a painful to watch game. It will be painful because it will be so bad.
  10. Kansas City has big plans for the Oakland Raiders. They will make them wish they weren’t on the schedule this week.  Chiefs dominate the Raiders just because they can.
  11. The NY Yets want to play patty-cake with the Panthers who are licking their wounds after a nasty pasting from the Saints in NOLA.  Don’t even get on the plane.  Panthers crush the Yets.  Sorry, Geno!
  12. Green Bay at Dallas means the appearance of the league’s worst defense against a back-up quarterback. Aaron Rodgers still isn’t supposed to start.  They need him to be whole when he returns. Matt Flynn will look like a genius with the beleaguered defense trying and failing to catch him in the back field.  Dallas’ offense will be okay if the receivers continue to do their primary job of catching and holding on to the ball.  Cowboys edge the Packers by a field goal.
  13. Arizona heads north to Tennessee to showcase the fabulous Larry Fitzgerald.  The Cardinals want in on the playoffs, and they don’t mind going to Tennessee to get the job done.  Cardinals win big time.
  14. New Orleans plays indoors in St. Louis which is a good thing for New Orleans.  The St. Louis Rams want to finish strongly, but they just don’t have the moxie this time.  Saints go marching in and nab a victory.
  15. The Cincinnati Bengals want a third consecutive play berth and are making a stop in Pittsburgh.  Andy Dalton and AJ Green ought to hook up for at least one hundred receiving yards and a pair of touchdowns against the paper Steelers defense.  I still love Troy Polomalu, but he cannot be everywhere at once.  Even though Pittsburgh leads the head-to-head match-up, this team is not the Bungles of days gone by.  They mean business.  Watch out, Big Ben.  They are coming for you.
  16. Baltimore plans to cruise out of Detroit with a win since they’ve started to show a little bit of what made them World Champions in February. If the Lions are consistent with ball control in a good way, then look for Matthew Stafford and Megatron to make the Ravens’ lives miserable. The Ravens have been terrible on the road. The Lions improve to 8-6 and have a better home record than before.

NBA – Just a select few games today, folks.

  1. Brooklyn at Detroit – I don’t see the Nets repeating their previous win against the Pistons, but miracles happen.  Pistons win at home.
  2. LA Lakers at OKC- Kevin Durant and company make sure that Kobe Bryant looks rusty with their vim and vigor on the hardwood.  Thunder rolls.
  3. Chicago at Milwaukee – The Bulls want to end their current losing streak of three.  Noah is back in the line-up.  Bulls win away from home and return to ChiTown happy.
  4. Philadelphia at Toronto – can the East get any worse?  Someone else described the Raptors as sluggish.  You aren’t kidding, friend.  The 76ers need to watch the turnovers, and the Raptors hope some fresh blood will improve things for them. We’ll see how it goes.  Yawn.
  5. Minnesota travels to the Spurs to get a thumping despite their back-to-back wins in recent days.  Too bad, so sad.  Spurs win.
  6. Sacramento at Phoenix – The fans are hoping to see some good action with Rudy Gay in the mix for the Kings against a Suns team with a three-game winning streak.  Suns win this one.
  7. New York at Boston – So the Knicks are punch-drunk and headed to the Garden.  This is not going to be pretty, folks.  The Celtics will beat the Knicks, again and at home. 

Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Adieu, Coach Brown

ESPN is reporting that Texas coach Mack Brown is to step down this week.  This is unbelievable.  He won a championship (against my beloved USC Trojans!), and has been a pretty decent fellow.  They even beat Oklahoma in October at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park.  Old habits die hard on the name.  Deal with it.  I don't know what to think.  I'm sure the guys at PTI and Around the Horn will have something to say tomorrow.  I'm sure the folks on The Ticket will be talking up a storm.  We'll figure out college bowls later on, but let me just say, "Thanks, Coach Brown!" You've been a worthy opponent when we faced one another in the Big XII before leaving for the SEC.  You are a class act.  Good luck.

While we are pondering sad events (for some), let's talk about the Dallas Cowboys implosion at Soldier Field last night.  On second thought, let's not!  I'm tossing a Yellow Flag of Shame to the defense.  Mr. Ware cannot do everything.  Sean Lee is out with a  neck injury.  I'm not fast enough to do the job, but someone needs to do a better one.  Wasn't that a BRILLIANT move to fire Coach Ryan?  Yergh!  I wish Mr. Jones would hire an actual GM who really knows his stuff and just enjoy sitting in the owner's box.  At least Mr. Cuban has the sense enough to do that with the Mavericks.  Yergh again.  Yellow Flag of Shame to Jerry Jones for the firing of Rob Ryan whose defense in New Orleans is doing quite well this year, thank you very much.  Tony Romo doesn't draw my ire so much as the leadership of the Cowboys organization.  There now, I'm done.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pro Primer/College Review - December 8, 2013

College Games

  1. Congratulations to Michigan State for taking down the Big Bad Buckeyes.  What a show as they rallied back to win the game.  We'll see later tonight how the bowls shake out for Ohio State.  Maybe Ohio State should regard both Michigan teams as serious threats each year.
  2. Congratulations to Baylor, the new Big XII champions. With a win over Texas, their title is uncontested.  They had more than two times the yards of the Longhorns.  What a way to say goodbye to their old stadium.
  3. Congratulations to Auburn who beat Mizzou in an SEC title game more like a shootout.  I really thought they might not be ready for the Show-Me State, but I was proven wrong.  Now Auburn must prepare for FSU who handily beat Duke in the ACC title game.

There are a number of games to preview today, ladies and gentlemen.  Here we go.
  1. Let me say, oops! about expecting the Texans to win against the Jags on Thursday night.  I bid a fond adieu and wish Coach Kubiak good luck after his firing.  Football is a business.
  2. Indianapolis plays Cincinnati in Cincinnati; I don't see the Colts winning this one either.  Luck is going to get smacked around like a toy with the Bengals' defense.
  3. The Dirty Birds take flight to Lambeau Field.  The Packers find a way to win without Aaron Rodgers under center.  It's cold outside, and the Falcons are a warm-weather team.
  4. Cleveland at New England will be an offensive showcase for Pretty Boy and his young receiving corps unless they are all stricken with the dropsies.  The Pats are undefeated at home this season so far for six games.  Make it seven games around 3:45 EST.
  5. Oakland Raiders cross the continent to play the NY Yets who have a decent home record and want to break even.  Raiders have an abyssmal road record that will get better today when the Yets cannot win in front of the home crowd.
  6. Detroit Lions roar into Eagles' aerie.  The Eagles are so-so at home, but Nick Foles has been a beast so far.  Stafford, Megatron, and the Lions' defense have to produce some really good numbers on both sides of the ball to knock them out of the perch.  I'm not sure that will happen, but it's a nice wish for a Cowboys fan. Push.
  7. The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field today.  Coach Tomlin had that nasty fine after his mistake; however, both records will be even once the game settles.  Steelers and Dolphins will both be 6-7 on the season as the Steelers try to improve their standings in the AFC North.  I don't think they'll catch the Bengals this year.
  8. Pillow Fight Game: Buffalo Bills journey south to Tampa Bay.  The Buccaneers are leading the series, but ball protection is key to this game for both teams.  Bucs win.
  9. Unfair Fight: The KC Chiefs, led by Andy Reid, go to FedEx Field for a tussle with the Redskins and Robert Griffin, III.  Coach Reid knows how these guys play.  Coach Reid's team wants to stop the streak of losses.  The Chiefs win this one.
  10. The Minnesota Vikings won't improve their road record in Baltimore.  Even though Flacco has almost as many picks as touchdowns, the Ravens rise to the occasion and beat up on their fellow purple people.
  11. Because the Tennessee Titans dare to show their faces in Denver, they will be helped to big old serving of beatdown.  The Broncos are undefeated at home and plan to keep it that way thanks to General Peyton and the gang.  The Titans want to keep their playoff hopes alive.  They should have stayed home.
  12. An NFC West battle will be fought when the St. Louis Rams play the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals own the edge in the last head-to-head match-ups since 2001.  The Rams have beaten them three straight times to close the gap.  The Cards figure it out and beat the Rams today.
  13. The NY Giants go west to see Philip Rivers and the Chargers.  In a game featuring disappointing teams and play, it makes the Lady feel a bit pushy today. Nah, the Bolts win.
  14. Seattle cruises into San Francisco's Candlestick Park, but the Niners are ready for them this time.  The Seahawks' only loss is on the road.  The Niners have beaten the Seahawks the past five times when the game is in San Fran.  Niners send them home plucked and packing.
  15. Carolina wants its stingy defense to shut down Drew Brees and the Saints at the Superdome. What an incredible match-up to be had tonight, ladies and gentlemen.  The Panthers have an eight-game winning streak.  The Saints are undefeated at home this season.  They play two times in a three-week period.  Look for a surprise ending for this game.  The Panthers will actually beat the Saints in the Superdome tonight.
  16. Monday Night Football has the Cowboys at Soldier Field playing the Bears.  The 'Boys road record could be better, but Josh McCown and the Bears have a chip on their shoulders after the loss to the Vikings, of all teams.  The Bears edge the Cowboys this time, unfortunately. This time K Robbie Gould pulls one out for the team.

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Icy Saturday - December 7, 2013

I appreciate the significance of the day and any of our World War II veterans who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Thank you.  It's icy in Texas, and we're thankful for heat, blankets, and warm food.  It's also great weather for watching some college football this weekend.  Shall we take a turn around the rink that is my front yard?
  1. I still think where there's smoke there's fire, despite the lack of charges against Winston of the FSU Seminoles.  I also didn't think the jocular atmosphere was appropriate.  Yellow Flag of Shame to the way that press conference was handled.  I predict FSU will handle the Blue Devils from Duke; I want to be wrong about my pick, though.
  2. Ohio State squares off against Sparty and the gang who really want to spoil the Buckeyes' plans for an undefeated season.  Ohio State triumphs in the end.
  3. The Texas Longhorns are in Waco to play the Baylor Bears.  Bears love beef!  Baylor wins.
  4. UCF visits Big D to play SMU? They'd better be playing inside today.  UCF wins.
  5. Stanford flew east to play Arizona State, and they'll show those Sun Devils a thing or two.  Stanford wins.
  6. Tiger Fest: Mizzou against Auburn.  Auburn is still too giddy after beating Bama and comes up short against a surging Mizzou team with something to prove and some respect to earn.  They'll get it today.
  7. Fresno State hosts Utah State and serves them with a pasting.  Sorry, Aggies.
  8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights beat the visiting South Florida Bulls who've been terrible all year long.  Why should the bleeding stop now?
  9. Rice Owls should make short work of the Thundering Herd today.  Marching Owl Band rocks!
  10. Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State in Stillwater.  Here's hoping Pistol Pete trounces the wagon riders but good!

Lady Grid out.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Desperately Seeking Victory

Illness makes a vacation desirable.  The last two days have found me not feeling well and not staying up with my sports as much as I'd like.  I don't know what to think about the Mike Tomlin fine except, "Ouch!" I couldn't write that cheque by any means.  Are we surprised that Kobe won't be back in action tomorrow? Who will win tonight's NFL game in Florida featuring the Houston Texans playing the Jacksonville Jaguars? The Jaguars haven't won a home game yet. The Texans desperately want another win for the season; the Jaguars desperately want to avoid the double-digit loss column and yet another loss in front of the home team crowd.  If the winter weather that is promised hits tonight, expect to find me drinking hot cocoa and bundled up while watching the game at some point in the evening. It's more likely I'll be playing catch-up with my recordings of Around the Horn and PTI.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday 2013

NFL Look:

The Broncos looked pretty good yesterday after making the Chiefs notch up a third loss in a row.  Jack Del Rio has a 3-1 record as interim coach.  He's been a head coach before, and I wonder if someone will snag him after the end of the season. The woes of the Redskins continue; even the officiating crew is in on the joke. How is a first down not a first down?  The Jaguars win caught me off guard, but it's good for the team to punch the ticket for a win.  I also didn't expect the Chargers to lose to the visiting Bengals.  I just knew they'd find a way to win although I actually wanted Cincy to win.  Tonight's game with the Saints and Seahawks will be exciting, to say the least.  Perhaps Brees and crew will teach the Seahawks how to lose at home for the first time this season.

NBA Time:

Pacers beat the Clippers and improve to 16-1.  These guys are phenomenal right now.  Miami barely edged Charlotte? Has the world stopped spinning on its axis? They had to rally to beat the Bobcats.  The Knicks lose another one at home.  What else is new with them? Portland beat the Lakers who tried to rally and actually outscored the Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter.  The Detroit Pistons taught their guests the 76ers a nice lesson in the form of Andre Drummond.  That last-second block by Andrew Bogut was just what the Golden State Warriors needed in the clutch.  Kevin Durant was a beast with a triple-double in the Thunder's win over the Timberwolves.

Lady Grid out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pros Preview/College Review - December 1, 2013

Tigers Aplenty, Tigers Galore
How about those Auburn Tigers? Now it remains to be seen how the BCS will rank the Tide after their loss.  Will they hold on to the number one spot, or will it be FSU versus Ohio State in the ultimate championship game?  Ohio State barely edged Michigan after the Wolverines' ill-advised two-point conversion attempt.  Ugh.  Tie them then beat them in OT.  FSU absolutely demolished the Gators.  I had hoped the Aggies' defense and Jonathan Manziel's thumb would be healed, but that was not meant to be.  We'll wait and see which post-season bowl they are in and then figure out how that one will go.  It was another disappointment to see the USC team get beaten by the Bruins of UCLA.  Ugh, part deux.  Clemson just couldn't do anything with South Carolina for the fifth time in a row.  Ugh, part troix.  It's time to look at the professionals for this weekend.

Professional Match-ups:
Three Thanksgiving day games means twelve today and one tomorrow.  Woo-hoo!
  1. Pillow Fight Game will be Jacksonville against Cleveland. I hope to stay awake for any action from this game, but I don't expect much.  Cleveland will find a way to either lose or win.  Push.
  2. Tennessee sojourns to the skidding Indianapolis Colts.  Does Andrew Luck have a good day and beat these guys? Let's hope so.
  3. The NFC North battle features Chicago in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Bears make the Vikings blow that horn, but the Bears will come up with a win following the lead of backup QB Josh McCown. 
  4. Miami swims north to play the NY Yets (Are they playing some real ball yet?) The Yets are 4-1 at home.  Will the Yets defense crumble? Will the Fins be 5-1 at New York? Fins beat Yets.
  5. Bird Fight: Arizona against Philadelphia.  Hmm. . . the smaller bird has some fight in him, but the Iggles will eke out a victory against Carson Palmer and his team.
  6. Tampa Bay plays division rival Carolina at Ericsson Stadium.  The Panthers thump them but good.
  7. New England takes tea in Houston with the Texans. And the point of the game is to show us how fabulous Pretty Boy and his coach are here in the Lone Star State?  How well they can carve up the Texans' defense despite the heroics of JJ Watt? If the score for the Pats is lower than forty points, I'll take it that they extended some mercy.  Not likely, my friends.
  8. The Atlanta Falcons take flight to hapless Buffalo.  It's not every day that you see a bird beat up a bovine relative, but watch for the Falcons to fly home with a victory.
  9. Pointless Game, part Deux: St. Louis comes calling in the city by the bay.  Save yourself the plane fare and call in a forfeit.  Colin Kaepernick will kiss that arm of his several times; Frank Gore will rack up at least 100 yards; the twin terror defensemen NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis along with the Smith "brothers" will have a field day.  I hope Sam Bradford doesn't come along to see the misery that is inevitable.
  10. Fun Game of the Day: General Peyton plays the KC Chiefs in their backyard. Here's hoping the Broncos can sweep their division rival, but the Chiefs are notoriously loud, raucous, and obnoxious at home.  They also like winning in front of the home crowd despite recent events.  It will be a hard-fought battle, but I think Coach Reid will create something nasty for Manning.  Chiefs barely beat the Broncos.
  11. The Bolts host the Bengals in the later game time slot.  They haven't been so hot away from home, while the Chargers are .500 at Qualcomm Stadium.  The Bengals know how to beat the Chargers, but it remains to be seen if they actually step up to the plate, so to speak, and make the Chargers and fans go home feeling wretched about their season.  Look for Philip Rivers to work some of his magic since he is Peck's Bad Boy.
  12. NY Giants travel to FedEx Field to play ball with the Washington Redskins. I will either be reading a book or watching something else on the telly.  With the Giants defense being less than stellar, Robert Griffin, III, will probably have a decent night. I'll catch up on the highlight reels Monday morning, thank you very much.  Yawn.  Skins win so that both teams have a 4-8 record, and they have a .500 record at home in front of their adoring fans.
  13. New Orleans gets to play in an unfriendly dome up north in Seattle on Monday night.  The Seahawks have a thirteen-game winning streak at home.  They are without a couple of their defensive backs.  Brees and the Saints hope to rain on the Seahawks' parade; however, we'll see if they can do just that tomorrow evening. Seahawks win this one.

Lady Grid out.