Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day

Today the decisions about who heads to Super Bowl XLVIII are determined. Will the home team prevail in both games? Will the road team fight their way into the championship? I cannot answer those questions with any type of certainty; however, I will tell who I want to win.

NFC: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners–The Seahawks are truly formidable at home with that feisty secondary.  If Russell Wilson has a great day avoiding the clutches of the hands of Bowman and Willis, he should lead them to victory.

AFC:  Denver Broncos  vs. New England Patriots–I understand that even if Belichick dresses poorly, he is a worthy opponent.  Coach Fox has a fabulous quarterback and some defensive players who will need to step up to beat the Patriots who haven't had a really good road record in regular season.


Lady Grid out.

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