Sunday, December 14, 2014

Midshipmen Win/Week 15 Pro Analysis

The Midshipmen beat the Black Knights for thirteen years in a row; it was fun to watch the last quarter of the game with Daddy as we saw the last touchdown, fumble recovery, and field goal. To see these stalwart young men who are preparing to defend my freedom shed tears as some of them sang their song for the last time as seniors was touching.  May God protect their paths as they go into active duty one day soon.

Congratulations to Oregon Ducks' quarterback Marcus Mariota, the new Heisman Trophy winner by a landslide.  

Now, it’s time for the professional assessment.
  1. The Arizona Cardinals avoided shutout by winning the field goal bowl against St. Louis.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers will pluck the Falcons down Georgia way.
  3. Miami gets manhandled by the Patriots. Need I say more?  I love Ryan Tannehill, but it’s just not in the cards.
  4. In yet another rematch of NFC West teams, we wonder if Colin Kaepernick’s offensive woes will cease in the Hawks’ Nest.  That’s a funny one!  Tell me another joke. 
  5. Kansas City plays lights out with Oakland and keeps the Raiders with a deuce in the W column.
  6. The Jacksonville Jaguars will wonder why the trip was necessary to Baltimore.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater, who is one of my favorite rookies, comes to the Motor City only to watch Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson light up the scoreboard.  Lions win.
  8. The NY Yets will sputter and fail back west in Tennessee.
  9. Carolina Panthers (sans Cam Newton) hosts Tampa Bay. Fans wonder: will the winning streak continue? Not if the Buccaneers have anything to say about it. Bucs win.
  10. Indy’s offense led by Andrew Luck will toy with Houston but beat J.J. Watt and the Texans in the end.
  11. Cleveland, led by Jonathan Manziel as QB, hosts Cincinnati. The Dawg Pound will howl with agony as the Bengals D torments the young man from my alma mater.
  12. Green Bay likes to beat teams at home or on the road; the Bills won’t stand a chance later today.
  13. The General vs. Peck’s Bad Boy: Denver will score touchdowns against AFC West foes with the return of Julius Thomas as an offensive weapon.  Sorry, Chargers, Broncos win to keep their playoff picture focused.
  14. Washington in NY against the Giants. Meh. The Giants will beat their division rivals, but the more interesting game is played in the evening in Philadelphia.
  15. Dallas is perfect on the road so far, and it’s December. Cowboys surprise their fans and edge the Eagles by two points.
  16. New Orleans visits the Windy City and blows the Bears away, much to the chagrin of Jay Cutler who has been somewhat inconsistent in the scoring category after inking that multi-million dollar deal. Yergh.  Saints make a case for the NFC South on Monday night.

Lady Grid out.

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