Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekend Preview - October 31, 2013

Well we all know that David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, is the MVP of the World Series.  Ninety-five years have lapsed since the Red Sox won the trophy in Boston.  Congratulations one and all. Will some of those beards disappear now?  The Duck Dynasty dudes wear it well.

There's an NFL game on right now with Cincy at Miami. Cats LOVE fish.  Cincy wins a defensive match.

Pro Hoops

Miami won against the Bulls but came up short against the Sixers.  Good. Here's hoping the Clippers overcome the Warriors once their game begins out west.  Mavericks are inactive tonight and face the Heat on November 15.  I warned one of my students that he'd better be absent if he planned to wear Heat gear that day.  He smiled at me; I'm sure he's marked his wardrobe selection already.  Rascal!

College Ball
  1. USC plays the Beavers on Friday Night.  Despite my fondest wishes otherwise, I think those pesky flat-tailed rats will edge Tommy Trojan and company.  Boo.
  2. Purdue hosts Ohio State and gets boiled instead.
  3. Northern Illinois travels to UMASS and wins handily.
  4. Army takes on the Air Force Falcons; the cadets ground the flyboys.
  5. Texas State Bobcats make tracks to square off against the Idaho Vandals.  Bobcats win.
  6. Tennessee Vols have to play at Mizzou.  Yipes.
  7. Oklahoma State visits Texas Tech's Red Raiders. The Red Raiders win the shootout.
  8. UNC Tarheels, normally known for the roundball, journey to NC State.  Wolfpack is triumphant.
  9. UCLA Bruins dine on the Colorado Buffaloes.
  10. KU drives straight south to Austin to face the Longhorns. Can they just say they lost without having the hassle of  a long, sad drive back north in traffic?
  11. Clemson at Virginia means the Commodore has another bad Saturday.
  12. Auburn goes to Fayetteville for a pig-pulling and leaves picking pork out of their teeth. It would be fantastic for the Razorbacks to pull off an upset and earn their first conference win.
  13. Georgia at Florida; how fast can that dog swim from a gator? He won't make it to the shore.
  14. Texas A&M wanders out west to lock horns with UTEP's Miners; let's hope they don't get so farsighted that they forget the opponent at hand.
  15. Florida State hands Miami Canes their first loss of the season and makes a case for the BCS bowl.
  16. Virginia Tech Hokies pluck BC Eagles bald.
  17. Michigan motors to East Lansing for a little game against Sparty and company. Sparty makes a home stand. Lights out, Wolverines.

Lady Grid out.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: October 28, 2013

College Ball

On my picks, I missed a few including the startling performance of the Golden Gophers over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Ski-U-Mah!  The Gophers bear consideration now. I wish Coach Kill patience as he continues to manage his epilepsy that seems to manifest itself on game days.

1.  When Texas Tech and Oklahoma play, the outcome isn't always certain, but someone always goes home happy with the result.  Next year they play out in Lubbock, and those Red Raider fans are legendary.  Watch out, Sooners!
2.  It was nice to see USC limit the Utes to a field goal and show some of the old fight.
3.  Oops, Buffalo won.  No more Bottom 10 ranking on ESPN for them. Hip, hip hurray! They are 4-0 in the MAC.
4.  I was glad to see that the Midshipmen topped the Pitt Panthers with a field goal no less.
5.  The Notre Dame Fighting Irish did roll over the Falcons. 
6.  In a game, I didn't choose to highlight, Texas State edged South Alabama and are now 5-3 in the Sun Belt division. Go Bobcats!
7.  Maryland has a kicker, Brad Craddock, from Oz who's been practicing with former Ravens kicker Matt Stover; it seems that the wind up there can be tricky on a good day.  Smart!

Pro Ball

St. Louis led the Red Sox after the obstruction call in game three. What a mess! It turns out that the Red Sox like their home almost as much as St. Louis' ball field. It must be true because the Cards head home with a 3-2 lead in the World Series. Whoa, Nellie!

1.  No surprise with the Seahawks results whatsoever. Their offensive sputtering was, however. Now you know how to hold the offense to 135 yards. Harrumph!
2.  Dallas' loss in the final twelve seconds was surprising.  Was Megatron out of this world or what with 329 yards, the second highest in the NFL, for one single game.  Outstanding! Can we get him in Big D, please?
3.  The New York Giants startled both the Philadelphia Eagles and folks like me watching the fun on NFL RedZone.
4.  I picked the Steelers to win out west; Troy Polamalu and team went home disappointed.
5.  What happened to the Atlanta Falcons? They had a banner year, seemed to have the right personnel, and were destined to great things this year.  Not so fast, birdies.

One more thing: Meriweather needs to careful about drawing targets on someone's knees, and Brandon Marshall needs to figure out how to best settle domestic issues without resorting to violence from either party. No respect for domestic mix-ups.  They just aren't fair fights.  Remember Steve McNair?

Lady Grid out.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Professional Football Primer - October 27, 2013

You want the pros? You've got 'em.
  1. I did pick Carolina to win on Thursday night.  Maybe the Bucs should play the Jags next?
  2. New Orleans makes jerky out of Buffalo.
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs pummel the Browns and remain unbeaten.
  4. The Detroit Lions' Megatron will have an epic showing against the Dallas Cowboys' defense despite Tony Romo's efforts on the offensive side of the pigskin.
  5. The Brady Bunch won't lose a second week in a row and especially not in Miami.
  6. The Philadelphia Eagles will start Michael Vick as QB due to Foles' concussion.  The Giants are doing a happy dance after their first win. These teams are my Cowboys' division rivals. Nah, push!
  7. Joke Reel Highlight: Will the Jaguars' mascot Jaxson DeVille take on a challenge from the Forty-Niners mascot? Not a good move on most days.  I know there are some good players on the Jags team, but I don't know why they cannot seem to make the plays at the right time and ratchet up a win for themselves.  Colin Kaepernick has a banner day; twin terrors NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis harass Chad Henne or whoever else is unlucky enough to be the Jags QB. The Jags get to rest a week before facing the Titans in November. Do I have to spell it out for you? Niners reign supreme.
  8. The Jets fly to play tag with the Cincy Bengals.  Bengals win.
  9. The Steelers facing a Raiders team with the same record out west? You're kidding me, right? Steelers smash the Raiders in front of the Oakland faithful.
  10. Aerial Dog Fight: the Falcons travel to the desert to fight the Cardinals.  I want Larry Fitzgerald to catch over 100 yards, but Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez will fly home wreathed in smiles.
  11. The Broncos host the Redskins after their recent loss in Indy? Tell the 'Skins to pack bandages, ointment, and pain meds.  This one will be brutal as General Peyton dismantles their defense.
  12. The Packers travel west to face the Vikings who might have been desperate enough to ask Brett Favre to come out of retirement? Analyst Rodney Harrison was calling out Josh Freeman? Look for Aaron Rodgers to do his touchdown dance at least once or twice, or who knows how many times?  Pack wins.
  13. The Seattle Seahawks come east to St. Louis to face the Rams who are now without Sam Bradford at the helm? Russell Wilson and company run with a win on Monday night.
Tune in next time, folks.  Lady Grid out.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Night Food-for-Thought

Well, the Centennial Titans left the stadium with a win tonight and a score of 35-28, but the Plano East Panthers were thrashed.  Ugh.  The BYU Cougars taught Boise State a lesson with their 37-20 win.

I don't know what to think now that the World Series is tied at one apiece. Now the Red Sox have to play the next three games in St. Louis before having a chance to win it all at Fenway Park before a crowd of adoring fans.  Or, it could go the other way with the Cards triumphant at home in front of their biggest fans in town. Peavy versus Kelly.  Who gets the "W" tomorrow night? Tune in to find out.  I'll check it periodically, but expect me to be attuned to collegiate gridiron.  A one year older Lady Grid out.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Evening Trifle

Yes, dear, a professional football game is on right now as I post, and you wonder why I don't have it tuned in? I have laundry to fold, papers to grade, and a manicure to get finished before I go to sleep.  I'll tune in some time before the first half is done, but we'll see.

The Red Sox demolished the Cardinals. Nanny boo-boo. AL team's ahead of you-oo.  Admittedly that would be a childish thing to write; however, what's written is done.  Move on.

Brett Favre coming out of retirement to lead the HAPLESS St. Louis Rams? He said no thanks.  Good for him, saving the bones more wear and tear from some young punk itching to say, "I got to sack Brett Favre!" Quite a few other people can claim that distinction, Sonny. Who wants to be the one who delivers a Joe Thiesmann-career-ending hit?  Even LT was apologetic. Speaking of (ahem) older quarterbacks still in their prime, here's wishing Peyton Manning a speedy recovery as the Broncos get ready to face Robert Griffin, III and the Washington Redskins. We'll see how Manning's arm and footwork coordinate after a bit of rest.

I have three words for Cam Newton: learn to slide.  This means getting a baseball coach to help you finesse the move and save the brain from potential scrambling by a marauding defender out for blood.

Here are this week's College Picks for Saturday, October 26, 2013.
  1. Nebraska blows out the Golden Gophers.
  2. Stanford Cardinal shows off their new Oregon State Beaver hats.
  3. Texas gigs the Horned Frogs.
  4. Ohio State remains undefeated against the Penn State Nittany Lions.
  5. The Oregon Ducks skin the UCLA Bruins.
  6. Clemson Tigers will dine on Maryland Terrapin stew.
  7. Coach Spurrier and his South Carolina team head to the show-me state to face off against the Missouri Tigers.
  8. The undefeated Texas Tech Red Raiders will head to Norman to face the Oklahoma Sooners. Push.
  9. Sparty goes to see the .500 Fighting Illini.  The Illini will have an even worse record afterwards.
  10. Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Northwestern Wildcats.  Rochampbeau? Two out of three wins, dude.
  11. Utes visit Tommy Trojan at the Colesium; in former days, this was a no-brainer.  Now, I am not so sure about the crimson and gold as I once was.
  12. UCONN travels south to UCF (ranked!) and gets beaten.
  13.  Pitt faces the Midshipmen in Annapolis.  Come on sailors!
  14. The Oklahoma State Cowboys straighten the Iowa State Cyclones enough for a stretcher.  This one will be bad. 
  15. NC State visits the Seminole Nation? Is this legal?
  16. Notre Dame takes on the Air Force Academy.  I don't have much hope for the Falcons, but I cheer against the Fighting Irish any day of the week that ends in "y."
  17. Good luck to the Tennessee Vols in your quest against the Crimson Tide.  It's Rocky Top time! Oh, wait, I was dreaming again, huh?
  18. Buffalo plays Kent State; guess who wins? Kent State, of course.

Friday Night Lights

1. High School Action: 

A.  Plano East squares off against perennial rival Plano Senior High.  Here's hoping the Panthers can thrash the Wildcats in a special birthday present to this alumnus.

B.  Centennial High School, aching from a wretched loss last week, thirst to avenge themselves on down-the-road rivals at Frisco High School.

2.  College Time:  Boise State faces Brigham Young and triumphs over the Cougars.

 No, I won't go to Atlantic City to bet either.  Lady Grid out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Midweek Thoughts - October 22, 2013

My pro picks in the land of the National Football League were only sixty percent accurate.  Ouch!  We'll see how Josh Freeman shapes up in his quest to lead the Minnesota Vikings as their new quarterback.  Rumors abound that Michael Vick will lead the Eagles in their game against the New York Giants.  Giants fans are ecstatic that the G-Men logged their first win.  If Vick is healthy, maybe the tandem quarterback system will work.  The jury is out here.  The two winless teams left include the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  If those two teams played, someone would eventually win.  The Jags offense is nonexistent to say the least.  Unfortunately, they don't play each other this year.

Washington Redskins' safety Brandon Meriweather needs to be taken to the woodshed for some of the hits he's laid on people.  Suspension may work wonders for his grasp on reality.  Helmet-to-helmet hits look brutal on film; I only watch the action once because the thought of a player's brain slamming hard against the skull after a deliberate attack sickens me.

The World Series begins tomorrow night. It's just a sea of red. Out in Los Angeles, they're wondering if Mattingly will return next season as manager.  If the Dodgers cut him loose, then someone else will land on him like a duck on a June bug. Lady Grid out.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Notes - October 19, 2013

Let's start off with the high school games, shall we? Plano East beat McKinney 35-23.  This is great news after the loss to Allen last week.  Panthers are on the march.  Look out, Plano Senior High.  That would be an incredible birthday present to beat the Wildcats.  Frisco Centennial High School suffered a heartbreaking loss to Wakeland on Thursday night.  Just when some momentum would happen, something else would stop their drive. Next week, the mighty Titans face cross-town rivals Frisco High School Raccoons.  Go, Titans!

My Aggies weren't able to rally after Johnny Manziel's shoulder injury.  We ran out of time. Next week, we face off against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Kyle Field.  Hopes for a speedy, thorough recovery go to Manziel.  Here's hoping the famed Wrecking Crew of days gone by resurfaces to stop the run.  Stop the run.  Stop the run!

The AP will be shuffled like a deck of cards.  After having eight teams in the AP Top 25, what's happening in the SEC this week?  Two close games were decided by less than seven points.  I was surprised to see Ole Miss and Tennessee with wins this week, especially after SC's Clowney came to play ball.  My beloved University of Southern California Trojans suffered a loss to Notre Dame.  Ugh.  Florida State spanked Clemson; the Crimson Tide blanked Arkansas.  I can hardly wait to see how things shape up as a result.  I warned you not to take my predictions to Vegas.  Just watch the money fly away on golden wings.

We'll see how my pro predictions align with the stars after the last game tomorrow night.  And no, I won't invest a dime in Texans RB Arian Foster stocks or shares or whatever they've cooked up for him.  One wrong hit costs me some serious dough.  The closest I get to "owning" someone comes with the playoff gridiron challenge on ESPN.  The guys and I square off to see who makes the best picks in the post-season. 

The World Series teams have been set for MLB.  Ready yourself for the sea of red.  Cardinals versus Red Sox.  Texas is an AL state, but the Cards beat my Rangers in the 2011 World Series.  Go team. Can I throw the Yellow Flag of Shame now? Lady Grid out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

College Round-Up - October 17, 2013

Vin Scully lives! The Dodgers are trailing the Cardinals in the NLCS; however, we’ll see what happens in the next go-round.  The Red Sox were trounced soundly by the Tigers in their little game yesterday.  I am still waiting for Mr. Suh to pay me his fine of $31,500.  It would work wonders for my little bank account.  Forgive the slight digression.

Let’s take a look at the college gridiron action coming up this weekend. There is no real rhyme or reason to the selections.  Some are ranked teams facing off against unranked teams.  The SEC has an unprecedented eight teams in the AP top 25.  That says something no matter what Coach Stoops thinks.  I think that’s why I saved his game for last this week.  
  1. Oregon State Beavers vs. Cal Golden Bears – flat tailed rats visiting the bears down the Pacific Coast.  The beavers will win, but never trust a rat! 
  2. Georgia at Vandy – the poor Commodore will be walked by the Dawgs this weekend.
  3. FSU vs. Clemson – that infamous Seminole chop will wreck the Clemson Tigers’ action on Saturday.
  4. USC Trojans at Notre Dame – new coaching ideas traveling to an old foe I have despised since I was a little girl.  If wishes were horses, then Tommy Trojan would ride into the win column.  It won’t happen.
  5. LSU at Ole Miss – And the point of this game is to show how Mike the Tiger loves to hunt prey.  Tigers trounce the Rebs for their second week in a row of home losses.  Miracles do happen but not this time.  Keep dreaming.
  6. Washington at Arizona State – The Huskies had to deal with those nasty Ducks last week and now they go southeast to get fried in the sun by the ASU crew?  Too bad.
  7. Auburn at Texas A&M – There is something to be said for home field advantage.  I am counting on my Aggies to be Antaeus this weekend to the visiting Tigers or War Eagle or whatever they yell.
  8. UCLA at Stanford – this is a fair fight? Ha! Stanford skins the Bruins.  Good riddance.
  9. Texas Tech at West Virginia – the perennially high-powered Tech offense takes its show on the road to WVU.  We’ll see what the Mountaineers have in store for them after that thumping from Baylor last week.  I am still wincing in pain.
  10. Florida at Missouri – the Swamp comes to Mizzou and has a feast.  Sorry, Tigers. 
  11. South Carolina at Tennessee – did Clowney play last week?  Did it matter?  Don’t count on hearing too many refrains of “Rocky Top” this weekend. 
  12. TCU at Oklahoma State – my best friend won’t like it, but I’m rooting for the Frogs to beat the Cowboys.  Sorry, Pistol Pete. Ole Pistol Pete won’t have a solution for the TCU offense this week.  I could be wrong, you know. 
  13. Northern Illinois at Central Michigan – random game selection. Northern Illinois over directional Michigan. 
  14. Iowa at Ohio State University- The poor Hawks will get plucked and thrashed by the Buckeyes. 
  15. Syracuse at Georgia Tech – The Orange will be squeezed by GT. 
  16. Washington State at Oregon – you never send an unarmed man into a fight.  This game is on that same caliber. Poor Cougars, beaten by waterfowl. 
  17. Wisconsin at Illinois – Badgers head out to destroy the Fighting Illini.
  18. Oklahoma at Kansas – Kansas wants to win after their loss to the Horned Frogs; but Loudmouth Schnook and his wagon riders will avenge their thirst for victory after a quick trip north on I-35.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tempest in a Teacup

I am in desperate need of a hot cup of tea; however, I will continue writing as the water in the kettle gets roiling along.  Let's get the pros done.
  1. Seattle Seahawks pick the Arizona Cardinals apart on Thursday night.
  2. Tampa Bay will remain winless after their trip to the Atlanta Falcons who've been nursing a bruised ego.
  3. Buffalo Bills without E.J? Sad and drowning in the Miami Dolphins' pool.
  4. The Chicago Bears have no plans to be robes for the Redskins.  Bears will leave happy.
  5. Cat fight! Bengals come to Detroit. I hope Megatron feels better soon; he is always needed.  Lions tend to be larger than tigers.  Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my. Home field advantage to Detroit.
  6. Cowboys travel to Philadelphia to face Chip Kelly's Offense Foles 1.0. First place in the NFC East is  up for grabs, right? Boys win.
  7. Panthers host the St. Louis Rams in Carolina. The Rams will leave fleeced and defeated.
  8. The New England Patriots travel to take on the New York Jets.  This just isn't a fair fight. Pats win.
  9. The San Diego Chargers head east to face off against poor, hapless Jacksonville.  Jags hope to score in the double digits while facing Philip Rivers and the gang.  Bolts shock the Jags.
  10. The 49ers travel east to Tennessee for a little interleague play.  Titans will try, but they will lose.
  11. The Green Bay Packers invited the Cleveland Browns to play.  Get ready to hear "I don't wanna work/I just want to bang on the drum all day" repeatedly.  Four different receivers will leap at Lambeau.
  12. The Houston Texans venture north to play the Kansas City Chiefs.  After that nasty reception at home by the classless ones who booed Schaub, get ready for some eardrum-splitting decibels in Chiefs' territory.
  13. The Ravens play the Steelers in Pittsburg.  Troy and the boys are feeling feisty.  They might even have enough moxie to take down the reigning World Champs.  We'll see.
  14. The Colts host the Broncos.  The big boys of the stable win in a triumphant return of sorts for the unflappable Peyton Manning.
  15. The Monday Night Football game featuring the New York Giants at home against the Minnesota Vikings and their newly-minted quarterback Josh Freeman: Giants will win.  Coughlin will smile as he drips dry from a Gatorade shower.
Remember, I don't bet on the games, so my advice is worthless in Vegas.  I'll talk about the college boys later. Lady G. out.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pro Picks from October 13, 2013

I won't change any of my picks to the accurate game-time results.  My son can verify that I made my picks before game time.  Yesterday found me taking Mama to the State Fair of Texas.  We normally go together, and last year we missed it.  I made sure to have that date cemented into my calendar this go 'round.  Here is what's up from Sunday.

1.  Broncos fleece the hapless Jags at Mile High.  Clutch!
2.  Bengals dine on Buffalo. Clutch!
3.  Lions over the Browns. Clutch!
4.  Packers pluck the Ravens. Clutch!
5.  Chiefs raid the Raiders. Clutch!
6.  Texans dominate the Rams.  Nope, and the Texans fans who booed Matt Schaub as he left the field injured deserve multiple yellow flags of shame.
7.  Vikings beat the Panthers.  Nope. My son was THRILLED about that one.
8.  Jets fly over the Seahawks.  Nope, rookie Geno Smith was schooled by the sophomore phenom Russell Wilson.
9.  Eagles beat the Bucs. Clutch!
10.  Cards at 49ers. Push.
11.  Saints and Pats - Pats win. That blasted last-minute TD catch.  Yergh!
12.  Redskins at Cowboys - Boys win. Clutch!
13.  Seattle out in Tennessee - Seahawks win. Clutch!
14.  Indy at San Diego. Colts beat Bolts. Pending results tonight. To Be Determined. . . 

Oh, and Big Papi showed the Tigers a thing or two in the game last night.  What happens when they move out west to the Motor City? Tune in tomorrow night to find out.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

College Ball Picks - October 12, 2013

There is no need to discuss Plano East's game against Allen last night.  Forget I said anything.  The Lions' Suh is going to have to pay $100,000 as a fine.  I'll send him my bank account number today.  The Dodgers need to figure things out before facing the Cardinals in game two.  Big Papi and the Red Sox versus Prince Fielder and the Tigers? I've never been a Red Sox fan, so I'll say, "Go, Motor City Kitties!"

College football season brings highs and lows and makes one scratch the head in surprise with the way games end wildly.  This week's predictions for colleges should be spot on. They are in no particular order, rhyme, or reason.

1. Northwestern will beat Wisconsin.  Sorry, badgers.
2. South Carolina will triumph over Arkansas with or without Jadeveon Clowney (if he decides to play).
3. The Dawgs will thrash Missouri. Soundly. And often.
4. LSU will show us their new alligator shoes after hosting Florida.  Gator bites anyone?
5. Those pesky Oregon State Beavers thump the Washington State Cougars. If not, then check the alignment of the poles on this globe.  We aren't headed the right direction.
6.  Oregon Ducks make the Washington Huskies mush all the way to Victory Lane. Mush, doggies!
7.  Michigan just barely over Penn State to make it interesting.
8.  Texas vs. Oklahoma - can they both lose? I'd actually prefer the cows to beat the wagon riders this year.  If you quote me, I'll deny it.
9. BYU vs. Georgia Tech - flip a coin. Push.
10. Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss: you know the Aggies will leave Oxford with the W.  Sorry, Eli.
11. Pitt's woes continue against the VT Hokies.
12. Alabama versus Kentucky. Is this legal?
13. UCLA taking on the hapless Golden Bears of Cal. And I care because? Go, Cal.  I have never been a Bruin fan, ever.
14. Clemson hosting BC Eagles will be a scream.  The cat gets the canary.
15. The Utah Utes will rise to the challenge of visiting Stanford; sadly they will fail, but it will be a "good ole college try."
16. Baylor will sic KSU's defense like nobody's business.

Pro picks tomorrow, folks.  Lady Grid out.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baseball, Football, and Basketball. . . Oh My.

It's been exciting to see the Pirates-Cardinals series. I had hoped the PTI commentator Michael Wilbon wasn't right and that the Cardinals are the NL version of the Yankees.  Oh, well, next year, mateys.  Arrr! The Dodgers versus the Cardinals.  Vin Scully lives! Detroit and Oakland face off out west tonight.  Boston Red Sox are cooling their heels waiting to see who they play.  The Dodgers versus the Cardinals. 

Thursday night means football on the NFL Network for football junkies like me.  The Giants travel to the Windy City to try and get their first win.  It's more interesting to decide if you like New York or Chicago-style pizza.  Both pizza types have merit and a loyal fan base.  It's been a while since I've had a deep-dish pizza from Chicago St. Pizza.  It's time to make a call and wait the requisite forty or so minutes to get my fork into some good grub.

Friday night in Texas means football.  It's homecoming week somewhere around the Lone Star State; girls are sporting enormous mums* given by their beaux.  School colored ribbons encircle the local trees near the high schools.  Plano East travels to Allen; let's hope the Panthers make a good showing against the Eagles following East's recent loss in a non-district game to a team out of Florida.  Importing teams to play ball? Who would have thought it possible?

Saturday will find me revealing my picks for the college games.  The annual game at the Fair Park doesn't hold much excitement for this gridiron girl.  If it were possible for Stoops to be silenced after his bonehead comments about SEC defenses, I would be surprised.  When does OU play Baylor, I wonder?  I may have to wear something green that day just because. Sunday will find the professionals on tap. 

Preseason basketball just doesn't fire the engines for me, but here's hoping D. Rose has healed and will be at full-strength when the season starts.  Superman has landed in Houston; the jury is out on whether he will have an impact or not.  Remember that E said, "No capes!" in the movie The Incredibles.  She meant business, so I'm sticking with her. Lady G out.

*See picture below for an example of a HOCO (Homecoming) mum.  Sometimes they cause neck pain because they're so heavy with ribbon, bling, etc. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Yellow Flag of Shame

To show how serious I am about bad calls made, I have yellow flag that is thrown at the television during a game.  At times, the officiating and/or commentating reaches such a horrendous level that I simply must rest the flag on top of the television out of disgust.  See photographs below.  One of my fellow gridiron junkies states that there is too much "laundry" on the field once the flags fly without restraint.  I've even yanked off my glasses to hand them to the officials out of a rationale that my glasses will help their vision.

Yellow Flag of Shame on Arm Rest in Preparation for Launch

The Yellow Flag of Shame for the Game as a Whole

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Collegiate/MLB Wrap-Up - October 5, 2013

In College Pick 'Em, I managed to beat the family guys and picked eight of ten games correctly.  The gap closes one week at a time.  Ole Miss and Penn State let me down, or else perfection would be mine.  That Georgia vs. Tennessee game was so exciting that the hubby and I paused it, ran to Firehouse Subs to grab some sandwiches for dinner, and then came back to watch the events unfold.  I would not even look at a television screen while gone.  There was no sense is spoiling the surprise.  I was pulling for the Vols to defeat the Dawgs.  The Aggies don't face Georgia this year, but the Dawgs merit a good study on how to contain LSU when we end our season in Louisiana in November.

Big Papi had two homeruns in the Boston Red Sox's victory over Tampa Bay in the ALDS.  Oakland and Detroit have tied up their series.  All-Star Batting Champ Yoenis C├ęspedes  made Scherzer pay on Friday night, then Vogt manages a walk-off homer in the second game.  We'll see how Prince Fielder and the Tigers handle their trip to the Motor City tomorrow evening.

Later this week, the famous Yellow Flag of Shame will be unveiled.  NFL Red Zone is queued up for this afternoon to catch the touchdowns and field goals for the pros today.

Pro predictions?

1. New Orleans at Chicago - the Saints wear bearskin coats in Chicago. Brees will put on a show.  Saints win. They will win in a big air show; Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles will play rochambeau to decide who's going to catch the fourth TD pass.

2. New England tames the Cincinnati Bengals even if I want A.J. Green to have a monster afternoon burning the Patriot secondary for every yard possible.  Pats win.

3. Detroit rolls in to Green Bay.  I hope Megatron has a fantastic afternoon, but Aaron Rodgers is often Antaeus at Lambeau Field.  Packers win.

4. Kansas City at Tennessee - Andy Reid is a formidable coach who motivates his players despite what they think in Philly.  Chiefs win.

5. Seattle at Indianapolis - an opportunity to see two exciting young quarterbacks in their sophomore year.  They slick their jerseys in lard and elude defenders trying to catch them. Frustrating for the DBs but fun for the fans to watch.  Seahawks triumph in the last seconds of the game.

6. Jacksonville at St. Louis - how bad could it be? Perhaps Jacksonville will score more points against a terrible Rams defense.  Their win records would then be the same.  I don't have much hope.  That Jags mascot needs to stop accepting silly bets.  Paintballs hurt!  Jags? Nah, push.

7.  Baltimore at Miami - Ryan Tannehill (Whoop!) will want to make someone pay after their loss to the Saints.  They're playing at home.  Fins win.

8.  Philadelphia at New York Giants - these guys are in my division. If they could both come away with a loss, hubby would be ecstatic.  Not sure I care who wins.  Push.

9.  Carolina at Arizona - My son loves the Panthers and has been a fan since the age of seven.  Who knows why?  He'll want them to win in the desert, but Mama is a realist.  Four words:  Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson. Cardinals.

10. Broncos at Cowboys - as much as I would like to dream of a Cowboys victory, I know that my current fave quarterback Peyton Manning is coming to do some serious damage.  Look for the Dallas secondary to be scratching their heads on the sidelines as he spreads out the passes to his gravity-challenged receiving corps led by Eric Decker and Wes Welker.  Broncs win in a BIG fashion.  At least five TDs by the end of the third quarter. And the Cowboys are playing at home? Ha! Broncos.

11.  Houston at San Francisco - the 49ers have been smarting after some interesting games so far.  Even though I'd love to see Matt Schaub and company whip 'em, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman have other ideas.  49ers win.

12. San Diego at Oakland (yawn) - Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers traveling north to play in Oakland?  Bolts will put on a show, but I think the Raiders will find a way to beat them. I won't be staying up late to see how it turns out, though.  That 10:35 P.M. kick-off is a precedent. Raiders in a sleeper victory.

13. New York Jets at Atlanta - the Jets will land expecting a nice, warm Georgia welcome.  They'll get a thrashing instead.  Falcons win.

More anon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A New Month Beckons

I took notes on my phone last week while enjoying a gridiron-infested NFL Red Zone fix.  The next day found me shaking my head because somehow I managed to delete my notes.  Oh well.  One key highlight of delight was seeing Peck's Bad Boy Ndamukong Suh causing a fumble that resulted in a defensive touchdown by teammate Nick Fairley who rumbled into the end zone.  Seeing a defensive tackle take it to the house delights the soul.

The Pirates have managed to tie up their series.  For some reason, my fave Pirate player is Andrew McCutchen.  He has a .317 batting average and just makes the game exciting to watch. It's nice to have baseball in October. My Texas Rangers are resting up for the March 31 start date next season.  I'm not a Red Sox fan, but it's a scream when Big Papi mixes things up.  Perhaps he'll homer a time or two in the post season.  It remains to be seen.

My picks have been made on ESPN's College Pick 'Em game.  Last week found me trailing the guys in my life.  This week, they're going down swinging.  It will be LSU trouncing Miss. State, Stanford beating the Washington Huskies, Midshipmen grounding the Falcons, Missouri conquering the Commodores, Notre Dame making a home stand against the visiting Sun Devils, Buckeyes trampling Northwestern, Ole Miss sporting Auburn tiger stripes, Sparty plucking Iowa bald, and Oklahoma dining on Horned Frogs' legs for supper a la Duck Dynasty.  Don't tell them how I picked.  Let them "read 'em and weep."  Lady G. out.