Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Little Bit of Football

Backup QB Kellen Moore broke his leg, so he's not able to replace Romo as QB. I fear for Tony Romo's health on the field. After breaking his clavicle twice last season, I will hold my breath every time he meets the turf on his back. Owner and GM Jerry Jones is smart about marketing the team; however, he needs to make sure they have another QB in the stable just in case. Tsk.

Thursday Games
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle

Wednesday Wrap-Up - Here is hoping that Yoenis C├ęspedes is able to rest that leg and run full speed again one day soon. I am not sure of what to make of Yasiel Puig being bumped down to the minors. Perhaps it is for the best, and speaking of the Dodgers, ace and local Highland Park HS grad Clayton Kershaw should not be seen until August 27. Bad news for the boys in southern California.

Batting Average:0.467 holding steady.
  1. Marlins at Cubs
  2. Brewers at Padres
  3. Nationals at Diamondbacks
  4. Mets at Yankees
  5. Giants at Phillies
  6. Rangers at Baltimore
  7. Twins at Indians
  8. White Sox at Tigers
  9. Pirates at Braves
  10. Cardinals at Reds
  11. Royals at Rays
  12. Blue Jays at Astros
  13. Dodgers at Rockies
  14. Athletics at Angels
  15. Red Sox at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

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