Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Day to Remember

Fifteen years ago, I was a stay at home mama who had arisen at the normal time and eaten breakfast with her husband and son. I had no idea that my entire world would change because of the vicious attacks rained down on my country by evil people I would never understand. I will never understand terrorist attacks. Never. Ever. I may disagree with protesters' positions; however, it's a difference of opinion that should NEVER result in a loss of life. Never Forget 9/11.


Saturday Recap
Batting Average: 0.467
  1. Boston vs. Toronto
  2. ChiCubs vs. Houston
  3. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees
  4. Seattle vs. Oakland
  5. Philadelphia vs. Washington
  6. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  7. Kansas City vs. ChiSox
  8. Baltimore vs. Detroit
  9. Cleveland vs. Twins
  10. NY Mets vs. Atlanta
  11. LA Dodgers vs. Miami
  12. Milwaukee vs. St. Louis
  13. San Francisco vs. Arizona
  14. Colorado vs. San Diego
  15. Texas vs. LA Angels
Sunday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  3. Orioles at Tigers
  4. Dodgers at Marlins
  5. Mets at Braves
  6. Phillies at Nationals
  7. Reds at Pirates
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Brewers at Cardinals
  11. Rangers at Angels
  12. Mariners at Athletics
  13. Giants at Diamondbacks
  14. Rockies at Padres
  15. Cubs at Astros

NCAA Football

  1. SMU vs. Baylor
  2. South Carolina vs. Mississippi State
  3. Iowa State vs. Iowa
  4. UNC vs. Illinois
  5. Washington State vs. Boise State
  6. BYU vs. Utah
  7. Arkansas vs. TCU
  8. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
  9. Texas Tech vs. Arizona State -
  10. Texas A&M plays Prairie View A&M.
  1. Green Bay at Jacksonville
  2. Buffalo at Baltimore
  3. Chicago at Houston
  4. Cleveland at Philadelphia
  5. Tampa Bay at Atlanta
  6. Minnesota at Tennessee
  7. Cincinnati at NY Jets
  8. Oakland at New Orleans
  9. San Diego at Kansas City
  10. Miami at Seattle
  11. Detroit at Indianapolis
  12. NY Giants at Dallas
  13. New England at Arizona
Confidential to those who will not stand for the "Star Spangled Banner." I will keep standing despite some things that have happened to me and/or my family members in the past. This is still the best place to live to express our opinions freely.

Lady Grid out.

Raising the Flag at Ground Zero
by Thomas E. Franklin

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