Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Silly Saturday


College Gridiron
Some of the matchups are too ridiculous to even call with the non-conference schedule some big name teams play. Their absence on my list makes them conspicuous with the exception of one. Tsk!

  1. SMU vs. Baylor
  2. South Carolina vs. Mississippi State
  3. Iowa State vs. Iowa
  4. UNC vs. Illinois
  5. Washington State vs. Boise State
  6. BYU vs. Utah
  7. Arkansas vs. TCU
  8. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
  9. Texas Tech vs. Arizona State - Don't tell my son.
  10. Texas A&M plays Prairie View A&M. Why? Aggies win.

High School Wrap-Up

  1. Frisco Centennial won Thursday night, 38-35.
  2. Lincoln High plays today at 2:00P.M. against Madison. Go, Tigers!
  3. Manual Arts beat Fremont, 45-23. Yay!
  4. McAllen Memorial lost, 35-7. Boo!
  5. Plano East lost, 47-29.  Double Boo!


Friday Games
Batting Average: A respectable 0.600. Yay!
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Phillies at Nationals
  3. Reds at Pirates
  4. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  5. Orioles at Tigers
  6. Dodgers at Marlins - Kershaw!
  7. Mets at Braves
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Cubs at Astros
  11. Brewers at Cardinals
  12. Giants at Diamondbacks
  13. Rangers at Angels
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Rockies at Padres
Saturday Games
  1. Boston vs. Toronto
  2. ChiCubs vs. Houston
  3. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees
  4. Seattle vs. Oakland
  5. Philadelphia vs. Washington
  6. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  7. Kansas City vs. ChiSox
  8. Baltimore vs. Detroit
  9. Cleveland vs. Twins
  10. NY Mets vs. Atlanta
  11. LA Dodgers vs. Miami
  12. Milwaukee vs. St. Louis
  13. San Francisco vs. Arizona
  14. Colorado vs. San Diego
  15. Texas vs. LA Angels
Lady Grid out.

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