Thursday, September 15, 2016

Posting in Time for London, I Suppose.


Thursday Games
The madness that is post-season has begun with teams trying to grab wild-card spots and hold on as tightly as they can. Look for some fantastic play in the next few days. I know MLB does not get yellow flags, but Braves pitcher José Ramirez needs one after nearly hitting Marlins pitcher José Fernandez in the head.
  1. Minnesota at Detroit
  2. Cleveland at ChiSox
  3. Tampa Bay at Baltimore
  4. Pittisburgh at Philadelphia
  5. NY Yankees at Boston
  6. Oakland at Kansas City
  7. Milwaukee at ChiCubs
  8. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  9. Toronto at LA Angels
  10. St. Louis at San Francisco


The NY Jets visit the Buffalo Bills. Yawn. I may or may not tune in using the NFL Mobile App. It's a Bunco night, so I will probably not even check in. Someone has to win this mess. The Yets win and go to .500 on the season. Bills are still winless.

Lady Grid out.

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