Friday, September 9, 2016

Baseball with a Side of Football

Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.571 was not too bad, considering.
  1. Houston at Cleveland
  2. Tampa Bay at NY Yankees
  3. Philadelphia at Washington
  4. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  5. Milwaukee at St. Louis
  6. Texas at Seattle
  7. Colorado at San Diego
Friday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Phillies at Nationals
  3. Reds at Pirates
  4. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  5. Orioles at Tigers
  6. Dodgers at Marlins - Kershaw!
  7. Mets at Braves
  8. Royals at White Sox
  9. Indians at Twins
  10. Cubs at Astros
  11. Brewers at Cardinals
  12. Giants at Diamondbacks
  13. Rangers at Angels
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Rockies at Padres

NFL: That was HORRIBLE to see Cam get knocked about like that. Yellow Flag of Shame on the officials who did not do a concussion protocol on him right away. Grr!!!

Friday Night Lights
  1. Frisco Centennial High School (son) - Titans played McKinney North High School Bulldogs on Thursday night.
  2. Lincoln High School (mama) - Tigers will face off against the Madison Trojans on Saturday, September 10. 
  3. Manual Arts High School (daddy)- Toilers take on the Fremont Pathfinders in an afternoon game.
  4. McAllen Memorial High School (hubby) - Mustangs vs. San Benito Greyhounds
  5. Plano East Senior High (mine) - Panthers vs. Arlington High Colts
Lady Grid out.

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