Saturday, September 3, 2016

College Football is Back!

I am caught up with grading, seat arranging, and tutorial list making for the week. Whew! Now I have to create a fun review game for the students before Tuesday. That will be a pleasure to complete. I had to get the fussy administrative tasks finished so that I could laugh and listen to music while creating a Kahoot! It's time to play ball!


  1. Giants vs. Cubs
  2. Astros vs. Rangers
  3. Cardinals vs. Reds
  4. Blue Jays vs.Rays
  5. Yankees vs. Orioles
  6. Braves vs. Phillies
  7. Brewers vs. Pirates
  8. Marlins vs. Indians
  9. White Sox vs. Twins
  10. Nationals vs. Mets
  11. Tigers vs. Royals
  12. Diamondbacks vs.Rockies
  13. Red Sox vs. Athletics
  14. Angels vs. Mariners
  15. Padres vs. Dodgers

College Football

  1. Oklahoma at Houston
  2. LSU at Wisconsin
  3. Hawai'i at Michigan - why?
  4. UMASS at Florida 
  5. Georgia at UNC
  6. USC at Alabama - I really want the Trojans to win. I really, really do.
  7. SMU at UNT
  8. Clemson at Auburn
  9. Stephen F. Austin at Texas Tech  (My son attends Tech and would not forgive for choosing against his team.)
  10. UCLA at Texas A&M

Lady Grid out.

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