Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Day of the Son

Thursday Games - Son of Lady Gridiron picked these today.

  1. Angels vs. Rays
  2. Pirates vs. Cardinals
  3. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  4. Yankees vs. Indians
  5. Nationals vs. Mets
  6. Twins vs. Rangers
  7. Braves vs. Cubs
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Mariners vs. Royals
  10. Phillies vs. Rockies
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers

Wednesday's Results
Batting average is 0.600 for the day. Woo-hoo! Those first few games almost made me lose hope.
  1. Detroit vs. Cleveland
  2. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  3. Oakland vs. Minnesota
  4. Miami vs. NY Mets
  5. Cincinnati vs. ChiCubs
  6. Baltimore vs. LA Dodgers
  7. Milwaukee vs. Washington
  8. Texas vs. Boston
  9. Kansas City vs. Toronto
  10. LA Angels vs. Tampa Bay
  11. NY Yankees vs. ChiSox
  12. Seattle vs. Houston
  13. Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis
  14. San Diego vs. Arizona
  15. Colorado vs. San Francisco
Soccer - European Championship
  • Portugal vs. Wales - win
  • Germany vs. France 


I wish we'd had an all-Williams sisters final in Wimbledon. Perhaps in the doubles they will hoist the trophy together. As it is, we have an Australian Open rematch with Serena vs. Angelique.

Lady Grid out.

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