Monday, July 25, 2016

Maddening or Marvelously Magnificent Monday?

We lost a great coach in Dennis Green this week. My condolences to his grieving family and friends as they wade through the unexpected loss of a husband, father, and friend.

Monday Matchup
  1. Detroit vs. Boston
  2. Colorado at Baltimore
  3. San Diego at Toronto
  4. St. Louis at NY Mets
  5. Philadelphia at Miami
  6. Arizona at Milwaukee
  7. Oakland at Texas
  8. ChiCubs at ChiSox - it's time for the Crosstown Showdown
  9. NY Yankees at Houston
  10. LA Angels at Kansas City
  11. Cincinnati at San Francisco
Congratulations to the newest members at Cooperstown: Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mike Piazza. What an incredible honor for these men and their families.

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.467 seems to be the going rate these days. Och well.
  1. Giants vs. Yankees
  2. Mariners vs. Blue Jays
  3. Diamondbacks vs. Reds
  4. Mets vs. Marlins
  5. Indians vs. Orioles
  6. Twins vs. Red Sox
  7. Padres vs. Nationals
  8. Phillies vs. Pirates
  9. Tigers vs. White Sox
  10. Cubs vs. Brewers
  11. Angels vs. Astros
  12. Rangers vs. Royals
  13. Rays vs. Athletics
  14. Braves vs. Rockies
  15. Dodgers vs. Cardinals
Goofing around at a local sporting goods store. Play ball!
Lady Grid out.

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