Friday, August 5, 2016

Let the Games Begin!

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics begins tonight. I confess I will probably not be watching too much of it. I am disappointed with the conditions for the citizens living in squalor and the resulting deplorable conditions for the athletes who must compete in the polluted waters of the Guanabara Bay. Tsk.

Friday Games
  1. Indians vs. Yankees
  2. Giants vs. Nationals
  3. Reds vs. Pirates
  4. Mets vs. Tigers
  5. Twins vs. Rays
  6. Orioles vs. White Sox
  7. Rangers vs. Astros
  8. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  9. Braves vs. Cardinals
  10. Marlins vs. Rockies
  11. Brewers vs. Diamondbacks
  12. Cubs vs. Athletics
  13. Angels vs. Mariners
  14. Red Sox vs. Dodgers
  15. Phillies vs. Padres
Thursday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.416 is barely skating by. Yergh.
  1. Minnesota at Cleveland
  2. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  3. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  4. San Francisco at Philadelphia
  5. ChiSox at Detroit
  6. Texas at Baltimore
  7. Oakland at LA Angels
  8. NY Mets at NY Yankees
  9. Pittsburgh at Atlanta
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. LA Dodgers at Colorado
  12. Boston at Seattle
Lady Grid out.

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