Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Sunday of September


  1. Arizona at Buffalo
  2. Oakland at Tennessee
  3. Cleveland at Miami
  4. Baltimore at Jacksonville
  5. Detroit at Green Bay
  6. Denver at Cincinnati
  7. Minnesota at Carolina
  8. Washington at NY Giants
  9. Los Angeles at Tampa Bay
  10. San Francisco at Seattle
  11. NY Jets at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Indianapolis
  13. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
  14. Chicago at Dallas

NCAA Football Wrapup

A seventy percent success rate of picking correctly at this point is noteworthy, but it is still not Vegas worthy. All bets are off.
  1. Georgia at Ole Miss
  2. Florida State at USF 
  3. Wisconsin at Michigan State
  4. East Carolina at Virginia Tech
  5. Florida at Tennessee
  6. Pitt at UNC
  7. LSU at Auburn
  8. Oklahoma State at Baylor
  9. UNT at Rice
  10. Arkansas at Texas A&M


My condolences go to the Miami Marlins community and the three young men who died in the boat crash that took the life of Marlins ace José Fernández early this morning. The game between the Marlins and Braves has been canceled.

Sunday Games
  1. NY Yankees vs. Toronto
  2. ChiSox vs. Cleveland
  3. Kansas City vs. Detroit
  4. Philadelphia vs. NY Mets
  5. Boston vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Arizona vs. Baltimore
  7. Washington vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  9. Seattle vs. Minnesota
  10. LA Angels vs. Houston
  11. Texas vs. Oakland
  12. Colorado vs. LA Dodgers
  13. San Francisco vs. San Diego
  14. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs

Saturday Games' Wrapup
Batting Average: A not-so-good showing of 0.467 for the day.
  1. Royals at Tigers
  2. Cardinals at Cubs
  3. Rangers at Athletics
  4. Yankees at Blue Jays
  5. Red Sox at Rays
  6. Diamondbacks at Orioles
  7. Nationals at Pirates
  8. White Sox at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Mariners at Twins
  11. Angels at Astros
  12. Phillies at Mets
  13. Braves at Marlins
  14. Giants at Padres
  15. Rockies at Dodgers
Lady Grid out.

Confidential: Congrats, Killer! 

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