Thursday, August 11, 2016

The National Pastime and Olympics

I have been in warrior mama mode getting items ready and tasks completed for my son heading off to Texas Tech this fall. We also begin inservice today in my school district. I will write when time permits. Thanks in advance for your understanding, sports fans.  Play ball!

  1. Diamondbacks at Mets
  2. Padres at Pirates
  3. Astros at Twins
  4. Rockies at Rangers
  5. Braves at Brewers
  6. Orioles at Athletics
  7. Yankees at Red Sox  - I hope Big Papi is feeling better after fouling a ball off of his foot. Ouch!
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Astros at Twins (game two)
  10. Cardinals at Cubs
  11. White Sox at Royals

A belated congratulations to the USA Women's Gymnastics team for the team gold medal. The "Final Five" have endeared themselves to the nation and provided a respite from the political arena. They complete for individual medals today. I will have my ESPN app alert me of breaking news to stay current.

The swim team has been pretty amazing, too. Sports fans are hopeful for the medal count to continue with the 200 IM happening later on.

Lady Grid out.

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