Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Weeping HR and a Donnybrook

The Miami Marlins won my heart with their emotional victory after José Fernández's untimely death. The crazy right-handed batting stance done by left-handed Dee Gordon followed by his monster home run. I will never again see a grown man rounding the bases with tears openly flowing down his face. The hats on the mound. All of them wearing his jersey name and number. RIP, Jo-Fez.

Tuesday's Lineup

  1. Red Sox at Yankees
  2. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  3. Cubs at Pirates - I want the Bucs to win this one and get closer to .500.
  4. Orioles at Blue Jays
  5. Indians at Tigers
  6. Phillies at Braves
  7. Mets at Marlins
  8. Twins at Royals
  9. Brewers at Rangers
  10. Rays at White Sox
  11. Mariners at Astros
  12. Reds at Cardinals
  13. Athletics at Angels
  14. Dodgers at Padres
  15. Rockies at Giants

Monday Wrap Up
Batting average: I managed to get 50 percent today. I was glad about the Marlins' victory. It was exciting to see the Yankees and Blue Jays mix it up. Happ should have been warned and tossed in my humble opinion. Yankees were not the only guilty parties last night.
  1. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  2. Cubs at Pirates 
  3. Yankees at Blue Jays - what a donnybrook!
  4. Indians at Tigers 
  5. Mets at Marlins 
  6. Brewers at Rangers
  7. Rays at White Sox
  8. Mariners at Astros
  9. Reds at Cardinals
  10. Athletics at Angels
Lady Grid out.

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