Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Master Blast Day With Over Sixty Percent Correctly Picked - Time to Celebrate

Sonic Drive-In has half price Master Blasts all day long. The catch is that this is only for small and medium sizes. Try not to cut in line ahead of me. Let's play ball!

Wednesday's Games
  1. Washington at Cleveland
  2. Philadelphia at Miami
  3. San Diego at Toronto
  4. Detroit at Boston
  5. Tampa Bay at LA Dodgers
  6. Cincinnati at San Francisco
  7. Colorado at Baltimore
  8. Seattle at Pittsburgh
  9. St. Louis at NY Mets
  10. ChiSox at ChiCubs
  11. Oakland at Texas
  12. Arizona at Milwaukee
  13. Atlanta at Minnesota
  14. NY Yankees at Houston
  15. LA Angels at Kansas City
Tuesday Wrap-Up
Batting average of 0.625. I really like this one.
  1. Cardinals vs. Mets (Game 1 due to postponed game on Monday) - single admission doubleheader
  2. Cubs at White Sox
  3. Rockies at Orioles - did not select one. Oops!
  4. Mariners at Pirates
  5. Padres at Blue Jays
  6. Tigers at Red Sox
  7. Nationals at Indians
  8. Phillies at Marlins
  9. Cardinals at Mets (Game 2 of the single admission doubleheader)
  10. Athletics at Rangers
  11. Diamondbacks at Brewers
  12. Braves at Twins
  13. Yankees at Astros
  14. Angels at Royals
  15. Rays at Dodgers
  16. Reds at Giants
Lady Grid out.

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