Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Sports Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

NFL Preseason

  1. Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
  2. Miami Dolphins at NY Giants - Giants
  3. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  5. Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
Saturday Games
  1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (I love the sound of the Rams in LA!) - Cowboys
  2. Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs (Not a Seahawk fan at all)
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Colts
  4. San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans - Chargers 


Saturday Games
  1. Rays at Yankees
  2. Astros at Blue Jays
  3. Cardinals at Cubs
  4. Pirates at Dodgers
  5. Braves at Nationals
  6. Rockies at Phillies
  7. Diamondbacks at Red Sox
  8. Angels at Indians
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. Royals at Twins
  11. Padres at Mets
  12. White Sox at Marlins
  13. Tigers at Rangers
  14. Mariners at Athletics
  15. Orioles at Giants
Friday Wrap-Up
  1. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
  2. Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees - the last game of Alex Rodriguez, no nickname for him.
  3. Atlanta vs. Washington
  4. Colorado vs. Philadelphia
  5. Houston vs. Toronto
  6. Arizona vs. Boston
  7. LA Angels vs. Cleveland
  8. San Diego vs. NY Mets
  9. ChiSox vs. Miami
  10. Detroit vs. Texas
  11. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  12. Kansas City vs. Minnesota
  13. Seattle vs. Oakland
  14. Pittsburgh vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Baltimore vs. San Francisco


First of all, Michelle Carter gets congrats for her gold medal in women's shot put last night. She defeated the reigning Olympic champion to do it. Congratulations also to Maya DiRado for her gold medal performance in the 200M backstroke. An unprecedented three-way tie in the men's 100M Butterfly last night. Congratulations to Schooling for the gold, and Phelps, le Clos, and Cseh.

Lady Grid out.

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