Monday, September 26, 2016

A Bit of Disbelief

Golf is not a sport I watch too often, but even I know of the legendary Arnold Palmer who passed away yesterday at the age of 87. Rest in peace!

NFL Wrap Up
  1. Arizona at Buffalo- I was flabbergasted by this one. Just gobsmacked at the end results. Without NFL Redzone, I had to use my ESPN app to keep up. Head Scratcher!
  2. Oakland at Tennessee- I had a feeling I should not have picked against the silver and black.
  3. Cleveland at Miami
  4. Baltimore at Jacksonville
  5. Detroit at Green Bay
  6. Denver at Cincinnati
  7. Minnesota at Carolina- Are you kidding me? My son was not happy about this result. No way.
  8. Washington at NY Giants
  9. Los Angeles at Tampa Bay- Good for the Rams who are surprising everyone. Seattle paid the price last week. 
  10. San Francisco at Seattle- Good.
  11. NY Jets at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Indianapolis
  13. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia - What on Earth happened to Pittsburgh? Not even a "C" game to be found. Ugh. Head Scratcher.
  14. Chicago at Dallas- Okay, that means we have a 2-1 record in the NFL East. What will Stephen A. Smith have to say about it on FirstTake this morning?
For Monday Night Football on ESPN, I am picking the Saints to earn their first win over the visiting Falcons in a divisional game.


Monday Games
  1. Diamondbacks at Nationals
  2. Cubs at Pirates - win 100 but against my Andrew and Starling. Boo.
  3. Yankees at Blue Jays
  4. Indians at Tigers - only because I want the Rangers to have home field advantage!
  5. Mets at Marlins - For sentimental reasons and José Fernández.
  6. Brewers at Rangers
  7. Rays at White Sox
  8. Mariners at Astros
  9. Reds at Cardinals
  10. Athletics at Angels
Sunday Wrap Up
Batting Average: A nice passing average of 0.712 for a Sunday.
  1. NY Yankees vs. Toronto
  2. ChiSox vs. Cleveland
  3. Kansas City vs. Detroit
  4. Philadelphia vs. NY Mets
  5. Boston vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Arizona vs. Baltimore
  7. Washington vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
  9. Seattle vs. Minnesota
  10. LA Angels vs. Houston
  11. Texas vs. Oakland
  12. Colorado vs. LA Dodgers
  13. San Francisco vs. San Diego
  14. St. Louis vs. ChiCubs
Lady Grid out.

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