Friday, July 8, 2016

Sad Day Dawns in Big D

As many of you may know, I write my little blog from the north Texas area, and I am saddened and angered about the overnight shooting of five officers by wanton cowards whose agenda at press time was unknown. I listened to part of the press conference led by Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Please pray for the families who are devastated this morning. Please pray for healing for those who were wounded. Please pray for real unity amidst the chaos.

Friday Games
  1. ChiCubs vs. Pittsburgh
  2. LA Angels vs. Baltimore
  3. Detroit vs. Toronto
  4. Tampa Bay vs. Boston
  5. NY Yankees vs. Cleveland
  6. Washington vs. NY Mets
  7. Cincinnati vs. Miami
  8. Minnesota vs. Texas
  9. Atlanta vs. ChiSox
  10. St. Louis vs. Milwaukee
  11. Oakland vs. Houston
  12. Philadelphia vs. Colorado
  13. Seattle vs. Kansas City
  14. San Diego vs. LA Dodgers
  15. Arizona vs. San Francisco

Thursday Games
Son's batting average was 0.454 for the day. Not too shabby.
  1. Angels vs. Rays
  2. Pirates vs. Cardinals
  3. Tigers vs. Blue Jays
  4. Yankees vs. Indians
  5. Nationals vs. Mets
  6. Twins vs. Rangers
  7. Braves vs. Cubs
  8. Athletics vs. Astros
  9. Mariners vs. Royals
  10. Phillies vs. Rockies
  11. Padres vs. Dodgers
Soccer - European Championship

France vs. Germany - win

Lady Grid out.

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