Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another September Saturday!

I now have a darling football themed tray and kitchen towel that I will be using this weekend to watch college and pro ball. Hurray! After creating my title, I have Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September" playing in my head. "Ba dee ya, say do you remember? Ba dee ya, dancing in September?" Now you can play too.

College Action

  1. Florida State University vs. Louisville
  2. Oregon vs. Nebraska - Yawn.
  3. Alabama vs. Ole Miss - three peat?
  4. Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma State University - Pistol Pete has something to prove.
  5. East Carolina vs. South Carolina
  6. Mississippi State vs. LSU
  7. Texas A&M vs. Auburn
  8. Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Tech
  9. Ohio State vs. Oklahoma - The Sooners will not have a good day against the perennial powerhouse that hails from Buckeye Nation.
  10. Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
  11. USC vs. Stanford - I want to be wrongity, wrong, wrong, wrong about this one!
  12. UCLA vs. BYU - Bruins beat the Cougars.

High School Recap

  1. Centennial High suffered a crushing loss, 42-7 on Thursday night. They will again take the field September 30 against Liberty High School. 
  2. The Lincoln Tigers will play their next game on September 23.
  3. Manual Arts Toilers were shut out by the Cleveland Cavaliers, 40-0. This is a high school in California, not the NBA team, I promise!
  4. McAllen Memorial edged Los Fresnos, 32-30.
  5. Plano East was inactive on Friday night but will face Wylie on September 23.


The Cubs have clinched their division. The Rangers' magic number is seven. What will happen next?
  1. Pirates at Reds - game one
  2. Yankees at Red Sox
  3. Nationals at Braves
  4. Brewers at Cubs
  5. Tigers at Indians
  6. Pirates at Reds - game two
  7. Rays at Orioles
  8. Marlins at Phillies
  9. Twins at Mets
  10. White Sox at Royals
  11. Athletics at Rangers
  12. Padres at Rockies
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  14. Blue Jays at Angels
  15. Cardinals at Giants
  16. Astros at Mariners
Lady Grid out.

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