Sunday, September 18, 2016

Louisville Should Be Number One!

I fell asleep after lunch and realized I did not publish my column on time. Oops! For the MLB games, I will pick the ones that had not started at press time.
  1. Oakland at Texas
  2. Toronto at LA Angels
  3. St. Louis at San Francisco
  4. Houston at Seattle
  5. San Diego at Colorado
  6. LA Dodgers at Arizona
  7. NY Yankees at Boston
Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.375 - stink city!
  1. Pirates at Reds - game one
  2. Yankees at Red Sox
  3. Nationals at Braves
  4. Brewers at Cubs
  5. Tigers at Indians
  6. Pirates at Reds - game two
  7. Rays at Orioles
  8. Marlins at Phillies
  9. Twins at Mets
  10. White Sox at Royals
  11. Athletics at Rangers
  12. Padres at Rockies
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  14. Blue Jays at Angels
  15. Cardinals at Giants
  16. Astros at Mariners


These are the same picks made on Pigskin Pick 'Em, the game I play each year to select my choices for winners in the professional games.
  1. NY Jets at Bills
  2. Bengals at Steelers
  3. Ravens at Browns
  4. Cowboys at Redskins
  5. Titans at Lions
  6. Chiefs at Texans
  7. Dolphins at Patriots
  8. Saints at Giants
  9. 49ers at Panthers
  10. Seahawks at Rams
  11. Buccaneers at Cardinals
  12. Falcons at Raiders
  13. Colts at Broncos
  14. Jaguars at Chargers
  15. Packers at Vikings

College Wrap-Up

AP rankings ought to reflect some changes. I would vote Louisville number one over Alabama simply because they spanked FSU but good while Alabama barely escapes Ole Miss and avoids the three peat. Not impressive to this gridiron girl. Other shockers included Nebraska and the way the Texas-Cal game ended. Wow. Just wow.
  1. Florida State University vs. Louisville
  2. Oregon vs. Nebraska 
  3. Alabama vs. Ole Miss 
  4. Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma State University 
  5. East Carolina vs. South Carolina
  6. Mississippi State vs. LSU
  7. Texas A&M vs. Auburn
  8. Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Tech
  9. Ohio State vs. Oklahoma 
  10. Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
  11. USC vs. Stanford
  12. UCLA vs. BYU 
Lady Grid out.

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