Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Since I am hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, I didn't have time to sit down and wax philosophical about the roundball action yesterday.  If Coach Kidd really did say, "Hit me" to one of his players to allow for a quick break and substitution, then he gets a Yellow Flag of Shame!  I know the NBA differs from the NFL, NCAA, or high school football.  I throw a Yellow Flag of Shame in any sport at any team, player, coach, etc. who merits the dubious distinction.  Read on.

Pro Hoops Round-up for a Select Few:

  1. Mavs won last night! Woo-hoo!  They edged the visiting Golden State Warriors.
  2. Were we surprised at all by the Heat's win? Nope, but it would have nice to see the Cavs beat LeBron.
  3. The Kobe-less Lakers beat Brooklyn.  No headline is needed. It's hard to keep the eyelids open.  I know; coffee will do the trick!
  4. Washington over the Bucs. Yeppers. In overtime, no less. Yawn.  Where is my coffee?
  5. OKC defeated the visiting Grumpy Old Men (aka San Antonio Spurs).  My son won't be happy about that one.  Son, did you add the sugar and cream to the coffee?
  6. Clippers took down the NY Knicks.  I'll make the coffee myself.  Thank you.
  7. The Hawks were grounded by the Rockets in Houston.  Aah, coffee, the elixir of life!

Pro Ball (NFL):

  1. Detroit continues the tradition of Thanksgiving Day football with the out-of-towners the Green Bay Packers.  Packers OT Sitton chose interesting vocabulary to describe the team and coach on radio.  Yowzah! Let's see Megatron have a mammoth day against the Aaron Rodgers-less.  I hope Matt Flynn brought some extra-strength Tylenol for the trip.  He will need it.
  2. Oakland Raiders come calling in Big D and give the Cowboys a tough time; Cowboys win this time, too.  I thought the Giants would win on Sunday.  I'm still not sure which Dallas team will show up, but we'll see. Oakland leads the head-to-head series on Thanksgiving, but it's time for Dallas to even things up.  Go, 'Boys!
  3. Pittsburgh has the edge against Baltimore in head-to-head match-ups; however, the Ravens don't lose at home all too often in the last few years. I think it's going to be a night of smash-mouth football just like I like it.  Flacco is rocking the facial hair.  He may not be all that keen on the wildcat, but he is entitled to his own opinion.  With a $120 million paycheck, I might have an opinion, too.

The Lady is grateful for her family near and far, friends, and you her readers who have made the effort to stop by and visit like an old friend as we chat about sports a bit. Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday whether you spend it at your home, at a friend's or family member's home, or helping out the less-fortunate among us.

Lady Grid out.

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