Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a Finish!

Collegiate Ball

By far the most outstanding play came from the Auburn-Georgia matchup.  The deflected ball arcing to the wide receiver who then ran it in to the end zone defied description.  The Georgia defenders who caused the deflection were sagging balloons on the sideline with their coaches sprawled across the field in agony. Amazing.

The second-best finish goes to the USC Trojans against the Stanford Cardinal who'd owned them the past few years if memory serves me correctly.  A score of 20-17 was the final tally after that field goal that ended the nail-biting-inducing tie.

The Arkansas State Red Wolves, Duke Blue Devils, Maryland Terps, UNC Tarheels, and Central Michigan Chippewas came up with wins I wasn't expecting.  Who knows what week thirteen holds for the college gridiron action?  Time for the pros.

Pro Picks

  1. We know that Indy made Tennessee pay for its previous loss.
  2. NY Jets at Buffalo: After a bye week for Rex Ryan and crew, who knows what will happen? Push.
  3. Baltimore at Chicago: The Ravens fly into the Windy City and hope not to be batted down by some angry Bears. It doesn't seem to favorable for the birdies.
  4. Cleveland in Cincinnati: Similar color schemes but not similar teams. Bengals show the Browns who's the top cat.
  5. Washington at Philadelphia: Hubby wants the Skins to win just to keep the Eagles from nipping at the Cowboys' heels in the NFC East standings.  It pains him to want EITHER team to win. With no 'Boys on this week, NFL Red Zone will still be the place to be.
  6. Detroit at Pittsburgh: The Steelers haven't had much luck during this season, and bad luck continues as Megatron and Stafford romp into town.
  7. Atlanta takes a road trip to Tampa Bay who is thrilled not to be winless.  Atlanta manages to win and begins to bolster their confidence.
  8. Arizona comes to visit the Jags after they won against the Fins.  Yowzah.  Cards crush Jags.
  9. Oakland ventures back east and south a bit to the Houston Texans realm.  Here's hoping Coach Kubiak's return spurs the Texans to new heights and their winning ways.
  10. San Diego makes the brutal cross-country flight to see Miami.  They should just stay at home.  Fins send Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers and crew packing.
  11. San Francisco dares to show up in Who Dat? Land?  Good luck, Niners.  Brees and the Saints make Colin sit on the sidelines taking notes, looking at clipboards, and wondering when he'll get to play again.
  12. The Pack in the Meadowlands against the Giants.  They're playing Dial-A-QB with the injuries; the Giants make Coach Coughlin actually smile.
  13. Let the thumping begin!  Who decided to send Minnesota to face the Seahawks? This will be a slaughter once Marshawn Lynch activates Beast Mode  11.0 for the eleventh week of the regular season.  Sorry, Viking faithful.
  14. The marquee game for Sunday night features General Peyton and the Broncos hosting the last undefeated team--the Kansas City Chiefs.  Von Miller and the Broncos D need to harass Alex Smith.  Broncos's O-line needs to protect that ankle at all costs except penalties and mental mistakes.
  15. Monday Night Football showcases the Panthers and the visiting New England Patriots.  The Panthers think they can, think they can, think they can.  Perhaps they can.
Lady Grid out.

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