Saturday, November 9, 2013

Play Ball! - November 9, 2013

Plano East went down against Plano West and ended their season at .500.  Ouch-a-rooey!  The next year brings rebuilding, a new group of students, and perhaps some more success on the gridiron field for the black and gold.  The Centennial Titans are undisputed district champs and head to Allen Eagle Stadium to take on Creekview next Thursday. Go, Titans!

Duke and KU won handily with some great help from their star freshmen–Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, respectively.  ESPN had a great article about Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils.  Krzyzewski is a legend and a person worth admiring.  He can coach some basketball and works some magic with his teams.

College Game Predictions

Gaze into the crystal ball, and see more crystals.  Gaze too closely, and find some dust.  Move along.  Some matchups puzzle the Lady. She's still not headed to Vegas to place wagers of any kind and cannot stop smiling about the Sooners' recent loss against the Baylor Machine.  It had to be mentioned again. Baylor must have some type of defense in addition to its offense.  Baylor is still undefeated.  Perhaps FSU will take down Alabama in the BCS Bowl. It is time to put the crystal ball away for the week.

  1. Texas Tech demolishes the visiting Kansas State Wildcats.  KSU seemed to have a decent start to the season in non-conference play, and they held Baylor to under forty points.  Two commanding wins over conference rivals make them strut around campus a bit. The Red Raider Nation awaits them and will remind them who's boss.
  2. Notre Dame trounces the Pittsburgh Panthers.  Who put this schedule together for Pitt?  Illegal Game Number One.
  3. The Virginia Tech Hokies, still reeling from last week's loss to BC, face the sore-from-a-thrashing-last week Miami Hurricanes? Sebastian will have a nice meal of roasted turkey.
  4. BYU comes to Wisconsin and leaves licking their wounds.  Badgers reign supreme in tough fights because they dig in and take all comers.
  5. The Fresno State Bulldogs head off to face the Wyoming Cowboys and their interesting color scheme of brown and yellow.  Yergh.  Bulldogs win.
  6. The Longhorns head east to WVU; the Mountaineers hope to be Antaeus at home and even out their record.  Horns thump the Mountaineers.
  7. Wake Forest has to play Florida State this weekend? Illegal Game Number Two.  Get ready for the annual Thump-A-Thon.  Tsk.
  8. After suffering another loss, Iowa State hopes to redeem itself against TCU Horned Frogs.  The Frogs have the mojo on their side this week.  Sorry, Cyclones, but you will continue the winless tradition in the Big XII.
  9. Penn State wants a piece of the Minnesota Golden Gophers; these are the same Gophers who made Nebraska regret their confidence in an "easy win" not so long ago.  Ski-U-Mah!
  10. The UCLA Bruins make a side trip to Arizona for a duel in the desert against the Arizona Wildcats; Bruins wallop the Wildcats.
  11. Meanwhile, the Arizona State Sun Devils hike it north to see the Utah Utes.  The Utes will add intrigue to the contest; however, the Sun Devils add another "W" to their record.
  12. Nebraska heads northeast to Michigan, the same Michigan team who suffered a mind-numbing defeat at the hands of State last week.  Whoa, Nellie.  This ought to be a good one. Wolverines take the Huskers short-lived joy away.
  13. Western Michigan journeys to Eastern Michigan for a game.   One team will eventually win and get that second win for the season.  Western ekes out a victory against Eastern, perhaps.   Yawn.
  14. LSU Tigers make a road trip to go up against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Lady sports purple today in hopes of supporting the Tigers vicariously in their quest to knock off 'Bama.  Geaux Tigers. The Tide will roll, again.  Sigh.  Maybe Nick Saban should relocate somewhere else if winning proves too tiresome.
  15. Mississippi State plans to test Texas A&M University at A&M's final home game this season at Kyle Field.  Aggies win.  Sorry, MSU!

Lady Grid out.

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