Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: November 12, 2013

That bargain-basement crystal ball works only when shaken, not stirred.  Tampa Bay and Jacksonville are no longer winless teams.  Miami and Tennessee, respectively, wear lovely egg facials as a result.  This week will probably be business as usual; however, a taste of victory spurs some to achieve even better results.

Time to shake the crystal ball again or play some rochambeau. St. Louis put a beat down on the Colts? The Colts' ineptitude on offense boggles the mind and most likely is an anomaly per Woody Paige.    Cincinnati's crazy reverse running play during overtime earns a Yellow Flag of Shame.  Not to mention a missed field goal kick earlier in the game.  It was not their day to shine, apparently. Two OT losses in a row can rock the confidence in the locker room and on the field.  Next week, Cincy faces fellow Ohio team the Browns.  More anon. 

The Grumpy Old Men (aka the San Antonio Spurs) triumphed in the city of Brotherly Love last night; my son will be smiling over his breakfast bowl.  Celtics and Clippers also won with the Timberwolves not quite searing the deal in LA.  Who can stop the Pacers' undefeated streak?  We'll see if the Bucks have the mojo to hang the first loss on Indiana.  Derrick Rose and Steve Nash have leg (hamstring) problems that need some TLC in order to keep the pace on the boards.

In NCAA women's roundball, the sixteenth-ranked Lady Aggies cruised to a win over UNT, and UCONN showed Stanford why it's ranked number one.  Is it possible that we had a preview for the title game in the NCAA Tournament?  The season's too young to make rash judgments.  The Lady Vols easily handled the UNC team, and Notre Dame sent the Lady Spartans home with a loss.

Lady Grid out.

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