Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pros Primer/College Review - November 24, 2013

College Review:
Where did I go wrong? Everywhere critical, apparently!  LSU made mincemeat of my Aggies. Was Manziel distracted by his NFL announcement prior to our post-season bowl appearance?  Let's not have a LeBron James-esque program blocking out prime time television for that, okay?  I won't be watching, and I LOVE my Aggies. I just can't figure out Jonathan Manziel or what makes him tick. Baylor just couldn't get things going their way. No more BCS dreams for them.  The Oregon Ducks really made a poor showing against Arizona. No more BCS dreams for them. The Minnesota Golden Gophers managed one TD, and Arizona State slid by UCLA.  Yikes! 

Professional Match-ups:
  1. The New Orleans Saints can play better than they did in their victory over Atlanta.  They need to practice outside more often.
  2. Tampa Bay heads north to the Motor City and Megatron.  They should just stay home to avoid embarrassment again.
  3. Yawner of the week, one—Pittsburgh visits Cleveland. With the way the seasons of both of these teams going, I feel apathetic about the outcome.  Push.
  4. Carolina hops over to visit the Miami Dolphins who still don't have their act together.  Cam & Co. win.
  5. Joke Reel of the Week:  Jacksonville in Texas to play ball against the Houston Texans.  Security won't have to make sure Mr. Johnson stays on the sidelines this time.  Texans play to the lower common denominator but manage to eke out a victory against the woebegone Jags. Yawn.
  6. The NY Jets make an appearance in Baltimore.  It won't go well for rookie QB Geno Smith against a defense who is trying to forge a new identity in the post-Ray Lewis era.  Ravens win.
  7. Dallas goes to play ball against the resurgent NY Giants.  Yikes. November means things for both teams. Cowboys lose late in the fourth quarter despite leading most of the way.  Eli Manning strikes again.
  8. And the point is? San Diego heads east to visit Kansas City who just lost to Denver and plan to smash whoever is in their path?  Chiefs dominate the Bolts.
  9. Yawner of the week, part deux: Tennessee faces Oakland in Oakland.  The land of the silver and black attack will go home sad? happy? Push.
  10. Indianapolis comes to the desert to play Arizona; they leave tanned and refreshed after temporarily sidelining the Cardinals hopes for a positive post-season. Next week, Cards.  You can peck that Eagle to death.
  11. Chi-Town in Archway City: Bears crush the Rams and have mutton stew for dinner.
  12. Oh yeah, Minnesota Vikings go to Lambeau Field.  Depending on which QB is playing in Green Bay, it's kind of a pushy match-up.  Leaning towards the Vikings but not really concerned.  Yawn number three.
  13. The anticipated match-up of Manning versus Brady 14.0 begins on Sunday night.  I want the Broncos to win, and the Patriots are still miffed about the non-call.  Coach Belichick is creating something nasty for General Peyton's ankle.  Come on , Broncos O-line!
  14. San Francisco comes calling in Washington D.C.  Despite the heroics of sophomore QB Robert Griffin, III, the Niners leave victorious.  This is good news for NFC East buffs.

Lady Grid out.

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