Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013

No thanks to the crazy antics of shoppers across the nation intent on finding the best deal on Black Friday.  I like my sanity and my vehicle's doors intact.  On to sports.  All three of my pro predictions were spot-on yesterday.  That doesn't always happen.  Yes, I think it's possible for a coach to get caught up in the game and not realize where the sideline is located, Mr. Flacco.  Chill out. You may yet earn a Yellow Flag of Shame if you keep on flapping those gums.

NCAA Gridiron Action:

  1. LSU awaits its meal of roasted pork a la Arkansas.  Bon appetit, Mike!
  2. Oregon hosts Oregon State.  Two aquatic animals battling for supremacy.  The Ducks win this year's round, easily.
  3. USF visits UCF on Friday evening; UCF's tire treads will tattoo the skidding Bulls nicely.
  4. Fresno State Bulldogs will sic the SJSU Spartans.  Nice doggie.

NBA Action:  Lots of games tonight, ladies and gents.

  1. Dallas rides into Atlanta for a match-up against the Atlanta Hawks.  The Hawks want to have a winning record and may start playing in desperation mode.  Watch out, Mavs.  Nail-biter for sure. Mavs get edged by the Hawks.
  2. Dread Fest One: Milwaukee Bucks at Charlotte Bobcats. Both of these teams need to win and in a big way.  Bucks? Bobcats? Push.
  3. San Antonio Spurs at Orlando means that my son will be happy about a Spurs road win.
  4. Miami cruises to north to play Toronto. Let's hope the Raptors can cool off the Heat, but it's not in the cards.
  5. Cleveland looks to avenge its recent loss in Boston. Get used to disappointment.
  6. Kobe-less Lakers are in Motor City.  Pistons fans will leave the game happy.  Lakers lose again.
  7. Brooklyn plays Houston today? We have towels for those nasty water spills, Coach Kidd. Just send me that check, and we'll call it good.
  8. New Orleans Pelicans take flight to visit the City of Brotherly Love; the Sixers will pluck them but good.
  9. Golden State takes the court against the OKC Thunder.  This one should be worth watching.  I predict Thunder rolling since they are undefeated at home so far.
  10. Another strong home team, the Indiana Pacers have the Washington Wizards as an opponent.  The Wizards want to get to .500; it won't happen tonight.  Sorry, Mr. Wall.
  11. Regrets, Mr. Anthony? He and the skidding Knicks do battle against his former team, the Denver Nuggets in Colorado.  The fans will be glad to jeer him again.  Nuggets edge Knicks.
  12. Dread Fest Two: Phoenix Suns against the Utah Jazz.  The Suns will even their record to .500, or the Jazz will scare their fans and win at home.  Not likely. Push.
  13. LA Clippers need some more good defensive moves as they hoop it up against their fellow California team, the Sacramento Kings.  Chris Paul and the guys put on a nice show and win without breaking triple digits.

Lady Grid out.

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