Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pro Primer: November 10, 2013

A quick side note about college games on Saturday:  the bargain-basement crystal ball cracked after the unexpected wins and losses all across the nation.  Next week will find another rash of wild collegiate predictions now that LSU couldn't get it done against the Tide.  Other surprises included K-State's triumph in Lubbock, the Hokies thumping the Miami Hurricanes, the Pitt Panthers edging the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Cornhuskers getting past the Michigan Wolverines. Despite the coach's recent firing, Eastern Michigan beat Western Michigan.  Wonders never cease.

Prayers for a thorough recovery for Coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans after his collapse en route to the locker room during half time of the game last week.  Maybe the Texans will win one for the coach.

  1. Seattle Seahawks fly to Atlanta and take care of business as usual.  Seahawks skewer the Falcons.
  2. Detroit drives down to Chicago; Megatron has a phenomenal day in a divisional rivalry game.  Sorry, Bears. Disappointment Daa-bble check!
  3. Philadelphia traipses to Green Bay's Lambeau Field; Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collar bone.  Wondering how this will work out with all of that green on the field. Push.
  4. Jacksonville limps into Tennessee; need anything else be said? They either ooze back south to Florida with yet another loss, or they startle the Titans into being the unwitting first team to lose to them in the 2013-2014 season. Oozing most likely.
  5. St. Louis puts on a brave front in Indianapolis, but the Colts led by Andrew Luck, put a serious beat down on the Rams.
  6. Oakland heads east to play the NY Giants. Survey says--Giants!
  7. Blue Collar Battle: Buffalo in Pittsburgh means smash-mouth football from the shell that remains of the former Steel Curtain.  If they aren't careful, the Bills will muscle them into the loss column again.
  8. Cincinnati comes to Baltimore to play the defending Super Bowl Champions who have suffered through a post-success hangover like nobody's business.  Cincy piles it on.
  9. Carolina jumps across the continent to San Francisco.  Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman really want to meet Cam Newton.  They will get their chance at least one or two times as Colin Kaepernick struts his stuff in a nice little home stand.
  10. Houston issues a challenge to Arizona in their desert meeting.  The New QB for the Texans ought to pay attention to Patrick Peterson. Arian Foster is out; Texans win an emotional victory despite it all.
  11. Denver crosses the Rocky Mountains to sun themselves in San Diego. Broncos trounce the Bolts unless the Bolts have really studied how to rattle General Peyton.  Go, Broncos!
  12. Dallas in NOLA to face the Saints means they face the sea of black and gold, the Who Dat? Patrol, and Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, etc.  
  13. Florida Fight Time: Miami at winless Tampa Bay.  With all of the recent distractions in the locker room, Tampa Bay makes the Fins feel foolish as they escape with their first win of the season.

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